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  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Perhaps there is special legislation for doorbells, as video doorbells have been around for decades. But in general, my understanding is you can't point a surveilance camera to a part outside your property.
  3. German Passport - Non EU

    Whereas my C2 certificate from a very good private language school in Berlin was rejected by Landkreis Havelland (Brandenburg) and I was told (during a meeting entirely in good German I might add) that I should go and do a Telc B1 test at a Brandenburg VHS. That was a complete and utter waste of time and money but I felt obliged to comply lest my application find its way into the "even slower" pile.
  4. Change of tax class online

    No. If there's a reasonable prospect that you will need to draw ALG1 and your wife is unlikely to (or to receive Elterngeld) then you should have 3 and your wife 5, so that your take home pay (from which your ALG1 payments would be calculated) is inflated. There are rules around this. You can't hop into tax class 3 the month before you lose your job. They would ignore that. You need to be tax class 3 for several months before you lose your job, perhaps even on the 1st of January in the year you lose your job but don't quote me on that. I don't know the rules well enough.   Tax class 3 = higher take home pay, most tax credits etc.  Tax class 5 = much lower take home pay as tax credits handed over to spouse.   If you do not fear for your job at all then the normal thing to do would be to give the higher earner tax class 3 to have more liquidity, but there's nothing wrong with 4:4 either. There is no "right or wrong" really. It depends on personal circumstances.
  5. Advice on Parquet/Hardwood Floor repair

    When I left my rental flat approx 9 years ago, we had damage to the parquet flooring and we were charged about 100 Euro.  The Hausverwaltung calculated based on the estimated life of the floor (15 years), the length of time since the last refurbishment (8 years) and the cost of the repair.  We had lived there about 8 years, so paid something like 7/15ths of the cost of the repair.  And they were able to repair just the damaged section, which was probably a similar size to this.  
  6. Bike courier jobs

    Mate, great shout - thank you!
  7. Today
  8. What made you laugh today?

    Many years ago I had to call in a German technician to diagnose and service our large format Xerox copier.  He arrived on a Friday and took about an hour to identify the failed circuit board.  Unfortunately, he didn't have that board in his van and would have to return to the warehouse in Ulm and would be back on Monday to replace the board.  If Monday was not good for me, the next day he had available was two weeks later.  I told him Monday would be fine.   When the technician arrived on Monday, the parking lot around the building was nearly empty.  As I escorted him to the copier, he asked me why the parking lot was full on Friday but empty on Monday.  I told him it was a federal holiday, Memorial Day.  He asked what Memorial Day was, and I told him it was the day we honored our military who died while in service.  I asked him if Germany had a similar holiday, and he said "No, I think we have to win one first."
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Before he does, perhaps ask him for reccommendation?
  10. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Sitar, Robert-Koch-Str 4 (corner Tattenbachstr) 80538  München. Nearest station: U4,5 Lehel and 16 Tram   Only sign up if you can supply proof you fully vaccinated OR recovered from Corona. 1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. LisaJK 3.+4. Shishimaru +1 5. Cragrat 6. NewChris 7. Lilol 8.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      Except for people with fame and money. Larry Hagman got one. Alcoholic.   (My cousin was supposed to get that one.)
  12. einburgerung

      I see what you are trying to say and kind of agree but at the same time, been able to communicate and passing the B1 test is not the same.   The B1 measures not only the ability to have a conversation but as well the written part and the correct use of grammar (declinations and building sentences correctly can be a pain for people who never took classes).   Just like there are people who can pass B1 and not been able to have a conversation to save their lives there are people as well that speak German every day and still fail at the test.   If it was up to me, there should be a citizenship German test instead of the B1 and in that test making mistakes with der/die/das/den/diese/diesen/dieser/deren/etc should not have a big weight.  Zukunft Zwei should not even be in the test.
  13. GAP in Anmeldung

    If you were in Germany the whole time, why did you deregister at all? The only time anyone does that is when moving abroad. Normally when you register a place, your previous registration is canceled automatically - even when you move to a different city in Germany. That's why they're suspicious of your case.   You can certainly register a hotel, a friend's place, or an Airbnb as your current abode, but the covid situation has really gummed up the bureaucracy in that regard - plus some cities (like Berlin) have a permanent backlog.   Assuming you can provide evidence that you were in Germany the whole time - such as bank statements indicating regular purchases/charges at local businesses - it shouldn't be difficult to convince them. Just say you didn't know what you were supposed to do and made a mistake. If you're polite and apologetic (and assuming no fiscal damage was caused by your deregistration), they might waive any potential fines.
  14. How to date as an almost 40 expat?

