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  1. Sorry everyone. I did mix up terms and meant that the 2 months Mutterschutz after the birth count as Elterngeld. Thanks for correcting! 
  2. The whole situation is misleading in this regard. For the purpose of calculating Elternzeit, the first two months of Mutterschutz after the birth are counted as Elternzeit.  So your wife has 10 months Elternzeit after the expiry of Mutterschutz 
  3. Not German, but Giesswein slippers are a hit. Also Vaude merchandise for everyone and Schleich animals and Tonie Box for kids. Dr Hauschka/ Weleda products for ladies. Stollen and other Niederegger products! 
  4. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    Possibly as UK banks do not have the Kreditwesengesetz licence post-Brexit to offer banking Services in Germany. This was certainly initially the case post-Brexit. I'm not sure whether Barclays has obtained the necessary licence in the meantime. 
  5. It gives Russia the force majeure ground to avoid obligations under the supply contract to Europe.  And it is a brute show of force indicating what they could otherwise get up to 🙈