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  2. English speaking doctors in Essen?

    Anybody have a recommendation for an English speaking physiotherapist in Essen?  I have a prescription for ten deep tissue massages I need to start on.   Thanks.
  3. We're heading back to the USA as of June 1st, leaving our apartment behind. I see a lot of requests for family-friendly apartments, so I thought I'd post here. Last time I asked the landlord said the new rent would be 1760 EUR, 100 EUR for the underground car park. Nebenkosten would be around 350.    That's a lot, but it's big. It's about 120 square meters, 3 real bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and there is a kitchen. It's not a great kitchen, but it's okay. We basically inherited it from the previous resident and it was fine for us, but the landlord is also happy to remove it entirely if you like.  I can leave all the lighting fixtures, and I'd sell the dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator if someone is interested.    The location is fantastic. It's on Mildred-Scheel-Bogen in Schwabing I can walk to Scheidplatz in about 8 minutes if I hurry, and the 142 bus bounces back and forth between Scheidplatz and Münchner Freitheit every 5 minutes or so. There's a Rossman and an Edeka on the same block, a Penny across the street, Shinzoo Sushi just opened on the corner.   It's 1.5 floors above ground, nice balcony, huge windows. Our kids were running around in the common courtyard since they were 3. Very family-friendly and quiet building too. If you're interested, let me know. I can forward contact information on to the landlord or possible arrange an informal viewing.
  4. Nuances of subletting contract

      There is no way at all to start a company without an address, neither inexpensive nor expensive. Your company has to be registered and you have to give an address.   And neither the landlords nor the cities permission will be given without questions.  
  5.   1 May is a holiday.  Some schools are taking the Monday too.  So could be a nice 4 day break.
  6. Unfortunately, too few people have signed up so we have to CANCEL for this month.   I don't understand the lack of interest.  Is there some holiday that day I'm not aware of?   We'll try again in May; that will be the last meetup date until October.   Jennifer
  7. Will this be World War 3?

      Ireland and Sweden also allowed Poles and other accession countries' citizens to work from 2004.
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  9. If you like a small town feel with subway connection to city look around Sillenbuch too.  Can't comment of kindergarten situation, sorry!,+70619+Stuttgart/@48.7376986,9.1998764,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4799c3746e7d5993:0x53228916aff14af!8m2!3d48.7370665!4d9.2150109
  10. Good horror films

    This one was great. "I like you"      
  11. Joining the Bundeswehr

      Less than that. Between 1991 and 2017 among the 410,000 Bundeswehr soldiers deployed abroad during that time the rate of death was 0.027%, the rate of injury 0.322%.
  12. Hi there,   I was wondering if anyone could share some advice on enrolling kids in a German Kindergarten in the Stuttgart area. I'm particularly interested in advice around the following questions: We are an American/British family, my kids speak German and we've received military orders to move to Stuttgart next June 2019. I have read that waitlists are LONG for local Kitas, is this true currently? My kids will be 2 and 4.  Can I waitlist my kids without having a local address? Are private Kindergartens easier to get into? Any recommendations? My husband will work on Kelley, which areas would be a decent commute but with a lot of Kita options? I've researched Waldenbuch, Esslingen, Holzgerlingen, Degerloch and Vaihingen. Any families have experience living in these areas? I'm looking for a quiet area but with amenities within walking distance.   If anyone has been through this process recently, I'd greatly appreciate hearing your story!
  13. Will this be World War 3?

    Trump is the first GOP president who is openly anti war (despite his contradictious remarks on Syria). It seems USA is going to retire as the world police force. If not under Trump, definitely under next president.    One can think who will replace it (if anybody).  
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  15. Joining the Bundeswehr

    Life expectancy in Germany is 82 years. I have more chances to reach this year than a Bund soldier or a policeman/woman. That is a fact. No need to dismiss people that risk their lives just because the death toll is lower than in 1943.
  16. Joining the Bundeswehr

    Of course it's not zero. No job has zero risk. But even of those few that go to Kosovo or Afghanistan or Iraq only few are fighting or at least leaving the camp. The last soldier to die from enemy engagement died in 2013 (half a decade ago) in a mission of the special forces (KSK) - only a few hundred are part of such commando units. (Last year a helicopter malfunctioned and subsequently crashed killing its 2 passengers, if you want to count that.)
  17. Jokes

    What's the difference between a garden pea and a chickpea?       Trump has never had a garden pea on him.
  18. Joining the Bundeswehr

    Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo etc are the countries where German soldiers are sent to. The risk of dying is not zero.   As for WWIII, there will be none. However, the probability of attack on NATO is not zero. So, Germany can be involved in a war, that most probably be either in the East of EU (attack of Russia on Poland or Baltic states) or south (attack on Turkey by some Islamic nutjobs). Scaremongers will cry "this is WWIII" because they were drunk at geography lessons at school.   While there are problems in the Bund Germany is a top arms producer, one of the top arms exporters in the world. It is capable of restoring the army capacity if necessary.
  19.     And I am also taking your advice, I will come in for a year and see how I like it. I am not interested in english only courses, I mean I am in germany, I dont want to study in english ideally, but hey. I am very much financially independent, so thats one of the things about germany I think I would like, I did some calculations and I would be saving half my living expense vs sweden (that was another option) or even here, plus point being I would be where I want to be among folks I want to be around (or so I think). No, I am not worried about getting a job, although I am sure I can find one if I wanted / need to, having a job may make mey intention look more legitimate if I wanted to apply for a a longer residence. I do have a friend in germany but as you know what would germans know about being a foreigner in germany and immigration and stuff. you know, hence I came here asking.   agreed, I have noticed things have a way of working themselves out often, to be honest with myself, as you say, I think I can do it. I will try it for a year or two. thumbs up.   I also contacted the university and went through my old emails, I dont need to have B2 to enter their courses, they offer an specialty course for a few months beforehand (before the semester begins) for those who have less than A2/A1 German/little exposure to german. So I think I will be alright.   any other pointers or suggestions, things I can do better in terms of residence,  vice versa in regards keep em coming,
  20. Also a very happy customer of TransferWise, have made some substantial savings over the last couple of years transferring from GBP to EUR
  21. Nuances of subletting contract

    I was just thinking about this today and am now confused.  If you want to start selling things on kleinanzeigen (for example), you need to ask daddy landlord?  That just sounds so.. odd.  Yes, I looked at the link.  I'm just a little flabbergasted and confused.  It would seem that half of Berlin is hustling.  Is there an inexpensive way to start a company or some way to avoid the company having an address / your home address (or will all landlords give permission w/o question?)  
  22. Fernsehsessel Armchair + Dombas Kleiderschrank

    Since time is running short. Final price update. 1) Fernsehsessel Armchair with Fold-Out Foot Support Selling for 30€   2) DOMBÅS Kleiderschrank White IKEA Nos. 2 Selling for 10€ (each)
  23. Elternzeit general questions

    Hi all,   I have been reading a lot about Elternzeit and Elterngeld and I am still confused.   Me and my girlfriend are expecting a child for the beginning of July. We are both employed and I would like to take one month off to stay at home with her during the first month of the child and then take one other month off later for Christmas. I have a couple of questions.   1. When I apply for the Elternzeit I have to do it 7 weeks in advance and specify the dates. This is kind of strange because nobody really knows when a child is coming. I assume that this will only be an estimate of the dates and what the employer really needs to know is the amount of time I will take out, correct? Can I simply write that I want to take one month Elternzeit starting from "Date of birth (expected 1. July) - One month after date of Birth"? Then if the baby only comes on the 5. July that is when the Elternzeit starts and not on the 1. July written on the application.   2. I think I can split the 2 months because lots of people told me they know people that did it but after some research I found a website that says that something like that is not possible. That if I want to take parental leave as a father I have to take at least 2 consecutive months and they can't be splitted: Is this information trustable? I asked my boss and he has no idea about this splitting thing. He says that everyone working with him always took the 2 consecutive months. I am afraid that if I try to take only one month now then I will be refused the second month or I will not get Elterngeld for it. If that is the case then I would rather take holidays for the first two weeks of the child and then take the whole two months later on.   3. I know that I can only apply for Elterngeld after the child is born but still I don't understand how to do it. I found some forms online that I will have to fill but where do I have to deliver them?   I assume that this questions where probably already answered but I read so many things that I am completely confused. Some people say A others say B and then I find a website that says C. My girlfriend is German and has also been reading some things in german but somehow nothing really makes sense.   I would be extremely grateful if someone could clarify this to me as if I now am 5 years old   Cheers!  
  24. What made you laugh today?

  25. Joining the Bundeswehr

      The first one million troops already arrived 2016. The Germans already spending 50billions a year to house and feed them.
  26. Joining the Bundeswehr

    Lots of soldiers just sit their assess off doing paperwork or literally nothing. Risk of dying is very low except maybe for the <1% "front line" soldiers if want to call them that. It's not 1944.
  27. We play our next game Wednesday, April 25th at 6:00pm.   We will be at location 1 near Chinese tower. As always, please bring a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 1:   See you on the field!
  28. Hatha Yoga for the Chakras

      Aruna you put it way better than I could. If you know yoga you'll know "lines of energy". In each stretch there is one. I think they activate the meridians in the body. I've definitely sensed it up the spine and down the front to my "core".    In Chinese medicine there is the San Jiao or the Triple Burner which are the elimination, reproduction and digestion regions of the body. Qi Gong basically massages these areas, as does hatha yoga. Moving the body around this "core" simply has to benefit this area, every single day. You do not need science to prove that, your body just feels better.   There are links between Buddhism and Taoism which many here don't understand. I personally love the Tao.
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