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  2. Driving license theory exam fees

      You might try that but it wouldn't really save you any money or time nor get your license converted.   It appears that you and whoever you have been speaking to at your driving school may have misunderstood one another when you asked them to book an exam appointment date.   The driving license you have from the 'my country' you refer to is not from one of those countries 'listed countries' which appear in Annexe 11 of the FeV therefore, although you are not required to attend practical training lessons at a driving school, you must take both the theory and the practical exams.   It is only possible to take the practical test if the candidate is accompanied by a driving school instructor.   The costs your driving school have invoiced you for appear to include both the combined TüV-Nord fees for the practical (91,75 €) and theory (22,49 €) = 114,24 € plus a 60€ charge for their instructors attendance time at your test.   There'd be yet higher fees if you were planning to convert your license to any higher classes than A1 and B or to have the restriction to 'automatic transmission only' lifted (61,17 €).   I suggest you discuss the question of your preparedness to take the practical exam on the same day as the theory exam with your instructor and that you review the topic thread on 'Tips on passing the practical driving test' in the Life in Germany sub-forum.   Good luck with your exams!   2B
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  4.   The issue wrt not earning more from a secondary occupation than from the primary one is one which comes up regularly in the TT Finance subforum.   To a degree it also applies to permanent residents and German citizens since, (as I understand it - and my understanding may be flawed or incomplete!), it has more to do with the regulations of the SGB or German Social Code than the AufenthG or Residence Act albeit to qualify for certain visa/permit conditions under the latter one must be in compliance with a lot of cross-referenced sections of the former.   The legal bases under which public health insurers are required to calculate premium payment rates rely on formulae which depend on the type classification of the main source of the insured parties income. Therefore for health insurance calculation purposes as regulated under the SGB and, as it happens, for income taxation calculation purposes it is very important to be aware of the issue for your own economic good.   Personally I would surmise that the beamte at the ABH took the trouble to point this out to jdbb's friend simply as a public service announcement rather than as a stipulation.   AFAIK it's down to the individual to learn how much of their extra income they might have to handover to their health insurer or the taxman if they should choose to ignore such PSAs.   =================================0ffTopic Whilst I do understand how frustrating it may feel having your posts nit-pickingly critiqued, that seems to be a standard risk of posting on public open forums.   There are very effective ways of avoiding such conflicts which don't require withdrawal from, or use of, this or any other adult forum though.   Some examples...   If someone takes the time to reply to anyones questions and provides valid information the fact that that info was not what the question-setter was seeking is no justification to respond in a self-defensive irritated manner. That only ups the ante and has a generally negative effect on the TT community spirit.   Saying, "thanks for taking the time, but that didn't quite cover the points I was thinking of. Perhaps you could explain how xyz detail works in practice?" might be more effective than posting a resumé of your past research of the forum/German law (which could've been mentioned in your first question so as to avoid the responder wasting their own time!).    Avoid getting into 3-way off-topic discussions about how much the atmosphere in Toytown stinks on every thread - such OT discussions are often the source of the bulk of the stink anyway.   Being a little less critical of the efforts of TTers who bother to contribute their free time to keeping the flow of useful help and tips going.    Investing a little of your own time and help (providing accurate info or links to reliable sources) would do a helluva lot more to improve the TT welcome spirit for the next generation of newbies who land here. ===================================/OT   Hope you all are able to get the permit conditions that suit your needs best.   2B
  5. What are you listening to right now?

      shake it baby!  shake what your mama gave you!  
  6. What are you listening to right now?

  7. Hi Pedro, and welcome to Toytown Germany (TT)


    Posting this message here coz I noticed purely by chance* you had written a request for assistance in your TT user profile. That is not where TTers or other readers would normally look so it is not the ideal place to ask for help.


    *I happened to see it on my 'latest activity' feed.


    See for the following topic title from October 2017 in the TT legal subforum where you can add your request for help. (If the link does not show up here in blue and you can't click it, look for it using the site search.)


    Paid for a Beer Stein and Never Received it - Legal - Toytown Germany


    It could be useful to be able to link to a thread including other similar cases should you need to show a court evidence of a pattern of poor business practice.


    As you will see the original case was resolved thanks to the actions of TT member SpiderPig, but it seems others have shared your experience since then. :(


    Good luck with getting your Biersteins!



  8. Random pointless comments

    oh well      
  9. What are you cooking today?

    I'm craving a celibate monk fish sauteed in extra virgin olive oil..
  10.   As a frequent reader of TT, my feeling is also that, what i bolded in the quote is felt by more people every day.    PS: Nothing against you personally someonesdaughter. My view about the platform in general.
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  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    yes, FB, whatsapp, same email address since late 90's ,
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

      Happy birthday Tor.  Are you all on facebook?  I find it to be the easiest with my family that facebook tells me they have a birthday so I get reminded of it and it feels good when it's my birthday that most of my facebook friends congratulate me.  That way, I don't really notice if someone forgets.
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    Happy Birthday Tor, sometimes friends do more for us than some of our relatives do.      
  15. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

     I read back till page 45, spring 2017, and the quote I replied to is the only thing I saw similar to my situation.   Why did the miss me, and why the see me now? It does not seem that the are trying to charge me for the last 2 years: why not?  My only guess ist that I live in the same house as the landorl, even though I live in a separate floor, with independant internet and electricity (but common water and heating), and they aren't sure whether I live in the same houshold as the landlord. My anmeldung does not say that I live in floor X, but just the address of the house.
  16. Thanks, just seeing this now (somehow missed earlier between posts). This is great to hear. Think last time I renewed was after I was here for two years so they wouldn't have done this automatically, but if this is norm after three years that makes it easy. Did they say anything about not being able to make more money from employment than freelance like jdbb's friend was told?
  17. How to use the ignore function

