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  2. That's not what happened. I see you haven't bothered reading the actual report. Barr lied to you. Again.
  3.   What if the customer completely fabricated the problems and the independent mechanic verified that the car was sound but the dealer had been unpleasant when confronted with false accusations of impropriety?     You never learn. 
  4. @fraufruit, thank you for your reply. I wasn't talking about bank charges. I will pay by Überweisung (bank transfer), but the landlord will charge me 15 euros for that. Are they allowed to charge me this, as obviously it doesn't cost them any extra work whether I pay by direct debit or bank transfer?
  5.       Lying to the authorities in order to obtain a residence permit is a criminal offence in Germany.    1. Your employment has been terminated. This is relevant information with respect to your wife's application.    2. If you are only renting a room, you shouldn't lie and claim you are renting the entire house.
  6. Things to ponder

    Do you love your wife?     
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  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    There are a few existing threads on Rurüp if you are interested in learning more. I remember our professionals discussing it a while back.
  9. Can you not get your new employment contract in advance? Will you move without one?
  10. Legal Notice from Bayerischer Rundfunk, Beitragsservice

    I can't read most of the second copy!
  11. Hello All   I am really in a mess right now with lot of things going on my mind of what options do I have. I have read lots of posts in Toytown but failing to get answers, and hence, creating this new topic. I will be having lot of questions, and I will try to be as structured as possible to my post.   So, I am from India and I am residing in Berlin since July, 2016 and I came here for work with a normal Work Permit (not a Blue Card). I switched my job in July, 2018 and I got a Blue Card associated with the company with unlimited contract. My Blue Card validity is from 22nd May, 2018 till my Passport expiry date, i.e. Jan, 2021.   I got married in February, 2019 and then my wife applied for Family Reunion Visa to join me here. She applied for the Visa in March and the visiting verification has been done in India by the consular and now I am waiting for the letter here in Berlin from ABH or any German authority for my verification.   Now, the twist is that I unexpectedly got terminated on April 10th, 2019 (after 9 months) with a very stupid reason and they offered me Mutual Termination Agreement. They were offering me the compensation till end of July, 2019 with severance payment. With some negotiations from my side, reading a lot in forums and knowing the lawyer fees to be very high to deal with them in the court (Wasn't a subscriber of Verdi), I signed the Mutual Termination Agreement on April 18th, 2019 and they are now ready to pay me till 30th September, 2019, but without severance payment. They have already released me from all the company's duties, and they will provide me a reference letter too. I also asked them to help me with my wife's visa as well since I have to get a work certificate from them where they should just mention that I still work in this company and do not mention anything about my contract which has now officially from unlimited to 30th September, 2019. (very unlikely they will help me out). It will all depend what exactly is asked in the letter.   What HR told me is in order to get the unemployment benefits, I should inform Arbeitsamt 3 months before the end date of termination (so basically before June 30th) and also to ABH immediately to seek a new visa as my current Blue Card is associated with the company and will get redundant after the termination date.   Now, I researched a lot but I am still seeking answers on what options or possibilities do I have in terms of Blue Card, finding a new job, unemployment benefits and the affect on Family Reunion Visa of my wife.   I know finding a new job and getting a new employment contract as soon as possible seems to be the most ideal situation for now, but it is not in my control that when I will get a job that meets the Blue Card requirements as well.   My first priority is to get my wife here without her application to be rejected. (This seems to be unlikely, but I want to try)   Some immediate questions:   a. Should I go to ABH immediately and tell my situation or should I wait for the letter from ABH regarding Family Reunion Visa and provide my proofs, so that visa is granted to my wife?   b. Should I inform Arbeitsamt as soon as possible or should I just wait till June 30th and kind of inform them around that time as I need to inform them before 3 months?   c. Is it possible to get a settlement permit since I have already completed 33 months in Berlin, but not entirely with Blue Card (11 months). That doesn't work, right? Or have you heard of any case that it worked because of some reason?   d. If I get a job in 1 or 2 months time, do I need to change the employer associated with my Blue Card? There are some exceptions. You can see that in the note here. Or should I just request them to make it a Normal Blue Card and not associate it with any company?   Family Reunion Visa:   e. Let's suppose I play the waiting game till May 31st, and wait for the letter from ABH, where I need to give proofs within 4 weeks. I have talked to some people, and they usually require employment contract, pay slips, certificate employment and house proof. If I provide them this without mentioning Mutual Termination Agreement, is it fine? Or with Mutual Termination Agreement, then there seems to be high chance of rejection, right?   f. About the house proof, I wanted to know whether I can give the same address as I am living in a shared apartment at the moment. Or do I need to give them the proof of our individual house where we both will live? The house is big in square meters to accommodate 4 people, and maybe I will get that letter of proof from the owner as well.   g. If I have got the job and send them a proof with new employment contract, will ABH reject the application, since she got her verification done according to my previous company? Or simply telling my situation can work?   Blue Card:   h. If I don't get a job untiI 30th September (which is unlikely), I will get 3 months more to find a job, since I am a Blue Card Holder. Is that correct and will ABH modify or grant me some other visa or that same Blue Card will still be valid and I can continue searching?   Unemployment Benefits:   i. Which benefit will I get AGL I or AGL II and is there any link between Arbeitsamt and ABH? If I register myself in Arbeitsamt about my termination as soon as possible, will that information would flow to ABH?   j. I also read something about job centre in some threads. What exactly is that?   Finding a new job:   k. Let's suppose I found a job and starting from July, am I still entitled to get the compensation from the previous company until September 30th? Because there is some clause of Premature Termination Date.   I can think of all these questions at the moment, but there must be lot more. It will be really appreciated if someone can guide me through in the right direction. I may consider Red Tape Translation services as well or any immigrant lawyer. Let's see.   I know the answer can become very complicated as everything seems to be so interconnected. Do try your level best, thanks  
  12. I don't actually see an amount anywhere on the letters you posted but if you want to avoid trouble in the future, you are probably better off paying up.  There are people who make a point of not paying but if you do that, you have to face the consequences, deal with court bailiffs etc.   Call the court bailiff on Tuesday and ask him if you should pay him or someone else.
  13. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    Do I have to pay the amount to the given account on one of these pages or there is another procedure that I have to call them and ask and follow?
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  15. As far as I can see, they are putting a dent on your credit report by listing your debts on it.  You have two weeks to contest that or until the 23rd I guess.  You can call the court bailiff on Tuesday between 9 and 10:30 if you have questions.  If your German is bad, you may want to ask a friend to help you.  The court bailiff might not speak English.   Also, you have not done a good job of hiding your personal info.  I can clearly read your name, address and birth year on it.
  16. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    I'm not a certified translator and it's midnight, but Uwe is a bailiff and the song goes like this:   "One, two, Uwe's coming for you Three, four, better lock your door Five, six, grab your crucifix Seven, eight, pay or else it's too late Nine, ten, never do this again"
  17. E-car tips

