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  1. Moving to Munich from USA

    People starting a conversation like me this might help others in the same situation. But I bet it serves more to let certain forum members act like jagoffs. So thanks for those that helped, for everyone else including you F you.
  2. Moving to Munich from USA

    I dont care that youre not getting paid. Im not either. So have fun giving shit to others. I would much rather get no advice than deal with assholes.
  3. Moving to Munich from USA

    Nope I wouldnt ask you that. Too many assholes.
  4. Moving to Munich from USA

  5. Moving to Munich from USA

    Im thankful for the pertinent advice about the vehicles I may or may not be shipping and my other two questions but there are a lot of smug and snide posters as well. Why post just to be sarcastic? Extremely unappreciated.
  6. Moving to Munich from USA

    I bet you are retarded.
  7. Moving to Munich from USA

    Bullshit. If you read what I wrote, I already said Ill reconsider shipping my car due to the advice against it. But make up whatever you want.
  8. Moving to Munich from USA

    Ok thanks, will do. Also to all future posters, please dont post if you are going to be butt-hurt if I dont do everything you tell me, thx.
  9. Moving to Munich from USA

    Yes solicited advice for the car question.
  10. Moving to Munich from USA

    Vehicle tax and fees amount to a third of the value of the vehicle?
  11. Moving to Munich from USA

    I never planned on "bringing all my shit to germany" but feel free to assume that and leave it at that.
  12. Moving to Munich from USA

    If i want advice on which brand of shoes to buy or something similar, I would ask, I asked very specific questions. But feel free to keep injecting unsolicited advice and congrats on first date.
  13. Moving to Munich from USA

    Ok I just read part of that, and it makes it seem like "personal property moved as a result of relocation" would be I misunderstanding it?   Conditions and arrangements for relief from customs duty Conditions One of the conditions for the recognition of goods as personal property, that is property moved in connection with a transfer of residence, is that the normal place of residence outside the customs territory of the Community must have been maintained for at least twelve months.
  14. Moving to Munich from USA

    Im not sure I understand yet why I have to pay tariffs on the motorcycle...its not like im shipping it to sell, its my personal transportation...and Ive already paid tax on it when buying it...isnt there a double taxation exception?
  15. Moving to Munich from USA

    As Ive stated a couple times already, I wont ship anything until I have an apartment with space for it.