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  1. Elevator out-of-service

      No (of course) 
  2. Elevator out-of-service

      Why should the elevator specified in the rental contract? 
  3. Elevator out-of-service

      Ok, thanks; in the first discussion I had with the Mieterverein they told me I should send an email, but know things got worse...
  4. Elevator out-of-service

  5. Elevator out-of-service

      Yes, I discussed about that at the beginning (before I knew all details of the story) and he told me that of course I will not pay them; but this is the least important point of the story; we rented this flat because there is an elevator which is important for a family with 2 children of 1 and 4.  
  6. Elevator out-of-service

    Hi all,   I moved to this flat (Sud of Ingolstadt) with family at the begin of January but I have rented in since the begin of November. My friend with wife visited the flat in September and told me that everything was fine, they talked about the elevator which is super to have it because we have two children (1 and 4); flat is at 1 floor but there is garage underground and washmachine room is also underground. In November the flat was empty even if I paid the rent, then in December I moved there (from Hamburg) to work and in January the whole family relocated. Elevator is out of service since we are here, but this was not told to me and to my friends who visited the flat neither. After having talked with neighbors they told me that it is out-of-service since 2019; in the Eigentumversammlung in 2019 it was decided not to repair it; in 2020 no ETV was held due to Corona and for 2021 it is not foreseen at the moment; the repair can be decided only in the ETV. I discussed with the landlord and he told me that in renting contract there is no elevator specified so he his on the right side The Ingolstadt Mieterverein told me that I can pay up to 10% less rent; they told me so in January and I could give the landlord time till end of March to repair it. End of next week I have an appointment with Mieterverein again, but in between I would like to know if someone of you already had a similar problem. I do not want to pay less rent without having signed something together with landlord (even if I think he well never sign it).   Thanks Marco