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    Strip joint washer
  3. Random pointless comments

    Every woman who doesn't like you isn't a misandrist. It's based on the same principle that holds that every woman who won't date you isn't a lesbian. Sometimes it's just you. Take the hit.
  4. President Donald J. Trump

    Yeah, when you know you can't win if more people vote, you lie.   2020 election: Trump falsely claims 'thousands' of forgeries on mail-in ballots, despite his own commission not finding a single case of fraud    
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

    Stunning attempt at disenfranchising people who want to vote absentee out of concern for their health and the health of others.    
  6. Yesterday
  7. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    My bank doesn´t have brick and mortar branches. It´s all done online and I don´t even live in Germany while using a German bank.
  8. Slip joint washer

    My Pipe (P-trap) has somehow got disconnected due to faulty slip joint washer. 
  9. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    Internet banking? It's 2020 not 1970.
  10. Slip joint washer

    Where can I buy a slip joint washer used in P -trap in the kitchen plumbing pipes? I stay in Munster in NRW area. Is there any shop where I can find these?? Please check the pictures attached. 
  11. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    Who would accept a check, when it can be cancelled later? just google "cheque scam" "Overpayment Scams In this variation of the scam, often conducted through the Internet, the seller is contacted by a potential “buyer” who pretends to be looking to purchase an item listed for sale through a website or print advertisement, or looking to rent an apartment. The buyer is often located outside of the state or country and typically claims interest in “buying” a large ticket item, such as a car, boat, or snowmobile. After making contact, the buyer sends the seller a cashier’s check for an amount greater than the item’s list price and instructs the seller to wire the extra money to an “agent” to pay for taxes, fees, and shipping costs. After the seller sends the money, the check is found to be worthless, leaving the seller liable to the bank for the wired funds. Don’t let this happen to you!"   I also heard of this scams in Germany. I would only accept cash or a bank transfer.
  12. For girls, 8+ years old Easy shift Shimano rotary gears 3 years old, serviced regularly and original bill from Radlbauer available Taillight has regenerative battery power for safe-stopping at signals.  Original German make  Price 199€ Contact 015141304076  
  13. For boys, 4+ years old 16“ wheels 2 years old, rarely used Price 99€ Contact 015141304076  
  14. Kicked out of Karstadt because of Manga naked-lady t-shirt

