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  2. Only in America...

        ..and the four year old.  Truly tragic.
  3. Jewish guy* films his own Antisemitic attack in Berlin

    God bless Israel . The only democratic country in that Middle East hellhole region ...
  4. Only in America...

    What a tragic price to pay, just to win the dick waving contest. Guess that will stay with the grandfather all his life.
  5. Today
  6. Only in America...

    Because the shooter is a four-year-old who can't be held accountable.  That's why it's an accident.
  7. Hi,   I am a bit puzzled and not sure how to calculate the net salary in france to evaluate an offer. To be honest is simpler and better documented for Germany. But maybe there are some french guys willing to give me a hand   From what i understood so far get a brutto from employer and from this you extract: 1. Les charges salariales sont estimées en moyenne à 23 % du salaire brut. + 2. Les charges patronales représentent en moyenne 42 % du salaire brut. Already something seems fishy: too much 23+43 ... 3. The taxes that are not retained when salary is paid but you need to provision thousands EUR to pay next year. I was using just for 3 the following calculator, but not sure what value to place as income : the brutto or netto ?   Can someone pinpoint me towards some good calculator for the france ? 
  8. Only in America...

    Grandfather arrested after two-year-old accidentally shot and killed by her four-year-old cousin     Let me see... a kid picks up a gun that's just lying around, points it at his cousin and shoots her... How in hell's name is that an accident?  
  9. What is wrong with Essen?

      Have you already been to or are acquainted with Buer?  Because I lived in Buer when i first moved to germany, and to me it is the diamond in the rough of the entire Ruhrgebiet.  Its so charming and wonderful to live there - theres even a little market where we would go for breakfast.  Good night life, good day life.  Its just small, thats all, but I would rather live there than Essen.
  10. Brexit: The fallout   I think we are heading for a crash out in March.
  11. U.S. and EU toilet paper

    @someonesdaughter - they only send out toilets and a camp kitchen when it is something really, really big. It's easier to get a decontamination truck than it is to get a toilet, for the simple reason that thing have to be  prioritised - there are alternatives to toilets, but not to being decontaminated!
  12. Finanzamt not accepting installments

      Not wanting to sound harsh, but if that is the case, what do you expect us to do?   As Swimmer said, you might need to reconsider your business plan.
  13. German Lessons in Konstanz

    As of 2018 can anyone recommend a good language school in the Konstanz area?
  14. Parking, halting or stopping on zig-zag lines

      No, my point is that traffic wardens won't immediately give a ticket to an empty car. They wait and look around for the driver for a short while to see if they've gone off to buy a ticket at a nearby machine before issuing the fine. Of course I'm talking about cars parked in legal places here.
  15. Tax rebate calculation

    Thanks for replying. I am not really sure you have understood what I am saying due to the inconsistencies in your reply.    My main point being that my actual annual income was some €9k less than my taxed rate for the 5 months in Germany. I assume this yearly income is the personal taxable rate.    Your whole posts suggests I am wrong about everything and then your final statement contradicts that.    P.s much of the relocation cost was refused due to shipping most things to the UK first (saving thousands on costs)
  16. Necro bump but hey... Super U in Seltz,France just across the border from Rastatt Good French supermarket(big chain) and its only about 1:45 minutes from FFM
  17. Yesterday
  18. What is wrong with Essen?

    Thanks for the input! Unfortunately commuting by train is a limited option as my office is quite a ways outside the Gelsenkirchen city centre (north of Gelsenkirchen-Buer). I might be able to commute from Essen if I can bring my bike along, but would take 2-3 times as long, so unlikely to be a daily solution.
  19. Hi,   can anyone recommend a radio station on which I can listen to jazz? I'm sure there are options online, but I've got a little radio in the kitchen and would love to listen to some jazz the old fashioned way.
  20. Parking, halting or stopping on zig-zag lines

    It looks like he's practicing parallel parking between the zig zag lines and the blue car.  It's legal to stop adjacent to the zigzag lines, especially since these are just marking driveways to allow vehicles to exit.  
  21. Complete FAIL

    Apparently a face only a Mother could love.
  22. Finanzamt not accepting installments

    Hi, I do have an adviser and we did ask for installments but the Finanzamt refused, and this is about income tax...
  23. Hi everyone, My name is Atabak Hafeez and I am 23 years old. I am the CTO at HRForecast, a company based out of Munich and Bremen. As I am transferring from the Bremen office to the Munich office, I am looking for a nice and cosy 1-room apartment/studio (furnished/unfurnished) with a decent connection to U1/7 Westfriedhof.  I am looking for something €750 kaltmeite or less.   I am a responsible tenant who's looking for long-term housing (3+ years). I am nice, quiet and uncomplicated, without pets, don't smoke or drink. When I am not working, I enjoy travelling, hiking, eating out and football. I can provide all necessary proof of employment, private liability insurance as well as a positive Schufa.    I also have previous rental experience in a WG for a year in Bremen and would be happy to provide references there as well as from my current work place! I have been searching for an apartment in Munich for many months now with no luck. Hence, any leads at all will be a really big help!   I am looking forward to your responses. Thanks in advance!   With best regards, Atabak
  24. Monatskarte for August Rings 1-3 for €55 o.n.o
  25. Songs that make you cry

    I got emotional yesterday listening to 'The Suburbs' by Arcade Fire.  The line that goes:  I want a daughter while I'm still young, so I can take her hand, and show her some beauty before all this damage is done... gets me every time.  Watching all of my favourite nearby wild places relentlessly ripped up one after the other to be replaced by characterless urban sprawl as I was growing up was immensely sad.  The burbs f..king suck.  A lesson in how to take an unbelievably beautiful continent and turn it into architectural and sociological vomit.      
  26. immigration to Germany from EU

      @Debyschmetterling  Article 7, 1. (b) of the Freedom of Movement Directive is the reason you can stay in Germany as far you can support yourself and have health insurance even if you don't have a job. It effectively means that people who work in one EU state can live in another, and are even free to choose where to live in the EU if they have passive income or enough savings to support themselves during their stay.  
  27. Finanzamt not accepting installments

    I wondered that as well.  Can you can possibly have a go at asking the client with VAT?    Plenty of that goes on retrospectively, as people figure out what they are supposed to do,  although I am not sure if how easy between years, and it's probably harder when the relationship's ended?   (I've been the person, and on the client side, general knowledge about VAT is woefully low, even in many large departments of qualified acountants).   And if it is, make sure VAT applies, or at least that you charge the customer directly.  I pay almost none because of the type of work and / or its location.  FA may not have the detail.   I suppose otherwise they manage you the same way most creditors do  - new debtor, no track record, weaker bargaining position, fewer favours.
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