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  2. They want tons of documents. National birthcertificate, anmeldung papers by childname etc.   There are no exact document list. So don't worry, I sent my documents three times, and everytime they sent it back with little note for missing documents.
  3. Moving Sale! Moving back to US (sadly) :(

    Thanks! I just put it in bold :) 
  4.   I don't think its for comfort.  I think it's to keep the Doctors "Sharp" (very alert) when cutting people open.   Both my mind and reflexes are much better on a cold dry morning then on a warm moist day.  It's also scientifically proven with tests that humans have better reflexes on dry cold days vs warm moist days. 
  5. As the weather is good to sit outside, we have a reservation this week at an old favourite Maharani, where we can enjoy probably the best onion bhajis in Bavaria!   Please enter your name in the list below and copy, as usual, by 17:30 Wednseday at the latest.   1. LisaJK 2. HughK 3. Paul (back from Brexitland) 4. GaborPaksi 5.
  6.   Maybe I am stupid but you are a horrible person.
  7.   All that projection because if she doesn't project she has to come to grips with the fact that she supports how these children are being treated. That is the scum way. Maldita que sea.    
  8. Not only that, but the policy under Obama was to detain unattended minors who were caught crossing the border and send them home as soon as possible. There was never any indication that the conditions under which they were held were inhumane in any way.   Compare that with Trump's policies, which involve forcibly separating children from their parents and detaining them separately - at times not even keeping track of names or ages - and holding them in overcrowded, lice-infested camps, where they are kept in cages, denied access to bedding, soap and toothpaste, and by all accounts, largely left to fend for themselves.   In other words, take your BSAB and faux outrage and shove it straight up your gender-indeterminate ass, alt-bicus.
  9.   Both sides are worse than bad.   If you only criticize one side then the problem will not be solved when a different party takes the WH.     Are you expecting the opposition party to Trump to actually do anything when they did the exact same thing for years when Obama was President?   You are an intelligent person who has completely subdued your common sense.    Jeffo, AlexTr, Lavender and the others on here with Trump Derangement Syndrome don't give a fuck about the suffering at the border.    Their opportunism is disgusting.   Don't be so stupid. 
  10. Job contract ending in few days - no extension (yet)

    Which is your current valid contract? By that I mean with signatures of both parties? Do what it says on that one. "A new opportunity might be available" is not a justification for not meeting your obligation within the stipulated time frame. But I am not a legal expert and hence you should go to the Job center because only they can tell you what you must do. In my experience you do not need an appointment to register yourself as "unemployed". Just expect to wait in queue. From what I understand you should have done this already end of May for a contract expiring end of June.
  11. Moving Sale! Moving back to US (sadly) :(

