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  2. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    @emkay Ahahhaa! Piers Morgan. Gillette's toxic masculinity ad earned a mixed response—but research supports the message     It just sucks when science doesn't make you feel good about being a jerk, doesn't it? Get back in the kitchen, indeed.
  3. Kindergeld for children living abroad

    Thank you!  
  4. Today
  5. Hi!  We are in the process of moving to Munich, and are heading back there at the end of this month.  I'd love to join your group, if there's space.  I'm 40, with 3 kids (13, 11, 9), and a husband.  
  6. Movie recommendations

    This looks like it will be a riproaring success too - topped UK box office on release this week.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Why are you happy today?

    The suspended coffees idea is good! 
  9. Slow German internet

    Yeah, they should know the ISP. I wouldn't necessarily assume any malice, though. Often these guys are only sub-contractors, not direct Telekom employees. Too many appointments for too few technicians ...
  10. Worst jokes ever

    Ineffectual MP gets job at Easyjet.
  11. I think in his private ventures that was indeed quite true.   As president, he's far too exposed. - you'd have to be mentally challenged to not see it.  Yeah, his base is still largely unswayed but I dare say they (as a group) are a fairly lost cause from get-go.  I don't think his blame-shifting talent is even a factor currently.  I think everyone knows he's to blame for MANY missteps, but so far it seems there is no limit to what he can do that will ever be deemed "actionable" - they know what a mess he is, but the GOP refuses to lift a finger for completely unfathomable reasons.     I mean self interest is a factor I'm sure, but I don't REALLY see how most of this disaster can pan out to be in their interests.  I recently read something that suggested he's blackmailing Lindsay Graham, so maybe that's a factor too with some of them      It's madness.
  12. No it is not and No it is not
  13. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Got our letters inviting us to the ceremonial handing out of Einbürgerungsurkunden at the end of January.    Yay! That's me and kids#3 and #4 sorted. Kid#1 was already done, and hopefully once Kid#2 has had 2 more pay slips from his new job he will also be in (rather by the skin of his teeth, but hey)   Timescale - paperwork handed in complete end August, so 5 months. I already had my Einburgerungstest and B1 certificates to hand and all translations etc. It was a massive stack of paper for all of us with all the required copies.   Good luck to all still in the process - one step at a time...    
  14. Ski Boot Salomon Size. 27,5 (41/42)

    Sold    I can't delete this with my phone   Moderator heeeelllppp  
  15. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Gillette have just launched a vegan razor, and Piers Morgan is raging.
  16. @john g., thanks a lot for useful information.  
  17. Room in a 75 sqm furnished apartment

    I sent you an email.
  18. I did some more research and ended at this formular:   If I understand it correctly: I fill-in this form [which basically say "You are paying Tax"] Give it to Finanzamt. Finanzamt put a stempel on it [If it is accepted] and return it. I scan it and upload the scan to eBay. eBay satisfied, because they have committed to their obligation to Germany Correct?
  19. Kindergeld when in elternzeit

      I'm sorry, but if you want expert advice, you have to call the German Pension Insurance. That's where the experts are. Toytown is just a public forum where nice people from and with personal experience try to help others.   During parental leave, you also get reward points - but you don't make any pension contributions. Money that you have not paid can not be refunded. But the receipt of Elterngeld has no other effect on a payout after five years.    And as Jay already wrote: You can only get your pension insurance contributions paid out, not the employer's contributions or any other social security contributions.  
  20. Brexit: The fallout

    At last, the £1 billion DUP bribe paid off.
  21. Odd news

    How much does it cost to bribe a (Mexican) president? Answer:$100 million.
  22. Only in America...

    Drat.  My secret is a secret no more ...
  23.   HTH   2B   Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and none of the above purports to be legal advice. In Germany only a qualified Rechtsanwalt or Jurist is authorized by law to provide legal advice.
  24. Hi, thanks for clearing that up. See you next Friday.
  25. I've just posted a silly photo

    Sensory deprivation experiment.. 
  26. ***Now at location 1 for the winter***   We play our next game Sunday, January 20th at 2:00pm.   We will be at location 1 near Chinese tower. As always, please bring a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 1:   See you on the field!  
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