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  2. Coronavirus

      Hi @LeonG,   Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've seen similar articles like that, from different sources, all stating that vaccination is free of charge for everyone. So, not sure what I'm missing... Here is what they are billing me for:   Diagnosen: Impfberatung (226.9), Schut zimpfung (226.9) Für die in unserer Praxis durchgeführte Behandlung stellen wir lhnen nach der Gebührenordnung für Ärzte folgende Leistungen in Rechnung:   Datum           Ziffer     Leistung / Begründung          Anzahl    Faktor    Betrag TT.MM.JJ      1           Beratung auch telefonisch          1         2,3        10,72 €                       375       Schutzimpfung                           1         2,3        10,72 €                        -            Corona-Hygiene-Pauschale       1                      6,41 €   TT.MM.JJ      1           Beratung auch telefonisch          1         2,3        10,72 €                       375       Schutzimpfung                           1         2,3        10,72 €                        -            Corona-Hygiene-Pauschale       1                      6,41 € ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                 davon ärztliche Leistungen: 42,88 €                                                                davon Sach-/Materialkosten: 12,82 €                                                                                      Gesamtbetrag: 55,70 €
  3. Strange though how they think Trump was sane and an excellent President.
  4. Google Street View

    Way back when I contacted google and they said they have no plans to expire the blurring.  One person in an apartment building can blur the entire building and it will remain so even if everyone has moved. ah, germany.
  5. Public vs. private health insurance Read this! Privately insured do not have to pay and jimmy: your doctor is taking the piss. 300 euros is a rip off. 
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    I'm sure that will happen eventually, but not until whoever it is doesn't depend on getting voted in, either because they have been voted out or been "promoted" to the house of lords.   Edit to note the reference this post from @cb6dba since we seem to have started a new page.
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  8. english books hamburg is is still alive and trading

    I have not posted for a while and just want to say that the shop is still open and still has a good stock of second-hand books. The last two years has been challenging, but where there is life there is hope. Look forward to seeing a few old faces and many new ones. stresemannstr 169 22769 S-Bahn ; Holstenstr.
  9. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Dhaba -Schwabing West, Belgradstr 16 (corner Herzogstr), 80796 München. The table is booked inside but the restaurant is spacious for maintaining social distancing.  DHABA | indian restaurant Nearest station: U2 Hohenzollernplatz or 12,27,28 tram, 53,59 bus Kurfürstenplatz.   1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. bettina (I was hoping you would pick Dhaba this week!) 3.   At the moment the booking is limit to 10 people.      Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. 
  10. My husband and I were heavy smokers and quit together. We actually planned the date a few months in advance and had a reward system worked out - 24 h, 1 week, 1 month. And I had made posters with the benefits of not smoking for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks etc., suggestions what to do when the craving hit, things to never say etc. It has worked for us so far (5 years).  I think everyone has to find their own way of doing it and - as was said before - you have to want it yourself.  Good luck everone!  
  11. Is it a good idea to buy a Diesel Euro 4 car now

    Autoscout and Mobile seem to have different listings as people often tend not to bother with both unless it is taking longer to sell their car. Also check eBay Kleinanzeigen.   By the way, I bought a 2003 BMW 3 Series with 250k km in April with the TueV expiring in April too, and did some basic work (myself) like fluid changes, checking brakes, hoses, etc., and finally took it in and passed everything except for a few light bulb issues that I hadn't bothered to check (hah). So, the car passed (yes, a car that has always lived in Germany), but has massive oil leaks which were ignored, the suspension components are definitely due for a change as there is a lot of clunking and wooly steering (they put the car on a lift and shake it to check these things), and some hoses and pipes definitely do need replacement. So, I am a bit surprised that they didn't flag any of these things, not even one. I was actually hoping they'd tell me what DEFINITELY needed changing immediately, but now I have to do basically all of it. Oh, I also missed the TueV by a couple of months, so they did the 'in-depth' inspection (which seems to be bullshit).   Anyway, my point is I don't think it's THAT hard to pass TueV (clearly) unless the car is in seriously shit shape.
  12. Hi @sarahmacken  I found this post looking for answers to all the same questions.  Four years on, do you have any advice from your own experience you could share?   In any case I hope you were able to find a good solution!
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Then...   ..and now  
  14. Create a new conspiracy theory

    I don't think jeremy was ever banned.  He asked to be deleted, AFAIK, only once.  Hence the "two" after his name.   As the for the rest of it, we're on shaky ground here.  This can turn quickly into a thread that will get shut down if it turns into a big cesspool of speculation on which members might be dupes.  Take it to your PMs, please.
  15. What are you cooking today?

    I made Asian turkey meatballs, but with chicken. Made a big batch and froze some. So good and a diet recipe. For some reason my local Lidl has a regular supply of chicken and turkey mince.   I also made Greek chicken burgers. Just mixed the mince with frozen spinach, feta, garlic, an egg, and breadcrumbs. Made 6 patties from 600g of meat. 
  16.   I'd be interested to hear how it goes, especially on arrival in England. I'll also be on my way back to Germany by the time I get the result from the day-2 test, a complete waste of time (and money) for shorter visits such as ours.   I went ahead and booked my Kostenloser Bürgertest at the departure airport in Dresden. I have a connection in Frankfurt before heading to LHR, so I assume the relevant checks will be done prior to boarding in Frankfurt. 
  17. And the anti-vaxxer get's to leave her conclusions where they belong...
  18. Switching from Private to Public health Insurance

      Dang. Okay, so let's hope for the better... 
  19. Jugendamt, rights to see daughter and my ex

    TLDR: OP has a 3 yo. daughter with ex, not getting visitation, not getting help from jugendamt.   You can see here: how much you should pay.  Look for your net income per month on the left and see the amount  you have to pay under 0-5 (age of child). I don't know why she would be capped unless if she's on welfare.   In my opinion you shouldn't confuse things by paying for bits and bobs like music, clothing and this and that.  Just transfer money to your ex once a month, the amount you are supposed to and that's it.  Definitely get a lawyer to help you.  It sounds like you are not getting anywhere without one.  
  20. Does your university have an office for international students? They could probably help you or at least point you in the right direction. 
  21. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    The AirElectric App (iOS and Android) does a good job of showing the prices of various cards at any particular charging station.   I recently got a card from FreshMile. They have very good prices (~25¢ / kWh @ 11kW) but they do not work at SWM chargers.  There are a lot of compatible chargers in Munich, though. Check out their map at
  22. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    This seemed as good a place as any to discuss non US or UK related international travel. We have a trip to Ireland* planned for the second half of August. Now Germany's new travel rules mean that if Ireland makes it to the risk list, then our 2 year old will have to quarantine for 5 days upon return...which sucks. Is there anything in the news about a potential reversal of this decision about kids quarantine?   At the moment Ireland isn't on the risk list though. Although I do have to wonder why. The UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Ireland all have relatively high incident rates, yet only the first 3 are on the risk list. Why is that?   *was supposed to be the UK but BoJo dragged his feet too long and we changed our trip to Ireland just before the UK decided to recognise EU vaccination
  23. Climate change

    I`m always wary of voting for the Greens. It´s not their environmental policies that worry me (agree with many of them) it´s if they actually know how to run a country that I could see being the problem.Sometime you have to go against your core beliefs to do what is best for your citizens.  
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  25. the Olympic Games in Japan

    Andrew Hoy (62) from Australia won a silver medal (team) and bronze (individual) in eventing @john g.: this has to do with horses   He is the oldest medal winner of Tokyo so far. He already participated in Barcelona ‘92. Some much younger competitors in the athletes village thought he was an official. Great story.
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