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  1. I'm not sure if the person knows what one of those is. They don't know that an English driving licence doesn't exist. 😀
  2. People are just trying to help you.
  3. Hey Luna, I know that in a Schrebergarten that the greenery on the sides should be 130 c.m and at the back 180c.m. That's what the chairman told me and I'm sure it's different in a private garden. If they are your plants/ not hedges you should cut them down. Rent/buy a ladder and take some of it down would be a nice gesture but your neighbour might say it's not enough and then the BS goes on. Let us know how the story unfolds.
  4. Hi Fruity, just as a matter of interest do you carry your passports around with you? Genuine question. 
  5. Sabbatical on an EU Blue Card

    I think someonesdaughter might be able to help you. She is a fountain of information. Maybe send her a message. 
  6. Landlord refuses / delays repairs

    Hey Square, are you a member of the Mieterverein? Join if you're not. They should help you.
  7. A hammer or the mieterverein! 😉
  8. Why would anyone be interested in this? No filter? 
  9. Running a bed and breakfast business in Germany

    See previous post. Jog on. Hahahaha. 
  10. Running a bed and breakfast business in Germany

    Calling someone a prick is funny for you? Jog on Mietverein pants. 😂
  11. Running a bed and breakfast business in Germany

    Another helpful comment from you. You have issues. Poor one.
  12. Very very easy to do. Just admit you are wrong.😉