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  1. Yesterday
  2. Need a moving helper (or two) near to Pasing for Thu (12.12) and Fri (13.12).   PM me for details.   Cheers, krakp
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    88% of Conservatives’ most widely promoted ads feature claims which are not correct  
  4. Pointless plastics..

      The Danish study re. bags is referenced in this article:   Yes, the fundamental point is that the plastic (or cotton) bag is not thrown away. 
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    Despicable him
  6. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    another Tesla the end, she makes a good point about starting in the EV market vs. moving from ICE to EV.   If you believe the story, you might double your investment.  If I had to bet, that is more likely at Tesla than VW and Mercedes. Tesla bull Cathie Wood gives her take on the Cybertruck  
  7. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Be funky lisa! It's all about shrinkage. Sometimes shrinkage is good.   Upload your pic, save it on your pooter [within TT's accepted KB range, 225kb to be safe, I believe] ,  post it, ezpz    
  8. Industrial PhD: Who has the patents

    Are you listed as one of the "inventors"? Do you have access to the patent document? I filed for a patent this year and although developed within a company, I am one of the inventors, so if the company one day profits from my invention, they have to pay me. But there are many rules, I think that the company could also "buy" the patent from me.
  9. UK NI contributions / pension statement

    Thanks all for the replies. Yes of course you're right I should have done this 20 years ago, mea culpa. But it kind of snuck up on me and to coin a phrase... we are where we are! Anyway I spoke to HMRC again and I have to say they may not be fast but they are friendly, sympathetic and informative. It seems they received a request for my data on 20.11.2019 and the current processing time is a mere 31 weeks! Also the E205 has been replaced by the CA4344 which can be requested by submitting a CA3916. This can be done online via the government gateway (I got that wrong) but only if you have either a UK passport or a UK credit history (unfortunately I have neither). So I shall ponder my next move, whether to submit a CA3916 in order to get a CA4344 and submit that to the DRV in lieu of an E205, or just wait until June 2020 and hope my application doesn't get lost or bungled and I have to start again from scratch! Also Brexit should not affect any of this at least during the transition period. Recognition of periods of work or study by the DRV is also not related to EU membership but valid worldwide for anywhere, though the process of course may differ between EU or EEA and other.
  10. Climate change

    The nuclear waste is a big problem because US banned recycling of Uranium in the 70s. And only France made a big bet on it.
  11. What made you laugh today?

    You have just stolen my pizza joke, clive! 😩 So, I have no option but to tell another true story! Man goes to the doc, feeling a bit unwell.. Doc: “ ok, it’s not good.. you have a brand new disease called HAS. “   Man: “ what’s that? “ Doc: “ it is a mixture of herpes, AIDS and syphilis. And the only thing you can do is to change your diet and from now on eat only very flat pizza.”   Man: “ will that cure me? “   Doc: “ no, but it’s the only thing the nurse will be able to shove under the door. “   RIP my old buddy Mike, who died of AIDS in London in 1991 and whom I shall never forget.  He loved black humour. And when the phone call came from his Buddhist partner, I was already in Hamburg and his partner told me he had planted a tree in Mike’s memory and I hope the tree is tall and splendid and providing shade for sunseekers in that part of South East London and inspiration for the lonely in their hour of need.    
  12. 1. Academic hour is 45 minutes. 2. Yes, it's normal to spend 3000 euro. I think I spent the same amount even though I already owned the driving license (from Ukraine) and had driving experience in USA, Israel and Germany (on the highways mostly). 3. I practiced in the autobahn, Landstraße and the city every lesson. We also did a lot of parallel parking trainings. 4. Passed from first attempt.   I think you should change the driving school.
  13. Worst jokes ever

  14. The Vent - No Chat!

    There is a financial crash in the offing.   
  15. US Social Security Payments / German tax return?