    Might be useful to mention where you are located. Sorry- just saw Düsseldorf !
  12.   If you cannot see the difference between what happened under Obama and what is going on now (no soap, no beds, no blankets, no showers), you are beyond help. Anyone who agrees with you is also beyond help. You should right now start wishing that this doesn't happen to the children in your life. It's the malocchio for your kind.
  13. Hi everyone,  We've been living in the EU and Germany for over 6 years and my husband just received an incredible new job offer - sadly, it is back in the US. We would rather stay here! ... Naja, that's how life works these days. Hopefully we will return soon. We still had all of our things in storage in the US so I won't need to take much from here at all. And of course, I can't take any of our electrical items (sadly, including our recently purchase Liebherr wine refrigerator that is only 30 days old! Still has the wrapping on it) I'm posting everything on Kleinanzeigen, but also want to post a notice here. Especially if anyone is relocating/moving new to Germany and needs furniture and things to get set-up. We certainly have enough to get a 1 bedroom apartment almost fully furnished. Especially if you are moving to Düsseldorf.   Some examples of what we are selling:  -  Liebherr wine refrigerator. Dual-zone, 34 bottles. Brand spanking new -  Fans (needed for this summer!!) -  AEG AirOundio A/C with window kit. New in September 2018 and only used a handful of times. Not sure I can part with it this week ) -  Hair styling items:  Hair dryers, GHD curling wand, GHD straightener, etc.  -  Humidifier -  Kärcher Steam Cleaner -  Philips Immersion Blender -  Iron and ironing board -  Siemens iQ series washer & dryer -  Miele Ecoline vacuum  -  Samsung 45" SmartTV -  Ikea Besta cabinets (a lot! White with white gloss doors/drawers) -  Ikea Kleiderschrank (white, 3 pieces with drawers, hanging and shelving. Custom knobs) -  Ikea Stall shoe cabinet. (white, 2 cabinets with 3 drawers each) -  Possibly our bed (180x200). But I love it too much and haven't decided yet -  PLANTS!  -  Artecnica designer white Trianon pendant lights (set of 3) - never even had the chance to install 2 of them.   I almost forgot ... selling our car, too!  2017 A6 Allroad  They won't let us bring it back with us! 😩😭   All items will be sold in the next few weeks as I am moving by end of July.  You can follow as I post items on Kleinanzeigen here:  and stay current with what is still available. I am in the process of taking photos for all items and getting them posted, so please be patient.  Any questions/interest, please let me know!    **Also -- I will be moving with our own 20ft container (using Crown Relocation) just in case anyone is looking for a small bit of space to get back to the US. I certainly won't fill it all! I would have to ask if it is ok to combine so that we can use all of the space. Just let me know if you are interested.**   ***never posted an ad on here before, so I hope this was correct!   
  14.   WTF?  Why do you assume everyone who does not like Trump policies must be a Democrat-lover?
  15.   The issue has been out there for several years whether your attention span can track that long or not.      You are shamelessly exploiting the situation for partisan purposes and your fake outrage is as disgusting as you are.   
  16.   Agree.    It is wrong.       But you and the others who recently woke up and noticed bad things have been happening need to own the fact that it became a problem for you in 2017 and you didn't give a shit about it before hand.       Your outrage is absolutely partisan and to pretend that you are above politicizing this miserable situation is absolutely dishonest.     Where were you in 2014?    Hello ?
  17. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      Even a few seconds uploading is enough to get screwed if you get caught.   You normally receive the letter after a couple of weeks.   But they will have plenty of time go get your contact data.
  18.     Again you've got it wrong, I don't care if it is a Republican or a Democrat doing it.  It is simply wrong.   Your arguments are always "But Obama did it too".  If we continue with that crap then we will never solve anything, because the next one always can say the same.   Jailing children is wrong.   If you sleep well because Obama did it too then that's on you.   And even though, I would assume that the situation during Trump's administration got much worse.   But hey, Obama did it too.  
  19. Job contract ending in few days - no extension (yet)

    Quick question: does going to bundesagentur für arbeit require an appointment, or is it walk-in? Should I simply schedule to be there an hour or so before opening hours (similar to Ausländerbehörde where people line up earlier and are dealt with on a first-come first-serve basis)?
  20. Generali Vision can't charge when cancelling early

    I signed in 2007, 12 years ago and this is a 22 year plan :-( it will be finished in 2029! thanks for your advice but I doubt being able to manage this portfolio on my own and I refuse to invest any more in this even the lowest amount allowed which is EUR 150 a month. I used to invest EUR 500 ! am desperate to lose so much money...
  21. Politics Gen XYZ

    Wealthy people promoting a wealth tax for themselves -      
  22. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    Once again the TT community, and the wider expat community, are indebted to john g.  for sensible, impartial advice.  Thank you john.
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  24. How to date without tinder

    You've gotten some really good advice here.    So what to do in the meantime, consider working on yourself. What are positive attributes you can bring to a relationship. Consider  the kind of person you're interested in attracting, what's non-negotiable for you, what kind of relationship you may want to have with someone special. What are some things about yourself that may be difficult or an issue in dating or in a relationship, What are some things you may want to self-improve.   Relationships don't just happen in a vacuum, no matter how much you may be longing to have one. No matter how lonely you may feel or how desperate you are to have a relationship.   Relationships are complex that require openness, trust, honesty, introspection, emotional support, thoughtfulness, respect, compromise, good listening skills, time... etc. etc.   Hope this list doesn't scare you, but it takes effort to make a relationship thrive once you meet someone.     
  25. Next Badminton is 02.07.2019 19:30-21:30        The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SUNDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish to play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.     1. Colin 20:00-21:30
  26.   I am trying to be nice. If I called her what she really is, I might catch a ban.
  27. We passed that milestone looooong ago.
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