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  1. interpretation needed

    Have you written your book yet, John?
  2. interpretation needed

    Red and sporty? Ecstasy?
  3. English speakers around Pfronten/Fussen

    Try and kill 2 birds with one stone- enrol on a German course and maybe you will meet some people. Good luck. 
  4. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    Do you have experience in both? ;)
  5. He bought the place last year and in the contract it apparently states he can't kick me out for the next 8 years. Nice one. NRW.
  6. Don't worry first of all. You'll get a few letters and you should always reply to them. My landlord tried to take me to court because of Eigenbedarf and I and him I think found out that he can't kick me out until 2027!!!! It takes a while so you shouldn't be homeless in the near future.  Good luck. 
  7. Who here lives in Leipzig?!

    Hate is a strong word. We only have 1 life. I know it's not as easy as that but Magdeburg isn't that bad. Not great but...
  8. Living in Dietzenbach

  9. Living in Dietzenbach

    Offenbach- big City? Don't they call it New Yorkbach?
  10. Eastenders and Eichel

  11. Betriebskosten issue

    Exactly. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters. Er ooops no Mieterverein. 
  12. I'm sure this has popped up before but well f*ck it. Does anyone have funny or shocking job interview stories?  I had to bring my daughter to an interview a few years ago. The job was to look after a woman in a wheelchair. My kid was great until I had to practice how to get the lady out of the wheelchair. Cracked the shits but I got the job. Bueller, Bueller anyone, anyone!