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  2. E-car tips

    I currently have E.ON. I simulated on their site and got these values for 3000kWh day consumption and 1800kWh night.     Are these values right? 25c day, 19c night? (plus grundpreis, of course)  
  3. What made you laugh today?

    Happy Easter.    
  4. Hello there, I am selling a MacBook Pro 15" retina with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD Flash storage, and the i7 Processor at 2.2GHz, it also has a totally new display replaced in 2017 part of the Apple Retina Renewal program, and it rocks a US layout Keyboard! German EU Powerplugs and also VGA/DVI and Ethernet Adaptors. Pickup in Berlin Mitte, 750EUR - Cash Only Small bump on the USB port left side, otherwise in top condition. +491743447305 Mobile
  5. You really should not try to (for the lack of word) manipulate anything with the intention of being able to live in Germany. It will really be a lot of trouble for you and your wife if you get caught. The government is really pretty thorough in digging for information especially when it comes to giving permits.    Your situation is somewhat discussed here:   I know you have already given it a consideration but just really do it. Apply for another job ASAP. Make as many applications as you can. There was one here in TT who did the same thing after being relieved from his employer and he was able to obtain a new contract. You take it from there. Also, my friend who was here on a tourist visa last month, applied for a job during the stay, and was given a job offer that will start in June. When you get hired, you might be given an earlier date since you are already here. 
  6. Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a ´Finanzamt´issue! I recently sent a letter to my local Finanzamt in Berlin stating that I am no longer a freelancer and now employed ´Angestellt´. They sent me a letter back stating that I need fill out a document ´Steuerliche Abmeldung/Ummeldung´and that I need to send some photocopies of evidence that I no longer work as a freelancer. The evidence I could provide is stated as follows... ´Bitte legen Sie auch Ablichtungen der Verträge und Schriftstücke bei, die mit der Beendigung der Tätigkeit in Zusammenhang stehen, sowie eine vorläufige Ermittlung des Veräußerungs-bzw. Aufgabegewinns. Sollen Sie keine schriftlichen Vereinbarungen getroffen haben, bitte ich, den Inhalt mündlicher Abreden in einer Anlage darzustellen.´ Would it be enough just to send a photocopy of my completion certificate (as an English teacher) or must I also provide my ´Aufgabegewinns´? If so, how will I do so? Is someone able to provide me with a examplar or could lead me into the right direction? Dearly and thankfully appreciate many help!
  7. So you quit your job and are planning a move to another city without a signed contract for your new position?
  8. Receiving mail (and keeping Anmeldung) after leaving Germany

    Is it then possible to get them to pay to a different bank account? You state your nationality as EU, so then there should be no additional cost for them.
  9.   In his press conference, Barr stated that he has no objection to Mueller testifying in front of a Congressional panel.   If Barr has made material misrepresentations, Mueller will have a chance to publicly clarify any open points.    This is important.    Congress is back in session on 29 April.   Hopefully, something can be arranged soon after.       If Mueller does not deliver the next domino in his testimony, you can complain that the redacted parts of the report are key to determining the truth, and Mueller is in on the coverup.      What do you think John Brennan meant when he said he had been given "bad information" after making sensational claims for 2+ years?       
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  11. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

      Taking responsibility for the safety and well-being of a bunch of school kids for 3-5 days on a school trip sounds like high stress rather than vacation like to me.     Whether in Germany, the US or any other country, the sooner parents accept responsibility for their kids' education, the better off they are.   Assume the kids learn nothing in school and you need to develop good study habits and regular checkpoints independent of what the school requires to make sure they are on the right track.   It may seem unfair, but it is the reality.   Good luck. 
  12. @fraufruit, thank you for your reply. I wasn't talking about bank charges. I will pay by Überweisung (bank transfer), but the landlord will charge me 15 euros for that. Are they allowed to charge me this, as obviously it doesn't cost them any extra work whether I pay by direct debit or bank transfer?
  13. Things to ponder

    Do you love your wife?     
  14. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    There are a few existing threads on Rurüp if you are interested in learning more. I remember our professionals discussing it a while back.
  15. Legal Notice from Bayerischer Rundfunk, Beitragsservice

    I can't read most of the second copy!
  16. I don't actually see an amount anywhere on the letters you posted but if you want to avoid trouble in the future, you are probably better off paying up.  There are people who make a point of not paying but if you do that, you have to face the consequences, deal with court bailiffs etc.   Call the court bailiff on Tuesday and ask him if you should pay him or someone else.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Obtaining a SCHUFA credit report online

    How long does it take to receive SCHUFA-BonitätsAuskunft?  I applied here: and it said that it will be sent by post.
  19. Fund taxation in 2018 and "fiktive Veräußerung"

      Anlage KAP-INV:   Please also see:äußerung/?do=findComment&comment=3747149  
  20. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

      Thanks for your input. I only met one Beamter at the Burgeramt who took all the documents and processed it all and took the fee. He then said ti would take 2 months. But, now from another office ( I take it it all goes to one central place where they "complete" it) I got the request. Makes you wonder what the point of the first interview was after all. 
  21. Odd news

    Too kind, Tor! I will have to remember the sale of a removed bit-of-gold-in-it tooth in Harburg about 15 years ago when my dentist recommended taking the removed tooth to a gold shop. I did! The woman there weighed my bloody tooth ( bloody as in wasn´t bloody!! ) and gave me about 30 euros, which I then did some shopping at Karstadt with! I had to sign that it was my tooth! I have no such rewarding teeth anymore...this time I will pay the dentist!!! Mind you, a bargain...four teeth out...bridge, temporary, bridge in and out temporary and getting close to a proper bridge..all in all, around 1200 euros..miles cheaper than in Germany and because it´s Greece: cash! Last week the dentist asked me if I´d paid the technician already! How? I don´t even know who it is! And she hadn´t told me. Anyway, 600 euros cash on Monday! And I can eat bread without worries! (the teeth, I mean! The bread..not so sure! )
  22. I've just posted a silly photo

      "Port out, starboard home, Posh with a capital P."       (Random fact: Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, wrote Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.)
  23. The Interstellar Asteroid Oumuamua

      I agree. The reason I am a creationist is because there is no mechanism for inanimate matter, like rocks, to develop high functions such as consciousness, eyesight and repoduction on there own.
  24. Definitions game

      piccolo paleo   espirit de l'Stade   2B
  25. Irish Citizenship applications here in Germany

    Landkreis Havelland so close to Berlin and yet so far. I feel for murphaph and am glad that he is not dependent on it thanks to the Republic of Ireland doing the right thing, namely staying in the EU.
  26. Word of the day

  27. Tax Refund shows negative number!

    Maybe they've hooked up with Toytown and are charging you 5 euros for each unnecessary new thread you start.   And another 5 euros for every one that you put in the wrong forum section (like this one, which you put in Life in Baden-Württemberg).
  28. Residence and Taxes for Self-employed

     Unfortunately he isn't trying to have his cake and eat it too, but rather earn enough money to get by and put a little away. The high taxes make it so that he would have to a turnover of 10,000 euros only to save 170 euros every month. At the moment he's just in the negative numbers.
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