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  2. Climate change discussion

      If that is how it is seen, then that's quite sad. Young people wanting us all to use sustainable energy, stop using plastic, eat less meat, use public transport etc etc etc. These things are all going to have to happen eventually, that is of course inevitable. Scientists are saying though that we should making this switch incredibly quickly, as we are damaging the planet at a tremendous rate. It is alarming.   Back to the stone age? Hardly. Wind power, self sufficient homes and biking to work is stone age? Why are old people so worried about stopping the gas guzzling, each to their own, throw away culture? And why the need to piss on kids who are campaigning for a greener future for themselves?
  3. A funny question! If I give them the notice on 14.10.2019 for instance, then the last day that I have to go to work would be 28.10 or 25.10 (Friday)?
  4. Climate change discussion

      Things you say when you've run out of factual material from credible sources.
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  6. Climate change discussion

      Who would have thought that students would opt to skip Friday afternoon classes and enjoy the nice weather with their friends while saying a few Hail Gretas.     My guess is that a 9:00 am Saturday start time wouldn't bring quite as much humanity to the protest.   
  7. Climate change discussion

      Confessons are associated with religious movements.      Just buy theses indulgences ...  er ... carbon credits and you will have salvation.  
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  9. What made you laugh today?

    said the 6 fingered man..    
  10. What made you laugh today?

    Eddie is now known as Jeremiah..
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    Poor bloke's been wearing a thong ever since his wife found one in his car.  
  12. What made you laugh today?

    I must say the price is enticing, but risk a Staff infection?  No, thanks  
  13.   Objektbeschreibung: Diese ruhige und lichtdurchflutete Wohnung lockt mit drei gut geschnittenen Zimmern, zwei Bädern und dem großen sonnigen Südbalkon. Die Wohnung ist perfekt an den Nahverkehr angebunden und neben dem Kellerabteil steht außerdem ein Garagenstellplatz bereit. Die Wohnung wird teilmöbliert vermietet.   Ausstattung: - EBK mit Kühlschrank, Spülmaschine, Induktionskochfeld, Ofen - Sofa, Fernseher, Couch - Esstische mit Stühlen - Betten - Kleiderschränke - Washmaschine - Lampen - usw.   Lage: Perlach besteht eigentlich aus drei Teilen: Während sich in Altperlach der historische Ortskern mit der Pfarrkirche St. Michael befindet, ist Waldperlach ein ebenso schönes wie beliebtes Wohnquartier. Neuperlach mit seinen riesigen Wohneinheiten ist die größte deutsche Satellitenstadt. Zur Naherholung gibt es den Ostpark oder den Abenteuerspielplatz Maulwurfshausen und für Shoppingfreunde das Einkaufszentrum pep. Sonstiges: - Staffelmiete - unbefristetets, langfristiges Mietverhältnis   Therese-von-Bayern Str. 21, 81737 Muenchen, Perlach   Wohnart Wohnung Etage 2 von 3 Bezugsfrei ab 01.11.2019 Mindestmietdauer 12 Monat(e) Rauchen erlaubt Nein Zimmer 3 Wohnfläche ca. 75 m² Möblierung Ja Haustiere Nein Garage/ Stellplatz Tiefgarage Anzahl Garage/ Stellplatz 1 Pauschalmiete 1.920 € pro Monat   Kaltmiete 1.610 €   Nebenkosten 310 € Kaution 4830 Garage/ Stellplatz-Mietpreis 80 €  
  14. Healthcare after Brexit

    Please read:  
  15. RBG times 2.    YCMIU
  16. Brexit: The fallout

    Do we really want these MEPs in our parliament? Brexit would get rid of them at least.
  17. Healthcare after Brexit

    I am a British citizen and my wife and I have an AOK health insurance card, being covered by the reciprocal arrangement with the UK which so far has served us well.   I have read somewhere of promises by the German government to ensure that healthcare for people such as ourselves continues to be available after Brexit but despite having searched and searched, I can find no specifics about this. British in Germany appears to be saying nothing - nothing that I can find, anyway. I am unlikely to be able to obtain private cover; therefore this mater is one of extreme concern.   Any information will be gladly received.
  18. Drivers license on second time in Germany

    you will not feel much difference between doing the license from scratch and making an exchange. Basically, you need to take 1 million driving lessons to pass the practical exam.
  19. Selling an apartment or house in Germany

    No, I dont think you can ask for exchange rates in additional expenses. I can imagine things like flying back to DE etc. might be asked.   Btw, having delay from banks is  something common unfortunately. This happens when the bank is some online bank or situated in another state and buyer is getting some sweet deal.   When I bought the property, my bank was online bank in North. Their interest rate was quite good but after notary appointment they gave me long list of documents to provide. In Bavaria, some documents are not provided by the builder, but the practice was prevalent in North. I was late by almost 20 days in making payment..
  20. Climate change discussion

    It's hard to live in 2019.   Conspiracy theory idiots on one side Climate "Fridays for Future" alarmists willing to bring the humanity back to Stone Age, on the other side
  21. Tax return from abroad

    I don't think you need to worry.The Finanzamt is perfectly capable of dealing with foreign addresses.
  22. The GOPs are only anti-Fed when the "wrong" president is in charge. Otherwise they want to build America with strong federal government and no power of the states. Whoever believes that the GOP party is anti Fed and about small government, is a useful idiot.
  23. Oh dear...     Ed Buck's donor list:    
  24. Tax return from abroad

    We are moving out of Germany this month and have to file tax return for 2019 next year. Normally I file the return using Almost always finanzamt sends me the letter to submit the invoices once I file the online return.   I am wondering how this would work when I'll be out of country and no address here next year? I am sure they're going to ask invoices again and all, same process. One option I thought to put my current address in the tax return next year and keep Deutsche mail forwarding, but I won't really like to put my former address as current address.
  25. Climate change discussion

    Have you ? Or are we going to get one of your drunken delusions about when you did,or when you were in Kenya,Morocco or anywhere else you picked by looking in an atlas. When you ingest drugs or mushrooms and "go on a trip" it doesn`t really mean you go on a trip,it`s all a hallucination.
  26. Climate change discussion

    Oh dear...  
  27. Climate change discussion

    You may remember he copy-pasted an entire paragraph praising Hilary Clinton, passing it off as his own work on here.   You have to admit he is entertaining. This video might have been made about him...    
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