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  2. What gives ? I am guessing that the contractor is tempted by the immediate gains, i.e. gross salary to do as he likes with... to pay contributions or not... possibly in a state of semi ignorance. And the temptation of trying to outsmart the system in the short term. You are faced with a catch 22 situation. My BIL has been in this situation a couple of decades. A right mess... his wife ended up sorting out when she realised he had not been paying pension contributions. So what are they going to live off when he retires ?
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  4. 1. LisaJK 2. Rishi  3. Shishimaru +1 5.
  5. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    9 am Station 2 E it is tomorriw morning. Packkng a bag now🙁
  6. Hi!   In 2 weeks, my wife and I have an appointment for our newborn baby's first Aufenthaltstitel (since neither of us is German). We both have valid residence permits (mine being NE) and all 3 of us have valid passports.   2 questions: 1) Will we be able to travel outside EU/Germany right after the interview/appointment (not literally, but like few days after)? I.e. will our kid receive a paper that serves (for a limited time at least) as a proof that it has a valid residency in Germany, in case the officers ask on the way back ? Normally, we got it on several occasions when we needed to apply/extend our own permits, and they were usually valid for almost 3 months.   2) Will the baby get NE as well (since I have it), or both parents have to have it ? I.e. she receives the temporary permit instead.    Thanks in advance !    
  7.   VAT-charging in 2022: Sorry, but then you're VAT-charging in 2022, because: 6.000€ / 3 months (October to December 2022) * 12 = 24,000€ > 22,000€ limit. If what you do is economic consulting, i.e. "Wirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung", see the very end of this list: --> you can get back - instead of the real VAT from services/items that you bought for your business in 2022 - a VAT reimbursement based on the average VAT reimbursement of all "economic consultants" of: 1.7% * net_turnover_received_in_2022, but only on net turnover on which you earned German VAT for the Finanzamt, i.e. not on the reverse-charge turnover Since you say you did not buy expensive things in 2022, getting 1.7%*turnover may be more advantageous to you than claiming for the "real" VAT of your business purchases.   However, not getting the "real" VAT but instead this "average" VAT is only possible if you really have one of the privileged professions from the above list, the legal source for this is § 23 UStG in conjunction with §§ 69, 70 UStDV.   And it is only possible as long as the yearly turnover on which you earned German VAT during the past year is up to 61,356€, see §69 (4) UStDV:   **************************************************************************************************************************************************   Kleinunternehmer in 2022: The only thing you could do to still be classified as a Kleinunternehmer in 2022 is tell the Finanzamt that your Gründungsdatum (which was supposed to be the date you start even preliminary actions, not just the date you really started working) was in reality 20. August 2022.   If they agree, your pro-rated estimated 2022 turnover would be: 6,000€/5 * 12 = 14,400€ < 22,000€ Kleinunternehmer limit and you could be a Kleinunternehmer in 2022. Please also read:    If you see on 31. December 2022 that the turnover (excluding the reverse charge turnover, since that does not count towards the 22k€) that you received in 2022 exceeded 22,000€, you will lose Kleinunternehmer status immediately. Which means that you will have to start charging German VAT in your non-reverse-charge invoices from the very next day, i.e. starting with 1. January 2023!
  8. Considering the OP insulted people on here who didn't take his side (telling people to shut up, calling them f'n cowards and telling people they need to have a f'n backbone) I would say that he is well known to the Police in his local area as it seems this is his usual behavior if things don't go his way or people don't agree with him.   The bus driver would have described him to the Police (American, described his and the dog's appearance) along with his behaviour (insulting, name calling) and the Police would have known who it was.
  9. Tollwood Winterfestival - your opinion

    Yorkshire pudding served sweet. Pancake mixture.
  10. After applying for Permanent Residence if i loose job , will i still  be able to succeed in getting the PR ?   Thanks so much
  11. After applying for Permanent Residence if i loose job , will i still  be able to succeed in getting the PR ?   Thanks so much
  12. After applying for Permanent Residence if i loose job , will i still  be able to succeed in getting the PR ?   Thanks so much
  13. We went there today, and the lady who processed our application was so kind and pleasant. She just asked if we had read all the documents and understood them and had any questions. I also missed the chance to give my perfect elevator pitch, like what we do to land a job at an interview! 
  14. Winter Fuel Payment

    Unhelpful moan sorry but:- They wouldn't give it to me  although I applied for it they refused saying I no longer had a strong enough connection to the UK despite having only a British passport and being a regular visitor and with all my close relatives living in the UK.
  15. Terminating Blue Card

    I'm on a Blue Card since 2012, and I will leave Germany permanently. Is there an official procedure that I have to follow in order to terminate my Blue Card permit, or just an email to Ausländerbehörde Berlin letting them know would suffice?  
  16. Employee rights after termination of job due to store closings

    I think you need to file within three weeks if you want to file for unlawful termination.    As @mako1 mentione, the employment courts usually have a Rechtsantragsstelle where you can talk to an employee of the court which will help you navigate the whole process. They do not give legal advice. The location of the employer determines which Arbeitsgericht is responsible.  They have forms which you can fill out to file a case which you then submit to the court. Everyone pays for their own counsel in the first round, as this prevents employees from getting stuck with huge bills for corporate lawyers.     
  17. Why are you unhappy today?

    Might have been covid.
  18. What made you cry today?

    Sending Fruity hugs your way, tor.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Difference in Progressive Income tax calculation

    Progressionsvorbehalt calculator: Veranlagungsjahr: 2021 Splittingtarif (since you're filing jointly with your spouse) zu versteuerndes Einkommen (= taxable income): 47659 Dem Progressionsvorbehalt unterliegende Ersatzleistungen und Einkünfte in Euro (= progression income): 2441 Which gives you this result:               Ergebnis Einkommensteuer: 6.925 Euro Ihre Angaben dazu waren: Veranlagungsjahr 2021 Einkommensteuertarif Splittingtarif Zu versteuerndes Einkommen 47.659 Euro Dem Progressionsvorbehalt unterliegende Ersatzleistungen und Einkünfte (Progressionseinkünfte) 2.441 Euro Berechnung der Einkommensteuer Summe aus zu versteuerndem Einkommen und Progressionseinkünften (fiktives zu versteuerndes Einkommen) 50.100 Euro Einkommensteuer auf fiktives zu versteuerndes Einkommen 7.280 Euro Progressionsteuersatz (7.280 Euro x 100 / 50.100 Euro) 14,5309 Prozent Einkommensteuer (47.659 Euro x 14,5309 Prozent) 6.925 Euro
  21. Thank u for ur suggestion. My understanding was also similar that since she is living in Berlin mostly that should be her Haupt wohnung. Regarding spouse visa unfortunately I tried multiple times to contact the authority without any success. 
  22. Address in Germany after I Move out of Germany

    You can get letters forwarded, ask the Deutsche Post about Nachsendung international You can get it for a year, and renew for six months more. I think letters forwarded by other post services may not be forwarded.
  23. Toytown Forum equivalent for Italy

      Yes, of course, but finding an insurance company was the problem he explicitly mentioned.  Eventually, he got it all sorted.
  24. What made you smile today?

    Behave, Tor !!❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂👍👍👍
  25. Where to buy a haggis in Munich

    Thanks, but they are out of stock. Like all the others!
  26. FDP came out against it. And the CDU. Remember these parties when we do finally get to vote.  
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