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  2. What made you smile today?

      Or the ghost of your last post?  
  3.   That depends on the conditions (Auflage) appertaining to the ban.   Examples; If you were banned during the first 2 years of holding a German license and subsequently ordered by the court to undergo further training then the answer is no.   If you were banned as a result of failing a blood alchohol test or a drug offence and ordered by the court to undergo a MPU then the answer is no.   Please see §28 FeV Abs(4) Sätze 3 - 6 for more details. § 28 FeV - § 28 Anerkennung von Fahrerlaubnissen aus Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union oder einem anderen Vertragsstaat des Abkommens über den Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum   Here's a translation of that Section >not ideally translated by Google<   Google Translate § 28 FeV 2010 (Recognition of EU or EEA driving licenses) - Re non-recog due to German bans > See subsection (4) Sentences 3 - 6)   2B
  4. What made you smile today?

  5. Hi Zabri   I live in Leverkusen.  There are some nice areas to live here.  Schlebusch where I live is really nice and has the tram to Köln.  A few other nice suburbs are Lützenkirschen, Steinbuchel and some areas of Wiesdorf.  The bus system is really great here and the rental prices are cheaper than Köln.  However, if you want to live in Köln the train out to Leverkusen is quick and easy.  Accommodation is hard to find so you will probably have to be flexible about where you live.   If you want to know any more about the area, I am happy for you to message me.  My kids are teenagers so I dont know much about stuff for little kids but I am happy to help where I can.   Cheers Jennie
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I´m happy I´ve seen these amazing pictures and that world is so glorious:
  7. Only in America...

    There was a report on this ages ago in the UK and it said that the US army is still paying for veterans, and the viagra is quite possibly for them (medically retired from combat, perhaps). Also that there are a very large proportion of men in the army, and not that many transgender, which is why the amounts for the viagra seem so high.
  8. What made you smile today?

    Already very old, this man from Crete, and still living a life of great fortune!  
  9. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    And if you are doing it correctly, there's a badger missing a few tail feathers!! 
  10. Hello! I was wondering if there are any English speaking people in Murnau or in the nearby town? I've been living in Murnau for a while now and would love to make new friends, maybe meet for a coffee or a beer.  So, anyone else here?
  11. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      You miss the 'cut throat'.   Got Mach 5 too.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Oi...wank stain.. don't forget there is the log-out button..
  13. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Gillitte Mach3. Is that the best you've got? 
  14. Only in America...

    Why would a soldier need Viagra in a combat zone?    If there is a sex for money option, wouldn't it be better to keep the soldiers less medicated for "active duty" to avoid getting STDs ?   Does a normal employer sponsored health plan in the US cover Viagra and transition surgery?
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  16. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Hardly have I heard hysterical hystrionics,   Here is my tackle for hirsuteness...    
  17. Hi All,   I have an apartment in Italy that I rented in the past years.  According to my tax berater and thanks to the agreement between Germany and Italy against double taxation, the taxes over rental income are paid only in Italy (and they duly are).    Now, in the past years I have accrued a (relatively) small amount of money on my Italian account as in fact the incoming rent piled up there (my salary here was enough and I have not invested what I was doing).   Now I will sell the apartment and I intend to close the italian bank account. If I transfer an amount of approximately 20000 Eur from my italian bank account to my german bank account, do I need to inform the Bundesbank? Where? How?  Regarding taxes, is there a way I can flag/explain the transaction so that the Finanzamt will know that this is non-taxable rental income?   Thank you for your help!        
  18. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    Here if the child cannot go on the trip it is fine.  They just stay with the closest class that fits for the duration.
  19. Started snowing here about 15 minutes ago.  Everything turned white. I looked like the abonminable snowman after walking the 500m home from local stables...
  20. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Lifted from Comic Strip of the Day, found on  
  21. Only in America...

      I don't think either of these examples (gender dysphoria or erectile dysfunction) of medical expenses being funded Veterans Administration of the Department of Defense have anything remotely to do with service members on active duty in combat zones.   I believe these are simply typical examples of contentious line items being found by those on either side of the party line interested researching the minutae of the US DoD budget in order to find ammo to bash their presumed political opponents over the head with.   At the height of the Regan era heavy budget spending on the military in the 1980s the favoured examples were 900$ special hammers and 1500$ toilet seats specified by USAF tenders for inclusion in certain fighter planes supplied by the then 3 major US planemakers.      The VA dept funds (in low income groups for their entire lifetime) medical care issues for veteran US service members. Certain exceptions may apply in the case of those who have been dishonourably discharged (albeit there have been exceptions to that rule too where SMs had been consequentially or consecutively medicallly discharged).   Most of the individuals whose treatment for either condition is, or has been, funded are likely to be retirees or have served sufficient time to qualify for longterm TriCare funding programs.   2B
  22.   If he wanted to appease the working class, he could have given them a tax break instead of his fat cat cronies. P.S. Also not cutting Obamacare would have been well received by the poor.
  23. @CustomX   Did you just turn up at the Amt or did you book an appointment first? If you just turned up where was the Amt? From what I can see in Munich I have to have an appointment to be able to exchange my UK licence but they won´t give me one until early March. Which is cutting it a bit close to Brexit.
  24.   I think Bobby Mueller probably has...    
  25.   Fast food is mostly unhealthy, but if the party is trying to capture poor and working class votes, it might not make sense to engage in a bit of food snobbery.       Any journalist living in the Beltway is aware that the government is shut down and workers who would normally prepare food suitable for a visit to the WH are furloughed.    In addition, a snowstorm has kept a lot of people at home in the DC area.     Had Trump paid his "former" hotel chain to cater the event, his critics would have been apoplectic.      
  26. Importing capitals to Germany

    Hi All,   I am soon going to relocate to Dresden and I am thinking to sell an apartment I own in Italy to finally settle down there. I currently am a German fiscal resident  and I have purchased my property in Italy more than 10 years ago.   Now the question is: what happens in the eyes of the Finanzamt if I move let's say 200000 Eur from my own bank account in Italy to my bank account in Germany? My take is that they should not be taxed. I have read the Italian-German agreement against double-taxation and there it is clearly stated that income from real estate is taxed in the country where the real estate is. Plus this is actually not income, this is capital and for the fact that the property was purchased more than ten years ago, as far as I know there should not  be a capital-gain tax (which will be anyway microscopic, prices plummeted in Italy since the 2008 crisis . Depending on the negotiation I may even end up selling under my initial purchase value). Are there other taxes to consider on top of the capital gains? Your comments are welcome indeed.   Assuming that the capital should not be taxed (I hope I am right). How do I actually import the money here in Germany? I know there is a limit of 12500 EUR beyond which transactions must be somewhat explained. So when I do a transaction of say 200000 EUR from my italian bank account to my german bank account, do I need to inform the Bundesbank? Where? How? Regarding taxes, is there a way I can flag/explain the transaction so that the Finanzamt will know what that is?   (this leads to another question that I will post in a minute in a following post)   Thank you!!      
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