    How many dupe accounts does dessamation have?
  18.   I didn't say anything about "artist freelance visa"- perhaps you are mixing me up with the original post? I'm well aware that doesn't exist, but I knew what was meant by it so I didn't feel the need to correct. As a freelancer (and not an artist), I'm in the same situation as the original poster so I thought better to add to this thread than start a new one. My whole second paragraph was questions about specific experience, and details beyond what are covered in the law or on TT. I know to do the work and read the laws on my own and did. It was purely for the three very specific questions I asked here, which can only be answered by experiences or perhaps emailing the ABH (which has given me incorrect info before and as many have pointed out is overloaded), that I posted in this thread.   If I could answer the questions on my own, I would. I have been posting on TT less lately because I especially want to avoid responses like yours when asking reasonable questions. But, as I hadn't found answers to the specific questions I asked in the second paragraph of my first post elsewhere, I thought it was worth posting asking for experiences.   In the future (for some time at least), I will probably take my questions to info4alien now that it is back (where they are much nicer) or immigration lawyers. Which is sad, as I think it is helpful to have a repository of this information in English.
  19. Why are you unhappy today?

    thanks. it's not really a big deal.I will eventually call them, they will apologize and mention work and stress and other factors and I will say we're good.
  20. Odd news

    Wouldn't mind betting his girlfriend (probably hasn't got one) is called Nina.  
  21. Illogical stuff of the German language

    There is a sign in the toilet at LHT that says 'keine abfälle' in the shitter... is there more than one? it also mentions the standards: tampon, paper towels, food, bath towels, engine parts, works council reports,...etc...
  22. Getting my goose cooked

      Metro? I have a Metro card and use it about once a year just to be nosey. If you want 5 gallons of Ketchup, 5 kilos of Potato Salad, 50 packets of Puff Rice(my son use to always buy that when he was young) or 96 ready baked Vol au vent cases then Metro is the place to go, apart from that it's very expensive and not really convenient.   After all the effort you're going through, I'm sure you can make your own stock. It can be made weeks if not months in advance and tastes a thousand times better.   On top of that, the best part is you get to spend the day with your family and in-laws () and not just in the kitchen over a stove.
  23. Why are you unhappy today?

    Happy Birthday Tor!
  24. Movie recommendations

    The preview of that looked interesting, I presumed it had long since been filmed, or is it perhaps a spinoff.     "Juliet, Naked" is a terrific book, I don't always go for Hornby's writing, or more exactly his characters, but that one had me doing that annoying laughing-like-a-drain-while-sitting-next-to-you-on-a-train as I ate it up.   I also thought Bohemian Rhapsody was very good but then it seems most people did.  A must-see.   Aside from the obvious narrative(s), I felt it very strong on matters like friendship and loyalty (which critics rarely mentioned) and it really scores on memorable scenes and moments, and a raft of one-liners that people are still quoting weeks later.     Queen were pretty ubiquitous for many Britons of my age and of course so was is their biggest hit but I've found myself listening to it with fresh ears, really appreciating it again.  I learned things I did not know and also that I misunderstood some things, as well.   I have some time to dip into cinema.   I also saw a Star is Born which seems to have divided people and it left me a bit cold.   Werk ohne Autor as well,  which had the Donnersmark hallmarks like the absolutely immaculate staging that you just keep staring at, and an absolutely vile lead who made us gasp at his awfulness at times.     For the kids, Incredibles 2 was very enjoyable, some neat and fun ideas in that .      
  25.   I have a great understanding for newbies who are confused and therefore ask questions. I don't have any understanding for regulars who don't "just ask for experience" but arrive with lengthy "I've heard" stuff and then claim they've searched long and hard. (Even a rudimentary search would have shown that there is no "artist freelance visa" at all, by the way.) And who expect to get spoon-feeding. Of the eight lines ("keep it short" haha) that Zeitbuch left behind, exactly one (!) asks for experiences.    But it is great to hear that you want to take this honourable task to provide second-hand "experience".  "tsk tsk"      
  26. Movie recommendations

    I have not seen any of the other movies or read the books... but The Girl in the Spider's Web was (a little unbelievable but ) entertaining.    
  27. Why are you unhappy today?

    My brother and sister are batting 1.000 today in forgetting my birthday...again... but I am used to it...skyped with mom and dad as they lunched on the porch over looking the sound, it was beautiful.    
  28.   Thanks- that's great to know. Maybe it's worth going in a few months early for a renewal and just asking for it. Interesting that they stipulated the mini-job can't bring in more money than freelance work as that does seem to be different than the law. In general I don't mind that as I want to be freelance, but I'd like to find a way to be temporarily employed so I can switch to public health insurance (which requires more than a mini-job). I wonder if that income requirement is an issue and if it would be a problem to only have employment income for a couple months (but freelance rest of the year) after I change my visa to allow employment.    And yeah, definitely helpful to hear about peoples experiences as there is often a range of how things are implemented in practice, and it is good to know what the range is and if there are things (bringing/not bringing certain documents that may not be explicitly stated to be required, situational factors, etc) that may be particularly helpful or harmful, as then it is possible to be more prepared.
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