    Thank you very very much!
  16. Jahrgang

    Jahrgang is the neutral term. Baujahr is informal and slightly humorous,  but can also be a bit awkward when used in the wrong setting.  Kohorte is very formal. I have only ever read it. In a sociological study.  Most people wouldn't know what you are taking about.  Unless they have read Astrix and think of the military meaning.  The Romans had Kohorten...    Mostly Jahrgang refers to yob. For example in sports.  As said before,  it can mean school year,  but often the year of graduation is used on that context, e.g. Abi 2000 
  17. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I prefer to know why! Out of courtesy!  Definitely remove scammers, criminals, threats of violence or whatever but otherwise - I would appreciate the courtesy. I don’t pay or not pay to post my nonsense on here!🙏🏻😂
  18. Wardrobes for Sale

    Price reduced to 30 Euro ( big) and 25 Euro (small)
  19. Price reduced to 120 Euro
  20. Double bed with almost new mattress for sale

    Price reduced to 100 Euro ...
  21. Random pointless comments

    ... now I understand the term “ senior moment.” Just back from a short Pipirunde with my dog Max. Why did I go out with him? Because I couldn’t remember if I’d just been out with him.🙁 It doesn’t matter that much- Max kann immer... Other older people can’t remember where their glasses are- I can’t remember if a dog has taken me for a Pipi walk or not.
  22. Hi. I have a company and I sell my handmade products to private people and businesess (they become resellers). I never agree to remove my logo and put their own on my produts. Recently one reseller made a huge order, then she tried to get out of it... Well. Long story short, the case is in court now. He still had my produts in stock and now I saw on his social media post with my products but he changed the packaging to his own brand. Is German law protecting me in that case? I seems so wrong and unethical. Thanks a lot!
  23. We play our next game Sunday, December 15th at 2:00pm.   We will be at location 1 near Chinese tower (note: not the usual Sunday fields). As always, please bring a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 1:   See you on the field!
  24. Changing your surname in Germany

    I see this has some old info but hoping to get some responses for help.  Semi-short version: my wife born in Germany to German parents, they had too many kids at that time to feed so they put my wife temporarily in an orphanage. An American couple adopted my wife from the orphanage and changed her name completely while in Germany. They returned to the States where my wife was abused mentally, physically and sexually for years starting at age 6. After several years of moving to evade authorities, my wife was put in the foster system. To this day she has black-spots in her memory of this time and we are still patching it together. She got herself into college and married a guy, she changed her last name after the marriage. With two children and a marriage that ended in divorce she changed her name again so that the adopted parents would have more difficulty in finding her. When we met and married, I did not ask her to change her name but as she grew more confident, she changed everything in the USA back to her original birth name to honor her heritage and her birth parents. Since then we have spent years looking for her German family and we have found them (but many too late like her mother, sister and brother). We have submitted for German citizenship almost 2 years ago. Last week we went to the NY German Embassy for passport and they found the citizenship was not approved yet BUT that the passport would have to be issued under the name of her adopted parents. This is putting a lot of mental strain on my wife to be referred to in Germany by the people that abused and molested her. All she wants is to do is live in Germany and not be reminded by that awful time in live. Just issue the German passport and citizenship in her original name (same as her current USA paperwork). Our goal is to move over to Germany to be closer to her birth family and to start a new business there. To do this easier would be for her German citizenship and passport to be approved so that we could buy property and open a bank account and such (I am only an American). We think we should contact a lawyer in Germany to help with this name-change process. We live in USA, she was born in Bad Hamburg, and adopted in Wiesbaden. Please ask questions if this helps you narrow your answers down.  
  25. German labor laws for sick days

    How is the issue of family doctors here? As mentioned we had 3 or 4 retire around us, we were very lucky we got one. Most people aren't.  Had a family member move to Ontario and they were told good luck finding a family doctor. People with family docs ususally go to urgent care or similar. 
  26. Nice person of the day award   Fin Doherty, 18, was formally handed his older brother’s beret after completing a gruelling 19 week training course at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. Pte Doherty burst into tears as it was presented to him by Sgt Major Adam Ireland, who fought alongside his brother. 
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