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  2. What are you cooking today?

    Looks great! My mother didn’t cook much very often though she used to cook a great oxtail casserole.  I’m vegetarian now though have good memories.
  3. Does Anyone Work in Munich?

    Also:   Travel restrictions = no incoming immigrants  Brexit = no gap year knuckleheads hanging out going to beer festivals Loss of sustaining income = loss of income dependent Aufenthaltstitel   The list goes on.   If your business model was based on underpaying people who were happy to get whatever, you may want to draft a new model.
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    It’s a small 🌎.  We were in the local Utne Reader Salon in Davis, CA with Robert and Jill in the 90s.  Our kids were contemporaries.  Robert was a scary smart guy who was trying to recover from the crap at the Salk Institute.  He marched to his own drum, but he wasn’t crazy, and he wasn’t right wing.  He was all about the research, not about 💰.     I’m an Atlantic subscriber, and when I saw the article in August I felt conflicted and sad.  It reminded me that the academic world is cutthroat and political and often chews people up and spits them out.  I dug deeper, tried to reconcile my feelings of sadness, and had to let it go, but now it’s back again.  😂
  5. Deducting expenses previous to becoming a freelancer

      I suspect that the answer is probably not that complicated but that most people here simply don't know.  Do you have a steuerberater?  They would know. Did you buy the furniture and equipment in anticipation of opening a business or would you have bought them anyway?  
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  7. Bathroom refurbishing (DIY)

    Thank you for the info. I think it is a very acceptable price and a viable solution. Particularly putting this cost in perspective with the crazy and übermäßig bids!   Anybody knows if the refurbishing itself, done by me requires any prior approval?
  8.   I have to say that after the initial euphoria, I started to refer to myself as 'Brexit-Deutsch', which says it all, really.
  9. working as an employee and a freelancer at the same time

    Thanks for your help on this  @travelerworker
  10.   Yes, I still have UK rental income, going into my UK account as always. I changed nothing.    
  11. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    I think it's a vehicle and not a trailer, as it were, just from reading the posts.   Such a pain when someone parks right outside your property.   We get it happening a lot, and although we have a great long fence line and really don't care, people insist on parking right near the gate, which we reverse into on the side of a hill at a weird angle, and that is just annoying and unnecessary. 
  12. ground cable for satellite dish (Blitzableiter)

    A knowledgeable person sent me this link -
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Yes, but she probably prefers a wakeup call from tor.  
  14. Energy price increase

    Just in case this helps anyone else…I found a much better price for electricity from Entega who are our gas main supplier. Their online tariff options weren’t all too good though phoning them got a much better offer. Offers change daily.  Arbeitspreis: 26,60 Cent/kWh Grundpreis: 120,00 Euro/Jahr Laufzeit: 12 Monate mit Preisgarantie * Sie erhalten eine Neukundenprämie über 126,05 Euro netto, 150,00 Euro brutto, ab einem Mindestverbrauch von 1.500 kWh/Jahr **. Prices include Mwst (VAT). There don’t appear to be any hidden catches.    Our electricity contract runs until June 2022 though there is a special cancellation clause enabling cancellation due to price adjustment during the contractual term. I believe this applies to all energy supply contracts. Normally, a new supplier can deal with the cancellation and transfer though in this case, we had to write a cancellation ourselves to the current supplier stating…..Sonderkündigungs recht etc.    I noticed on Verivox or check24 (can’t remember which) that they advise not to take 24 month contracts with particularly high new customer bonuses.  I’ve heard it may be best to select bigger energy supply companies as some smaller suppliers have ceased trading. In such a case, supply would revert to the main supplier though likely at a high ‘emergency price’ until an alternative contract can be found. 
  15. Navigating visas for US citizen

      Sorry, I'm not on TT as much as I used to be - just saw this. SnowingAgain is of course right, and I should have been more precise: Non-EU citizens must leave Germany and the entire Schengen zone for 90 days, before being legally allowed to return.   Source: German Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  16. brave the 'storm' and come have a beer
  17. This happened to us a couple of years back - during the home-schooling period of the first COVID lockdown. We couldn't hear ourselves screaming at each other over the noise (probably not a bad thing) and it went on in one form or another for about 6 months.   The final result really just added monetary value to the owner's investment. Many old fixtures that had previously worked well (common light switches, doors, gate handles etc.) were replaced with ones that were new, stylish and pretty quickly proved deficient.   One good thing was having to move the plants indoors. We now have a permanent garden box on the inside window ledge that our pet rats enjoy playing in!   Also: not sure if this applies in your case, but the scaffolding around our building allowed 4th floor access to curious opportunists during the night. Part of the pain was having to keep windows locked all the time!   Good luck getting through it all.
  18. Politics Gen XYZ

      And it's gonna be yuuuuuuge!!!
  19. Brexit, New residence permits

    Thanks. I guess even if it's not strictly speaking ID most people who are likely to ask for it would have no idea that it wasn't.   I'm wondering if there's any reason for me to put it in my wallet. Probably not.
  20. The current weather in Munich

    The low pressure area Ignatz is here, bringing rather chilly sunshine, racing clouds, and a storm that started at 6 am. It already blew over plants here, time to secure them or bring inside.  
  21. Climate change

    It was quite a night in the Alsace. Reminiscent of 1975 in the north of England which was followed by March gales like I d never seen or heard - but then I was only just into double figures myself - which was followed by the hot summer and drought of 1976. Interested to see if there is a pattern. If there is, batten down the hatches, folks, cos you ain't seen nuffin yet.
  22. Milieuschutz & online office?

      Thanks for the kind wishes! I've yet to see a larger apartment that's neither on a Milieuschutz street nor prohibitively more expensive per qm. Moving further away isn't really possible because of Kita/school.   What I'm trying to finding out if there are any acceptable "stilles Gewerbe" exemptions. The lack of small offices around here is dire, whether rental or purchase.   Even shared spaces have so many catches that they're simply not doable.
  23. Cost of Living in Bavarian Countryside

    I love that you keep a motorcycle in your house.   20 euro per square meter is crazy!
  24. Car vandalism -> explored some options but no success?

    That's a bitter lesson. But sadly true.
  25. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    New All-time high for Bitcoin of $67000.  
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