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  2. Unexplained items on my credit card

    What did you do before you had Toytown?   Why not call the number on the website and ask them where the Item was sent to or ask for the country IP adress where the product was viewed?  
  3. You will complain that the court has issued its verdict in German but the landlord is not entitled to sit on the deposit for so long just in case there might be deductables,  Amtsgericht Hamburg (45 C 74/02,  16.12.2002). He can claim them back later if it really takes him so long to work it out but he must return the money.
  4. The car as well need some conversion if it is a US car, mostly the headlights.   Not sure if Romania will accept it without those conversions but Germany definitely won't
  5. EU New Import Cars handlers in NRW and feedback

    My wife purchased a new car imported from the EU last year from a dealer close to Koblenz (so not in NRW).   She had to clarify with the kfz amt exactly how to do it, as we collected the car from another state and brought it into Hessen and she got conflicting information online and over the phone so she went in person and spoke to somebody and got it clarified.  (Sorry, I can't recall what the issue was).   There were no hidden costs or anything for us, the only think I would say is to make sure that the dealer pays the VAT in Germany for the car and it is clearly stated on the invoice/contract the amount of MwST paid in Germany.   I have to say that we had no issues at all and everything worked out fine for us.
  6. Complete FAIL

    I KNEW it was South Carolina before clicking on it. Yep, that's where I come from.
  7. Interesting spam e-mails received

    gmail stands for government-Mail, I guess...
  8. Health insurance for the unemployed   By the way, is your wife getting an Abfindung? Maybe worth reading:
  9. How to get the E104 form?

    Starshollow, re the above posted in 2015, is this still the case now (May 2018)?  Because I see the list of examples under 'nachweis' includes things like proof of residence, job contract, etc., but I don't see 'letter from GP' or similar as an evidence that is accepted.  This is important for me because according to your reply on a previous post I've made, I need to prove NHS coverage for 12 months and 1 day before I can get into public health in Germany.  I moved back to the UK (I'm a UK citizen who had been living in USA) in December 2017, registered with a GP in December of 2017, but cannot provide proof of residence or national insurance contributions before March 2018 because it took that much time to organize renting a flat and finding a job.  In the meantime, I was staying in temporary places, partly through Airbnb, partly with family/friends, and I was looking for work.  So, if I want to move to Germany in January of 2019, can I use the letter from the GP to prove that I've been covered under the NHS since December 2017, even though my other documents (flat rental contract, NI contributions, etc) will only be dated from March of 2018?  Thank you,
  10.   This whole thing is only an issue for those of us (not me and not your husband) who care strongly about remaining british.
  11. Today
  12.   here, i doubt that you will work more than 50 hours per week. only if you want to. usually contracts are 40 hours, and you might work some extra hours included.  but it depends on the job/industry/company etc.    i also do not understand the anxiety. but its not all of the Germans. but in comparison to my country i can find in Munich 20 times more stressed people here without any reason.  i heard many theories since i am here why this happens;  its the "system" ,"weather", to its genetics "stress hormone production" , "German education system" ,etc,etc. and it varies from city to city, region to region.     
  13. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    Maybe those who are on this website 24 x 7 are paid by the post...
  14. Best knives for cooking

      Well a little late, but here's the long-awaited update.  It actually took a really long time before she** started putting the knives in the dishwasher. Now that I live at home, I usually use the knives I took to Munich/Stuttgart with me, and they were always put in the dishwasher.   Fazit: The new knives got through 2 or 3 years without being put in the dishwasher, but now wind up there more often than not.   **It's not that only she puts the dishes in the dishwasher, it's that I still wash them by hand.
  15. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    €6754 ↓
  16. Differences between minijobs and midijobs

    Broken link due to software update. Correct link
  17. What do foreigners like about Britain?