    Not if the lady is Russian/Ukrainian 😀.
  15. Language schools in East of Germany

    Greifswald is a small university town, lots of foreign students who would love to learn English. Rostock, a small metropolis, is good too.
  16.   I think it falls under the category 3 -->   If you look at the previous law changes effecting the citizenship law, you see the below sentence " Das Bundesministerium des Innern wird ermächtigt, mit Zustimmung des Bundesrates durch ..." .   I am not a lawyer, but have been following the declarations of politicians, and it's always mentioned.
  17. Hello   I lost the letter containing the PIN/PUK of my Aufenthaltstitel. Would it be possible to request to resend the letter or make new PIN?   In addition, is it possible to read the card with the device, for example: .   Note that the Aufenthaltstitel has no chip, therefore I'm unsure this is the correct device or not.   Best  
  18. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    Thanks for the info. At least testing that way seems like a safe (as safe as these things can be in the circumstances) and pragmatic solution, irrespective of whether it completely ticked the various boxes.
  19. Things to ponder

    '... which brings us to that bit of social wisdom that says there has never been a war between two countries that each have McDonalds. 'It wouldn’t be good for business.' - Mike Peterson,  
  20. An Update to my case.    We filed a case against the seller in court early November and at the same time we wrote to the original Leasing firm in Belgium asking if the car was stolen or sold illegally and as to why they did not react in February this year when police had found their car. We additionally mentioned if they are not interested in the car anymore, to take it off the list. 3 weeks later they wrote back mentioning it was sold without their consent making me the owner of the car as per german law since I bought the car in good faith. Also they confirmed that the car is no longer on wanted list and mentioned it is the fault of police for not taking it out of the list earlier. It’s a sort of happy ending as i get to keep the car legally and drive it without any problems but need to cover the costs of the lawyer for his work. I am not complaining that I need to pay for the lawyer but only that I am paying for someone else’s fault. Lawyer said i can’t go against the State. Basically the Police can make a mistake but the private citizens should bear the stress of it both emotionally and financially. Now we have written to court to withdraw the case. Hopefully they have not yet started working on it. Then at least we save court fees and opposition lawyer fee.  Thank you all for the support during this unexpected situation I went through.    Sesh. 
  21. Following a case of corruption on a high ranking level last year, Cyprus has stopped it for now. The program is under review since an undercover reporter recorded his conversation with a high-ranking official during which that official promised (for a bribe) to grant citizenship even though there was a criminal record. They are currently investigating who needs to be stripped of citizenship because the process of acquiring it was fishy (more than 40 people have already been).
  22. Yesterday
  23. Politics Gen XYZ

    Agree with that. However what political party couldn´t that pertain to.
  24. I think I'll do what we do for curry nights and just book under the name Toytown. We can use whatever name we want between us, but Toytown is relatively well known by proprietors.
  25. German Housing Market in 2021 - Where is it going?

    Physically looking at the problem is a major thing. As soon as a kit of hardware is on the table it doesn’t matter anymore if most of your job consists of programming, you still need to interact with it and other experts personally. A lot of the easy to outsource jobs (call centers are an egregious example) have been outsourced a long time ago anyway.
  26. What are you listening to right now?

    Reminds me of tenpin bowling, one of my friends used to drum along with it on the table
  27. Why are you happy today?

    Very happy to see this beauty today.  My husband rescued a huge hibiscus plant from neglect at his office a while ago. I snipped off lots of leggy branches and put them in water to see if they would root. Despite lots of advice suggesting this just doesn’t work for hibiscus…it did! The old plant has never flowered though the offspring now has lots of buds!  
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