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  1. I've got a story for last landlord kept 10% of the deposit for possible payments to the Nebenkosten, which is not allowed but I decided not to fight it as the amount was roughly similar to what I owed for Nebenkosten in other years. So this year the Nebenkosten should have been finished and I contacted the landlord in the spring...he said he was trapped in Iran and couldn't do anything. He was Persian, but 
  2. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

    What about camping stoves? We rarely cook donabe where an induction pot is difficult to find and not really this technically illegal?
  3. Collecting the Economic Impact Payment - 2020 CARES Act USA

    So between the CARES stimulus and the child tax credit, I may well end up with a pretty substantial negative income tax from the USA for 2020, it makes up for the mountains of tax filings and FBARs over the last ten years. Does anyone know whether this would represent taxable income in Germany? I guess that welfare payments are exempted by the Tax Treaty, but I have no idea what this would really qualify as. I suppose there is no way for the German Finanzämter to learn about it, but I'd like to have a decent legal argument if possible.