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  2. Pension from Germany and UK

    Panda, thank you very much.
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    So she was well enough to get dressed and go for a walk then 10 minutes later she choked to death.  Hmm. Doesn't sound like a typical case. 🤔    I'm wondering if she should be in the 'with' category and not 'of'.
  4. there simply is not one private add-on/top-up for outpatient treatments that covers even closely all that is covered with medium-quality private health insurances. I have worked on comparisons for more than 15 years and you can trust me on that assessment. Which is why normally only add-ons for dental and inpatient treatments are being offered and sold/bought.   Outpatient additional coverage on top of public health insurance coverage is usually sought-after  for natural healing and alternative treatments in my experience.   Cheerio  
  5. English speaking accountants in Berlin

      This is another plus point for having a local one. If they don't answer your mails or phone calls (which is bizarre) you can go and knock on their door.
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

    "UK government accused of blackmail to keep PM Johnson in power"    
  7. I have been married to German for two and half year and living here in Germany for exactly 2 years. I came here on marriage Visa and i have a 3 years permit. Me and my wife decided to separate after a lot of problems and hard time for both of us, i am moving out to my own flat now. I wonder how can i change my residence permit status now because normally i am not eligible for one year extension( My marriage is less than 3 years)? Is it possible that i can ask for another residence permit on my own before my 3 years marriage residence permit finish( will be finished in one year)? Could the Ausländerbehörde revoke my actual residence permit because of the separation? I have B1 in German and i am working as an engineer since one year, Could this help me to get work residence permit? I would appreciate any response!! Thanks in advance!!        
  8. Today
  9. Johnson and Johnson now 3rd shot required

    Living drug addicts.
  10. January 6th Select Committee

    bears repeating:    
  11. get a test and drink a beer?
  12. Insurance for PhD student (no employment contract)

    I was searching on this topic about Freelancing on student visa. And I found many comments saying that it may lead to deportation. I'm I doing that much of a crime? Since it was not clearly mentioned on my contract saying self-employed or freelancing. So it took some time for me to clarify a lot of things.   Will my situation lead to deportation or can be passed with some fine imposed?   Note: I'm already in search of immigration lawyer for appointment to clarify this topic ASAP.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Did you notice who the best protected are,you probably skipped over it. The best protected are those who have been infected and then vaccinated.   Natural Immunity: What to Know ( This is interesting... "A recent study showed that people who’d had it but weren’t vaccinated were more than twice as likely to get it again, compared to vaccinated people who got a breakthrough case."
  15. What are you cooking today?

    I shared an Argentinian steak with my puppy Mandy today. But I kept all the spicy mashed potato and peas to myself!
  16. It seems there may be more to it than a private health insurance contract ( which may be about 60 years old ). There appear to be other insurances and investments etc to be dealt with.  Maybe ask about a " gesetzlicher Betreuer " through a court?
  17. Can’t come this time but interested.
  18. Just because you have sole custody doesn't mean that your son can't see his dad, it just means that you set the terms and times. In the situation you describe, I would suggest applying for sole custody if only to maintain the control and remind 'dad' that he can't just do what he wants.
  19. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Part of it is already included in the car price, usually 3000€, but depends on a few factors. The rest you need to wait 6 months and fill in a form to claim back the money. After that it's fast. Form somewhere here:  
  20. What are you listening to right now?

      This was the first 45 I bought, back in the '60s
  21. Cancelling Bankruptcy application and reapplying

    oh, and: No, you can't stop the bankrupcty process you are in and start a new one after that. Once he is found to be in violation of his duties and for providing false information, that's it. No more bankruptcy process possible... just paying of the creditors in full who can then take him for a full ride thru courts, bailiffs and what not. He DOES NOT want go there!   Cheerio  
  22. Medical Insurance Administration

    what kind of health insurance? and how was the health insurance set up? Directly thru an insurance agent or with an independent insurance broker? The latter, as jeba says, would be usually willing to assist with that. There are some potential service providers like "insurance consultants" (Versicherungsberater) who could help here, but they will certainly need a hefty fee being paid as this is a lot of work.   Cheerio  
  23. Understanding freelance deductions

    Private health insurance is rarely fully tax deductible. As John_G pointed out, only that part of the coverage that equals public health insurance is tax deductible. Usually your health insurance company can give you an exact percentage of what is tax deductible. Having said that: as a self-employed/freelancer you should definitly get a tax advisor involved and not try to do it yourself. Chances that you'll end up in a mess by doing it yourself are pretty high otherwise...   Cheerio  
  24. Things to ponder

    It says it all that the PM cannot differentiate between a piss-up and a work event. They are apparently indistinguishable. How did we guess ?
  25. Only sign up if you can supply proof you are fully vaccinated ( die 2G Regel) OR recovered from Corona   1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. LisaJK 3. Cragrat 4. alala (Anna) 5. HarveyP 6. Lilliluna 7.+8. Shishimaru +1 9.    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. 
  26. Then, am I correct that I just need to fill out an Erbschaftssteuererklärung with the fair market value of the property at the moment of death in Euro and send it to the FA? Thanks a lot, @Straightpoop for taking the time & clarifying this for me. Much appreciated!
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