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  2. Definitions game

    pertain - a cat made of foil   pewit
  3. When to add Mehrwertsteuer to your invoices

    Well ok. That was incredibly helpful, Panda, thank you. One more question then. I'm technically an independent contractor and receive a base hourly pay for services. I do not bill the clients directly. The person who contracts me bills their insurance company, and I receive a cut of the profits. In this capacity, am I liable for VAT? It seems like the answer should be no, since I don't charge a consumer directly. I don't think they're charging insurance VAT, and it certainly isn't part of our agreed upon hourly rate.    But if I do charge a consumer directly (the client pays me directly out of their pocket, then I need to charge those people VAT?    So moral of the story, if I want to avoid having to charge people VAT, then I need to stay below 17,500 GROSS for 2017? Or should I aim to stay under 50,000, since technically 2016 was my first year of work as a Freelancer, where I only made 300 euro working as a freelancer. OR, is my total income, even when I was here under NATO, considered in that total??? In which case I would've been between the 17,500 and 50,000, and I would have to start charging VAT in 2017?    Uff, I should've waited until the new year to start working!
  4. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Wow, when I did mine it was really easy. I came over on a tourist visa, got a job in a company of a friend of my now ex wife's and got an Arbeitserlaubniss with out much issue, got married and 3 years later got the permanent residency. I think in my 17 years I have been to the Auslanderbehoerde 4 times. This was all done in Wittlich and I probably had some luck.
  5. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    1. You had 90 days after arrival to apply/get a visa. So yes, at this point you might be an illegal alien.   So, what visa did you end up applying for? It sounds like you are just going there and asking questions instead of actually applying? German officials kinda expect you to know what you want, not recommend you anything or guide you through it. Once you've turned in your written application it will be processed. If documents are missing they will ask for them, once they believe they have everything they need it will be processed and you will get the visa (or not).   The Duldung is not something automatically happening. It is also not grounds for a legal stay. It means you have to leave the country but cannot be forcibly deported for the time being. Has nothing to do with her case.
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    Security in place for Trump's inauguration.
  7. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    No, the spouse of an American citizen doesn't need the test, however,  the American spouse of a German citizen does. 
  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I think making anti-Trump memes is his full-time job.  It's funny how he tried to pass off that Washington Post story as his own which obviously wasn't his since his writing style mostly consists of: "Fuck Trump!" "I want to beat up Trump" "It's Trump's fault I have hemorrhoids!"  
  9. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Thank you!! This is what I have had no luck of getting an answer to so far. I moved here in April last year and went to register here, they told me I needed to get paperwork done first (translation of all of my American identification documents, marriage license, etc.) So I left with nothing stating I'm here legally other than my marriage certificate. Came back and they asked me where I'm living and told me I have to prove I'm allowed to live with my spouse, so I got that form done.  Went back and got registered for living here in Munich but was told I couldn't get anything yet until I signed up for German language classes.  Went back to ask further questions and was told no I have everything I need but I just need to take the exam and still after all this time haven't been given anything along the lines of temporary visa or residence permit.
  10. Brexit: The farce

    "Brexit or How to Screw the Country"
  11. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    @WanderLost  Don't know how accurate this information is, but it might cheer you up about the messy process:
  12. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Sorry, Mike, but I beg to differ. There is a huge difference between learning the language that is spoken in a country and eating the food of that country. Language is one means of integrating into a country. Paying taxes is IMO simply an obligation and has nothing to do with integrating, but--if seen from the perspective of obeying a country's laws--perhaps it also qualifies as integrating and being respectful of a country's customs. I know that learning German isn't easy but it sure does help you get by in German society when you do learn the basics.
  13. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Yes I do, however the person I'd spoken with at the KVR pretty much said, "What? Do you think you're a refugee?! Of course you're required to take it!" So I was hoping someone else may have had experience with this as well 😔 It's not a huge deal to me as I speak at about an A2 level, however it doesn't seem to make sense. Especially that I wouldn't need proof of German proficiency if I were looking for a job but I apparently do if I'm wanting to house wife it for a while lol.
  14. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    The page you linked showed this:- Are there exceptions? Yes. You do not have to prove any knowledge of German, as a rule, if one of the following statements applies: ... ... --    Your spouse is a citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand , United States of America, Andorra, Honduras, Monaco or San Marino. ...   I think you have misread the part referring to USA citizens, your spouse is German not you.  
  15. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

      edited: pappnase is correct, I also misread the text. You have to pass the test.  
  16. I've just posted a silly photo

  17. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

      well there is a list of exemptions. do you meet any of them?
  18. BabyStyle Prestige pram/pushchair for sale. We have used it for 6 months and it is great. Would like €90 for it but willing to negotiate on price!   - Swivel wheels that are really great on rough paths  - Huge shopping basket  - Wheels fold up compactly, and stand up when folded - Pushchair part can be foreward or rear facing and fully reclines - Cosy toes/Fußsack for the pushchair  - Sun parasol  - Unisex navy blue polka dot pattern  I can provide more info and more photos if anyone is interested (the photos are too big to upload). BabyStyle is a great U.K. brand Pick up near Universitat stop - feel free to try it 
  19. Laws on clearing snow and liability

    I think that in the U K's claim culture, if you clear away snow from the pavement outside your house, pedestrians may then assume it's safe. If they then slip and injure themselves, they could then probably have a claim against you. Best leave the snow where it is and let the pedestrian make their own risk assessment.
  20. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Yeah it's quite frustrating, especially to be told that so late in the game.  I can speak up to A2 German so I'm not necessarily too worried about that part but because I've already experienced quite a bit of prejudice from the KVR people since being here I wanted to double check.  The thing that worries me the most is not having anything stating I'm 'allowed' to be here, ya know? :/
  21. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Integration is an option and it is a very vague term. For me integration is paying my taxes, obeying laws. Learning the language and eating the crap they call food is not for me.
  22. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    It's something that is stated on the BAMF.DE website. There are many exemptions and one that it states is being from a number of different countries including the US. 
  23. Brexit: The farce

    Dear RF, dear post contributors, It has just come to my attention that "Brexit: The farce" already exists on facebook! To avoid any condemnation of plagurism, we should change our topic title again (thanks RF!!)   So here is the 1st call for title nominations! And here's mine: "Brexit  - the f-arse" 
  24. What made you laugh today?

    This is why I hate dating in the US:
  25. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Have you been in a German course and/or learning from your husband?   Sorry you are getting so much conflicting information. I know how frustrating that can be.   There are many free A1 German tests online that you can try if that is the level required.
  26. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Just out of curiosity, why would you, as a US citizen, be exempt from taking a language proficiency exam? If you were from Switzerland or Austria, I could understand that exemption. German is the official language here, and having basic skills in German will simply help you to better integrate into German society.
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