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  2. Telekom IP address changes every day

    Hello techies!   I have a question about IP location which appears at the bottom of the screen when you do a google search ("location - according to my IP address).   My provided is 1und1 and I use the fritz!box.   I live in central Munich (Haidhausen).   I work from home. My desktop, work laptop and smartphone are all connected to my wireless network.   When I do a search using my desktop and smartphone, on the bottom of the google search page is says "Haunstetten-Siebenbrunn, Augsburg - laut meiner IP Adresse".   I have never been to Augsburg!   When I do a search using my work laptop (which is connected to the same wireless network, it says "Schwabing West, München - basierend auf meinen bisherigen Aktivitäten"   Is it normal that 2 devices show my IP address which is 70KM away from where I am, while a third device, which is connected to the same network shows my IP address which is about 10K away?   Is there a possibility that my desktop and smartphone has been hacked by someone located in Augsburg?            
  3. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

    I don´t want to sound like an asshole, but why did you send an expensive swiss watch to Switzerland by courier in the first place. You live in Stuttgart, so it´s not like you have to cross the globe to get to CH. Take a train or drive and drop it off personally.
  4. Eurovision Song Contest Israel 2019!

    Interesting. I have the exact opposite impression. I get the feeling that over the years (the last 8-9 years or so that I have been watching it), the quality has actually gone up and there are less and less "wacky" ones (Iceland this year for example), which is what I normally associate the contest with.
  5. Eurovision Song Contest Israel 2019!

    I voted for Estonia, Netherlands and Czech Republic. I didn´t like the German entry, but zero points from the public...ouch. Has that ever happened before?   Madonna´s performance was such an anti-climax after all the hype. Not sure what I was expecting, but what I saw wasn´t it (in not a good way). That performance didn´t do any favours for her new album sales.  She had a good run. She should just retire from performing.   Happy Netherlands won.