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  2. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Life is starting to get back to normal! Eye drops here and there and being extra careful with the sand storms here at the moment blowing up from the Sahara...I kid you not! Thought about buying a golden eye patch to match my favourite pirate-style shirt but decided against it   I did venture out a couple of times with the dogs...this morning, life went back to normal dealing with the local mentality. I had two dogs, Max and Walker , on a lead and walked past misery guts Yiannis outside his house, and he shouted at me " dog shit "...indeed, there was on the ground but we hadn´t even got there before some unknown dog had done a dumpez-vous! He kept on yelling and blaming my dogs!    I made it clear he was barking up the wrong tree but he refused to stop I walked away, muttering " malaka "..jeez... By the way, that bastard had a dog locked inside a shed 24 hours a day last year and who yelled and cried the whole time...did he care? `No, fuck him. There IS an element of xenophobia around here...losers blaming foreigners (ie envy ) for everything that goes wrong here...he is one of them.    Still iuv you all on here, by the way, and am grateful and humble for your kindness. Monday back to the hospital for a check up. 
  3. What irritated you today?

    I've just moved to this beautiful part of Wales and have just seen this on a news report. So sad that a small minority treat the countryside like this.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Been trying since Tuesday but the US storms have not cooperated so I can only hope early tomorrow will work for once ...      
  5. Switching private health insurance providers

    What do you mean by " I was notified three times " ? What did they write you? Did they stop classifying you as a student?
  6. Remember to change your clocks forward

    Tomorrow night (Sunday, 2:00 am) is the night. The clock will be moved to 3:00 am.   Luddites can do their half yearly moaning, as usual.
  7. In this brave new Anglophone world, why not call everybody Mr Orwell or, for the sensitive ...1984?
  8. You do not need to send Einschreiben, you can send normal letter. The system works as soon as there is trust on both sides.   If you are so afraid of fraud, you can do the following: 1. Take a friend as a witness, visit the affected person personally and give them letter of notice. 2. Use paid service aboalarm. For a small fee they send a fax for you, keep the record and provide free lawyers in case your cancellation is not accepted. That however works only with certain companies and organizations.  
  9. What are you drinking right now?

      Will you be passing through Munich? (There are car chargers on our street)  
  10. Three-word story

    it's too late
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    Can I have two seats in the wings please.
  12. What are you drinking right now?

    Just opened the second bottle of principe de corleone nero de avola. Heaven in a glass and the night is young  Sometime tommorrow we will figure out how many cases we can fit in the car 
  13. Hello,   I met a Japanese woman today who is facing serious problems with her British spouse and in-laws who live in Germany. She gave birth to two children in Japan and then five months ago he convinced her to come stay in Germany for a while while she was on parental leave from her job in Japan. They have been living with his parents for five months while looking for an apartment. During this time her husband and in-laws have become verbally abusive criticizing her parenting skills. I believe there are cultural differences here and also living under the same roof as the in-laws is not a good idea. The husband has decided to take up his father's business and stay in Germany, however she wants to go back to her job in Japan.    She wants to know about her options, so I'm going to provide her with the ones I know about: couples counseling, Frauenhäuser... She wants to know whether going back to Japan to her job with her children is an option and asked me how to find a lawyer. What kind of lawyer would she need and do any advertise on here? She has informed me her husband is also a lawyer.
  14. What are you drinking right now?

    I'll be drinking shots of Espresso in a while to stay up for March Madness games which begin after midnight.   GO CLEMSON!!   GO DUKE!!
  15. What about by name? Also simple and without gender. And with "Sie". This ridiculous German law that you are not allowed to use "Sie" form when addressing by name should at some point be abolished.   Too difficult for German Beamte, not in this century.
  16. Today
  17. new form is: hey you! no mention of gender or statute. It should be ok?
  18. What are you drinking right now?

    A shot of Box whiskey, kindly given to me by Malt Teaser!   (And then off to a punk band contest!)
  19.   Canadian Beamte will have to ask persons how they wish to be addressed. End of western civilization!
  20. What are you drinking right now?

    A decent Aldi rose
  21. Got the Flu/Grippe of 2018?

    Dr House? As grumpy diagnostician in constant pain? That's me!!  
  22. I've just posted a silly photo

    Plane lifting competition in Granada
  23. Drivers license and being a European diabetic

    That's why I am asking for details which unfortunately OP hasn't provided so far.   There are compulsory medical examinations when you apply for commercial driver license (as mentioned by @Malt-Teaser) or a license for heavy vehicles (category C license has 5 year validity and requires compulsory examinations).
  24. Three-word story

    toilet I realised 
  25. I've just posted a silly photo

  26. What are you drinking right now?

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