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  2. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

    To the likes of the people who voted for no abortion, trans men aren't men. They are the sex with which they were born.
  3. Only in America

    Most can't afford to travel to another state for an abortion.    I hope all of the right to lifer's daughters get pregnant. (Not really)
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  5. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

    Back to the original question: will pregnant men still be allowed to have abortion?
  6. Only in America

    I found this pic on facebook, which states already had trigger laws to ban abortions immediately upon Roe vs. Wade being overturned, which are still likely to ban it and where it's allowed.   My niece just posted something saying that in WA, even if you are under 18 and/or on somebody elses insurance, you have the right to an abortion there.
  7. Only in America

    When I read all this stuff about what's happening in America today, I am reminded of that dystopian series "The Handmaid's Tale".  Scary.
  8. Only in America

    I assume now that the courts have done this, they will be introducing laws for pre and post-natal healthcare for mothers,free childcare for mothers,free contraception and many other things that mothers and their child require.
  9. Only in America

    Yes but also no. The Democrats played a big part in it too. Not in the actual decision but their intransigence in doing anything about the Supreme Court. Also Clinton warned in 2016 that Trump would fill the SC with right-wing judges but no one listened because her emails. Sorry but the USA has got what it has earned and I feel sorry for all the women,homosexuals,blacks and others over there. Someone with much better knowledge than me needs to explain how although the Democrats have a majority in the house and senate they appear either incapable or unwilling to pass any new laws concerning basically anything although the Republicans seem able to freely pass what they wanted when they were in power.   This is the even scarier thing to come out of this ruling... Court 'should reconsider' gay marriage, birth control: Clarence Thomas ( It´s not just the gay marriage and birth control that he specifically mentions but this bit... "In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents". When you see what substantive due process is... Substantive due process - Wikipedia   This could basically mean that it could end up with no American Citzen having any rights other than those a court (full of judges picked for their political leanings) decide that they can have.   Strange that when many Americans are asked why the USA is the greatest country in the world one of their main answers is "our freedoms".    
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    What? The immunity doesn´t work if the virus comes from a family member then? Damn and I thought you were humanity's last hope in wiping this virus out.
  11. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

    Anti abortionists must think knitting needles are a good thing. I wonder what percentage of them are women.
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  13. What are you listening to right now?

  14. What made you smile today?

      I initially read your comment as a chicken and egg question @bramble.   After reflection with the SE7EN voices in my head, we agreed that I look nothing like Sir Anthony Hopkins (he has 25 years on me), yet in his Oscar™ winning best actor performance as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, we do share a striking resemblance.    How my work colleague Anja picked up on my own sociopathic, cannabalistic personality traits is beyond me. But she was incredibly polite (I only eat the rude) when posing her questions. Therefore she still enjoys a happy life as a loving wife and mother, and a trusted colleague at work. Never once have I thought about adding her to my dinner table.   Hope that helps.
  15. Antrag Sorgerecht Kindergarden Contract

    Thanks for the update!
  16. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

    Well, the baby that this was all about is still alive: These articles were linked from this article:
  17. Only in America

    This will be very interesting and itself will almost certainly be subject to a supreme court appeal. In the EU women have the legal right to travel to avail of abortion services in other countries even if abortion is illegal in their own country.
  18. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

    I suppose it's a small consolation that Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) died in 2017 and is beyond this nonsense.
  19. Only in America

    To the states that won't outlaw it, California, New York etc.
  20. Only in America

      Even in Malta:  How an Abortion Ban Trapped a Tourist on Malta - The New York Times (
  21. Only in America

      It will be up to each state to decide.  However, the states that are banning it may add a ban on having an abortion somewhere else should they find out about it.
  22. What made you smile today?

      I take it because Hannibal Lecter looks a lot like Anthony Hopkins, doesn't he?
  23. Only in America

    It's Trump's fault. 
  24. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

      It will be up to the states now.  Some will ban it, some will not.
  25. Only in America

      To where if it's illegal now.   Went out to dinner and I missed all of this. Holy hell.
  26. Will pregnant men be still allowed abortion

      Since when?
  27. No joke here.   Roe vs Wade. Pregnant women will no longer allowed to have abortion. But will pregnant men (transgender men) still be allowed to have abortion?   I didn't know either that men could get pregnant. Transgender men can. What do you make it it?   I'm very shaken.          
  28. 3G in Restaurants?

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