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  2. How NOT to begin a new job

    What I heard recently from an acquaintance would actually come under how not to even get hired at a place. This guy told me he went again to a place to see if they had work for him. They didn't and he told me he told them that their policy was a bad one.  So... don't criticize a potential employer on their policy if you want a job there!  
  3. Letter from court for former roommate long gone

    Saying "legal repercussions" in Germany can have legal repercussions in Germany.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      I can imagine a number of Tories are also in despair with such an opposition.     
  5. Yesterday
  6. Healthcare after Brexit

      You have misunderstood - these 1038.33€ are the monthly (!) (fictitious) minimum income on which the contributions are calculated.    This (fictitious) minimum income results in a monthly contribution of € 154.71 for health insurance (including the possible additional contribution ("Zusatzbeitrag"), which varies by the health insurance and is probably set at 0.3% here - 14.6% contribution rate + 0.3% Zusatzbeitrag = 14.9%) plus € 31.66 / € 36.34 for nursing care insurance.    In total that's 186,37 resp. 191,95€. Per month. Without sickness benefit insurance.   
  7. When Vierling was born, in early 1978, one of my roommates had just had her second child with her Turkish gentleman friend. 'Well,' she said, 'Now we can get married.  If we married before I had a child, the child wouldn't be German.'  
  8. Healthcare after Brexit

    I assume that your reference to "the reciprocal arrangement" means you are currently covered by an S1 certificate, in which case the British government pays your AOK premiums.   At the time we first came to Germany my wife (a non-EU citizen now here with a five-year Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and I each had (and have) a European Health Insurance Card. We then obtained an AOK card each. I didn't know the British government actually pays premiums to AOK: I thought they 'just' covered the bills. I assume we thus have an S! certificate   If your S1 is withdrawn, as seems likely if a no deal Brexit happens, you will need to make alternative arrangements.    I thought the S! is to be withdrawn with or without a deal. Last February, I think it was, AOK wrote to us saying that their cover would be withdrawn on March 31st. As for "what happens next", phone calls to AOK indicated that it was a matter of wait and see (until after Brexit).   As I understand it "the promises made by the German government" refer to making cover available, not paying for it.    That would be OK. Wouldn't expect more. Don't mind paying 1038.33 each a year, if that's what it would be, The issue is to have continuing cover with or without a Brexit deal.      
  9. 22nd sept Oktober fest

    Hello guys I am alone in munich,if anyone alone out there who want to visit oktober fest tommorow 22nd sept 2019 and no company, please inbox me if you want..we can join...   regards
  10. Yes, that's standard procedure (Munich does it too), they need the birth certificates through his male line (if the parents were married, German citizenship was only passed through the male line up till 1975), all the way back to 1914: This is the only way to prove his "German-ness" and also what people have to do to get a Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis, which is the only proof for being German. Having a German passport or Personalausweis is not considered proof.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    I think I spend rather too long reading articles online trying to make sense of Brexit, it was recommended by someone I subscribe to on Twitter 
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

  13. Just so I can confirm I’m not going crazy: I’m 99% sure they asked my partner’s birth certificate, his father’s and his grandfather’s as well (applying as spouse/partner). Despite the entire WTF-iness of it all (my partner is as born-German as it can be and the StAG doesn’t make this requirement 3 generations back, so it can only be a Berlin issue), do they as this from other people as well? They didn’t write this on the list they gave me on my Erstberatung, so I could play dumb (my partner wants me to, but I’d rather not waste time with useless debates.    also, I’ve been considering getting an Anmeldung somewhere else. Ain’t nobody got 18 months for that. Small cities process it in a few weeks. 
  14. First World Problems

    As you do ...  
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    ITV2 + 1 doesn't make ITV3.
  16. Politics Gen XYZ

    Soldier, Sailor, Soldier, Cunt ...     Reckon Boris dresses up in military uniform in his bedroom.
  17. How NOT to begin a new job

    Comedian Shane Gillis was hired and fired in less than a week by Saturday Night Live. He received a coveted SNL spot but was  fired because of homophobic and racists statements he made on a video that was uncovered. He'll be forever known as the comedian that almost made it to SNL but got fired.
  18. How NOT to begin a new job

    Antonio Brown a new wide receiver with the New England Patriots was fired today for alleged sexual immorality played in only one game for the team.   He was also fired from the Oakland Raiders this year without ever playing a regular season game.     
  19. What are you listening to right now?

  20. Brexit: The fallout

    You can´t get the staff, Smaug!
  21. What are you listening to right now?

  22. Brexit: The fallout

      So British MPs are voting for the EU to refuse a request by the UK? It makes me wonder if they are just doing it out of spite, or if they don't know which side they are supposed to be on, or if they are just mad.
  23. What made you smile today?

    Kodi Lee is  a 23 year old singer who is autistic and blind recently won America Got Talent     Here's a video of his audition on AGT.              
  24. Untrue (Alternative) facts

      And someone asking "aaaaawwwwwww... were you wanting a boy?"  and me saying "I just wanted a blowjob!"
  25. Brexit: The fallout

    Well 73 of them are the British ones. Edit: at least this is my guess. Nigel and consorts would be voting against it hoping that this way EU solves BJs dilemma in not giving Britain a prolongation thereby making Brexit happen without BJ beeing responsible.
  26. Oh dear... Ed Buck faces minimum 20 years max life...        
  27. Worst jokes ever

    "I saw that American actress Reese somebody or other, eating an Ice Cream Sundae today". "Witherspoon?" "How else would you eat it?"   (No YOU shut up)  
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