    Congratulations Although the car is not for me, I hope you will be happy with it for your rides   Looking at the Tesla website, I would try to phone  München-Feldkirchen Hohenlindner Str. 48A 85622 Feldkirchen BB Germany +49 89 21093977 they should know an electrician to install a home charging station, but because you will have 240volt you are in a good position anyway to charge at home - well better than the 110volt homes anyway   Look at , for a smart phone app of charge locations - but the car will come with an app showing the locations  
  18. I have not been paying for tv license fees and received this notification. Since my German is not good, I am looking for some help to understand what it says and what do I have to do next? Images can be seen below, looking forward to someone who has received something similar or anyone who can guide me with the next steps.   Page 1: Page 2: Page 3:
  19. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    I have not been paying for tv license fees and received this notification. Since my German is not good, I am looking for some help to understand what it says and what do I have to do next? Images can be seen below, looking forward to someone who has received something similar or anyone who can guide me with the next steps.   [images removed, personal data]
  20. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    I went on a school trip to Belgium, our neighbours from the South :). Another option was a domestic sailing camp or a trip to Germany, our neighbours from the East.
  21. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    A friend in Wales a few years ago had a similar issue with school trips.He was expected to pay something like 2k GBP to send his son for 1 week in Austria. This would include white water rafting, rock climbing and absailing. He asked why send them there when Wales has great rivers, Snowdonia, plenty of outdoor adventure training centres and fantastic coast line. As he put it, that one week for just his son was more than the cost of his family's skiing holiday. I also knew of someone that was expected to raise something like 3 grand to send the son on a school trip to New York. Tell me that's really for the kid's benefit. So it's not just here, it's all over.
  22. What made you laugh today?

    A Chopin etude...    
  23. Obtaining a SCHUFA credit report online

    How long does it take to receive SCHUFA-BonitätsAuskunft?  I applied here: and it said that it will be sent by post.
  24. Fund taxation in 2018 and "fiktive Veräußerung"

      Anlage KAP-INV:   Please also see:äußerung/?do=findComment&comment=3747149  
  25. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

      Thanks for your input. I only met one Beamter at the Burgeramt who took all the documents and processed it all and took the fee. He then said ti would take 2 months. But, now from another office ( I take it it all goes to one central place where they "complete" it) I got the request. Makes you wonder what the point of the first interview was after all. 
  26. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    find me a bus that actually drives 90 and not 110??
  27. We are about to move to another city due to my job change. Let's say that my current contract ends by July 31 and the new job starts from August 1. However, I may obtain my new contract near the end of July.   My problem is that if I want to sign a rental agreement in June (or even May), I do not have my next job contract yet to show to the landlord. Also, my current employment contract clearly states its termination by the end of July. So, I'm somehow clueless about how to handle this!   In fact, I've had this job for the past five years and also have been living in my current apartment for the same period, and I want to convince the landlord to at least sign a draft version of the contract (like a reservation) until I present him my new employment contract   in July (before the move-in).
  28. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    sorry to rant and rave but it makes my blood boil, especially when I hear of kids failing here...where I come from, if a kid does not pass or learn, it is cause the teacher failed to teach the kids correctly!   In my job if my customers are not happy then what? tough shit? - NO I failed to make my customers happy!  where is the accountability in this school system for TEACHERS ???
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