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  2. Should we believe this? If it´s the true how does it come that small Israel has more start-up IPOs at Wall Street than Germany?
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  4. Landlord Deposit and Contract Issue

      It wouldn't fly here even with 3 months notice.  The tenant is free to give notice to move out but the landlord needs a reason. Same as a job. An employee can quit but an employer can't give notice without a reason.  
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  6. Parking tickets received outside Germany

    We got a parking ticket on our German car in Stockholm as well last year. They said we entered the incorrect number plate into the machine. The problem exactly? We entered a - between the B and the rest because they had no space bar. We had an email exchange with them. They accepted we had paid but said we still have to pay the fine. We chuckled and said let's wait for a letter in the post. It never came. 
  7. What made you laugh today?

    😂 I really love this one
  8. I saw 102 on the website which is cattycorner across the street from me. Did you find it?   Yes. Small apartments with balconies covered in black mold.   I'm out of town now.
  9. And when it begins making profits?
  10. A gift to a doctor

    I am missing you already...oh no, that´s a McDonald´s slogan...can´t have that... How about 10, 9, 8,, can´t have that, either... Oh dear...
  11. (Beats Studio 3) White Gold

    Hello New price 175, if anyone is interested pm me
  12. Unpaid wages and my rights

    The overtime account is absolutely the norm in Germany.  I don't even think you can opt out of it. talks of Insolvenz geld from Arbeitsamt so talk to Arbeitsamt and see if they can help.
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

      Monty Python rides again.        
  14. Climate change

      And then all business travel will stop. Cool!
  15. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

      He needs a reason now?
  16. Are you also on his bank account?  If not and if it's possible, you should be added to his account so you can pay bills both now and when your father passes.   Although others here might disagree, if your father has an online account(s) and you have access to his username/password/TAN, I would determine a month's worth of cash requirements and transfer the balance of the account to my bank.  If more money is needed at his bank, I'd transfer back as needed. That's what I did with my mother's accounts.
  17. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

      I know old people who smoked their entire adult life and are still alive; therefore if you smoke, keep it up, it won't kill you.  You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  18.   Munich is a pretty big place and if there are few opportunities for you here, then that should raise a different red flag...your skillset.  So many of us become comfortable in our jobs and we tend to believe they will go on forever.  But, when the shit hits the fan we realize that we did little to keep up with technological changes that now make us redundant.  We then start to scramble, searching for "a new career".  In other words, to everyone, the best defense is to pay constant attention to training and education.  When I interview with a company, my first question is "what types of ongoing education do you offer?"  I will only work for those with an appropriate response.  It's my future I'm concerned with, not theirs.    
  19. Oh yeah - 23.Jan.2020 @ Hofer 19:00   Good to see the thread title does update on Twitter even though the URL doesn't change anymore.
  20. Car in really good conditions. I am selling it because my personal situation changed. Price negotiable  
  21. Working abroad and get paid in Germany

      Thanks for answering my question! I was looking for my other options, Me working as a permanent worker (on blue card) in Germany, Can I even receive that money? I mean I don't have freelance visa, but I only have bluecard for my permanent job.
  22. Movie translation

    If you hammer "Force 10 from Navarone script" into google, you get this link... :-)
  23. Seemingly, there are 6 plots of land leased by the farmer.  My husband's plots are in the middle ...not much, just around 3000sqm his, around 20000sqm total.  The farmer apparently does nothing with any of the land yet still pays the low annual lease.  The Gemeinde  told me that  getting anything at all for leased Ackerland is a bonus and that there's no official price scale.  The selling price scale is 2-5€ per sqm.   When I asked what we could use the land for Schrebergarten, no shed, no garden house.  I asked if we could plant trees and make a small nature reserve....the chap was   somewhat flummoxed and said that that was possibly likely.    I also asked if any kind of 'Zwang' verkauf could happen...he sounded most shocked at the suggestion and vehemently denied that any kind of 'Zwang' could ever happen. Slightly suspicious of his reaction.   Thanks for the official quote, I'll ask my husband to read and digest properly. 
  24. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Planting trees in an area where chance of bombs in the underground is high and planning to harvest them later, sounds like playing Battleship or Russian roulette.
  25. Yup, search for non native speaker specialist is going to be my next step. Thanks for comments though!  
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