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  2. Brexit: The fallout

      Rightly or wrongly a voter may believe that Brexit will be good for them, their family, their job, their town. Should they then not vote for it because it might cause problems somewhere hundreds of miles away? An MP is supposed to serve their constituents, if that MP believes Brexit is the best thing for them, should they not campaign for it? Anyone else who campaigned or voted for it and decided it was worth the risk for that not ok?   Boris is the leader of the country, it is his problem he and should be held accountable . Nigel Farage and the ERG types who lied throughout, they should also be held accountable. But everyone else? I struggle to appoint accountability. As long as they were honest in their beliefs.
  3. I would currently classify Germany as an unprotected population.
  4.   The payment represents the refund of post-tax contributions withheld from wages previously income-taxed in the year contributed.   Because there is no income component, the refund is a tax non-event in both countries.      
  5. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

      Yes I agree. Our diet is garbage, But in most garbage there are at least some micronutrients. That's why I  do believe that eliminating whole groups of healthy foods is wrong and make matters worse. And I also think that the fact that you eliminate sugar and other "bad" carbs like pasta and white bread from your diet is the reason why you lose weight and not because you go low carb. Everyone who stops eating sweets and white breads and pizza and pasta will lose weight. You don't need to elimiate healthy carbs from your diet for this at all. And most certainly do not eat more meat to get your protein. You can get healthier proteins from plants such as whole grains and beans!  You don't need meat for this.Thats is why I think that the keto diet is fundamentally wrong and that people credit the diet with weight loss which you probabyl would have achieved by simply stop eating sugar and white bread.
  6. Today
  7. What are you cooking today?

      How long are we talking here? I can get by for 1 1/2-2 weeks with this. 
  8. Climate change

      Must be the Al Gore Effect.
  9. What made you smile today?

    The sunset over our place last night was insane!     These are straight from my phone camera - no editing (aside from shrinking the image/file size), no HDR.
  10.   Just that 2 other people I know have entered the UK and done that exact thing, so it is certainly not a special thing for the Royal family - he is even lower risk because the whole shebang will be happening within the family compound, which most of us couldn't claim.    Last summer when the red list suddenly affected those of us using the ferry, my other half phoned the home office helpline to ask if visiting his dying s-i-l would be OK, and they were fine with that. They also stated quite clearly that no matter how you got from here to there by car, the handing of your passport to a local on the continental side meant that you had to do quarantine. At the same time, the British Embassy in Paris gave direction that it was A OK to use the chunnel if you stayed in the car and didn't use the whizzers on board.   So there is no really clear direction on much of this stuff anyway. Certainly Harry's case is not really interestingly edgy. 
  11. Coronavirus

      No thanks.
  12. Three-word story

    with second course
  13. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    My young lady became quite upset when I asked her to explain how to turn on my computer: "Which little button? There are many buttons and switches here." "Are you joking with me sir!?!?"
  14. Why are you happy today?

    Merci, ye good burghers of Toytown
  15. It's a German thing...   I often get told that I'm pronouncing my surname incorrectly.  If I want it to sound 'my way' then I need to change the spelling.    Luckily, it's not tough or bough...
  16. Yesterday
  17. Which place is the best to live in Germany

    Forst in Baden?   in 2013 I had not much choices, just moved wherever job offer was  
  18. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Happened to stumble across a list of court victories against such companies practicing this form of legalised extortion:   I love google's translation into English 'Anti-rip off act" of 2013.  
  19. A little bit off topic, but does anyone know of any banks/institutes that offer loans against Bitcoins?   I think something like „Lombardkredit“ in German. I contacted Augsburger Aktienbank but they were pretty futile
  20. Hey Straightpoop,   Germany. I've recently read and reread your argument about why it shouldn't be a trust because that structure doesn't exist here. And I -would like- you to be correct - but a lot of professionals seem to be arguing that any kind of structure where you give a financial institution money and they will pay you something later (whole life insurance policy, annuity, mutual fund, etc etc) is a trust as far as the US government is concerned. It may have to be a legal agreement in your jurisdiction, but it doesn't have to be called a trust, and not even set up as a way to avoid tax or transfer property. (It's honestly too complicated for me to understand.) Greenback even specifically mentions a work retirement account in Germany that is more than 50% paid for by the employee in this context - Riesterrente are secure to a certain extent from Pfändung. I can revoke the arrangement, but I can't influence the underlying investment. Two more general references:
  21. What's got you flummoxed today?

    That reminds me of the fire brigade in our village who while attending a house fire in the next street came across a live WWI shell in the attic of the burning house... it would have been quite flummoxing if that had gone up.
  22. You’re right. The only thing missing when I extended my visa was the Rentenversicherungsverlauf. 
  23. Conspiracy theorists

    Flint was all over the media. There are many bad places like Jackson, Mississippi and a few places in Louisiana and elsewhere.  We just don't hear about them.
  24. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    My mother-in-law couldn’t visit after our daughter war born 😈😈
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