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  2. Watch UK TV on German TV

    @Jonny although you are correct that you can't watch more than one thing at a time, there are other reasons why you might want to use something different to a VPN solution. The most important is one of the 'nuts and bolts' which I neglected to share in my post above, performance.   All of the big content providers use so called 'content delivery networks' (CDNs) to serve content to your PC. These content delivery networks are distributed around the world and most ISP's have extremely fast connections to all the local connection points.   When a geoblocked service like the bbc checks where you are connecting from, it does so based on the initial connection, however when it serves the actual content it will allow the CDN to decide where to send the content from. So a really clever smart DNS service will mask your request to but not to the cdn endpoint in germany. That way when you stream a BBC program, it will come directly to you via the fastest connection to your ISP instead of via a transatlantic cable with all the delay introduced by that long link).   Also regarding your point about 'leach-like lawyers', be aware that a VPN does little to guarantee protection from the law. It simply moves your illegal activity to another country. If you are lucky the VPN provider will not share records about what you are doing with a lawyer in another country, but that isn't in any way guaranteed, and there is a lot of fake info about VPN providers out there so it's easy to get caught out.   Re bittorrent via a VPN, just don't risk it. Far better to do something which is not illegal (like streaming video within the EU which is the topic of this thread) or at least very low risk (like streaming a service you have paid for in another country such as a US netflix account). In general breaking the terms of service of an internet content provider is a civil action which will at worst result in you getting kicked off the service.    
  3. An International  driving licence needs to be used with the original  driving licence, not on it's own. 
  4. many thanks, I will try check if the Einkommensteuerbescheide is really required.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    It was commented on in this thread back at the time ( but we all knew it was bullshit then and is bullshit now.  
  6. Today
  7.   I had no idea this was an option. This is quite compelling, even aside from the IsarCard issue, as it would allow me to carry a (semi?)valid ID everywhere I go without inconvenience.
  8. Hello,    the items below are for free:   PM if interested.   Harris
  9. Sales Assistant

    Hermith GmbH is currently looking for an Sales Assistant in our Sales Department for supporting our business activities in Europe.   RESPONSIBILITIES: Dealing with customer enquiries; Estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties, and delivery dates; The preparation of quotations; Handling customer orders in the absence of an agent in charge; Answer customers' questions about products, prices, availability, product uses, and credit terms; Negotiate details of contracts and payments, and prepare sales contracts and order forms; Contact regular and prospective customers to offer products, explain product features, provide customers with product’s certificates samples and catalogs; Forward orders to purchasing department; Maintain and update Hermith GmbH database with prospective customers Recommend products to customers, based on customers' needs and interests; Consult with clients after sales or contract signings in order to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support; Keep records of purchasing/sales, import/export correspondence and to maintain current information on tariffs, licenses, and restrictions; Perform administrative duties, such as preparing sales reports, keeping sales records.   REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Very good written and oral communication skills in English, German, French and another foreign languages would be useful; Excellent communication skills, verbal and written; Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team; Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with others; Demonstrable ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines; High degree of discretion dealing with confidential information. using a variety of software packages, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc., to produce correspondence and documents and maintain presentations, records, spreadsheets and databases.   OFFER: You get the opportunity to work in a dynamic and international work environment, to apply your ideas and contribute to our success story. You can expect a highly motivated team, diverse assignments and a performance-oriented salary. Sounds good? If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of the Hermith Team – send us your CV:   Job Type: Full-time  
  10. Friday playgroup for English-speaking parents and young kids from 10:00-12:00. All are welcome!   The playgroup is located at Kidlerstraße 15 of the Himmelfahrtskirche in Sendling. Walk through the black gates into the car park, passing the Himmelfahrtskirche church steeple on your right. The playroom is located in the building with the green door; there is a ramp for strollers.   On nice days, we will be outside in the garden. There is a sandpit, playhouse and various outdoor toys available for the children.   We are asked to give a small contribution to the church. One euro per family per visit should cover this cost. Please send me a pm if you need more information. It's always great to see familiar faces and meet new ones! See you there!
  11. Lilium Aviation is looking for some hands on, team players to help in the assembly of our battery packs! This will be a 4-6 week placement.   Want to change the future of how we travel and support in the development of our Electric V-TOL jet? Our mission needs you!   Requirements:  Able to use/hold/manipulate small tools and parts with hands. Simple grasping, power grasping and fine manipulation is required Ability to work on repetitive tasks/assembly line Good communication skills, both written and spoken in English, ideally German   Please find the JD below and feel free to PM for more details.  
  12. Intensive German for 8 Year Old

