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  2. Kindergarten rule for payment

    Non-payment & late payments. The school reserves the right to restrict access for your child into school in the event that invoices are not paid by the due date.
  3. DHL Rip Off for postage to the UK

    It´s perfectly normal to pay less online than physically going to a shop, lots of cost savings for the supplier.  
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  5. police cannot decide on car accident

    I have a strong urge to ram the apparent majority of the drivers with dazzling brake lights who can't be bothered to use the handbrake at lights and level crossings, especially at night. Am sadly too well brought up to not take revenge by putting headlights on full beam.
  6. Only in America

    I love knowing that stat, @tor!
  7. What made you laugh today?

    @sarabyrdand I just happen to be watching (and enjoying) Elvis has Left the Building - Kim Basinger and John Corbett. We're chuckling and smiling.  
  8. Hi,    Me and my wife both have been living together in Hamburg, Germany for more than a year and got married in Denmark last year in November. We only got the chance to get the marriage registered at Kundenzentrum today ie February 2023 and have sent a tax class change (to combination III/IV) application to Finanzamt via Elster.    When we file for tax returns for 2022 will we be eligible to get tax returns on our income with the effect of tax class change? 
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  10. Yesterday
  11. To give an update about the result, my Schönheitsreparaturen doesn't cover anything under 120€, so I sent a claim to the insurance. After a couple of interrogation rounds by the insurance company, they categorized it under "wear and tear,". They said that, presumably, I've been applying too much pressure on the door handle recently. Otherwise, it'd be filed under intentional damages due to deliberate excessive force! Either way, the insurance doesn't see itself bound to pay me the repair cost.   This 80€ repair isn't a real pain nor a life-changing situation for me. But, it made me realize how much I can rely on such an insurance type (or that company) if I accidentally cause more serious property damage in the future. 
  12. Hotel near HBF Munich - safe area?

    We stayed at relaxa hotel München back in 2018 and really enjoyed our stay. The beds were ginormous and really comfy and the room was spotless and didn’t look like Oma, like many hotels in Germany 😅 The breakfast was also really good. Would definitely stay there again!  
  13. It appears the Munich Curry Night has left Toytown and now is on
  14. What made you smile today?

    popped up on my twitter                                                          
  15. I understood that, but still why should I declare my non-German income? There is no benefit for me. There is no way they will know that. If I don't declare it, my tax bracket in German will be lower. 
  16. Jokes

  17. Chocolate rum truffle cake from Alois Dallmayr

    It is now 26.50€ for a 18cm diameter Rum-Trüffeltorte: see the left of this photo: A piece of a standard-sized Rumtrüffeltorte is 4.50€:
  18. Making a UK will from Germany

      Yes, this, emkay. Very much.
  19. The War in Ukraine

    European Union bans all Russian refined oil products in retaliation for the war in Ukraine   starting Sunday
  20. Deutschland Ticket (588€)

      I see all too often around Munich that they come and dig up perfectly useable roads and replace them 'for fun'. One might think someone was getting kick backs or had shares/ownership in the road company paid for this useless work. So if they redirected this pointless road spending into trains and other public transport / new cycle paths, I for one would be happy.   Despite being affected, I am not unhappy Munich finally decided to kick out the dirty diesel cars from the middle ring road. Gradually all diesels will be excluded. However, they failed with cars which drive around all the time, like taxis, as these are exempt. If anything, they should be held to a higher standard. Another example of a lobby getting preferential treatment.   Public transport is a public service. It's will never be profitable and maintain uniform service. Sure there are commuter lines which will always be full. However, the rural services are surely never profitable. If you happen to be rich enough to live in the centre, great, but it's mostly the workers who have to commute into a city. A uniform price is the best social method to cover this public service. An no, just ticket prices will not cover providing a good local rail service. They will always need money from taxation.   In the end society has a choice, low taxes and non existent public services. This is the Thatcher 'I'm alright jack' approach. The US has perhaps the worst example of this, with people living on the streets within months of loosing a job. The UK prime minister was asked if he used private medical care, to which he would not answer. The answer he would say is the he doesn't want to wait in line with the peasants for what little health care the lords of the land care to give out to the poor.   The alternative is a high taxation, good public service country. So to some extent Germany, but it fails in many instances, such as poor pensions and until the recent changes, poor minimum wages. Perhaps the better example are the Nordic countries. 
  21. Yes, it does. I didn't know it was called a heat pump. It also heats the batteries when it is very cold out when we choose a charging station. Makes it charge much faster.   When I think of heat pump, I think of home heating and AC. 
  22. Hi Dinner Junkies,   As we have moved to Meetup and haven't had anyone sign up here for weeks, I will not publish new events here. Please sign up to the Meetup 'Dinner with friends around Munich' group. If you sign up to the group, you will receive notifications of new events automatically.   If I have time I might add new messages with links to new events to this topic, but I will not create a new event topic each week.   FYI this evening's event is at Schinken Peter:   See you later!
  23. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I see you didn´t actually read the quote you quoted in context or maybe just didn´t read anything.  
  24. Helping injured wildlife in Germany

    A useful webpage with links and telephone numbers of wildlife stations sorted by Postleitzahl (postal code): Wildtierschutz Deutschland
  25. Last week
  26. Trouble finalising an apartment purchase contract

    Hello,   I have a question about the definition of encumbrance, in relation to real estate.   Person A bought property under his own name (under construction) for 100,000 EUR, and payments of 20,000 EUR were made while construction was ongoing. Person A then dies (without a will). Person B (wife of person A) is named legal executor of person A's estate and has the property transferred to her name via probate. 80,000 EUR is still owed on the property. Person B's children pay off the 80,000 EUR (using personal funds), so the property is paid off (no mortgage or anything). Is the 80,000 EUR the encumbrance at the time of the person's death? Is encumbrance = amount owed?   Fair market value =             100,000 EUR Percentage of ownership = 100% Value of % owned =             100,000 EUR Encumbrance =                      - 80,000 EUR? (100,000 minus 20,000 already paid?) Net Value =                            20,000 EUR (100,000 - 80,000)?   Thank you in advance for any help with this.
  27. required legal advice for renting a brand new apartment

    Maybe Google? And ask them about their fees? Nobody on here knows!  If you are a foreigner here, legal insurance is a good idea anyway - as is the essential private liability insurance/ private Haftpflichtversicherung. 
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