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  1. Yesterday
  2. Fully furnished smack in the city center flat by Konigsplatz for three weeks from July24th until August 15th. Minutes from Hauptbahnhof, Stachus and every form of public transportation--ubahn-sbahn, night trams etc literally downstairs. 54 sq.m, Fully equipped kitchen, with dish washer, washing machine oven etc. High speed internet. Available short term from July24th until August 15th for three weeks. Rent 1000 all inclusive. 300 Euro deposit. PM me if interested.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Westminster failed utterly tonight. The UK is on course for a massive act of self harm.   I think (reluctantly) that the best thing the EU side could do now is suspend the talks and indicate quite openly that the UK position (insofar as it has one) is so far away from the basis of discussions that the EU anticipates a crash out and is now dedicating most resources towards mitigation measures for the EU 27.   It's insane.
  4. See you all tomorrow. Reservation under Natalie.
  5. MVV Transferable Ticket

    But still the customer number in the card refer to the person who brought the ticket right? So will there be a problem if they find out?
  6. Need ELSTER online help

      Your tax number.
  7. If you apply for German citizenship after Brexit you will need to apply for an exception if you want to retain the UK one. In many cases this will possible, in many others not. If you get the dual citizenship before Brexit you don't need to apply for an exception and you won't lose either citizenship after Brexit. That's why everyone is rushing to get it done before.
  8. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    There is absolutely no reason to buy an expensive Rolex watch, they don't go any faster than a normal one.
  9. why men are not welcome? is it lesbo party? :)
  10. Great chiropractors / osteopaths

      Would recommend American Chiropractic Center!  3 of the doctors were trained in the USA, also young so up to date on their techniques.   Some companies cover a certain percentage, others full depending on if you are private or not.  They charge the full amount upfront and then you have to send the bill to your insurance. 
  11. Car seat for children

    Hi, We're selling 2 booster car seats for children (15-36 Kg). 5€ each. To pick up in Großhadern (U6). Cheers, Marta
  12. Best ways to invest money in Germany

    Java, there are professional advisors and banks who will manage your money and promote their ability to make you money. They can also offer products that offer a certain percentage over X amount of time if you stay invested. These come with fees.   But if you are looking for some relative certainty you can invest in "Dividend Aristocrats" (just google it) which are blue chip stocks that have increased their dividends for 25 years and pretty much short of them going bankrupt you are pretty sure to get 2-4% per year in dividends (that apart from whatever growth there is). A stock like AT&T, for example, has a yield (dividend) of 6% per year. Stock goes up, stock goes down - you will at least get 6% of your investment back (assuming they keep paying the dividend..).
  13. Problems with owner and long vacation

    Will make sure this is followed. 
  14. Woah! Passports ready for pick up in Berlin (don't they send it??). Thats about 8 working days!!!  
  15. Thank you for responding. I asked them in an online chat with a 24/7 bank representative and his response was very broad! "Nein, US-Staatsbürger dürfen bei keiner deutschen Bank ein Depot eröffnen." Touche!    Staatsangehörigkeit non grata...   FATCA is the gift that keeps on giving. 
  16. If you are a UK tax resident and have a bank account, a property or investments held outside the UK and you've not told HM Revenue & Customs about them, then you have just a couple of months to let them know, or you could face hefty penalties.   At the end of September the RTC scheme will come into effect which means HMRC will immediately start using the financial data they've been receiving from any of the 100 countries which have signed up to the exchange of banking, insurance, real estate and investment info under the common transparency in financial transactions rules.   How the RTC will affect individual UK tax residents can be found in detail on the HMRC webpages under the  Requirement to Correct tax due on offshore assets - GOV.UK   NB: The potential risks in delay include facing an additional 100% penalty on top of whatever the tax HMRC calculates to be owed as well as having your name, address and other personal info published on the UK Gov public web pages listing tax debtors and defaulters.   Affected individuals have until the end of September to use the current reporting scheme before it ends. Make a disclosure using the Worldwide Disclosure Facility - GOV.UK which offers the advantage of posssibly being able to negotiate reduced penalties and avoiding having your name, etc., published on the UK Gov web pages.   ++++++++++++ Even if you live outside the UK but own property in the UK which you let as (a) short-term holiday Airbnb type rental unit(s) this item may also have an affect on your potential earnings.   HM Government has published draft laws which it will finalise after the Budget in November. People who let out property through sites like Airbnb could face a tax crackdown from next year. Those who are currently enjoying a £7500 tax free allowance under the Government's rent-a-room scheme would no longer qualify unless they stayed in the property for at least one night of the let.   Jane Moore from the Institute of Chartered Accountants explains the new rules in the current weekend edition of BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Taxing holiday lets; a warning if you have money abroad.   2B
  17. Politics Gen XYZ

  18. Why are you happy today?

    Blo   Bloody  hell, katheliz...I thought it was about wild sex but no!!!!      
  19. World's fastest supercomputer vs. the human brain

    Nha not that fast yet lol. 
  20. Huge discrepancy between the Arbeitszeugnis and my boss' speech

    Welcome to the weird, nuanced world of the Arbeitszeugnis. Allegedly there is coded language for HR/Recruiters to speak with each other while the Zeugnis remains positive looking. I tend to simply believe most companies give you something positive because (a), as mentioned above, it can only create problems for the company if they are too negative and (b) there are no hard feelings and they hope you do well so they give you a bit of help.   Here is the bottom line. Regardless of how wonderful and glowing your Zeugnis is, or how much you spend to force them to write you a better one, you were let go in the trial period. There is virtually no worse signal for your next employer than this. Because if your Zeugnis is so wonderful, why did they let you go!? Therefore it is more important to come up with a way to explain why this happened and it had better be good because being let go in the probationary period is like a scarlet letter.     Good luck. : /
  21. IsarCard available for August 1-3 Rings for € 57 and for July from 26th to 31st for € 10.
  22. We are moving out. We have 2 items to giveaway. Please find the description and photos in the links below:    
  23.         It is not just a matter of EU/non-EU; Germany considers India a country with unreliable documents and an Apostile from India is not worth the paper it is printed on.         
  24.     As a newly arrived foreign student it'll be next to impossible to find an affordable 1 bedroom apartment in Berlin.   A room in a flatshare (WG) in Schöneberg will probably cost you at least 400€/month.
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