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  2. What the hell have I done to my knee?

      Trouble is they are usually slow and block the entire radweg, or at least they do here in Munich where the cycle paths are usually too narrow and where the number of cyclist on them has increased massively in the last 5 years or so!
  3. Bewohner des Weihnachtshauses erhalten Drohbrief - WELT   Only 60 000 lights though.  Killjoys.  I remember the UK Christmas lights, when they were not parallel.  One loose or broken  one, and they would all go out.  Fun trying to find it.  Ah, the old traditions.   Video from 2019. 60.000 Lichter: Das Weihnachtshaus von Delmenhorst - Bing video  
  4. All things Tesla

    For those who doubt Elon's abilities, Neuralink has just made a big announcement.  All kinds of links.  Literally.
  5. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    Fortunately I live on the edge of a small quiet town. There are a few older people here using tricycles, I saw one with two front wheels and one back wheel.   Trikes might be good in theory but they are wide and heavy.
  6. Any links?  Interesting!   I would guess that the actual wording is to do with how the law is phrased.
  7. All things Tesla

        Tesla (TSLA) gives $3,750 discount for Model 3/Y in the US this month
  8. Worst jokes ever

    Whar color does rhe face of a Snurf if someone is choking him?
  9. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    I have always cycled (no car except for rentals for over 20 years here).   Had trailer for shopping (we have 3 children).  But I had some bad stuff more recently, had to fall off a few times and I have got nervous.  And you need to be confident or you wobble and fall off.  I did not even get hurt!  Stupid I know.  But every junction I worry.   People pulling out without looking.  I used to cycle in London too, when it was truly frightening, but I was young!   Not sure how to get back into it.  Well done for doing more, not less!   Using your body is the way to go, I know.  
  10. Today
  11. Just read about some people who decorated their house with thousands of lights, they got a threatening letter. I guess someone objects to energy being wasted.   The cops are investigating the letter writer for "versuchte Noetigung". Why not just "Noetigung", I want to know!
  12. The War in Ukraine

    The craziest parts are his claims for regions they never set foot on!
  13. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    Cycling seems to be good for knees, I am cycling more since I retired.   Best to use a low (easy) gear. Best of all perhaps a low single fixed gear, if you do not have to go up and down hill much.
  14. December Events in Stuttgart

    01.12-.2022 -15.01.2023 Christmas Garden Stuttgart   01.12 -26.12.2022 Tram Museum Stuttgart   Glühwein Express Tram 04.12/11.12/17.12/18.12/26.12   01.12 -.23.12.2022 Christmas Events on the Neckar-Käpt‘n   01.12.2022 – 23.12.2022   English Films in Vaihingen   03.12.2022 Niklaus Markt  Marktstrasse Bad Cannstatt .   Adventstage für Familien im Porsche Museum   08.12.2022 There will be a nationwide alarm today. Everyone will recieve an alarm signal on their mobile phone. You don’t have ot do anything. It is only to test if the system will function in an emergency.   08.12-2022 - 08.01.2023 Weltweihnachtscircus   08.12.2022 Fellbach Der irische Elfenforscher Doc Pádraig MacDooley taucht mit dem Stück "Fingerhütchen" in die Grimmsche Märchenwelt ein. Mit seiner Elfenstunde "Auf zur Grünen Insel" nimmt er das Publikum, getragen von magischen Feenwinden, in ein spannendes Abenteuer zur Grünen Insel mit. Dabei erfahren die kleinen und großen Zuschauer einiges über seine Arbeit als Forscher der Elfen- und Feenkunde. Außerdem erleben sie die Geschichte des einsamen Fingerhütchens, der keinen Freund hat und dabei doch ein guter Mensch ist. Warum er so allein ist und ob ihm vielleicht die Elfen und Feen helfen können?   10.12.2022 Status Quo   Porsche Arena   14.12.2022 Organised day tour to the European Parliament Fahrt zum Europäischen Parlament und Gespräch mit dem Europaabgeordneten und Vizepräsidenten des Europäischen Parlaments, Rainer Wieland. In Kooperation mit dem Königin-Olga-Stift, Stuttgart.   14.12.2022 Schottische Folklore & Tanz Fellbach Vier Schotten präsentieren musikalisch und tänzerisch ihre Impressionen der wilden Schönheit der Halbinsel "Coigach" und des Highlands "Assynt": Ronan Martin, Angus MacKenzie, Ross Martin und James Graham spielen Musik aus dem jüngst veröffentlichten Buch "The Coigach & Assynt Collection". Der Band stellt mit Liedern, Texten und Bildern die Geschichte und die Gegenwart der Menschen dieser entlegenen Ecke Nordwest-Schottlands vor. Auf das Konzert folgt traditioneller Cèilidh-Tanz.   Kunstvereinskeller   Cannstatter Straße 9   70734 Fellbach   16.12.2022   The Kelly Family Schleyer Halle 18.12.2022   Die Schöne und das Biest - das Musical 19.12.2022   New York Gospel Show 20.12.2022   Suzi Quatro   22.11-22.12.2022 Christmas Market Esslingen The Esslingen Medieval Market and Christmas Market is unique. With more than 180 booths, attractions, medieval music and a broad cultural program the Esslingen Market is one of the largest and most attractive in the region.   23.12.2022 The Original USA Gospel Singers & Band   26.11-22.12.2022 Christmas Market Fellbach,Genuss,Wein/Feste-und-Veranstaltungen/Weihnachtsmarkt   22.11-22.12.2020 Christmas Market Ludwigsburg   Germany is the land of Christmas markets. So what makes ours here in Ludwigsburg truly special? Start with the setting: our elegant Baroque main square. Add lights and soaring angels, sparkling Christmas trees and the mouth-watering smell of fresh gingerbread and roasting chestnuts. The 180 individually-decorated stalls are laden with locally-made crafts and toys, food and drink. And, of course, there is music, from carol singers and choirs to quartets. That’s why Ludwigsburg Christmas Market ranks among the most popular Christmas markets in Germany!   01.12-18.12.2022   Alternative Christmas Market Marienplatz   Christmas Market Stuttgart  23.11-23.12.2022  Prächtig geschmückte Buden, besinnliche Konzerte und traditionelle Leckereien – wer vom 23. November bis 23. Dezember 2022 den Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt besucht, erlebt einen ganz besonderen Zauber. Die glitzernde Weihnachtsmarktstadt hat eine über 300-jährige Geschichte und lässt mit den rund 300 Händlern, die mit viel Liebe zum Detail ihre Stände schmücken, keinen Wunsch offen.   Choir Singers Wanted For St. Catherine's Carol Concert Scratch Choir for Annual Service of Lessons & Carols We are once again putting together a scratch choir for the carol service, which this year is taking place on Friday 23rd December, 17:00 at Leonardskirche. It would be wonderful to have as many as possible singing with us. If you would like to be involved, or know of anyone who might be interested (e.g. musical friends or family visiting for Christmas), please contact Becka at   23.12.2022  St. Catherine‘s Church Carol Service. The carol service takes place in the Leonardskirche at 5.00 p.m. Leonardsplatz 26 70182 Stuttgart.    
  15. Things to ponder

