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  1. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

      If you like his performance here (I haven't seen the movie you're referring to), check out:   - Full Metal Jacket - The Cell    
  2. Quoting a "dangerous" post only amplifies that danger

      Completely agree.
  3. Coronavirus

    I was surprised to see that news yesterday.  Mainly because I thought they had both died ages ago.  
  4. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse
  5. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

    Update: here's the response from the DVLA:     They didn't say exactly how to do it, but this answer is good enough for me.  
  6. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

    My DE license doesn't have an expiry date, and I've always thought it was odd.  On the front it has the date of issue (section 4a) but in the place where there's supposed to be an expiry date (section 4b) it just has "--".  On the reverse the categories B, BE, M and L have no expiry date.  Categories C1 and C1E expire on the day before my 50th birthday.  Whenever I book a rental car online and it has a mandatory field for the expiry date, I put the C1/C1E expiry date.   I don't think the Post Office does driving license renewals; if they do anything it's probably just providing the forms and verifying ID of people who can't or won't use the online service.  FWIW I've tried to use the Post Office's online identity verification system but it doesn't work for me because I've been away from the UK for too long and don't have a recent UK address.   I've submitted a question through the DVLA's site.  I'll update this thread if/when I get an answer.
  7. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

    As for exchanging the DE license for a UK one, there is an online process for that (side note: the whole dvla site is really good) but there's a point in the process where it asks "Where did you pass your test?" and there's no option that applies to me because I passed my test in the UK!  It's obviously not designed for this edge case where the foreign license was issued based on the UK one.   I still have a photocopy of my original UK license and have tried the replacement process but it doesn't like the information that I'm putting in.   Possibly to do with the fact that it's an old style paper license rather than the photocard.  
  8. Validity of German driving license after leaving Germany

      Thanks, but this is about driving on the German license while living another country, which I'm already aware of.  In fact I've already had a local license issued in Japan based on the German one.  I only use the German one when visiting the UK or US temporarily.   My question is rather: whether or not Germany still considers my license valid, given that I haven't lived there for more than 10 years.   Unlike the UK license, the Geman one doesn't have an address printed on it, but I would imagine there's a record of my address somewhere in the system.  If I get stopped by the Polizei while driving in Germany, and they checked my license, would it show them my former address in Munich?  Or is the address linked to the address on record at the KVR, which would be the forwarding address that I gave when I did the Abmeldung?
  9. Where can I find the rules about validity of a German drivers license while not living in Germany?   When I lived there I exchanged my UK license for a German one. Since leaving Germany I've still been using the license, mainly with rental cars, and nobody complained about it (they check it when you collect the car), but I'm wondering if it really is still valid.  There's no expiry date on the front. On the back the main categories don't have an expiry date either, however the other categories do (and those haven't expired yet).   I found this but it doesn't seem to cover this case.   Bonus question: has anyone successfully got their UK license reissued after having it replaced with a German one?  
  10. Immortality for Humans by 2045

    Immortality for Humans by 2045