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  2. Does anyone have a BestSecret invite to share?

    I've got two invitations!
  3. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    It that the same way of "Biting" as DJ did?  From the way I read CatJones post, they were taking the piss...    And... just as an experiment, I will see if I can get hold of a 1000m roll of twisted pair and see if my internet connects... 
  4. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    Whats wrong with Dogging.. ??  Lets face it,everyone who is there at the scene is usually well aware and its what they are after... 
  5. @hellfire99 That's weak, prairie dog, weak. You're slipping.
  6. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

        OK, I'll bite.  What were you trying to discover or prove with your experiment, and which opinions are, in your opinion, now invalidated?    
  7. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    What does this even mean?     Are you a physician (degree, university...), or a Heilpraktiker (i.e. quack).
  8. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    No, you don't have a degree in medicine. If you would have one, you'd certainly have written that on your webpage.
  9. Coronavirus

    I disagree.  We do not know where this virus is going, yes.  I never stated otherwise.  However we should also not panic.  The Swine flu and the Bird flu were also very deadly, but did not spread as was predicted.  The press had a field day with both regardless.   I used the last season where we had full data available and yes, it was anomalous but was it also hyped like this flu is being hyped?  Be honest, had you ever heard those figures before I posted them?     A normal year has "only" hundreds of deaths in Germany alone - not worldwide.  Worldwide the number ranges from   290 000 to 650 000 per year.   We are very far away from that.  I do not predict the end of civilization itself which was in response to the OP's boss' statements.
  10. Build your own house

      What exactly is the problem?  
  11. Only in America...

          Arizona man dresses up skeleton to drive in high-occupancy vehicle (HOV)  lane
  12. What made you laugh today?

    Actually I liked the golden girls. Sort of reassuring to see them getting so cool about things which in younger age would have most of them go off screeching.😎
  13. Coronavirus

    Hopefully the best before date will be after the end of the transition period.
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  15. I doubt there will be a Einwohnermeldeamt in the US, which I was talking about, given that BethAnnBit is American. And a passport number doesn´t tell you where the holder of the passport has their abode. Plus passport numbers can change or you could have more than one passport. I wouldn´t want to be e. g. a single mom having to chase the dad of my child for maintenance there.
  16. Coronavirus

      They did something similar near Bejing during the SARS outbreak.  It looked more like a field hospital but it worked well.
  17. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    What do you mean by that?
  18. What made you laugh today?

    Finding U crain on the map
  19. What made you laugh today?

    Not really a Golden Girls fan, but this made me laugh  
  20. Brexit: The fallout

    Poorer areas that backed Tories face fresh funding cuts as cash switched to wealthy southern regions    
  21. Really enjoyed dinner w/ya'll at the Brauhaus.. the food and service is excellent!   Girls who I gave the Palo Santo holy wood too..  This is for you if you haven't already read up:
  22. Here’s the excerpt from the form:   Hamburg Form p. 7
  23. The Singularity is near

    sadly we are groomed to think /believe (advertising..push-push-pushing) we need these "life -defining devices" esp the younger generation.  Sadly, I have lived all these many years without a Smart heater.. Smart TV (or any TV lol) and a Smart Watch.. How have I possibly been able to survive?    EDUCATION is the key to awareness...good to very skeptical.. I think it's the opposite being gullible and that's what these pushers play on..  Amazing still to me, how so many people sleep with their Handy under their pillow or next to their bed with the mobile data & location enabled with no earthly clue what they're doing..   why not just put your head inside the microwave and turn it on (high)??? Just wait until 5G is running the show... that's even worse!!! Read up on that new antennae technology that's gonna beam much higher frequencies right into your house (and head) ..a direct line that's right. :-( scary sheite.
  24. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    Are you jealous?   Or just pissed off that you aint getting any ?
  25. Brexit: The fallout

    I just hope all the predictions are wrong, that the UK can survive and stand on its own two feet without needing the help of the US and the Chinese vultures. I also hope that he EU remains and continues to grow because we need a strong EU to counter again the Chines and the Americans. somehow I can't see it working out like that.
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