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  1. Just guessing,


    1. he travels a lot (for his job?)and car rides can be lonely

    2. maybe he wanted the payment after he safely brought her to her destination? Makes sense. After arriving

    he expected money but due to the language barrier, he did a "begging hand"?

    3. As for the loud music, since both parties were not able to communicate: he played loud music to make up for the awkward silence?

    4. the text message was just a sign to let the poster know that he is willing to take her on a carshar again. A friendly gesture.


    If he wanted to flirt, he would have asked her to see her again (coffee, drink, dinner) and not a carsharing date.


  2. For what it's worth.


    Through years long of alcohol abuse, my (US retired miltary) father landed in a nursing home in Germany.He was never there for us while growing up, hence there was/is no relationship between the family and him. His health is deteriorating and he's too weak to move to a veterans home in the US.

    Anyway, his (US) pension doesn't cover the costs and since I (US citizen) live in Germany the city of blah blah came after me. The city of blah blah also wanted the addresses of family members in the US, to collect whatever they can - I told them I didn't have them.;) So it's not just German offspring - its ALL offspring - they even wanted the address of his exwife (they were married for 10 years and she remarried 20 years ago). To make a long story short - I get to pay for my father. (yay, not!).


  3. Am just guessing , that she's trying to get someone's attention (ex lover, partner or friend) over the webcam and that's she wearing purple because

    "lila ist der letzte versuch" :unsure: and as for the yellow rose....(found this over google) "Gelben Rosen wird nachgesagt, sie symbolisierten Eifersucht, Misstrauen und Zweifel. Allerdings gelten sie auch als ideale Ausdrucksform für Dankbarkeit und Vergebung."


    So, this might be: her last try for asking someone (very!) desperately for forgiveness. Or she simply has too much time on her hands - like me. :lol:


  4. When I first came to Germany, I went out to a pizzeria with my German friends. Totally craving one of these I ordered a "pepperoni pizza". Our waitress asked me "nur Pepperoni?"

    and I said "Ja, nur." I was totally disappointed when I got a pizza covered only with green peppers instead :huh: I was too shy and embarrassed to say anything and pretended as if that was the best pizza ever. :lol:


  5. Franz thought for a second as he carefully folded the picture of Sissy and put her behind his credit cards. He answered "Well we can’t call ‘Der Alte’ because he doesn’t want to be disturbed, and he really needs his beauty sleep. What about the Kommissarin? ‘Wetten, dass…’ she’ll arrive rather quick at the ‘Tatort’?”


    Suddenly, stumbling out of the alley behind Hairy Porkchop and the Death Eateries was Uschi!


    Her long blonde hair was stuck to her head from the rain, as she’s pulled down her white dress which was clinging to her body, defining her perfect model shape. She was apparently beckoning to someone, giggling.


    Both Hans and Franz were watching in silent, chewing their donuts in unison. This is better than any program on ZDF and ARD put together, thought Hans.

    Out of the shadows stumbled another figure. It’s a man. Apparently both had been drinking. Franz squinted as he recognized the man immediately! It’s Hermann Geilbock. The famous lawyer the helped Boris Becker out of his tax affair, a few years ago. Hermann was the same lawyer that was photographed with Tatjana Gesell at different schicki micki events through out Germany. Franz saw the pictures in the Gala and Bunte magazines. He had secretly thumbed through the magazines when Uschi’s wasn’t home. Uschi was Franz’s’wife. Franz's other wife. Franz was a bisexual bigamist. He couldnt help it. Other people collected stamps. He collected wives. In fact, he collected what he could get.


    Hairy Porkchop was meanwhile yelling hysterically for help and making weird squealing sounds while Uschi giggled again and then pressed Hermann against the wall and passionately kissed him.


    Franz grabbed for the door handle and barked “I have had enough of this theater! I should have never married Uschi. I should have known when the whole Hertha BSC club called her ‘Uschi the M*schi!’” He stepped out of the car into the cold and wet early morning.


  6. It was 5:00 in the morning and raining as Polizeipräsident Schmidt dashes out of the Dunkin Donuts on Alexanderplatz. He hops in the polizei auto and gives Sergeant Braun a little Dunkin Donut bag and a cup of coffee.


    "Here you go Franz, you favorite kind. Just like Miami, remember?"


    Franz, sitting in the drivers seat, answers looking straight ahead "Ja, ja. What happened in Miami, stays in Miami. Alles klar Hans?"


    "Natürlich Mau... ehmm Franz"


    Still looking straight ahead, Franz grabs in the bag and pulls out a powdered donut, smiles at it then takes a large bite with crumbs tumbling out of his mouth onto his uniform. He turns his head and looks Hans in the eyes. Suddenly his eyes move over to Franzs' right shoulder.


    "Look, schau Hans! What is that over there in the alley?"


    Hans turns his head and looks out of the window startled, he yelps "It can't be. Can it?!!"


  7. What was the relationship between Eliza Friedman (Josh's sister?) and Devon? She's living and teaching in Prague too. And she is pretty.




    An argument popped into my mind. I just find it odd that a drunk person would drop their backpack and just walk away from their friend in a foreign city. Unless they argued?


    Just thinking outloud.


    I hope they find Devon soon and healthy.



    Has anyone tried out any of the Aveda salons listed on My salon back in California will only send my color sheet to a stylist/salon who specifically uses Aveda hair color (not just the supplies). I checked out an Aveda thread but it was a year old...any suggestions welcome, my roots are desperate!!!

    Hi KMT23 - try Tel.: 0 89 - 23 66 15-0

    All of the hair stylists are very good, but I'm not sure if anyone speaks german there. :unsure: