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  1. Open another email account. That should be fine.
  2. 100 an hour! Run man, run.
  3. Which Mieterverein ?

  4. Can you use Heinz baked beans?
  5. Man up big boy. 🤣
  6. Why should your ex have informed you? It's your responsibility and up to you to find that out. She was a little busier than you.  Also get a spell checker. 
  7. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    Another classic. You're wrong but try and dig or BS your way out of it. Then I understood you have a goatee. All clear now.
  8. Damage claim by Sixt

    I think you need to get out more.😉
  9. A bit like closing the barn doors after... Admit you're wrong pal. 
  10. Yep but still sad. I feel sorry for him.
  11. That sounds like a nasty comment.  Not necessary.
  12. And you must learn English grammar.  Shocking!
  13. And you must learn English grammar.  Shocking!
  14. Verdi - terrorist union

    You are funny. Giving people tips basically. It doesn't matter where they are from. I could employ my daughter for 1 Euro because that's 1 Euro in her pocket. Stupid philosophy pal.