    I visited Britain for the second time after my first two years living in Germany, and at the time it was such a breath of fresh air - politeness!  Friendliness!  Small talk at the shops!  The border guard congratulated me on my birthday before asking me the obligatory questions, and then it was pleasant encounters the rest of the time over there.  Plus, we went to Devon, which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.  So, narrow touristy perspective on an entire country, but I like Britain, and I could certainly picture living there.  My sister lives there and really enjoys it, finds it superior in a lot of ways to where we grew up in Canada.  I've been back a couple of times since, and always enjoy myself there.   
  18. Hi,   I am selling my Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging strolller. I loved the stroller and highly recommend it for running or hiking on rough trails. My model is the pre-2015 legacy type, so it folds up a little longer than the current model, but it still fits in my Mini fourfor. It comes with the infant carry cot, a rain cover (although the standard, not the really nice fitted version), and spare back wheels (I had a few flats, but the last patch job I did maintained so I never replaced them). The only damage is sun fading on the sun shade and the rubber on the handle is split, the handle could be replaced for about 30 Euro from the MB website, or less elegantly taped up with black duct tape. A new sun shade could also be purchased from the website. I do not have the adapters for attaching a car seat, but these can also be purchased and fit most common car seat brands. If you are interested I can send pictures of all of the pieces, the link below gives all of the product info.  I would much prefer a pick up (I am in Aschaffenburg), but other arrangements could be made. I would like 300 Euro.
  19.   Well, if that counts, I, too, am just a lesbian who happened to be born with a penis.
  20. We're in the process of buying the flat we're currently renting, all is going to plan.   As it happens, all the balconies - which were discovered to have problems because of inadequate rainwater drainage a couple of years ago - have now been completely saniert, paid for as Hauseigentum. Nice timing for us, actually.   We have a second Loggia (i.e. set into the building, sealed on three sides) on the same side of the flat which hasn't needed attention, but we like the way the floor of the adjoining balcony has been sealed/painted and are wondering whether it too counts as Hauseigentum, rather than the individual flat owner. I have been googling around in German and it seems that all external painting counts as such.   I will ask the Hausverwaltung, but just curious if anyone else here has specific knowledge of this issue
  21. The phone is just a TAN translator, they show you the encoded TAN on the screen of your computer and you scan the picture with your phone and it will convert it in the plain TAN.   If you do no want to use your phone then most banks offer a device that will do the decoding.  So your device will replace your paper list, from the functionality point of view it is the same.
  22. Fritzkola

    Oh no! How could I make such a grave mistake!   I will now to to Verband der Besserwisser Deutschlands (VBD) and ask them to burn my diploma!
  23. Three-word story

    up and down
  24. Is giving a dog a haircut a bad idea?

    I also think it's not a good idea as it takes away the natural insulation the undercoat provides. For instance, my daughter's dog has no undercoat and suffers in hot sunshine, whereas my own dog has an undercoat and doesn't mind the heat at all. The three huskies that I had years ago also never suffered in the heat. They shed a lot of undercoat in the summer but retained a thin layer as insulation. Dogs ventilate through panting, which they do a lot when it's hot. It's because they can't sweat through their skin like we do.  Panting doesn't necessarily mean that they are thirsty, which many people seem to think. 
  25. Therapy in Frankfurt (free?)

    Call your insurance and ask if they will cover a private therapist, as the wait times are much shorter. Public (Kassen-) therapists usually have wait time of more than a month. Alternatively you could look up hospitals with a psychiatrische Ambulanz (outpatient psychiatry). This is also covered by public insurance.   I think in your shoes I would do the latter. If the hospital cant provide help themselves, you would think they would have a solution of some sort.
  26. Ladies, Looks like the weather's not on our side for sand and cocktails all evening. I will have the table confirmed for 6:30pm at Wirthaus in der Au (Lilienstr 51).    Should anyone wish for a pre-drink drink by the Kulturstrand before the rain comes, you are more than welcome to. I will probably be around there by 6pm.   
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