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  2. How to get the BBC World Service in Berlin?

    Ha.  Whatever the BBC says on on page, on another they say something else.  BBC WS available in Italy on DAB since 2019.   BBC World Service launches in Italy via DAB+ - Media Centre
  3. Do some Germans use synonyms unnecesarily?

    The Schroeder-Regime introduced Hartz IV, to "forder" and "foerder" people without employment. The words are so similar but have different meanings, I was not sure which was which   Forden: to demand, require   Foerdern: to help, support
  4. Deutschland Ticket (588€)

    So, you could buy the 9€ ticket for cash from the machine at the station. Say, on the first of the month. Or on the 22nd, still good value for a couple of trips in nine days.   If you want a ticket for May 2023 you have to order it by April 10, is that right? Can you buy it later? And then remember to cancel the subscription😕 .. This month I spent €31 on transit, much less than €49. Some months I spend €70+. Might need to do a bit of planning to get the best deal.
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  6. What made you laugh today?

    The mind boggles...
  7. fired

    Totally wacky. Headless chicken in panic mode. Much flapping of wings. Feathers flying. Oh dear. She is not handling this well.   Try to be glad you are out of it. Easily said, I know.   Do not communicate with the woman further. Or any of her clients.   Get thee to the Arbeitsamt soonest. This too shall pass. Although it really shouldn t be this way. Stinks.
  8. shipping heirlooms internationally

    Congratulations on your daughter's engagement!   What makes you think a commercial shipment to the U.S. with a family heirloom is exempt from a customs declaration?  I have shipped many packages from Germany to the U.S. using DHL, FedEx, and UPS, and all required a customs declaration regardless of content or value.  Nothing I shipped to the U.S. was assessed duties.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Countdown presenters.
  10. I'm currently working a part time job in a bottle factory and I have been there for 7 months, past the probezeit period.   Last night while I was working, the head manager approached me and completely snapped. "You need to move your ass! There is this and that and this and that to do, and you are still doing this task!...etc, etc, etc, everyone has been complaining about how slow you are, etc etc etc, if I have to come speak to you again, you can expect a termination because this job isn't for you!"   I told him, "You can't do that--I'm past the probation period, you haven't given me any written reprimands or have me sign a statement saying that this issue has been addressed with me, and my contract doesn't end until August" and he yelled "SONDERKÜNDIGUNG!"   I'm not too particularly concerned about this job, it's a simple part time job in a bottle factory I'm doing for extra cash...but it does bother me if he's saying that he has the right to enforce a "sonderkündigung" past the probation period despite lack of any written reprimands. I can't find anything about that in my contract. Can anyone elaborate on an employer's to enforce a sonderkündigung for reasons other than the obvious infractions of sexual harassment, assault, drugs, stealing, etc?
  11. Only in America

    And let’s get on to the kun-vik-shuns!  Plz, Plz, Plz, …   🙏🙏🙏
  12.   14 states are considering ICE bans.
  13. @PandaMunich I love your answers even though I usually understand less than half unless I really concentrate because I have no clue about the subjects. But I absolutely love how much time & effort you put into helping and your patience in answering follow up questions as well.
  14. Termination agreement via email (employment)

    I got a message on WhatsApp. I had to ask for a letter.
  15. Things to ponder

      On mine, they're fixed...   But then again, my balisong /  butterfly-knife folds up.
  16. Your thesis statement should be a clear and concise statement that summarizes the main argument or point of your paper. It should be specific and debatable, and guide the direction of your research.  The custom thesis is also required when teaching German. I wish you good luck.
  17. Royal visits to Germany 2023..

      He obviously has a wry sense of humour. He took a dig at the German New Year's Eve tradition of watching "Dinner for One" and it was taken in good humour, too. He's two years younger than me, so we practically grew up together. 
  18. Letter from the prosecutor about an illegal package

    Thanks, Yeah, I talked to a couple of other people and they said the same. Consulted a lawyer and he said that there are many cases like this and they don't have anything and mostly they are thrown out, but the lawyer was asking for a flat rate of upwards of 2500 euros for the case. And there I though why would I pay such a huge amount for something I didn't even do. So I'll just write to them myself that I wasn't even there and I have a contract to prove that.
  19. Very good advice so far.  Age 15 with school learned German is very tricky. Do you have a specific Munich area in mind? I’d suggest speaking to the relevant Schulamt that can advise you on possible suitable public or private schools. Unlike the UK, going back one or two school years is very common here and absolutely no shame. The age difference in a class can be up to 2 years or so.     We moved here when my daughter was 10. She too was very optimistic and that helped a lot. With lots of private tuition, she got a good Abitur and now at a German university. I’m not familiar with the UK university system though from my daughter’s search for a bachelor course here, compared with her UK friends, it seemed far more important here to select a course that’s very likely to be career relevant in future.  There are lots of private universities that may be less concerned about Abitur or equivalent grades. On main university websites, there are tables that show the number of applicants for each course over the last several years and which current minimum Abitur grade is acceptable. More applications, higher grade required.  All the best.   
  20. Yesterday
  21. My natural gas rate doubled

    Saw that as of the start of this month, the 12c gas price cap comes into place. What happens if the gas price you pay is less than 12c anyway? If I look at Eon today as an example, it's 10.97c as of 30.03.2023.
  22. OK. We'll try it and see how it works! Thanks for the advice!
  23. Air rifle/pistol imports from the UK.

    Why not go to your friendly neighborhood Schützenverein and ask there? They will know to the laws down to dotting the "T´s" and crossing the "i´s" Heck, if you join up they will probably be able to organize the transport.
  24. What are you watching right now?

    Melanie Phillips - why I left the Left.
  25. Hard water in Germany

      Correct, as it would be a waste of softened water.  In my house, the pipe for the outside faucet is immediately after the main water shutoff valve so it was easy to exclude it when adding the softener.  The break in the piping for the softener is after the pipe for the outside faucet.
  26. 3rd time same problem on a car

    Hello,   We bought a brand new car (BMW) back in May 2022. In September electrical seat folding stopped working. We brought it to the NIederlasung Munich repair shop and they fixed it the 1st time. In December it happened again, we went back to the same shop and they fixed it in January. So that was the 2nd time. Now is March and the same issue came up. So this is the 3rd time the same issue.   What are our options here in Germany, is there a law that gives you an option to return it back due to not too many issues on the car, like Lemon Law in the USA? Lawyer help, ADAC, we are paying all to me known insurances here in Germany, one of them is Rechtsschutzversicherung. Can any of these options be of help to us in our case?   Thanks and regards,   Nixon.  
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