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  1. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

    I don´t want to sound like an asshole, but why did you send an expensive swiss watch to Switzerland by courier in the first place. You live in Stuttgart, so it´s not like you have to cross the globe to get to CH. Take a train or drive and drop it off personally.
  2. Eurovision Song Contest Israel 2019!

    Interesting. I have the exact opposite impression. I get the feeling that over the years (the last 8-9 years or so that I have been watching it), the quality has actually gone up and there are less and less "wacky" ones (Iceland this year for example), which is what I normally associate the contest with.
  3. Eurovision Song Contest Israel 2019!

    I voted for Estonia, Netherlands and Czech Republic. I didn´t like the German entry, but zero points from the public...ouch. Has that ever happened before?   Madonna´s performance was such an anti-climax after all the hype. Not sure what I was expecting, but what I saw wasn´t it (in not a good way). That performance didn´t do any favours for her new album sales.  She had a good run. She should just retire from performing.   Happy Netherlands won.    
  4. Prince William's Affair Rumor

    Would you think this rumor or truth? - probably the latter. If this is truth, can Brits accept an unfaithful man to be their king in the future? - I'm not a brit, but I wouldn't care. I think marriage is an outdated concept.
  5. Go back and read my posts. I wasn´t giving advice to anyone. I was giving my opinion on the subject. There is a difference.   You can disagree with me, just like I disagreed with you.
  6. Notre Dame is on fire

    Breaking news: The bees have survived.   Notre Dame didn´t collapse on itself, the artwork and relics were rescued, no one died, and the bees survived as well.   Nothing to see here. Moving on. Back to real problems.
  7. I´m 41, so about 25 years away from retirement. I just got into investing 2 years ago, so a newbie.   (Corrected my age from 42 to 41. Geez. My braincells are slowly dying).
  8. ...and that reenforces my point of trying to time the market or to build strategies.   In January 2019 Daimler was trading at €45 and commerzbank rated it as "sell" (i.e. don't buy). If one had disregarded that rating and had indeed bought in at that price, they would be sitting now in April 2019 (4 months later) on a sweet profit of about 30% as it is now trading at €59.   Nothing has changed between January and April. Brexit is not resolved, the diesel scandal and related lawsuits are still going on and Trump´s trade war is raging as usual. Why the stock price has shot up between January and now I have no clue.    Were the people who bought in at €45 smart investors and those who didn´t not so smart? No. They just got lucky if they had.
  9. You wrote that you would be "inclined to wait for a substantial drop...". My response to that was you don´t know when and if at all there will be a drop, never mind a substantial one. The price could go even higher. You have then missed out on a potential gain because of a wait and see approach.   Those who were waiting in 2010 for a "substantial drop" in the real estate prices in Munich have now been priced out.   "Buying low and selling high" is not a "strategy", it´s stating the blantantly obvious.
  10. I´m not talking about penny stocks. I´m talking about stocks that used to have a high price but are now worth much much less. Like your GE stock which is now down >60% since the time you bought it. When it was down 50%, you might have thought that it´s a great time to buy more, only to see it further slide down in price.    Most of the time you don´t know what is high and low and all the analysts forecasts on stock prices is useless crap. I own Daimler stock (which I bought at around €70). At the time, Commerzbank (where I have my account) had a "sell" recommendation on Daimler. The stock initially went up to about €75-76. I could have sold it and made a small profit, but the stock did have a price of €90 a few years back, so I got greedy and waited for it to go up to €90 and then I'd sell. With the Trump tariffs, diesel scandal issues and Brexit, the stock price slid all the way down to almost €45 over the last year. Commerzbank still stuck to the "sell" recommendation. I didn´t. The stock is now back to almost €60. It still has a "sell" recommendation. I´m not selling as I think it will eventually go back higher to the point I´ll be able to sell at a profit.   Unless you are Warren Buffett or some investment genius, there is not much "strategy" to implement with investing. It´s all down to luck.
  11. No shit.   How and who determines what is "high" and "low"? You can't time these things. No one can, despite the claims.   There are stocks/assets which are (let's say) €100/piece at a certain time and people don't buy because it's at or near an all time high, only to see 2-3 years later that the same stock/asset is worth €300/piece. They then wish that they had bought in at €100/piece.   Same goes for buying low. A stock was worth €100/piece at one time, but is now worth €20/piece. Sounds like a great buying opportunity, so you buy in at €20, only to see it drop to €1.27/piece 6 months later.   Real Estate in Munich is a prime example. If you bought real estate in 2010, when prices in Munich were already high, you hit the jackpot. People were convinced of a real estate price correction. Hasn't happened yet, has it? I'm sure someone on here will reply to this with "It will happen. Look at this fancy graph/data", or some non-sense economic theory to back-up their prophecies).   Time in the market vs. Timing the market and all that.
  12. Notre Dame is on fire

    ...and no one even died!
  13. Notre Dame is on fire

    Indeed. Some wealthy middle eastern Sheikh, who probably couldn´t care less about Notre Dame, France or Christianity will donate a couple of hundred million €. for the restoration, In return, France will give them a sweet deal for some of their fighter jets.   Air France has joined the party and is offering free flights to get to France to any selected artisan/restorer; and there is now an international competition to design the spire that toppled over.    Enough already.
  14. Notre Dame is on fire

    Exactly. And yesterday Macron has pledged to re-build the church in 5 years (just in time for the Paris Summer Olympics. Funny that.) It´s all a political show. I wonder if he would show such commitment to solving actual everyday problems facing the average person. All this for a building I assume most Parisians or French people haven´t even stepped foot in. Oh the drama.
  15. Notre Dame is on fire

    My point (which I thought was quite clear) is that I suspect that there might be other reasons why they are donating. Using this incident as a marketing exercise to promote their name/company etc. I wonder if they would donate €200 million in a heartbeat to help the homeless in France, or help people in a third world country affected by a natural disaster. Donating to re-build the Notre Dame is so much classier.