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  1. Apologies: typo in my mobile number, it should read +491728871278
  2. Hello!   My husband (German) and I (French) are looking for a reliable, trustworthy person to help us manage our workweek.   Main tasks: ideally 2 or 3 times a week around 5pm, pick-up of two little angels (aged 1 and 3.5) from daycare/kindergarten (same building) located near Westpark/Partnachplatz, to bring home to Poccistraße area and play or help with preparing dinner. Either by Ubahn or by Bus depending on time and weather and desire to play outdoors on the way home. Occasional evening babysitting also optional if mutual desire to do so.   Person must be able to speak good German, or French. English not a must but a bonus - we encourage an English speaker to play and sing in English with the girls (the elder is showing an interest for English).   Suggested compensation format would be as minijob (Eur450/month) plus extras depending on hours and workload.   Ideal profile: 50+, patient, fit, positive, creative, reliable and responsible.   Please email (witenite@gmail.com) or call/whatsapp at +491728871287 if interested.   We look forward to meeting you !