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  2. Brexit: The fallout

    These people sat on the campaign committee of "Vote Leave", which has just been fined by the Electoral Commission: Liam Fox, Iain Duncan Smith, Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Steve Baker, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel and Lord Lawson.  
  3. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Donald Trump when translated into Russian is "марионетка".
  4. Ok. Hopefully next time! See the rest of you soon.
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

    Ah, yes, the emails we're not supposed to talk about because it's inconvenient for the Democrats and their deity Hillary Clinton. Well, Bush 43's former AG has a few thoughts on them as pertains to Russia:   “There are some 30,000 emails that Mrs. Clinton did not turn over, on the claim that they were personal and involved such trivia as yoga routines and Chelsea's wedding. If they instead contained damaging information -- say, regarding Clinton Foundation fundraising -- the new president would have taken office in the shadow of a sword dangling from a string held by the Russians.”    
  6. Here. it has changed since kid#1 applied 2 months after the vote. She could download the forms and a list of requirements and turn up at the einbürgerungsstelle in person at random. When we went earlier this year, there is no more downloading, and you have to phone for an appointment. There is little delay, though, and the Beamterin very friendly, so in this location, it is still do-able.
  7. They'd have nowhere to put us. Tents... or people's sheds... or caravans ? Sleeping in shifts like the migrants do in London. Housing shortage and a construction industry dependent on government loans. Yippee. I know why I left three decades back.
  8. Twat of the day

    Make way, a story about a woman on a good salary that can afford nice things if she doesn't piss money away.  
  9. Eh, no. If I have a 50 Mbps contract and never get at least 45 Mbps the ISP either has to fix the problem or let me go. I don't have to agree to a downgrade to 25 Mbps. ("auf Kundenwunsch" = "on costumer request", not "at will of the ISP". Either way that is part of Deutsche Telekom terms and conditions. Irrelevant for M-net customers.)
  10. 1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. Andi  3.+4. Susie + Ryosuke   5. Metall (it's a... special personal day tomorrow )  6.
  11. Hmmm...   I am lost. I thought the Shadow Government wasn't supposed to exist. Now I am confuddled.
  12. Today
  13. Frankly, I don't know. Could you please give any reference why it is impossible? It is not my concern but I am willing to expand my limited knowledge. I think it is similar to the case when someone stay longer than his/her C Visa for some reasons, e.g. medical one, ...   Since he now has a type D Visa, could you please kindly help with any additional information?
  14. Worst jokes ever

      I once dated a girl who was World Farting Champion, she blew me away.
  15. Why are you happy today?

    Because I am now the final full official owner of another family Brexit bolthole .    More security.  Better life.   Lots to look forward to.   This is for those of us recently discussing purchase process relating to new developments and in particular how it completes, upon entry into the ownership community.  Specifically we get a Mitteilung from our Amtsgericht (via our notary) to confirm us as full owner.   This is another item in the Brexit chronicle, which is now 25 months old.   Started March 2017, fully completed July 2018.   Brexit is not new - some of us have had time to build a home .
  16. MVV Isar-Card monthly ticket (last day of validity: 28.07.) Ticket is valid 24/7.   Price: 15 EUR   Pick-up possible on Friday 20.07. at somewhere on the Stamm-strecke or near Theresienwiese or so.   You can contact me via Whatsapp: 01573 250 8580
  17. Also available:   2. Monatskarte August Ring 1-3, valid whole day 65€ 3. Monatskarte Juli, Ring 1-3, valid whole day available 24.7.: 12€   
  18. World's fastest supercomputer vs. the human brain

      Looks like it already came and Oak Ridge ain't the only ones developing it and it isn't a secret any more.
  19. Anyone? Otherwise it has to go to the dump this weekend :-(
  20. Is this your second apartment?     Or are you trolling TT trying to get a new tennant?
  21. Blue Card & Leaving Job Early

    Thank you @ilyann
  22. Changing tax class after divorced

    Nice. I will try the Abmeldung. The contract is in my name. Thank you!
  23. 2018 Kilometer rate for business travel

    Finanzamt pays 0.3 per kilometer.   Not knowing your salary I would probably take the 0.15 per km rather than having deducted from your taxable income but you should do this using a Tax Calculator to see which is best.   You can not claim wear and tear. 
  24. Sorry, Alan: You will have to promote the 19:30 slot!
  25. @ engelchen,but will one likely get at that rental value?Whats the next best alternative and then what about the Studentenwerk  pakete I read about on the internet?How does it work out. Sorry I have to request for sufficient details as it seems the issue of accommodation in Berlin requires that much detailed information moreso with the scammers lurking around. That is not to say I am shutting out other opinions.Thank you.
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