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  1. NCIS: Los Angeles Complete Series 8 DVDs (6 discs) for sale Audio: English Audio Commentary: English Subtitles: English SDH Condition: As new   Cash pickup from Kirchheim bei München or can post for extra cost with bank transfer
  2. Congrats, in LK Munich it's not so smooth - I handed in my docs the same time as you, and was told to expect to wait a year due to backlog. Would be great if they would share the load around a little, like they do with the tax returns (no, I'm not holding my breath!).
  3. Well, who knows? The EU have made big of that when trying to negotiate the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, but I personally would not be willing to bet my livliehood on the same being granted to UK citizens living in the EU. I think it would be *fair* to assume so, but too much politics involved.   "They were an EU citizen at the time the document was issued" vs. "Ah, but the UK chose to leave the EU, so clearly this no longer applies"   BTW, "too much politics" is shorthand for "shysters will screw us over either way" ;-)
  4. Complete set of winter wheels €200 4x Pirelli Sottozero Winter 210 Serie II MO 205/55 R16 91H M+S 4x Steel wheels from a 2009 Mercedes B-class 4x Albrecht AZ Run wheel trims Profile depth approx. 7mm Date code 3614   For photos see Pickup from Kirchheim bei München & cash only - PM for details Private sale, no warranty Storage rack not included
  5. They may ask for more, too. I had to provide a copy of my property purchase contract, the land registry etc. I suppose that might fall under the 'proof of assets', but generally (not for the first time with officials) I got the impression that if you mention something you will be asked to prove it, whereas if you don't mention it they might never ask about it at all. On the other hand, they did accept some of my official documents like birth certificate being older than six months (this still bemuses me), largely because they made me wait seven months for an appointment and I'd spent ages getting the myriad of documents together. Ho hum, such is life.
  6.   That's the rub, isn't it? I got a permanent Aufenthaltserlaubnis back in the early 2000s, but it clearly states on it 'Residence permit for Nationals of a Member State of the EU', thus potentially relegating it to simply a piece of paper once Britain leaves.