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  1. Did you read that in a Christmas cracker?
  2. I have been almost vegetarian for quite a long time. My girlfriend is almost not pregnant. Do you mean you don't eat so much meat?
  3. Usual Troll town replies. You're a funny presumptuous lot. 😂
  4. Here comes another cherry picker. Just wondering my arse.
  5. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    According to some they rented the car after she disappeared but there was no DNA. Another Sun reader's lies. Tell a lie so often and...
  6. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

  7. You moved to another hostel and possibly left your bugs there. Just like at the 1st place. It's not much to do with the hostel. It's er people who spread them around. 
  8. Open another email account. That should be fine.
  9. 100 an hour! Run man, run.
  10. Which Mieterverein ?

  11. Can you use Heinz baked beans?
  12. Man up big boy. 🤣
  13. Why should your ex have informed you? It's your responsibility and up to you to find that out. She was a little busier than you.  Also get a spell checker.