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  1. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    You may have bank conveniently situated a short stroll from your house, I have to drive a round trip of 20 km, which costs me petrol, parking & standing in a queue wearing a bloody stupid face mask at the moment - add to this, the cost of say, at least one hour's loss of earnings plus the fact that I can only perform this operation during banking hours.   Alternatively, with a cheque book I write out the cheque, address and stamp an  envelope, walk to the post-box at any time (we do have one in my village) & return. Total cost. 1 euro, total time, 10 minutes max.   There are several other advantages with cheques; you can cancel them if need be & you can post-date them, & more.  
  2. The question is, why do you want to wear it? Sounds as though you want to be a provocative ass-hole, so you should be pleased in a successful outcome.
  3. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    // Cheque usage in the UK is not widespread; banks stopped issuing chequebooks except on request a while ago and plenty of places will not take them  //   This is simply not true I have two UK bank accounts & use their cheques regularly. Cheques imo are a much superior system than the madly complicated German Ueberweisung where you have to know the bank details of the payee, whereas with a cheque I can just put it in an envelope & post it off to them. The Ueberweisung is a convenience for the bank, not the user.