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  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Yep, our banned-racist-now-returned-under-a-different-name, ah, "poster" is getting desperate. He's digging very hard for stuff to make us jump. I would say not engaging with him is working nicely. There will be an extinction burst of course, as in a flurry of  silly postings - the easiest solution is to continue to not waste your energy on him.
  3.   Maybe. Or maybe I'm just pointing out that I've read enough the negative and I would like to hear some positives now. I don't need more negative stories and comments, especially ones that are based not in experience with autism in Germany but rather a 3 month exchange in high school.
  4. Today
  5. Car Hire or Transport - Riva Del Garda - Munich

      Thanks very helpful yesterday : Rovereto is a great possibility ...
  6. I really would not click onto a link that extensive!!!
  7. Only in America...
  8. If the other houses all had their own bin, then the collection lorry will have to use the road to get to them? So, you really cannot block this access road. Is it on your property- looks as if it is partly on the main road?
  9. Heart attack at the age of 41

      In the UK you can kill your pet as long as you do it humanely.
  10. Cool stuff worth sharing

    This young lad is really cool!👍🏼
  11. You Tesla investors probably already know this -    
  12. German VAT when invoicing clients in the U.S.

    I am an Independent Contractor, based in Germany, providing consulting services for a US company. All of this is online and no physical goods are exchanged. For invoices with my hours worked, do I need to include VAT for a US company?
  13. There are many existing thread on ETF's, investing in general, etc. Or have you already tried the search function?   AFAIK, there are no high interest savings accounts.    
  14. For siblings the limit for a tax-free gift is €20,000 as well (same as for unrelated people)
  15.   Then change your location too. 
  16. Is U.S. Self-Employment Tax Prorated in a Split Year?

      In my reply above just substitute "K-1 Form 1065" for "Sched. C USA" and "K-1 Form 8865" for "Sched. C DE".  Just like a Sched. C, the only thing on the K-1s that indicate the foreign source of the income will be the address of the respective partnership.   I doubt the DR will doubt your word on your application since it's no sweat off their back one way or the other. But, in the unlikely event they do, just send them something official looking from the Einwohnermeldeamt or something from the KSK showing your registration.   PS   Would you care to share your reasons for organizing your business as an LLC/GbR with all the associated compliance costs instead of simply as a sole proprietorship?    
  17. Brexit: The fallout

    Brexit: Michel Barnier mocks Mark Francois’ moan about EU trade ‘demands’, pointing out he voted for them    
  18. Jack Charlton, former English football player has died, aged 85.   He was a member of the 1966 World Cup winning England team.   R I P
  19. Say that you are a woman with a small child, and that you need to separate from your husband ASAP (for reasons I will not get into here, but you can use your imagination to think about what they would be). This means that you need to leave the apartment where you have lived so far (as it is too expensive just for one person), and somehow find a place where to rent fast and/or store all of your things.  Say you don't have work due to the difficulty in finding work because of the current COVID situation and because you cannot work full time anyway (because you need to bring and pick up your kid from the kindergarten (due to the father reufing to help out). This means that you are on either Arbeitslosgeld 1 or 2.  How would you go about it? What would you do to find a place to stay?  Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated Thank you Anita
  20. As fate would have it, I am leaving Munich for my job in September and am looking to sublet my fully furnished (minus TV) 3 room apartment initially for a year but with the possibility to simply take over the lease. The apartment is on a quiet leafy street 5 minutes from St Martin Str. (S3/S7), 10 minutes from Giesing (S3/S7/U2) and 2 mi Utes from the nearest tram stop at Werinherstr. (18).    The apartment is roughly 85 qm and a floor-thru on the third floor of a building with elevator. The bedrooms both walk out onto a balcony and face a quiet inner courtyard. The kitchen and living area are at the other end of the apartment and face the street. The apartment also has one full bathroom and one half (or guest) bathroom, and a closet very practical for storage. A duplex parking space and a storage unit are also included.    The sublet would be €1680/mo., however, this does not include GEZ, Internet and electricity. If there's interest in taking over the lease, this would need to be discussed directly with the owner.    Please DM me if interested.    Kind regards, James
  21. Swiss Streetview on a train

    Switzerland doesn't have full coverage either. There are plenty of streets I've looked up and found no Streetview for. 
  22. Living in Germany, working in Switzerland

    Where are you going to be living and where are you going to working exactly during this arrangement?
  23. Bank transfers to Switzerland

    Does she actually need to change it into Swiss francs though?  N26 offer a free account in Euros to residents of Switzerland. If she opened one she could keep the money all in Euros until she needs it and wouldn't lose anything in fees or exchange rates. The Euro is very weak at the moment.
  24. I wonder whether they can legally do that. You might want to ask a lawyer. I´d guess that you´d get an answer for such a relatively simple question for cheap at a website like .   Or @engelchen might know.
  25. "Happy birthday" in various German dialects

    again asked how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in various german dialects            Please, thank you
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