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  1. Messy plumber problem

    Hi all,   I know I should join the Mietverbund, but I'm hoping I can get a few quick answers here first.   There have been some problems with leaky pipes in my apartment. In December, a plumber was here and tore several holes in the wall to repair the pipes. They patched it up, but it left a big mess in my bathroom where I used to have wallpaper and paint. Now I have a big gap on the wall where my wallpaper was destroyed for the hole in the wall. There were more problems this past week and again they came and tore up the walls. A man came this morning and patched them up, but when I arrived home there were some problems. One of the walls had two electrical plugs in it, and they are now just hanging from the wall, wires exposed. He also disconnected my washing machine and left it that way, in the middle of my kitchen. Not to mention the dust from the plaster all over the place, they cleaned up the bits from when they tore a hole but everything still needs vacuuming and mopping. There seems to be some plaster hardening on my toilet seat as well.   I had assumed up until this point that cleaning up and re-wallpapering was going to be my responsibility, but now I have some friends visiting from Sweden and they said that in Sweden that is not the case, whatever work is done in the apartment needs to be returned to normal 100% and they were surprised when I said I had to fix that. Now I'm not sure...are the plumbers and other workers responsible for leaving everything exactly as they found it, cleaned up, re-wallpapered and everything? Or do they only have to take care of the pipes?   Fyi, I've already called the hausverwaltung about the exposed wires...   Thanks for any help!