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  1. Tax return after leaving Germany

    I think Elster could help you. Google it if you want to. 
  2. Relocating nearby to Munich

    WTF has Porto got to do with Berlin? You know the answer haha.
  3. Try ebay kleinanzeigen or
  4. I don't even know where to start with this so I won't bother.
  5. Old criminal matter

    Just go into a police station and then if we don't hear from you soon...
  6. What a lovely comment. It was a joke that obviously went above your head haha.
  7.  Someone else should buy it or else it might be broken. 😉
  8. Accept responsibility. It was your fault. This has never happened to me. Very German of you to put the responsibility onto someone else. Grow up!
  9. Are the public galleries in courts still open then? What are the Covid restrictions? 
  10. Strom provider recommendations for EVs

    And the nerds are off again. Yes I will jog on. Bye, bye and enjoy. 
  11. Rent reduction for leaky window

    The Mieterverein told me that Ffruit. I had a problem about something trivial and the landlord refused to fix it. The lawyer said I should get someone to fix it and then take it off the next months rent. The worst they could do is to take you to court. After the last court case I decided to forget it. On another note I haven't had any hot water since Sunday. I rang the hausverwaltung and 7 calls later someone is coming around on friday. I think this is far too long. I'm waiting for the Mieterverein to get back to me. Maybe I'm exaggerating the situation but I need a shower aaaah.
  12. That's the funniest thing you've written, Spiderpig. Tis funny.
  13. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    I think you are having a problem grasping what law means. Pay it and stop wasting your time and whingeing here.
  14. TESA/SOFA and taxes

    Jesus wept.