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  2. Question for Contractors Overseas:  I'm ETSing on 9 Oct in Germany and have a contractor job lined up to start once TESA is cleared.  At what point do/can you get the letter of Logistical Support? Is it provided after the DOCPER approves it? If I can get it a few weeks before my effective terminal leave start date October 1 (even it it states its not effective until then) I can out-process /in-process and keep my logistical support going.     The sticking point is vehicle registration...gotta out-process them in order to ETS, can't stop driving the vehicles (US Spec), planning on driving with temporary transport plate to Italy and re-register there.  So, is it "normal" or unheard of to get the Letter of Logistical Support before you actually start work?  Any info/advice is greatly appreciated! — looking for recommendations.  
  3. IKEA EKTORP Footstool, White

    Item is sold.
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  5. Brexit: The fallout

    I like your knowledge!👍🏼 And your insights. I would just like to add- too right that Spain reopened the border with Gibraltar. Partly because of the application to join the EEC and partly to join NATO. Why do I say “ too right?”. Closing the border was Franco’s doing and I won’t side with fascists like him. 
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    We are seeing a chastened UK being told what to do by China, the EU and US. Leaving the EU significantly weakens the UK on the international stage. It was the US' 'representative' in the EU. It benefits Russia to see the EU tear itself apart. It's a Russian project, like Trump.   But heck, this strong negotiating position will make itself known any day now I'm sure. It hasn't over the past almost 5 years, but any day now.... We only have to wait until January to see this stronger hand pay dividends.   Turkey's strategic importance was evident from the moment the cold war began. All one has to do is look at an atlas. Turkey is close to the former Soviet oil fields but even more obviously, Turkey controlled shipping into and out of the Black Sea from the Soviet Union herself as well as much of the Eastern bloc.   Anyway, Cyprus and several other smaller states would never allow the UK rejoin the EU without first handing over sovereign control of their SBAs. The UK could possibly rent some or all of the land back, if Cyprus were agreeable, but it would by Cyprus' decision. It's just another example of how Brexit has fundamentally weakened the UK. It was a chronically stupid decision and it will be studied for centuries I suspect.   When Spain asked to join the then EEC it was under amongst others, British conditions. Spain was compelled to open the border and normalise relations between Gibraltar and Spain. If and when the UK ever applies for EU membership, the shoe will be on the other foot. Spain will not countenance UK membership unless Gibraltar is on the table.   The UK has gotten itself into an awful bind for Vladimir, who must go to bed with a huge smile on his face every night.
  7. Yes, that works! What counts is where someone was previously insured in the last 12 months. ( But only if in Europe and publicly insured.)   It is all very curious! An American freelancer moving to Germany from the US, for example, can’t   get German public insurance but if the same American has been publicly insured in Spain, the UK -or wherever - for at least 12 months and moves to Germany- then he or she CAN get voluntary membership of German public insurance!
  8. What made you laugh today?

    Something I certainly don't miss...  
  9. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    I’m not sure if I understand this correctly regarding the percentage paid of the Kurzarbeit shortfall...60% with no children, 67% with children. My husband asked his HR department why his shortfall addition is only 60%.  He was told that’s because my daughter (his stepdaughter, Freibetrag on his Lohnsteuerkarte) is now over 18.     Shouldn’t he receive the 67% as she was still at school when Kurzarbeit started and will start university in October? Does it make a difference that she won’t still be living at home from October and will receive her Kindergeld directly?  Is there an issue because school finished in July and she is still home and not working until October when uni starts?   Any advice very much appreciated. 
  10. Does that work for German citizens as well? My understanding is that you can only get into GKV after 55 if you are EU. 
  11. Hi ladies,   Happy Oktoberfest Season!   Next meetup will be on Thursday October 1, 6:45pm at Paulaner am Nockherberg. Dirndl's are optional!   
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Cyber is important, but what is happening in Libya and in the eastern Med is not going to be countered with cyber defence.       The Turkish military could wipe the floor with any EU country's military outside of the UK and possibly France.      The EU has not become a net exporter of oil and gas (as the US has) so it might be a bit premature to become disinterested in the middle east especially if you have an economy disproportionally dependent on automobile production.    In addition, volatility in places like Libya has an enormous effect on the EU, especially the southern members.     Keeping external actors from stirring things up is basic defence of EU security interests.      I would like to point out one of our fundamental differences:    I see the role of the UK in EU to be incredibly important.    The EU will continue to rely on the UK independent of Brexit and this gives the UK a lot of leverage in the talks.   I have the impression that you have discounted this and believe that the EU negotiating position in Brexit talks is considerably stronger than it is.   
  13. Yes! I actually had a case a year or so ago. The lady was a  Brit , over 55 and had been living in the US ( as well as being privately insured there ) for around 30 years. She went to the UK for 12 months, signed up with a GP in Wales and then came to Germany to be reunited with her son- and  she got into TK.
  14. Regardless of the age limit of 55 years?
  15.   That's so sad. A great woman, eminent lawyer with a brilliant mind.
  16. Brexit: The fallout

    Lol. The British sat in their bases in Cyprus during the 1974 invasion and subsequent occupation by Turkey and we're now expected to believe that they are essential for the security of the eastern Mediterranean.   I'm quite sure the EU could help Cyprus financially with the cost of operating the listening stations on Cyprus if that was deemed useful. That's what it's mostly about these days as warfare has gone cyber. The UK doesn't have much of an armed forces in terms of men and equipment these days and as we move away from fossil fuels our 'interest' in the middle East will wane. See their adventures with their aircraft carrier for details.   I actually agree with Trump on one thing. The EU should not be so reliant on the US and NATO as a whole for its defence against (primarily) Russian aggression (ironically where a few of the paid trolls on here 'earn' their crusts). The EU can afford to defend itself.
  17. Coronavirus

      You can compare the cases versus deaths and decide if the second wave of infections is accompanied by a lagging second wave of deaths.    I don't see it (yet).
  18. Coronavirus

    You do know that there is a lag between infection and death, don´t you? Apart from that I personally would be less worried about dying than about the suffering while being alive and infected. And I may not be the only one who thinks like that. So the death rate isn´t the only criterion when assessing the risk.
  19. Brexit: The fallout

      The EU depends on the UK for defence and security and gets huge benefits from Britain's military.   With the US less interested to provide free security to NATO members which do not spend enough money to maintain a competent fighting force, the UK has a lot of leverage over the EU and it seems doubtful that the EU will make any moves with respect to Gibraltar, Cyprus, or Scotland outside of rhetoric.   There does not seem to be a thread on TT about the posturing in the east Mediterranean Sea right now, nor the intervention of various countries (Russia, Turkey, Egypt) in Libya.   Being able to project power will continue to be important even if the Cold War is sort of over and many Europeans don't see imminent threats.
  20. Coronavirus

      You can come out from underneath your bed, Keith.      Please provide some hospitalization data to show some context.     With respect to deaths:    (yawn)        
  21. Road construction next door

    @GoBike Thank you, this plan is as old as 50 years. The council will meet one week before the road construction, whats our options ? found some new Details here
  22. A day after Constitution Day, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died of metastatic pancreatic cancer.   May her memory be a blessing.
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  24. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    Got another three "Thank you for your application and your interest in our company, however.... blah! blah! blah!
  25. How and where do they do their foilprinting?
  26. Coronavirus

      With new infections increasing pretty much everywhere across Europe and already hospital admissions   and deaths are again rising  in France, Spain and the UK it looks to me like another @balticus prediction has bitten the dust! From bojo
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