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  2. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hi. I have a doubt regarding the Anlage KAP. I have a bank account with DKB, got some "Kapitalerträge" money from them and a Steuerbescheinigung document telling me to fill the anlage KAP with those values. The document tells me exactly in which line should I put what. However when I make the "Pruefung auf Plausibilitaet" on the Elster software it still shows me lot of errors on fields I have no idea what they are about. There are errors on line 33 where I did not put anything and also where I have to say if it is a "Antrag auf Günstigerprüfung bei Steuerabzug" or a "Antrag auf Überprüfung des Steuereinbehaltens". I have no idea what is what :) I checked the Toytown post about anlage KAP but I still do not understand this thing at all. I did then a quick research and found out that I only need to fill up this anlage KAP if the values are above 801€. The money I got from DKB does not even go nearby that. Does someone here know if I can skip the anlage KAP? Or do I really need to fill it up even if the values are below 801€?
  3. Because I first mentioned the connection to Trump   Post election race crimes   Hate crimes rise with Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric   Hate on the rise after Trump's election   There are many more links that you can look up yourself.   Keep in mind that ignorant, redneck white racists have no clue where a brown person comes from.          
  4. Hi everyone,I have a semi-furnished room to let in a 98qm apartment.Price is 500 eur plus deposit, incl. Internet, water and electricity and all facilites from the house.The apartment is new and very central, with many different shops around and great transport connections. It is 5min away from U2, Karl-Preis-Platz and 10min from Ostbahnhof (Rosenheimerstr. 126). We also have different buses within a 3min walk (Bus 155, 145, 55, 59).I'm Colombian and have lived in England, the US and now in Germany since about 13 years. I work full time and have a 6 year old son.The room is available for March and does not include the closet or fridge seen in the pictures.If you're interested, please contact me via email or directly to my phone:marcela.hernandez50@gmail.com017630145114Look forward to hearing from you,Marcela
  5. Doesn't matter. The roots are the same, since many minorities work illegally at unqualified jobs, they are also treated as slaves.   That Indians are actually highly paid professionals was unknown to this mad man.
  6.   Video was falsely edited. Show me where your BLM supported violence is. That was the original question. First you sort that out, then we'll talk all about your straw men. I still am not responsible for your education. Learn what dog whistle means.
  7. Why take a chance? As a new expat you need to work twice as hard to get a job so she should have tip top profiles on both Xing and LinkedIn. There are many companies with branches in Germany who do their recruiting out of the UK and US, therefore LinkedIn is still very helpful. Also some companies offer the possibility to import your LinkedIn profile into the job-application portal, saving lots of time.   She shouldn't be afraid to apply to secretary and admin. assistant jobs, the key is to get a foot in the door and work your way back to the field you belong to, as opposed to limiting the search to "bookkeeper" only.   And yes, I agree to go on Stepstone and subscribe to email alerts.    
  8. How Trump appointees can change the world

    After CBP controls were introduced in border areas of California and Arizona (30 km from the border or further), there were a couple of locals who protested that way. They refused to answer the question „Are you a US citizen?“ (it back then was not even a demand to show ID, just a question about citizenship), some of them just remained silent, some of them were saying „None of your business“.   Results? Sometimes border agents let them go, sometimes detained. But that was 5 years ago. Today I believe they will be detained without hesitation, their possessions searched, they will find an ID.
  9. That is quite a stretch. Not all racism in the US is against Afro-Americans.
  10. SPD edges ahead of CDU in polls

    One would think that this forum is less than representative of the feelings of the voting population of Germany based on the numbers in this poll.  
  11. I clicked and read your link.  It claims that the part that I mentioned in the previous post was true and hence a bunch of black people did talk about attacking white people.     Still waiting for the following from you: 1.  Evidence that Trump was responsible for the attack on the Indian IT worker. 2.  Evidence that Trump said something as bad as BLM founder Yusra Khogali. 3.  A consistent definition of what constitutes a BLM member and a Trump supporter.    
  12. You think Trump's dog whistles mean nothing?
  13. Renting out our 2 bedroom flat March & April 2017

    Hello is it still available. 
  14. All cranky people absorb news and what public people say and then use that information in their imaginary world. To provide you evidence, I must be a professional psychiatrist, I am not.
  15.   Gee, I think that someone who posts on twitter is going to really act on what they say...yawn. The link I posted after your video discusses how that video was doctored. Do you have evidence to the contrary? I gave you the benefit of the doubt and clicked through and researched what you posted. Try to do the same with mine. For the Trump/Indian worker connection, see post above and look in dictionary for meaning of "dog whistle". I have not taken you to raise.
  16.   Ok here is a tweet from Yusra Khogali, co-founder, of BLM Toronto from last year.  Did Trump ever post something like this?  And in case you make the hipster claim that this is from Breitbart or Infowars here's an article from CBC:         Furthermore why don't you google Sandy Hudson as well.  And what about the four BLM members that kidnapped the white handicapped kid and tortured him?  You will undoubtedly deny that these four thugs were BLM members but may I ask you what constitutes BLM membership and what makes a person a Trump supporter?  You can say that anybody who votes for Trump and attended his rallies is a Trump supporter but people who protest at BLM protests are not necessarily BLM members.  However that's not very consistent.  I have the feeling that according to your logic that a BLM member ceases to be one as soon as he does anything inappropriate thereby protecting the group from any liability.  That's very convenient but then why isn't it applied to Trump supporters?   Re: my videos.  The girl screams "They're white! Get them!"  Was that edited as well?  As for the second video it was from a local news station.  I suppose it does not constitute "verifiable media".  Furthermore this group was protesting the verdict regarding the Zimmerman trial but as long as they commit crimes they're not BLM...   Still waiting for evidence that Trump was responsible for the attack on the Indian IT worker...
  17. How amusing. Not. Just because you are not aware of this incidents does not mean they haven't happened.
  18.   Very good quip! Do you have anything of substance to add? Or, in the alternative, maybe you would like very much to try to make an educated case for J0ker's point.
  19.   It doesn't matter that some cannot perceive the connection. Even the braintrust at Breitbart has put its wet finger in the wind to find out which way things are blowing. One must remember, assuming one actually knows and understands, that this administration relies on dog whistles and rumor.
  20. Heck, India is not even on the list of the countries exporting terrorism. So no connection to Trump here whatsoever.
  21.   Ah, if it was not on CNN, then it must not be true. 
  22. I am not sure if I still have the copy of contract in somewhere but I paid rents as bank transfer. In this case should I get print outs for every month that I paid ? And also for the wohnung that I live now, is it enough just put the copy of contract ?
  23. @yourkeau The question on Wapo's article from the ACLU was "What would have happened to any passenger who had refused to show ID? Would they have been detained?" That is the slippery slope on this style of action.
  24. Friday Night Drinks 24.02.2017 @ TBD

    How will newcomers find us?
  25. How Trump appointees can change the world

    A life in Trumpland:   To be fair: I think this also could have happened under Clinton as well, America was going towards tougher controls for a long time. But this will go fast under Trump. Be ready to Israel-style ID controls everywhere without Israel level of terrorism threat.   Have to buy pop corn to watch this security theater.
  26. I s111 Well these sorts of attacks in the UK are known as Black on Black. Says it all when a particular attack by one group on its own colour / background / whatever is actually given its own category.
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