    Well, a Portuguese friend that lived in Japan and dated several Japanese girls told me that the Japanese society is just sexually repressed in general, the men are completely sexual deviants and flirting/dating incompetent. But then these extreme behaviors show up, like Hentai, mild toleration for child porn and child abuse, etc. I remember when I was there, that a co-worker told me that showing legs (mini-mini-micro skirt) in public is OK, but showing cleavage is not. Hence, the schoolgirl uniform. 
  15. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Thank you, lisa, for your insights! I couldn’t agree more with you! If i may finish my evening with a desire! I would actually LOVE an indecent CHEESEBURGER right now. Proper junk. Can’t get it in our village on Crete- even when they open up tomorrow. Couldn’t get it in Germany if I were allowed to return tomorrow. Why not? The bread is too good!🙏🏻
  16. Dear  Thanks for the email   I am working in Germany since Aug 2008. the Last working in Germany before to this was Jan 2017. So from Aug 2008 to Jan 2017 I paid social security and Arbeit verscherung as and when I worked in germany that is in total 57 months.  
  17. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Jesus fucking christ   I was beyond bored with the bullshit on this site and come back for a visit and this?  THIS?     A  15 year old who weighs far in excess of 400 pounds is not "chubby", and unless they have a job they didn't get to that weight under their own buying power.   It is SHOCKING to me that anyone would say that 400+ pounds at 15 is "normal" or "different" or whatever it is, it's "ok".  Just shocking.  That girl will likely not see her 30th birthday (definitely not her 40th) if she doesn't make drastic changes (or get medical attention for whatever uncontrollable disorder she MIGHT have)  and some are claiming the argument about health with respect to obesity is bullshit?!  Are you out of your fucking minds?!?!?!?!?!   I have two personal angles for this.     First, I got very chubby when I entered puberty and it NEVER left.  I know exactly what it's like to have adults bitching at me for being "fat" when in reality it was a combination of puberty and my budding natural body type in action.  I had huge boobs for a 10 year old and yet that just boiled down to "fat" according to popular opinion - ummm, nope, it was boobs.  real boobs.  And the hips and ass to go with it.  Those NEVER left me.  I've had so many people tell me I'm fat it's stupid.  Friends, relatives, strangers on the street, and everything in between.  And note I've never weighed more than 150 pounds (though yeah, I'm only 5'1").  We are not all Kate Moss.  I could not look that anorexic if I tried and frankly I don't want to.  And I never would, but even in my teens/early 20s when I was eating a single bagel or slice of pizza or stalk of brussel sprouts with a chicken breast a day (not to be thin but because I was poor and one meal a day was all I got) and nothing more, I was never, ever "skinny", let alone marginally thin.  Even when I worked out for 2+ hours per day people still told me "oh if you only lost 10 pounds you'd look good".  I get it.  The "thin" obsessed culture is pure bullshit and quite traumatic for many, myself included as some of us just aren't and never will be "thin".  So I totally understand the "hey we all have different body types" thing - we DO.  And that needs to be ok.  but within REASON.    Which brings me to my nephew.  This child has outweighed me since he was SIX YEARS OLD (note the aforementioned "I'm not thin" thing).  He has no underlying conditions, as his doctors have tested him for everything under the sun as it is NOT REASONABLE for a child so young to be so large.  I know from inside observation that the likely culprit is that his parents just cave to his preferences for junk food and plenty of it.  Ie as much as he wants to eat.  And it's a lot.  That boy was eating whole (roughly 30 cm) fully loaded pizzas all by himself when he was 5.  He's now 11 and weighs about 275 pounds.  He didn't buy the food that led to this, his parents did.  Are you fucking going to tell me this is "ok"?  And maybe just "stress"? or "mental problems" or what?  If he has an emotional disorder that leads him to overeat to this degree, he should get treatment for that.  FFS are you kidding me that it's "ok" for a child to be that overweight?  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!   those who do think it's ok need to get their heads examined.  I tend to agree that it is in the direction of child abuse if you have a child who is MORBIDLY obese - not chubby, not different, but MORBIDLY obese.  At the very least it's serious child neglect for not getting them help for whatever the underlying cause is.  Get fucking real.  That 15 year old is MORBIDLY obese and it is NOT ok!   And with that I bid you all a final adieu.  Have fun with your flame wars and bullshit.  Note this is not a flounce, it's an intelligent and thoughtful decision.  Y'all are out of your minds and I am over. it.  Fully.   buh bye.    
  18. Coronavirus

    Nice that you`re on the J2 train and that there is a cure out there but big pharma and the democrats are keeping it from us.  
  19. I read once upon a time that publication/ picture of a woman’s breasts in Japan was legal  but publication of ONE wasn’t! Can’t remember why but something to do with one breast is erotic but two aren’t or something!
  20. Kicked out of Karstadt because of Manga naked-lady t-shirt

    BTW child pornography possession was only outlawed in Japan 6 years ago!!!   Hentai is not covered by this law in Japan, but it might be covered by laws in other countries.
  21. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    I would prefer “ when a person’s character is not clear to you, look at their friends and enemies and see how they see through the bullshit.”   But that’s just me being unusually “ heavy “, to use the argot of some of my favourite musicians!😂   Anyway, decide on your own character and stick with the game plan. It’s YOUR life - let nobody else force you. Why allow it?
  22. Kicked out of Karstadt because of Manga naked-lady t-shirt

    If I had to guess I would say you are allowed to wear it. Theres nudity on tv, magazines, billboards etc here. Should you? No. 
  23. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    I don't agree with John but you are using this debate for your own personal vendetta.   The big difference here is that John fights his own battles.
  24. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    This was great!   If you like robots bringing up kids, sinister AI and a very pretty lead actress, then this is for you.       
  25. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

      Like I say, she's a misandrist. 
  26. I have submitted my documents to get citizenship last August in Berlin. I still have not received it, although they said all my documents are ok. I sent them an email after 10 months. They said it will take atleast another 12 months. I though about hiring a lawyer to speed up the process. Do you guys think it will help? Has anyone done this through a lawyer give me some input?
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