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  1. Past Hour
  2. Coronavirus

    Much more likely that was ordinary flu. I was ill the last week of January, with a cough and headache and generally feeling rough, but I don't think for a minute that was it. 
  3. Although I'm sure this wasn't the purpose of the policy, I think massive numbers of high-street closures wouldn't have been great either. I must say I'm not really sad for the land-owners missing out on their rent, that was going to happen anyway of the shops went bankrupt.  
  4. Three-word story

    the poor sod
  5. Today
  6. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    For once in the last 25 years or so, both my kids are not only on the same continent, not only in the same country, but right on my doorstep, even in my home (son)! The only relative missing is my Austrian granddaughter. For once we are all together, and I'm so glad that is so in this crisis. I had a few trips planned in May, June, July and August. The May one is cancelled completely, the June one is still open but not yet booked; these two were to meet up with friends and colleagues. A pity, but no huge deal.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    The renter passed away at the hospital on the 26th. Up to those last hours she was still able to be cared for at home by her family. No more suffering. 
  8. Bought a cat

    Dear Metall, Just to inject a lighter note into this, and I see you emanate from Florida (lucky you!!) A person born in England from English parents can describe himself as English. Born in Wales, Welsh, In Scotland, Scottish. All these people are also British. In my case, I was born in England, of Scottish and Welsh parents, so I don't have any 'English' blood flowing through my veins. I always tell people therefore that I'm 'British'. It's just by accident that I was born in England. Of course the language of the UK is predominantly English, although many people speak Welsh and a few still speak Gaelic. Even the BBC has a Gaelic radio channel I was surprised to hear when last in Scotland! I have a lot of fun sometimes, trying to explain all this to German English students. Once in America, somebody asked me if I spoke 'American'? I looked at him quizically and asked him what language that was?   Back onto the thread, we have a dog and a cat and love them both for what they are.Oscar 63 sounds like he might be 63 weeks old and in need of some therapy.    
  9. Steuerklasse 4-4 vs. 3-5

    Just to add to this topic in the Corona-virus times: Tax class also affects how much money you get in case of short time working (Kurzarbeitergeld) about €400/month between tax class 4 and 3.
  10. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  And most days Trump hits a 1 or a 0.  Amazing.  🤦‍♀️
  11. And hope you are a member of the Mieterverein- tenant's association, for support and resources.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Yeah. Pot stirrer again. Who cares what Marie Antoinette says.
  13. Alternative titles of threads

    Is it possible to get terminated because of corona-related bosses?
  14. Buying property in Germany

    Even in UK either party can back out until exchange of contract which here is the equivilent of signing with the notary. Sad for you, but unless you can up your offer (which may still not be enough if the other party raises theirs), you will not get the apartment. Try to look on the positive side that you found out early rather than at the last minute.  Good luck with finding somewhere that suits you
  15. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

        In my opinion, "Zuzüglich des Arbeitnehmeranteilaus dem fiktiven Entgelt" doesn't apply here, as your KA is calculated taken into account RV, KV, PV and AV, right? (i mean 60% from your brutto - KV - PV - RV - AV) So you have already "paid". You shouldn't pay twice while your 7% for KV is already taken into account in your KA.   You can take a look to your payroll and you will find a separate part with SV-Arbeitgeberbeiträge or something like this, which doesn't influence your salary ("is a consequence of").   Anyway in order to calculate how much your company will pay (SV) when 0%:   Brutto-Soll. 5200 Istentgelt 0 Diff. 5200 Fiktives Entgelt (80%) for KA 4160   SV Entgelt 0 (your company is not paying you!) SV Fiktives Entgelt 4160 SV Global Base (reduced by 80%) 4160   Then, as in your payroll, they (not you) have to pay x% for KV, y% for PV, z% for RV and 0% for AV. You have alraedy paid your part.   If your KA is calculated without KV+PV (not sure if it is possible, even for mandatory insurance), then you should pay around a 7% of 4160 to your KK as KV. But in this case your KA should be higher! as your contribution to KV was not discounted to calculate the KA.   Anyway, it is only my interpretation
  16. Dear all  I find a lot of info on tax return mode for rented second house hold in you moved for work , but I can not find how shall I calculate it if I decided to buy a flat instead of renting it .   What will be the value compared to the rent that I can claim back?   And as second sub topic if I decide to rent a room while I’m also living in , shall I decadere as new income or I can consider as sharing cost of living there ? And can I have some benefits on tax or I just pay the %in relation to my over all  income :(.    thanks a lot  nic    just to make an example if the house value is 400k€ and I have a mortgage rate of 1050 euro (Interest 1.1%; rec2%) +350 euro cost of house + 100€ energy +internet .  I will have a total cost of 1500€/month  can I claim the full value since if I compare the market price of rent for the same flat will be the same amount ? Or how I shall calculate it 
  17. What made you smile today?

