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  2. @Anna66 every day you read in the news,  stories about people who caught coronavirus and died , because it's a better story and sells newspapers.  Catching coronavirus and being asymptomatic or having a sniffle and getting over it in a few days isn't a newsworthy story unless you're over the age of 90 or have severe comorbidities and 'overcame the odds'. So you don't hear about the experiences of the vast majority of people.    Regarding the virus not evolving,  if you said this a year ago on here,  the usual suspects would be shouting you down and labeling you as a conspiracy theorist.  Facebook would have banned your posts.  But apparently now it's OK.    I wonder what changed. 
  3. Coronavirus

    We need to force the vaccination. With this variant this won't go away with 60% like with Alpha. We probably need 80%.   And although the Portuguese government has done a pretty shitty job since wave 2, the Portuguese have a very high acceptance of the vaccine, so I suspect it will be one of the first countries to reach 80% with at least one vaccine (without that chinese crappy vaccine) so we should pay attention how numbers go down. I think Portugal can easily reach 85%, although debate is still raging regarding teenager vaccinations. They are currently possible, but only with doctor's consempt, which is slowing down.
  4. Coronavirus

      First off the report you quoted from the US is just for one sparsely populated state (Washington) of only 5 million people and just covers a period from Feb. to June, i.e. most likely before the delta variant arrived, if indeed it has got there, and where vaccination rates are lower that the UK currently 57% vs 73% for both jabs. My concern is that despite nearly 3/4s of the UK adult population being fully vaccinated and nearly 90% having had at least one jab the delta variant has taken hold and deaths are now running at 100 or more a day. It remains to be seen how many of the deaths were vaccinated but I know it is not zero! For example see the report in the link below (not sure if this is an OK source or not, there are many such reports on the internet!) Governments may be putting on a brave face about this but they also told us to wash our hands and use self made masks. I'm both sceptical and pessimistic.  
  5. Really, people who are not vaccinated against something can catch that something.    That sounds like one of the reasons we invented vaccines. 
  6. I've had both now. No real problems apart from feeling a bit tired.    If you decide not to get the jab and your account goes quiet we'll know you got the virus it didn't go well for you.  You roll your dice and take the outcome. 
  7.   Well, at the end of the day we live in a society where we can choose. However, it seems this virus is not as natural as we would like to think. Your choice. (see link) Read the links below, the idea that it did not simply evolve is now being taken into consideration.  
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    That is all it is about for that guy.  The only reason he's still posting is the hope that something will happen that he can smile about.    You're one of the only people on here that bothers to talk to him and in return all you get is fog, snide comments and walls of text no one else bothers to read.  You'd think he'd have a bit more respect and be normal but I don't think he can.  The posts cover quite a bit of anger and ad therapists say, anger is a secondary emotion. It's caused by something else.    In this case I'd say it's sadness, rejection, disappointment and loss.    Rejection by most people here, sadness at no one bothering and disappointment at how the whole thing is going.  Poster isn't happy that the win they wanted has been rejected by people here. They wanted people to say they were right, people didn't, things have been looked at and the poster is angry.  Instead of being right they've had to carry on defending something that has gone from bad to worse.  When I first joined here I thought it was tenacity but it's still going on years later.  It's desperation, seeking acknowledgement, the need for people to say they were right and the want for attention.  It's like trying to get away from a drunk acquaintance at a pub.  The rest have bailed and they've focused on you as you were polite enough to swap a few words with them. 
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Neneh Cherry   The Raw Like Sushi Album was amazing!             And her daughter Mabel is also amazing! This song rocks      
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  11. Do you like living in Germany?

    Why?    Fietsrad means Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe which is imposed if you do not pay a fine. AFAIK 1 day in jail = 1 Tagessatz.    I am not sure if this can be applied to debts like this. There was discussion in the GEZ thread about this, it seems what happens in the end is that Gerichtsvollzieher takes the debt out of your bank account by force/takes part of your salary. No prison unless you're unemployed (but then you do not pay GEZ, AFAIK). 
  12. Ikea PAX wardrobe with sliding doors. 2m x 2.36m, 66cm deep with doors. Available for pickup between Aug 14-Aug 26 in Thalkirchen. The lower section of one half has sliding metal drawers (pictured), the other lower section has white shelves.   Pictures won't upload but can be viewed here.
  13. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    I'm in. I don't have a team name yet, seeing as the EPL put me on the naughty step for contravening their team name rules.    
  14. Wednesday works! 😁
  15. Registered letter, sender address

    @AlexTr When I was quite a fresh owner I actually asked a tenant.    I said in my experience all Hausmeisters are difficult but this one is wonderful. Is that because I'm now an owner and treated differently? No said the tenant. He's actually an awesome Hausmeister.
  16. Coronavirus

    I'm not sure I 100% understand what you are saying. Both the UK data and that data from Washington seem to show that being vaccinated greatly reduces the chances of you ending up in hospital, or dead. If that changes, then so be it. But the data right now doesn't give me cause for pessimism.   We may indeed end up in lockdown again if hospitals get overloaded again, but my school of thought is that in many countries now, not much more can be done. The people who want to be vaccinated have been. Boosters are being planned. We now need to work on getting the vaccination to the rest of the world to, if nothing else, reduce the prevalence of variants. But here, as long as the hospitals aren't overflowing then we should open up (cautiously). Which is pretty much what is happening.
  17. Registered letter, sender address

    Good on you, @MadAxeMurderer, for standing up for your Haumseister.They get a bad rap, but most of them are good folks.
  18. Do you like living in Germany?

    Quite the contrary. You´ll have to pay for your accommodation behind bars.
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  20. Refund of bank fees

    The Bundesgerichtshof decided in April that banks who have charged their customers for having an account must refund the fees. This could be backdated to January 2018.     Apparently when banks sent their customers notice of a change, usually an increase in bank fees, they said „if you don’t complain you agree to the new bank fees.“ The Bundesgerichtshof stated that customers should have actively had the possibility to agree to the said changes, like signing a document etc.   One bank said that people who want a refund will then have to pay 7,50 € a month as of October in bank fees. People who do not apply for a refund will pay 5,00 € a month for having an account. This amount will not be increased until Autumn 2024. Some banks have informed  their customers that their account will be closed if they apply to have the money refunded. The Verbruacherzentrale in Baden-Württemberg is considering taking legal action against the banks.   Has anyone here actually had a refund from their bank?  
  21. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Dear Auntie Helen ,                                        many thanks for that informative post. I was glad to see that printed documents were accepted as  I do not have a smart phone.  My only concerns are the timing and cost of the test. Is it free? Did you administer it yourself?
  22. Random pointless comments

      The author of the Winnie the Pooh books, A. A. Milne has a smaller brother ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... A. A. A. Milne.
  23. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules   no quarantine for the fully vaccinated travelling from France from Sunday 04:00!!
  24. Realschule in the Heidelberg area

    Slightly off-topic, @kiplette. @sarabyrd didn't jibe with math, so in the 10th or 11th klasse, when she did poorly in her exam, her teacher gave her a Freundschaft Vier conditional on her promise never to take another math class; she went on to get her Abi.
  25. Registered letter, sender address

    As ironic as it sounds the cops need a valid reason to do a simple address search which any person can do.
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