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  2. How clean should our shared spaces be?

    He is harassing you. Go tell the police and let them have a word with him.
  3. How clean should our shared spaces be?

    Hey, thanks for all the helpful advice from all corners on every element! I really appreciate it.  My husband does know, but we're stuck in the situation were reporting it would probably back-fire on us socially in this uber-conservative little village, (we're no longer in Stuttgart) but I did write an email (to myself) so if it happens again I'll report it straight away and show it's not the first time.  In the last couple of days, his behaviour has got weirder again. He confronted me in the driveway and communicated at me in monkey noises - he likes to tell anyone who comes to the door that I can't speak German and they should speak to him - because with his Bauersprache I have no idea what he's saying half the time "weissch?" - I was bringing in the shopping and he closed the front door in my face. This kind of stuff is tougher to deal with than the past quick flash of the worm.  I spoke to the Mieterverein and they said, it's not in their scope. They deal with stuff specific to the act of renting.   
  4. Disposing of old tires

      Yup, they are called Earthships, and hippies built lots of them with rammed earth. There was even a Grand Designs house built with tyres.   Regarding disposal, I don't think standard Gemeinde Wertstoffhof take them, but I do know this company takes cars as I scrapped my old Mondeo:    
  5. Freedom of movement - bureaucratic hassles

    Yes, as a member of the KVdR (= Krankenversicherung der Rentner) your pension provider always deducts your contributions to your German Krankenkasse from your pension right at the source (= you only get paid out pension, minus German public health&nursing insurance), no matter in what country you live (unless you applied to be let out of the KVdR within the first 3 months of having applied for your pension), details in this thread (please read all of it, you may learn something): And since you live in Cyprus, you then give the Cypriot government the S1, and then there are 3 possible mechanisms of the Sachleistungsaushilfe: the German Verband der Krankenkassen reimburses the Cypriots a (low) Pauschale for you, to cover your public cover in Cyprus, or the German Verband der Krankenkassen reimburses the Cypriots your real medical costs for your public cover in Cyprus, or they have a deal "auf Gegenseitigkeit" with Cyprus, i.e. the Germans will pay for public cover for Cypriot pensioners who live in Germany, and in return the Cypriots will cover the cost for public cover for the German pensioners who live in Cyprus, i.e. no money changes hands between Germany and Cyprus. source:   In all cases, that's cheaper for the Germans than paying your real private costs capped at (high) German public rates. And EU law, article 24 of the EC regulation no. 883/2004, is very clear that's all you're entitled to, public cover in your new state of residence, Cyprus. EU law dictates national law (= EU-Recht bricht Bundesrecht).
  6.   Actually no. I would let the teacher know however if you use nuts or anything else exotic in your recipes because they (should) know if one of the kids in their care can't eat nuts, etc. Germans love to use hazelnuts in their cakes. I'm not a fan myself.   For the kids birthday party at home with friends, I do ask the parents if there is anything regarding diet I should be aware of and then with such a small group, I do try to accommodate them. 
  7. Disposing of old tires

    you can build a whole house
  8. Good morning all, is anyone here an artist? I'm only thinking at the moment about selling my art on line via etsy, Instagram or their own website.  Was it hard to set up as self employed artist? Or is it so complicated it's not worth the bother? I do resin art which could lead to trays serving platters, art, and also ink paintings from that prints as well. Any advice much appreciated . 
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    ohhhhh I had scabies in uni.  My doctor was really funny about it: "oh you don't have to be embarassed" (I wasn't) "really it's ok" (yeah it was...aside from the insufferable itching) "don't worry, I'm not judging you" (ha!  ok now I'm starting to think you *are* judging me  )   my brother was always bringing home lice - one time he had it so bad they shaved his head.   I never got it.  No one else in my family did either.  Kids who regularly played at our place also didn't get infected.  Little brother was the chosen one.
  10. Repeating what is said above - ask the kindergarten what their policy is. Typical  though, most kindergartens have you bring an easy-to cut and eat cake (no cream cakes - the mom of a Chinese student in the next class, also a friend, did this because this is what her husband told her to make for their family celebration, so she assumed that was expected at kindergarten too) or muffins. Our teachers just asked us to bring something easy to eat with fingers or a fork. We let them know in advance too what we were bringing.   As the only American in our class, I usually bring something typical American such as cupcakes, but with less sugar than your typical recipe. I always use one of these recipes from Joy of Baking then with cream cheese or chocolate frosting (there are recipes for those there too) with sprinkles on top. As with all frosting recipes, I cut the sugar in half and for chocolate frosting I use bitter chocolate (more than 70% cacao). The kids don't mind. I usually use one of these frosting recipes since sometimes American recipes call for half and half or a certain type of cream and I never know if it's Schlagsahne, Kochsahne, Creme Freche, Sauresahne, etc.   The kindergarten usually does a little celebration with the kids:  The kids get a homemade crown from the teachers and they all sit around the kid and sing traditional birthday songs .    Lately, some parents have been providing goodie bags for the kids. I think that's overkill and I'd hate to see that trend establish itself.  I save the goodie bags for the kids birthday party with friends. 
  11. Disposing of old tires

    White tires with flowers in the centers are the ultimate in redneckery back home. One can also mount one's mailbox in one. So, if you paint them white, do get some pink flamingos to really set them off.
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    feel hugged @fraufruit
  13. Beautiful Orchidea

    35 cm high + 20 cm Pot my whats app +49 175 830 3585 EURO 16
  14. I think it would be good to report it too, even after the fact.  Then it's on the record in case of future incidents with the OP or others - this is often important, and if it's not traumatic in some way to talk about it, it certainly doesn't hurt.  
  15. Green Orange-Calamondine

    30 cm high + 20 cm Pot my whats app +49 175 830 3585 EURO 20.
  16. I've just posted a silly photo

    Exactly the way I feel about store bought salad dressing.
  17. Special Orchidea

    35 cm high + 20 cm Pot my whats app +49 175 830 3585 EURO 16.
  18. How clean should our shared spaces be?

      Just realized that I wrote support instead of report.   Carry on.
  19. New Flatmate Wanted:)

    Hi. Is this still available. How much is it. How much is deposit. Need somewhere for 6 months. Please advise
  20. New Flatmate Wanted:)

  21. Green little tree - 30 cm high + 20 cm Pot my whats app +49 175 830 3585 EURO 20.
  22. I don't understand how he keeps being seen. When someone recognizes him, shouldn't they go up to him or follow him while calling the police? At least take a photo.
  23. 12 cm high + waterproof Pot my whats app +49 175 830 3585 EURO 7.
  24. Setting up a limited company in Germany

    Was killing time scrolling in my FB newsfeed when an ad for Leapin showed up. It's an Estonian based limited company.  They're advertising themselves as a low cost less hassle alternative to a Gmbh or equivalent. The most obvious advantage is you can deal in English while implied is lower taxes. So this brings up an interesting question, can you register you business anywhere in the EU and run it in Germany? Obviously you'd still have to declare the income here.
  25. Munich babysitters wanted

    Hi, we are a German family with 4 small kids (age: 1-6) looking for an English Native babysitter for the older kids. The kids are fluent in English. You should be available on a regular basis once a week, in the afternoons or on the weekends. Focus should be playing (hide and seek, puzzles, memory, read books, outdoors in the summer,...) with the kids. Mom will be home with you most of the time to take care of the smaller kids, while you play with the older ones. We are looking for someone who is truly native and who enjoys teaching English to small kids. We live near Josephsplatz (U2) in Schwabing. If you are interested please contact us. 0151 27558418, Irmi
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