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  1. You have free legal advice! Read that again and think about it. You missed my point by the way.
  2. Maybe read his post again. Why are people here so obsessed with legal insurance? He's going to join the Mieterverein so duh. I know quite a few Germans and none of them have legal insurance but hey in our part of Germany we don't have too many sticks up our arses. 😅
  3. Why do you mention Israel in every other post? Not interesting.
  4. Payment for the lawyer of the divorce

    He's paid the bill.
  5. Robot lawnmower

    Thank fook we're not neighbours. 50 Euros an hour. No personality and not rich enough. Not the neighbours. Don't respond I'll go and fuck myself hahahahaha. 
  6. April Fools' day in Germany

    Just like your comments.
  7. You're my hero. 😉
  8. Getting back my Kaution

    I've written about this before. My old landlord kept my deposit for almost a year. I badgered them after 6 months and got about half of it back and then just after 1 year I got the full amount back. They accidentally paid me 50% more. Result.
  9. Experience building Fertig Haus?

    Still is now. Music everywhere but I'm off topic. Sorry.