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  2. Oh thank you for you helpful comment I will go right ahead and do this right now and perhaps we will see you tonight at the meet up?  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Hammond says it's 'terrifying' that leading Boris Johnson ally thinks no-deal won't harm economy Turning away from the Brexit committee for a moment, the Tory Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg has written an article in today’s Telegraph attacking claims that a no-deal Brexit will make the UK poorer. Here is an extract.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    London house prices fall at fastest rate in 10 years   what a great opportunity for Donald trump to invest in the capital 
  5. ohhhhh if it goes to 11, it's got to be good    
  6. Next Badminton is 23.07.2019 19:30-21:30        The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SUNDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish to play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.     1.   Maxi is managing the booking this week.
  7. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    The doorbells on the outside of my building are numbered with Roman figures: I, II, ...XI. XI is the penthouse :).
  8. Today
  9.   I'm very sure that he has a WhatsApp list of Family and Friends who he gives a heads up shortly in advance of tweeting. It's actually brilliant, if a CEO like Elon Musk tweets something that affects the market he'll run into problems, but Trump has been given no reason to believe he won't get away with it. the Republicans are such doormats that Trump may as well start screwing their women just for the fun of it.
  10. I've just posted a silly photo

    Sleep in for 20 min. longer.
  11. Hello,   I'm officially living in Germany (EU Citizen) for some years and thus am financial resident of Germany.   Now, let's say I open a business in Estonia (or any other EU country for that matter that has tax agreement with Germany), then in this company I hire myself (or don't, and pay dividents) and pay myself whatever money I choose to pay.   Notice that I am not a freelancer, or anything to that matter in Germany. I'm just working officially in that Estonian company that I own and pay myself salary + company tax (20%). How do I pay tax in Germany then? Do I just do it once a year on my tax-return statement?
  12. One boiled egg is 3 bites. Why all the fuss? I just peel em and eat em.
  13. Random pointless comments

      Only the ones who don't know what carp eat.
  14. Company name

    I like it!
  15. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    Yeah, I think in Berlin it’s different. My bell has always been situated in relation to the other doorbells according to floor regardless of where I’ve lived in Berlin.
  16. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    I live on the 7th floor and accept a lot of packages. They just know by now that we don't work and one of us is usually at home so it's not a big disturbance. Sometimes, I hear many doorbells being rung at once and I don't answer mine because I know it's a neighbor's package. I hate it when the neighbors don't pick up their packages promptly. I had one big box for 4 days and gave it back to DHL when they came again. The woman came and was livid that I had given it back. We were going away in a couple of days. I don't accept her shit any more.
  17.   But how would a non-resident know that?  It might be true on your building but I don't think delivery people can count on that being the case.   Maybe there is a scheme that is different in Berlin, but in Munich bell layout is pretty consistently inconsistent   Our bells are even laid out differently on the hinterhof gate vs the actual house door.  Totally random.  My name is buried amongst the others, no where near the other EG residents.  No scheme that I can identify at all.    
  18. Etiquette for parcels left with neighbours

    In our building, the doorbells are in the order of which floor you’re on, so it’s easy to see who lives on EG.
  19. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    jsut for better understanding: where are you applying for your citizenship exactly? That too makes a huge difference...   Cheerio  
  20. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    Hey @ilovelamp and @Starshollow   I went for my "first meeting" with the office that handles citizenships requests. We got an incredibly friendly person (which I believe makes a big difference) and they were very happy that I had already completed my integrations course etc. long ago. Basically the only thing they were concerned about was the pension situation because I'm freelance again. They told I could just open a small private pension. They just want to see proof that I'm trying to save money for old age. They literally even said "it can even be €50 - €100 a month". So I signed on for an Allianz private pension for €120 per month that I will pay until I'm 67.  If they change their story at my next meeting I'll mention it here in the forums but as far as I understand that's all that was required.
  21. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Taj Krishna, Nymphenburger Str 193, 80639 München. Nearest station: Rotkreuzplatz U1/7 and 53, 62, 63 bus OR Neuhausen 12 tram. If the weather gods are kind to us we will sit outside on the terrace!    1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. HughK+1  4. Emma  5. LisaJK  6.GaborPaksi  7.    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. 
  22. Freelancer pension and citizenship

      Your 3 years of public pension contributions in Germany is worth zip, I am afraid.  Only AFTER you have paid on for 60+ months do you have a valid and irrefutable claim against the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, which only means that by then the Ausländeramt can and will accept this as sufficient proof of existing pension planning/payments.   Therefore you'll need to set up in lieu a private pension plan in accordance with the local requirements.  If you are applying for in Berlin, it has to be a RÜRUP pension plan into which a serious amount of money has to be paid in per plan until you reach retirement age of 67. You do not have to do any back payments now, just start the plan and show that you have started paying into the plan for (in my experience) two-three months. If you are applying somewhere else, it is important to ask what exact form of pension plan with what amount of money invested until age 67 is locally required. If you use a good financial advisor for Expats, they can actually inquire for you and then work out the fitting and compliant pension plans for you.   Cheerio  
  23.   Agreed! I guess my question here is: what can you discuss here that can be mutually useful for all, assuming all are investors?   For example, P2P seems to be a relatively new type of investment which has a return of 5-14%. Would be interesting to know what experiences you all have of this...   This would be independent of the "life status" of each participant... for some interesting info; for others reason to get on board!
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