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  1. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    Maybe he's got better things to do. Probably not by the looks of things. 😅
  2. How to make Glühwein

    Why do you think I'm drunk? Are you Spiderpiggy and I am your Jeremy. Is everyone drunk on a Friday night?  Anyway have a lovely sleep and goodbye because I'm just about to finish off this barrel of brandy. I think it's my third one today.  Funny one. I did give you a wink before Tory boy but I don't think you understand the meaning of it. Never mind. Shit now I'm on the meths under the sink.
  3. How to make Glühwein

    And you're trolling now. God Helmutfire you've trolled through a post of mine from last year haha. Now that's sad, you not me.  I must have a slight masochistic thread in my head maybe I will put it to bed before I'm dead. Only slightly though. 😉
  4. How to make Glühwein

    I'll wager you are a knob!
  5. Good point, Snow. Extra brakes before he rides into his psychologist.
  6. The Jugendamt visited my home

    Harsh even by Toytown standards. 
  7. Problem with Gymnasium Sportlehrer

    One of the greatest swimmers of all time! Yes I would have loved to have him as a swimming coach back in the day.
  8. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    The "free" test for people with private insurance is 88 Euros and the online/email web app has room for improvement (to put it mildly).    Some people need improvement as well. 
  9. health

    Have a look at your comment above. You're the one who reacted to my comments. Stalker.
  10. health

    Wow! Someone really has too much time on their hands. Goodbye my love.
  11. health

    My point was LunaCh my ole flower was don't post things that you seem to have absolutely no idea about. Bullying er no just stating the obvious. Have a look above. I asked you at least 3 times to stop trolling me and you keep coming back with blah blah. But anyway on a really nice note well done on your figures! You must be proud of yourself. 😂😂
  12. health

    Google it. It's not to do with disagreeing with people. She needs a life and just goes on and on. Maybe I meant stalker haha. Night, John boy.
  13. health

    She is a clueless idiot who is a troll. You aren't a troll, John. You seem to be a nice guy mate.
  14. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    A sweeping statement and wrong.
  15. health

    Stop trolling me.