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  2. Only in America...

    Sadly, NOT  'only in America'. “It was a long time ago—are you sure you haven’t confused us with someone who cares?”
  3. Two seats free on a table with english speakers in Hofbrau this Friday in the afternoon starting at 11:30 am. Will give the 2 beer and 1 chicken voucher to anyone interested (no cost) as we have the space available. PM me if interested.
  4.   Whew, that's nice! Would have saved me ~1500€ some years back... 
  5. Internet advice

       Why would you think that, (you are wrong):    "Welche Wartefrist gilt?    Während die Rechtsberatung ab sofort gewährt wird, also vom Eintritt an, müssen die Mitglieder im Falle eines Prozesses eine dreimonatige Wartefrist einhalten."   They give you immediate legal advice, they just don't go to court for you before the end of the 3 months.
  6. arest station U3,6 Universität or U3,4,5,6 Odeonsplatz.    1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. Emma 3.  HarveyP 4. Gudrun (will join you - but have a flat viewing, therefore might arrive later, please don't wait for me) 5. Andi 6.
  7. Internet advice

      Yes, unfortunately, the local Mietverein only helps from 3 months after joining (by law, I think, to prevent their competing against the lawyers). Please let me know if I am wrong. And I put off joining the Mietveriein for too long...    Thanks, Suresh    
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    In case people are interested/worried about brexit, but maybe haven't checked the events/meetups thread, I'm also posting here for awareness:    
  9. Just fyi for those in Frankfurt worried about brexit. There is a meeting on Tue Oct 2nd organized via British in Germany:
  10. What irritated you today?

    What irritated me today was a very annoying guy at work.  I don't like being nasty but I will if I have to.  After a few choice remarks in his direction and lots of laughter from other coworkers, he started complaining that I was picking on him.  I think he might leave me alone tomorrow.
  11. Just fyi for those in Bayern. There are 2 upcoming meetings about latest developments on Brexit:   Thu Sep 27th - Augsburg event organized via Axel Dittman of Auswaertiges Amt:   Mon Oct 8th - Munich event organized via british in Germany:
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Key-uh.  Remember him from the UK.  Sir Kier, in the modern way, it's the Labour guy who's got the K.   I still don't know how to pronounce Farage.  As in the Garage variants.   I obviously use the pleb form (Farridge).
  13. What made you laugh today?

      Wow, Tom Selleck had made-to-measure condoms? That's Hollywood for ya...
  14. Living in Germany, and being responsible about recycling of all waste, including plastic stuff, should I feel guilty about buying things wrapped in plastic from European companies who clearly don't give a shit about how their products are distributed to the public? As long as we put the packaging into the correct waste bins, how can we be blamed for all this crap floating in the seas and choaking the seabirds, turtles etc? Where does all this bloody plastic come from? What can the person in the street do about stopping it? My wife tells me we should stop buying things in plastic packages. But when I look round our flat, all I see is plastic. Are we helpless to prevent this monstruous pollution of our planet?
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    So there is a pro-EU guy called Keir that will try to unseat Corbyn? How do you pronounce his name? Does it rhyme with "heir"? 
  16. After a week off we are back to normal service this week. We have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Sarovar, Fürstenstr 12 (corner Theresienstr), 80333 München. Nearest station U3,6 Universität or U3,4,5,6 Odeonsplatz.    1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. Emma 3.  HarveyP 4. Gudrun (will join you - but have a flat viewing, therefore might arrive later, please don't wait for me) 5. 
  17. Two seats free on a table with English speakers in the Hacker this Thursday 27 Sept. Table is in the evening from 17.00, near the band. Cost price is €35 per person. PM me if interested.
  18. Hi there, We have a home decor shop in Berlin and have been thinking of extending our supply with candy. Does anyone know if you need a permit / license to sell candy in Germany? Many thanks!   
  19. Best ways to invest money in Germany

    there are some good and possible ways to invest into peer-to-peer loans. But one should take time to do real due dilligence and, as always, diversify and spread the risk. There is a guy that does a lot of info, comparison and all about this (albeit in German), might be worth checking him out if you like this kinda thing: Cheerio  
  20. How to make wine

      Speakin' of cider, take it away Adge Cutler!    
  21. What made you smile today?

    Ah well, you can say what you like about National Anthems but this lass is pretty sensational:
  22. Buy Royal Mail Stamps in DE?

    On the other hand, if the OP would state where he is, maybe somebody near him travels to the UK regularly and can bring a couple of stamps with them...?
  23. I think a birth certificate (and a death and a marriage one) is a public record document, isn't it?  It's not "ours" per se.  It's not for us or our family, even though we are usualy the only person interested in a copy.  They are how people research family trees.   I may be wrong but I am not sure it is that normal to have one's own.  I have my original but I know a lot of people (including parents, siblings and others etc) who don't.   Fraudsters frequently try to latch on to the identity of dead people.  Records relating to dead youngsters are particularly attractive, given there will never be an adult person for it.  Typical plot device in fiction too.   I suppose Beamters just use it for what it is.  The state record of our birth.  Had we been born here, our birth would have been recorded by them.  Needs to be the same for us as German-born German citizens where possible.  (But of course not every nation has robust recording of births).
  24. What made you laugh today?

    Dunno about magnum-sized condoms, lisa. I had the LAST Magnum (chocolate-flavoured) ice cream down the beach today! So there! End of season! He, Panagiotis, the taverna owner,  ain´t buying any more, that´s for sure! Bloody cold today...28 C or so!!!  
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