    First, click on search and put a few key words in. There are probably already threads here on that topic.
  18. What are you cooking today?

    Pizza. Yes, we have flour and yeast. And lots of Mozzarella, tomatoes, the works. I used too much water, but the dough looks lovely. 1-2 grams per pound of flour are enough.
  19. Good day to all you lovely people of this forum. I hope you can give me a piece of advice on my situation. So, I am a student enrolled in a german university, and, long story short, I messed up big time. While visiting my friend I had way too much to drink and went into a drunken rage. At some point I stormed outside and caused a ruckus there, which prompted a scared neighbor to call police on me. Thankfully, by the time they arrived, I calmed down, so there was no arrest and a friend of mine drove me home. One week passes, and I get a questioning letter stating that im charged with Sachbeschädigung auf Straßen Wegen und Plätzen. I also want to note that, according to my friend, I did not do any significant damage outside of the house. From what I understand, this most likely entails a fine and a misdemeanor record, so here are my questions: - Will this incident prevent me from extending my student residence permit? I will have to apply for it in about a year from now. - Will it impact my chances of getting a working permit after I finish my studies? Thanks in advance to everyone who answers here.
  20. Corona

    Still paying German tax - even after last night!😂
  21. Most advised tax return software for employees

    I highly recommend WISO Steuer Office (made by Bühl).   I have used it for more than 20 years and am constantly amazed at its comprehensiveness.   It is, however, only in German and it will take some practice getting used to it.  (That is no less true for the free services of ELSTER.)   Considering its capabilities and scope it is preposterously cheap.   You can buy it online or in virtually any bookstore.
  22. Paying taxes to US on US pension, now Germany also wants $$$

      The information you report receiving from the FA is both accurate and inaccurate. Assuming the payor of your US pension was not a US or State government or instrumentality thereof, the FA correctly informed you that your US pension is subject to German income taxation.   The FA is incorrect in stating that said pension is not taxable by the US.  (In a larger tax policy sense it is true that your pension should not be taxable by the US but, alas, that is not the case. It is fully taxable by the US.)   To avoid the effects of this double taxation, you "simply" compute and claim a foreign tax credit (FTC) for German income taxes paid on your US pension.    You will claim the credit by filing US Form 1116 on your current and amended returns (if necessary).    Your pension income based on past employment falls into the "general limitation" category for FTC purposes. However, since you likely earned your US pension by working in the US, the default "source" of that pension is US.  Normally, this would mean that you could not claim a FTC attributable to that income because it is not "foreign source".   Here is where the tax treaty comes to your rescue.   Article 23 (Avoidance of double taxation) para. 5 (c) (applicable to US citizens resident in Germany) allows otherwise US source income that is taxable exclusively (or partially) in Germany were it derived by a German citizen to be "resourced foreign" for purposes of computing the US foreign tax credit.   Form 1116 has a "basket" (category) of income items that are "resourced foreign".   Compute the portion of your modified German taxes allocable to this "resourced foreign" category and claim a credit for it on your US return.   If you would obtain any benefit from doing so, you can also file US amended returns (Form 1040X) to claim the credit on past years returns and claim a refund of US taxes if applicable.  Unlike the ordinary 3-year statute of limitations on refund claims there is a 10-year SOL for refund claims based on the foreign tax credit.   The general rule for US citizens resident in Germany is that each item of your income will be taxed at the highest rate allowed by either country's tax system for that particular category of income.   In short, tax-wise, US citizens abroad are in the worst of all possible worlds.        
  23. Does he pay your father in cash with no receipts or is there a paper trail that could be followed to prove that he is paying rent and how much?
  24. Deutsche Bank Developments

      The whole planet will be in a pickle at that point.  
  25. Receiving Corona Aid on Freelance Visa

    According to this website- no. Scroll down to the very bottom.
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