    Oh, I so remember speaking to shop assistants through a 6 year old whose language skills far surpassed my own    About the Grundschulen - it seems to completely depend where you are, ours are still fine, Hamburg seems to have gone awry. Are you in a city? I wonder if they are worse.   If your older one who has been such a language star misses a year, my only worry would be her missing some maths, but if not much is going on learning-wise, maybe that is not so much of an issue. You sound as though you have all got on with learning the language pretty well - it is so nice to hear a story of it all basically working out.
  13. Can I work as a baker in Germany without an Ausbildung?

      Misslexi needs a work permit first, she's from the US, she will not get a work permit for dishing out goods. She has to pass the Vorrangprüfung.
  14. Best ways to invest money in Germany

    I don't know Exporo, but I saw some ads for over the weekend. They appear to be copying Funding Circle's business model (if you know that from the UK). About 5 years ago, I decided to test the water with a small investment (just under 10k) in FC. From my experience, the advertised (at the time) 10% returns didn't materialise. I note they have now revised to about 5-6%, but even that is optimistic. One of the key reasons is that over the last year there has been a greater number of defaulting loans. The other issue is that for investors these platforms become victims of their own success: if more people are prepared to invest, it is possible for borrowers to seek lower rates. Overall, I have had a touch under 5% pre-tax - enough to make it worthwhile keeping the original sum in, but not enough to think about increasing the investment.     
  15. How to make wine

    Thanks @chooyo, I'll try in town later. My wife was due to be in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler today, which had been my fall back plan (a top wine growing area in this neck of the woods), but the trip was cancelled. Good tip with the Federroter. I'll let you know how it goes.  
  16. After a week off we are back to normal service this week. We have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Sarovar, Fürstenstr 12 (corner Theresienstr), 80333 München. Nearest station U3,6 Universität or U3,4,5,6 Odeonsplatz.    1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. Emma 3.  HarveyP 4.    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. If you hit "reply to topic" and you cannot paste the text, just re-load/refresh the page
  17. Any cricket fans on this forum?

    Does anybody know any legal ways to watch cricket matches online in germany? I can get the australian games via, they offer the games played in Australia to overseas customers. But what about getting overseas matches? I really just want to watch Test cricket, doesn't matter which countries
  18.   It doesn't matter as the the result of the examination passed in full is permanently valid:   Though depending on where you are handing in your application you might also have to include a handwritten CV in narrative form. If so, it might be a good idea to have a native German look it over for any crude mistakes.
  19. Jokes

    A woman announces to her friend that she is getting married for the fourth time. "How wonderful!  Congratulations ! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what happened to your first husband?" "He ate poisonous mushrooms and died." "Oh, how tragic!  What about your second husband?" "He also ate poisonous mushrooms and died." "Omg, how horrible!  I'm almost afraid to ask you about your third husband." "He died of a broken neck." "A broken neck. How ??" "He wouldn't eat the mushrooms."
  20. English books to give away

    Email address not working - das ist das leben.
  21. Online videos

  22.   Did you miss McFarland's recanting of her statement to the FBI last week? Maybe you missed that Flynn's sentencing date has been set. You can read all the things here.   Keep wishing. I guess you are one of those magical thinking folks who believes in imaginary sky men.
  23. Update: Passed exam & now I have Erlaubnis to practice psychotherapy in Freiburg. My details are in the post above. Mother language: English & Spanish. We've been submitting requests for Krankenkasse to pay for the therapy, as well. :)
  24. Daily and hourly rental car

    Back in the day before Car2Go and DriveNow realized that they couldn't accept members without a German/European DL, I used my American DL.  Once they realized the mistake, they froze my account until I submitted a German DL, so I had to exchange my American DL for a German DL.  And yes, I had been here for four years at that point, but was able to show my DL issued before I came to Germany.  At any rate, even though it was a 'new' license, Car2Go and DriveNow still let my membership resume because they had proof that I wasn't a new driver.  
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