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  1. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

      I haven't updated my profile since I left Munich in 2008.  I left it like that out of nostalgia.  
  2. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

      I've moved back to the UK earlier this year.     To get the UK licence you have to be resident in the UK for at least 185 days in a calendar year (I haven't yet, but I will be), and there's a section on the form where you have to confirm you're a resident.  They say you can be fined or imprisoned if you falsely claim to be a UK resident.   I seem to remember they used to be a bit less strict about it and you could get away with using a family address.  I considered doing that back in 2003 when I exchanged my old style paper UK licence for the German photocard one.  The only reason I didn't was because my parents said they were thinking of moving house.  In the end, they didn't, and they still live in the same house now     
  3. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

    Another update on this, now that I've done it.   It's possible to get back the original GB licence that was exchanged for a German one, but you can't do it online.  You need to fill in a form D1 ("Application for a driving licence") which you can get from the post office (although not all of them have it, and in that case you can request online for them to send you one).   There's a box that you tick for exchanging an EU licence, and a field for your previous GB driver number.  You can also provide your passport number as a means of identification.  Because it's a paper form, you have to attach a printed passport photo (note: you have to remove glasses now) for the photo to use on the reissued licence.   Then you send it in, enclosing the German licence, and in a couple of weeks you get a shiny new UK licence in the post.  There is no fee.  You don't get the German one back.   You're only allowed to do this if you're resident in the UK.
  4. HELP - Umzug parking

    Too late for you, but for anyone else who needs to do this, you can request it via the Strassenverkehrsamt.  
  5. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Yeah, I noticed that too, although it was only the one post in September.  Before that, he was only active with a brief flurry of posts in August last year, and before that he hadn't been active since 2018.
  6. Which past members do you miss the most?

    And speaking of the "original crowd", just today I heard the sad news that a couple of members from back in the day have recently passed away.   @Punchbear and @Wee Mun were both regular posters back in the day.  I never met either of them in person as far as I know, but they were both popular on the forums.  I remember Punchbear in particular because he got involved when I was running a wind-up against some Nigerian scammer who had posted a classified ad, providing me with photoshopped Western Union receipts.  I don't have the link to hand, but look for a thread about "teacup sized puppies", probably in the Supporters forum.   RIP both of them.  It's a shame that there are probably not many people still on here that remember them.  Back in the day there would have been dedicated obituary threads running to multiple pages.
  7. Which past members do you miss the most?

      don_riina, like many of the "original" crowd, doesn't post on here any more, but he's still in Munich (or somewhere nearby) as far as I know.
  8. Jean-Luc Godard: Legendary film director dies at 91 by assisted suicide
  9. Where can I find the rules about validity of a German drivers license while not living in Germany?   When I lived there I exchanged my UK license for a German one. Since leaving Germany I've still been using the license, mainly with rental cars, and nobody complained about it (they check it when you collect the car), but I'm wondering if it really is still valid.  There's no expiry date on the front. On the back the main categories don't have an expiry date either, however the other categories do (and those haven't expired yet).   I found this but it doesn't seem to cover this case.   Bonus question: has anyone successfully got their UK license reissued after having it replaced with a German one?