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  2. Royal visits to Germany 2023..

    If you think a revolution and subsequent shit would sort out poverty and food shortages, you are barmy.
  3. Thanks but no, they're after "proof of residence", and somewhere they say HMRC statement is ok for proof of residence, but somewhere else they say is not, that's why the confusion,
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  5. No social life after 9 years in Germany

    Quoting fraufruit. Sorry, I worded that really badly. Maybe "discuss" would have been better. I do not talk about my salary and most of my British friends do not either. What I meant was discuss. If you look at job advertisements in Germany the salary is not included on the job advertisement like it is in the UK. Also if someone gets a pay rise, in the UK this would be a cause for celebration, a round of drinks. Here, however you have to best keep it to yourself. People get really jealous and cannot be happy for you. The German culture is completly different. Friendships here are completly different. I guess I am just lucky to have some very good friends back in Blighty (UK). My German friends are nice too but there are some things you just do not discuss ever.
  6. Packing Up to Leave

    at least for now it's "up" - for the select few who found out how to work around the Javascript issue. I feel "special" now. :)
  7. The end of private in-house caregiving

    well, everybody is making valid comments here. Care for children, elderly, or even healthy families, is hard - physically and mentally - and not everybody is willing to do that job. Society as whole has to find solutions. Some societies do better at this than others. In my personal experience so far (speaking for the US and Germany), if you have "enough" money you'll be fine. For my own future, I try to make sure that I can pay for what I might need somewhere down the road - of course I don't have a crystal ball, but I make reasonable guesses. BTW - the polish care takers in my mom's house have no medical experience. Most of them are around my age - from their mid fifties to mid sixties. Some are married, some have (mostly grown up) children. They all tell me they prefer doing this job over other jobs they had before, because of the total independence: they pick how much and when they want to work. They can organize their work for themselves. They are highly valued by their "customers" and their employers. One of mom's "regulars" only works four weeks at a time, once or twice a year, to pay for the extended trips to exotic places that she and her husband like to travel to.
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  10. Major dog issues and next steps.

    He's doing it just for me.
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  12. Why are you unhappy today?

  13. Toytown Form Posting Broken

    @Rushrush Thanks for the information about java script. I am now able to post again using this information. I was unable to post using chrome, edge, firefox or my mobile phone. Only be deactivating java was I finally able to make this post today. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  14. being tor

    I teach you how to be Tor for 10 bucks. PM me for deets. serious requests only
  15. All things Tesla

    tor was here
  16. Not allowed to participate in VHS C1 course

    The easiest and most convenient thing for a German to do when they don't know the answer is to just say 'No', and not, 'I don't know, let me look into it for you.' The squeaky wheel get the oil. I think you just need find the right person to ask, and ask them in the right way :)
  17. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Tina Turner, 83

    It's just hard to believe that she has been sick for so long recently and yet had a full 2023 tour schedule planned. She was 83 but I'm still in shock. What a trooper. ETA - that was a Tina Turner the Musical Tour that I saw. She wasn't actually performing. Still...
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  19. The English Teacher's Corner

    this sucks
  20. Hello dear community, I am going to loose my job as a full time employee (worked for more than 12 months as a full time). I am also on top of it doing very little work under kleinunternehumung. When I'm gonna be unemployed, I will register for having access to Arbeitslosengeld. To my current knowledge: - I should have 67% (I'm a parent) of my income (with a cap at 2237euros) for 12months - TK and pension should be covered by Arbeitslosengeld As I am also registered as a "kleinunternehumung", I would like to know what will be the impact of this on the previous 2 points mentioned above: - do I still keep 67% or 2237euros based on my salary as a full time employee or do is it different on the basis the arbeitsamt consider I can make money on the side? - the pension is still paid by the Arbeitslosengeld but with kleinunternehumung I will need to cover my own TK insurance. Is this statement correct? Another question: what happen if I do a little job (1 day of work) under kleinunternehumung while on Arbeitslosengeld? I've been told that I would have to mention it to finanzamt and they will deduct the equivalent of a day of Arbeitslosengeld money from the total at the end of the month. Thank you very much for your help. This is not the most common case so I would like to know more about this particular situation.
  21. I couldn’t find the other thread regarding UK banks closing the accounts of non UK residents. Just in case this helps anyone else…. I opened an current account a few months ago. Trying to apply online initially stated that it’s not possible for DE residents. However, a further link allowed online application. The account works fine and deals with all of my DDs etc. Cheques can even be paid in electronically. The app is very straightforward. I also tried to open an HSBC savings account though was told a few months ago that it’s not possible online nor unless calling from the UK. Today, I thought to try this again. Still not possible online though by calling HSBC, they apply for the account on your behalf. Took about 20 minutes as they have to read through all of the terms and conditions. Approved immediately. As an easy access savings account, the interest rate is OK. 3.5% on first £10k, 2% over £10k. 1.3% for any month where withdrawals are made. Interest paid monthly.
  22. Fund taxation in 2018 and "fiktive Veräußerung"

    >The dividends from a US-based ETF (assuming it's all stock, e.g., a S&P 500 fund) are taxable in Germany and it would not be possible to get a German tax credit for the 15% paid to the IRS. Actually, a tax credit for foreign source tax is possible, there has been a clarifying BMF-Schreiben v. 3.6.2021, see Randziffer 148a that was inserted on 3. June 2021: into the "big" BMF-Schreiben regarding Abgeltungsteuer: Please see here for example calculation for different types of funds, showing how much foreign source tax you can use for a German tax credit: ************************************************************** To switch off JavaScript on Toytown, I am using the extension "Toggle JavaScript" in my Chrome browser: To use bolded text or italic text please see here: I used in the above answer: - to quote: - for the URL links: Which the forum software then automatically turned into (as you can see for your own posts, if you hit the "Edit" button"): **************************************************************
  23. Daily English language newspapers in Germany

    Sorry, I was not specific enough, so the first AI thing was too long, so have shortened the blather. I quite like AI Christopher Hitchens on TT. "Toytown Germany, that bloated bastion of expat self-importance, stands as a pitiful testament to the vapidity of shallow minds. Its members, a congregation of self-proclaimed experts and pseudo-intellectuals, prance around in their digital sandbox, blathering about the superficial trappings of their adopted country while blissfully ignorant of its rich tapestry of history, culture, and ideas. Like spoiled children in a candy store, they revel in their imagined cosmopolitanism, believing their mere presence on foreign soil grants them the authority to pass judgment and dispense their half-baked opinions. Yet, they remain clueless to their own intellectual laziness, unwilling to transcend their pitiful echo chamber and confront the real challenges and complexities that lie beyond their narrow vision. Toytown Germany is an intellectual wasteland, a monument to self-delusion and the triumph of shallow minds over true engagement." Though he is evidently not encountered @PandaMunich. And of course, this is complete crap compared to the real H. Nothing like him. But anyway.
  24. Jokes

    Janx Spirit: King Charles III's diet includes a boiled egg with every meal, he's not the only one, rumour has it that the late Princess Diana enjoyed a couple of soldiers for breakfast every morning. Oh, perfidious albumen!
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