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  2. Why are you happy today?

    Go for it.  Enjoy.   You’re worth it. 😘
  3. Hi all,   I've been trying to search if forwarding personal emails without permission is an offense especially under the EU General Data Protection Regulation but couldn't find any clear interpretation except for marketing emails. My former institute pressured a colleague to forward a personal email of mine without my permission and use this to initiate a formal process (Research Ombudsperson - I found out my replacement plagiarised an unpublished work of mine she had access to as a reviewer of the manuscript). They also publicly discussed and recorded my name in the minutes of the department's meeting as a complainant of plagiarism without asking for my consent. Bottomline, I feel like my privacy rights have been breached.   Thank you!  
  4. Hello, I am planning to move to Berlin in spring 2020 just for 4 month. Looking for a job an apartment (WG). Where can i found it? Does anyone know any web sites for flats?
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Be careful. A friend of mine got caught muling cash over from Switzerland some years ago. Only bring the allowed limit.   OK. I know you aren't stupid.
  6. Hello everyone, do you know if i can found a job just for 4 month anywhere? I am planning to spent 4 month in spring in Berlin.
  7. Expat Burnout

      Yes, exactly, although if you have a German girlfriend, then she will probably  already know the best places.   The thing Dessa said about periods of time and feelings about being here really rings a bell with me - not necessarily the timing, and I find it rather cyclical, but the general idea of first new, then hideous, eventually heimat - that has been kind of it.
  8. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    You clearly have your hands full Crossman.  Hats off to you for your patience.  😇
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    OK. We are talking about ca. €75.000-80.000 in total. Forget about James Bond. He is old. You need Jason Bourne. One more run. You can hide more bank notes in your undies than you think 👻.
  10. Today
  11. What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

    Just got approval! Took approximately 3 weeks after submission of all documents!   Thank you to KfW,  Germany and the fellow tax payers of Germany! 
  12. International driver's licence or permit

    Thanks @RPC   Do you know which option to select. I have a German Card DL and I want an International Permit to drive in Australia and Indonesia. BR.
  13. Why are you happy today?

    My Ami Secret Santa sent me a case of assorted craft beers from Crew Republic. I'm drinking a Drunken Sailor right now and it is delicious!!!   Not sure when I'll try the Rest in Peace at 10.1%.
  14. Electric Oven

    Ops! Sorry! I forgot to write!  I sell for 25 euro 
  15. Indoor Climbing groups/partners

    Hello all,   I have just moved to Munich last week and was looking for any climbing groups or if I could join any other climbers out there? I was doing mostly top rope (grade 6a/b) and was just starting to lead when i moved over.    Happy to to do either and would be great if i could climb with more experienced climbers to continue to develop lead climbing skills.    I have shoes, harness, belay device (Gri-gri, click up & ATC) and rope so all I need are the people:)   hope to hear from you soon   thanks    F
  16. Climate change

    So now we know that to be names Time Person of the Year, you don't actually have to do anything concrete, just go around the world lecturing everyone else about what they should do. Pathetic. This child is clearly brainwashed and possibly mentally unstable to boot. Her performance at the UN was certainly odd to say the least. The only question is: who's pulling her strings? 
  17. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Here is a nice example:   The Taycan "Turbo" (the 180.000€ version) was advertised as having 280 miles of range (450km). In reality, on the EPA test cycle, it only got 201 miles (323km). The Tesla direct competitor, the Model S Performance, has 348mi (560km). And this is not even the most efficient Tesla!   The battery size of the Taycan is 93.4kW vs 100kWh for the Tesla. This is an efficiency of 289W/km vs the Tesla's 178W/km!      
  18. The Vent - No Chat!

  19. The Vent - No Chat!

      Vladimir Putin?  
  20. The Vent - No Chat!

    My trumpet playing neighbor.
  21. Cowboy plumber

    Call lisa13, she will do the job, while wearing pj's
  22. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Sure, send me the money and they I will waste it on it.
  23. Why are you unhappy today?

    No. Clever dick. It is possible to live and work in Switzerland. Which I did. It is a major, well-known bank. I am not hiding the money. The taxman even knows about it. But I am sick of being robbed.
  24. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    He buys a Mercedes every time he visits? Not sure of the legality of flogging a car each time in Morocco. Some father-in-law you have!!! Sounds like a case and a half!
  25. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    He will drive back to West Africa, he does this every time he visits, he buys a Mercedes and drives back and sells it in Morocco. Not sure what his travel plans are and if it is legal to travel while under the influence of malaria 😏
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