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    Elton John thinks sorry seems to be the hardest word. He clearly hasn't been to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch.
  3. Jokes

    I live in London and people often say to me... "you miss Wales?" I say..  "no, I look nothing like her.  She's got long blonde hair and wears a sash"
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    I used to go out with a gal that had 36DDs.  It was a ridiculously long name
  5. Worst jokes ever

    speekin of Dai...   A matter of life and death Dai was watching a Six Nations game in Cardiff. In the packed stadium there was only one empty seat, right next to him. “Whose is that seat?” asked a man in the row behind. “I got the ticket for my wife,” said Dai. “But she died in an accident.” “So you’re keeping the seat vacant as a mark of respect?” “No,” said the fan, “I offered it to all of my friends.” “So why didn’t they take it?” “They’ve all gone to the funeral.”
  6. Definitions game

    dermis - sensitive outer formation on the skin aka Trumpthinskin    epidermis
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    My wife asked me if I was having an affair with a woman from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch.   I said: 'How can you say such a thing?'
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    Are you renting?
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    How do you catch a unique rabbit?         U nique up on it.
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  12. I can imagine that was one of the best jobs the fire fighters have had to deal with yet! 
  13. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

        FFS, you didn't even bother to read the thread – any person that lived in the UK between 1980 and 1996 gets turned away, because of the potential danger of TSE. Has absolutely nothing to do with being "non German", with skin colors, nationality or whatever it is you're imagining.    And yes, even accident victims care whether they are transmitted any infectious diseases, whether HIV, malaria or TSE.    Most recipients of blood products are not accident victims – as you suspect in your pathetic contribution – but sick people, already immunocompromised people with leukemia, cancer, anemia, serious infections ...   For them, an additional infection would be fatal.    You really shouldn't have made that really stupid comment.
  14. 2013 (bought new here in Munich in 2015) Trek Mountain Bike - Pic below   26" wheels - 22.5" frame - 21 speed   comes with lock and mud flaps   Asking €165 - Pick up near Theresienstrasse subway (Luisenstrasse 80798)   PM or email    
  15. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

    You tried to do a good thing. A noble thing. An honorable thing. A duty your god would be proud of. Which is to Donate blood. You were turned away.   Blood that could help accident victims. As though any accident victim would care if his or her Blood Doner was a non German person. Blood groups are the same irrespective of whether your are white, black, brown or blue.   Do u know what u should have done?. Walk away. And forget about it.   Never try to kiss an arse in the name of integration. Ever.    I think you are trying too much to "integrate".     
  16. Definitions game

    pen and ink - the process of tattooing a pig   dermis
  17. RB Leipzig ! noT RD .. not allowed to correct it :(
  18. Hello soccer ( Football) fans,   I am in love with attending football matches. I loved my one time experience attending a match for RB Leipzig. It was a great fun.   The club is doing good this season and I think I am attending more games. Hopefully to find someone to join me.   Please feel free to contact me   
  19. Twat of the day

    Same shit, different flavour.  
  20. What made you smile today?

  21. Twat of the day

    No you are going to have to yourself break free of the Google prison and seek it yourself. I am not going to do it for you. I live in a parallel world to you here most of whom get their news from CNN. None of us "believe" in theories we think for ourselves. When you do the same, good luck.   As a start, if you heard Sundar Pichai of Google yesterday, which 99% of TT sheep ignored, he dropped huge lies there. I suggest alt search engines like DuckDuckGo my break your mindset. Do it yourself.
  22. Landlord does not confirm the apartment

    I think that counts as classic partial disclosure to be fair.     A tale about a landlord not signing a contract and your worry is something you might have said that upset them?   As they took your money .     Poster Alex has hit the nail right on the head, in fact.   That does read completely differently.   Have you actually ever met this person - I mean the person you gave the money to, not some potential stooge who showed you any flat, or whoever actually lives at the address 40km away?   I almost replied earlier to suggest it is normally best to do this sort of transaction in person.    Do the signing and handover f2f.    There's been a noticable lots of "but, honestly, they seem nice" in the last couple weeks as people report being taken advantage of (that landlord who was disputing parking rent, the tenant who refuse to pay rent for two months etc).   Not sure that wearing an "I'm a scamster" t-shirt and being obnoxious would be the best tactic to blagging people's cash and resource myself, better indeed to be super nice.
  23. Twat of the day

    Come on now Jezzer, you are the one playing games and playing hard to get. Are you going to spill your guts or not?
  24. Twat of the day

      You’re well protected from attack mate.   
  25. What made you smile today?

    Only John G would be driving a dog sled!!  
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  27. Brexit: The fallout

      You still ignore 48%. The results are a clear 15% - 37%. 
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