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  2. does anyone knows if someone can travel with train ?

    If you dont have any usefull information dont post on this  topic . Thank you .
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  4. Buying property in Germany

    If I could do that, I would be at JP Morgan (or in yacht somewhere in the Caribbean), not here.  I wasn't bragging, just answering the troll's questions.  I know I was lucky this time.    You've done better or you just like to sling shit like the pig?
  5. Coronavirus

    At the start of March, Johnson was boasting about how he was personally ignoring his own government's advice and was happily shaking the hands of people ill in hospital with Covid-19.  At the start of April, he's in the intensive care ward due to Covid-19 symptoms.      
  6. What made you cry today?

    Dude. There are no words.
  7. Coronavirus

    It is wrong, but very understandable when the people who did not take it seriously and should have been the ones making sensible decisions then fall foul of the thing. 
  8. Coronavirus

    I am sure someone on here commented " Devine intervention" when I mentioned someone had tested positive for CV19...   I cant recall who it was.... but it was a rather crass thing for anyone to say... 
  9. Coronavirus

      Neither would I. 
  10. Coronavirus

    I dislike both Trump and Johnson but I wouldn't like to see Johnson die of Covid 19.
  11. Coronavirus

      Nope.  Just him. 
  12. Coronavirus

      Thousands have already died and thousands more will die before someone finds a vaccine/effective treatment. I personally value the lives of the nursing staff on the front lines more than many of the politicians who are causing more harm than good.    
  13. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    For anyone who has recently booked with Air China:   For Easter holiday I was supposed to fly to Thailand via China with Air China (I like the airline and usually much cheaper fares than Lufthansa!). I booked directly with them the first week of January. Due to everything, I went to Air China’s website and cancelled the flight. You could choose a reason and I choose “covid-19”. Said it would take 10-15 days for the refund and be patient and please don’t call.    Got refund back on my cc within 8 days. So Air China followed thru. I was quite pleased! Hope everyone else has luck like this too. Stay positive. If it’s a good company, they should do the right thing.    I also have one intl flight next month with United. They’ve offered ETC so haven’t decided what to do with that yet. I read DOT is saying they must refund. I’ll figure it out later. 
  14. Buying property in Germany

      If you sold 2-3-9-10 years ago, you'd still be ahead of today.  Try predicting the turning points, then you can brag.  
  15. Coronavirus

      Oh, there's plenty of time for paperwork, That's not a problem.   If the suffering of ineffectual (good term, engelchen) leaders wakes the rest of the politicians up to the importance of decent, affordable healthcare for everyone, then that will be a long term gain for all.    I don't wish anyone to die of this, but just possibly the knowledge that those who consider themselves worth more than the rest are in fact subject to the same tribulations might have long term benefits for all.
  16. What made you cry today?

    What made me cry today?  My oncologist, a man I love and trust advised me that the chemo treatments were not working and there were no further meds available.  He's given me 5 months at best.  I cry for my wife, the good woman that has stood by my side for 54 years.  Apparently I must leave her soon,  We lost our only son, and now she is losing me.  She is so trusting and good she is easily taken advantage of.  I fear for her.   These are chaotic times and so much is happening at once.  Despite my pretense of being a Barbarian living in a tent, that was me only in hunting season.  We are more than extremely well off financially and I'm trying to teach her there are sharks that will eat her alive.  A police officer for 32 years,  I was trained to protect,  now I won't even be able to protect the one I love most. Christ, the world is both so beautiful and cruel at the same time.  To all of you younger people in TT.  Shakespeare had it right,  "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may",  don't go crazy,  but enjoy the world while you are able to,  It's a beautiful place.  Dave the Barbarian.     ps Hi gaberlunzi, send me an email ! 
  17. Coronavirus

    Jeremy...Please leave twitter shite on Twitter!..
  18. Coronavirus

    disgusting, CV is completely different situation
  19. Coronavirus

      I don't want Trump (or anyone else) to die of COVID-19, but if he were to O.D. on hydroxychloroquine, I don't know if I could contain my Schadenfreude.
  20. Coronavirus

    Advice from J.K. Rowling who was sick for 2 weeks. I'm not advocating it but just passing it along. I do a lot of deep breathing exercises to help me sleep.   Here
  21. Coronavirus

  22. Coronavirus

      I do believe it can make the situation worse. I’m American and I know the whole changeover, if someone were to die, would be extra paperwork. Paperwork that we don’t need at this time. 
  23. Coronavirus

      It would be the sweetest justice in the universe to see him croak from it.
  24. Coronavirus

      I really don't see how ineffectual leaders dying can make the situation worse.
  25. Buying property in Germany

    Yeah, Oberbayern is just hideous.  What a fool.  Go drink your cheap beer and stick to something you know about. 
  26. Coronavirus

      Would be like:   That little virus jumping from host to host, all the way from a Chinese jungle.
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