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  2. Yes at some point I will get it. I am extremely lucky in that my life does not involve a lot of contact with "general public" so I was only within 3m of others once or twice a week before Covid and I aim for less than that now! That allows me to plan and avoid being anywhere that may bring me in contact with anyone infectious without too much hassle. I will be travelling to UK more often from spring and at least 3 people that I will see are high risk, so I do have to be very careful, so once what I think will be a big rush is over than I will have it, just that right now I am letting others go first and keeping myself as safe as I can until then.
  3. Look at the remote control of fire stick compared to an Android TV for the simplicity. Specs are better on the Android hardware but there's no need to be, Fire TV 4K can handle streaming without buffering of everything that most people will throw at it.  The Android TV has more than it needs for streaming and is designed to run Android apps not just streaming TV or simple games. You do get access to a play store (you have to register of course) but those apps are not generally designed to run on a large TV with a remote control, there mainly designed to be used on smaller devices using a touch interface. The FireTV caters for all my streaming needs, really clean and simple interface, remote also controls my TV.  My Android TV is gathering dust in the cupboard.  
  4. Selling these, practically new, girls ice skates. Used only a few times for one season.   5 EUR Pick up at Haidhausen near Rosenheimerplatz.
  5. Thank you all for the information! For now I just need a German account where I can park some of the money, have a German IBAN to receive and be able to use to pay for something if needed. This is until I move back and figure out the options. Will check TransferWise Borderless Account , DKB and N26. Best wishes to you, hope that doesn't happen. It was a setback as I was out of the country for 2 years and moved back for the job and to settle down permanently but the pandemic happened! Thanks for headsup on NLE  I am aware of the NLE terms and in my case since I had a Blue card upto one year of absence is allowed. And if lucky, they agree for another year extension. Have done that already! :)
  6. Hi, Selling this Stokke chair. It has been well used but very solid, sturdy and in good condition. My kid grew up in this chair, as yours will too.    50 EUR Pick up in Haidhausen near Rosenheimerplatz.
  7. How to watch BBC and other English TV channels

      Thanks for the info  I looked at getting the Firestick 4K, but the specs seem crap in comparison with the Andriod TV    I mean you only get  1GB RAM on Firestick where as you get 4 GB on Andriod TV I linked. You only get 8GB storage on Firestick where as you get 64 GB on Andriod TV I linked. How much use-able space do you have free ? there is no memory card slot ! You only get a  Quad Core 1.7GHz   on Firestick where as you get Quad-Core: speed up to 2GHz x4 Andriod TV I linked.   So the box hardware seems worse, or am I missing something ?   What do you mean "  personally do not like the Android TV interface, clunky to say the least. "  please enlarge with some examples.   I thought you would goto a kinda google play store and just install apps from there, with Android TV is that not the case ???   data on Firestick
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  9.   Sorry that you are facing these challenges.  You‘re not alone - I can see this same situation possibly happening to me in the near future.   OT but related - just in case you were not aware, the Niederlassungserlaubnis is a RESIDENCE permit.  This means you are expected to be physically present in Germany for the majority of each year.   If you leave the country for longer than 6 months without getting prior permission to do so, you are no longer resident, and your NE automatically becomes invalid.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Norway is always good to make a false comparison to. Sure didn't the fucking liars constantly cite Norway as an example of what sort of relationship the UK could have with the EU but as you correctly say, Norway is very closely coupled to the EU. It's in Schengen and the single market. The UK relationship will be nothing like that.   Norway needs single market access even less than the UK in truth. It sells far fewer services into the EU than the UK. It's natural resource rich with a small population and the EU needs these natural resources so an FTA would work relatively speaking better for Norway than the UK which really depends on the single market (financial services).
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    The Referendum was a daft decision, but there we are, daft decisions are allowed in democracies. What the Government have been very devious about all along, was pretending that that meant we had agreed to an ultra insular relationship with the EU. We could easily have gone for a Norway or Switzerland type relationship and fulfilled the Referendum verdict. In fact I recall several promient pro Brexit politicians campaigning on that basis. Now those same politicians are even querying the need for a trade deal. If we had a Norway or Switzerland arrangement, alot of these issues to do with visas and I suspect many of the trade restrictions wouldn't arise. These politicians seem to offer "sovereignty" as the only argument for the sorts of complications which they are inflciting on us. What good is "sovereignty" if it makes the population poorer and lives more complicated? 
  12. Yeah I will likely get the vaccine unless I have a condition that precludes it, or the vaccine is found to be terrible in whatever way. Still, I'd like to see how people take to the vaccine first. It's like being a first adopter for a new operating system. I'm not necessarily willing to risk it as much with my body.   BTW do you all also get the flu vaccine?
  13. N26 lets you do it I think, though I'm not sure where they'll send the cards. Do you have someone whose address in Germany you can use?
  14. Jokes

    You had to have been there...   Sometimes these aural jokes don't make it onto paper and ink.   Try this (again, it needs a listener):   Q: What's black and white and red all over?     Ans: A newspaper   (sic)
  15. President Donald J. Trump

    Still, looks like he is on the way out...        
  16. Residency for Brits after Brexit

    In answer to a similar request a while ago, I got my HR dept to send me a letter stating I was in an open ended contract and had been for 15 years(whatever).    I scanned that and sent it in. 
  17. What made you laugh today?

      The RTL2 title would be 'Gefangen im Schee, jetzt wird es richtig krank'
  18.   Wouldn't waste your time thinking about it too much! There are several thoughts in my mind on this topic as a pharma researcher! When I read "doctors are learning about covid..." in the questions, I thought "WTF have they got to do with it?"   We have to accept there are some here who aren't interested in the thread topics they contribute to. 
  19. The TransferWise Borderless Account includes a German IBAN (among others). Maybe that's enough for your needs.   Last time I checked DKB only accepted non-residents who are German citizens.
  20. Jokes

    Good to see that not only I was so dense :-P
  21. What Jeba said. They are not allowed to ask and you are not obliged to mention it. I think (not 100% sure) the only exception would be if you applied for a befristete Position and you would lose the entire period because of the pregnancy.   Here is an interesting link providing the pros and cons of such a decision :   I think the biggest issue is what would happen if you really like the job and you could picture yourself staying long term there and they hold a grudge against you and start bullying you (horror stories can be found on the internet).   But as I said the law is on your side, the decision is yours and the possible consequences (if any) will be only due to how they will act.   Anyway good luck with your choice and congratulations on the happy news !  
  22. President Donald J. Trump

    This scenario was already played 4 years ago.   He won in the end, so the "elections are rigged" propaganda disappeared.      I lived in Ukraine when the election was rigged:   About 1 million people went on the streets for several months, standing in subzero temperatures. As a result, the Supreme Court ordered the election to be rerun, this happened, and the candidate which lost in rigged elections, won.    If there is massive fraud, it does not go unnoticed, millions of people will be on the streets protesting. Where are they? Accept your loss, Mr. Trump. 
  23. Steuerhinterziehung from Finanzamt for 2016/2017

    I recently received a letter addressed to my late mother kindly asking her to declare foreign sourced income as they received info that she had some which wasn´t declared in her 2016 tax return. Failing to do so could trigger criminal proceedings. I simply called the case worker and he agreed that I´ll email him the numbers supported by account statements and he´d simply issue a new tax bill. No fines and I didn´t have to bother filling out any forms or use the dreaded ELSTER.
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