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  1. Donating old toys

    Hello, i have a bunch of old toddler aged toys that are in good condition but I'm not interested in reselling them at a Kindermarkt. I would like to donate them but I'm not sure how to find a list of places that accept such. During the refugee crisis there were print outs on the local government website but that seems to be gone now. Is there a resource i can look up that might have listings of in-need places? Thanks in advance! *i already know hospitals and kindergartens sometimes accept but i know how to get in touch with those departments already*   
  2. Need a lawyer

    Well. Disregarding the legality of said offence, if you are here on a visa (which i assume you are given your stated language barrier) then you wont be allowed to renew and will get deported as you cannot renew a visa with a warrant for your arrest out in another country. This is likely to happen before an extradition application hearing will make it through the courts so yes, you will be made to go back and face charges.   i would be looking for a UK lawyer over a German one so you can maybe start the process before you get back so it can be resolved as fast as possible so you can get back here to your family.