    I asked my taxi driver this morning if he was Greek because he had an " accent." He smiled and said " Iranian." He then asked me if I was American. I said no but " they have a good football team."😂 All good- natured. It is the ATTITUDE that counts.
  16. What the hell have I done to my knee?

    So knees are much better.  But the other night, getting into bed, I did the same thing again.  But instead of just thinking it would be better in the morning, I got up and walked around. Used the stairs.  Within 5 minutes it was fine.  It still clicks when I walk, but only for the first 500 m or so, then seems to start behaving better.  
  17. Worst jokes ever

    " and they think it's all over..."😂
  18. This worked.  Many thanks!   From the symptoms I had dismissed this as the problem.  I have 2 other rads that do not work because they are stuck shut.  Stupid.   Always try the simple things.  Living room now 19.  Yay.  
  19. What made you smile today?

    The best marriage proposal ever.  Especially as he finishes by saying   It was quite low key. On a small boat; just the couple, and 1 or 2 others (photographer/skipper)   He goes down on one knee, and drops the ring box overboard. Without hesitation he's in the water after it. Comes back up soaking wet, gets back into position, and she can barely squeak yes between gasps of laughter.   I really hope they stay together. In 40 years their grandchildren will be boasting about their epic proposal.
  20. The War in Ukraine

    Crazy man, Putin, is now demanding that the West recognises his illegal Ukrainian annexations as being Russian  
  21. Tabletennis in Munich

    Schelling Salon: Sports4You (scroll down to Tischtennis): Sport Insel:   *********************************************************************************************************   Or you could join a Verein (sports association). For example, "SG Siemens München Ost", which would cost you 100€ + 10€ for table tennis = 110€ per year (this has to be paid every year, unless you leave that association, so it is a revolving contract): You can also get a "test membership" of 5€ per day per person, see in the above PDF: "ein Probetraining kann durch Lösen einer Karte für eine Tagesmitgliedschaft zu 5,00 € erfolgen". You book the table here: Photos of their table tennis room:  
  22. All things Tesla

    1MWh. Remember that most of US  trade routes are in areas with lots of sunshine. It's clear it will be cheaper to produce it and store it than to buy it from grid in most places. If the warehouse rooftop is the limiting factor, they can still general a couple of MWh per day in the winter.  
  23. All things Tesla

      wow that's pretty cool the music and lights kind of had a similar feel to the film "the neon demon" If you like the music, check this out      
  24. Worst jokes ever

    WORLD CUP NEWS. An early bath for the Germans ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... which is Bad.
  25. Tabletennis in Munich

    Does someone know a place where I can book a Indoor Table Tennis on weekend in Muncih? We are couple of friends who would like to play TT on weekends but can't find anything which can be booked on flexible basis.
  26. What are you watching right now?

      We just finished it. Cannot wait for series/season 2. It was fantastic!   Now we are watching this.    
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