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  1. Many people have been asking on TT where they could buy English style bacon here in Hamburg (or generally in Germany), but it only seemed to be available in British food stores (frozen and expensive).   However, I found it by chance at the new Metro in Altona: METRO Hamburg-Altona Plöner Straße 8 22769 Hamburg   I have never seen it at the Metro at Papenreye (but haven't been there for a while), not sure if all Metro branches have it, they seem to have quite different ranges as far as I could see from the three different ones I've been to in Hamburg.   I've never bought it at one of the British food stores, so cannot compare the price, but the Metro price is OK, imo, I paid € 8,00 for abt. 500 g - the only downside is that the 500 g package is the only available size, no smaller packages available.