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  2. @trr, I came here to link that list of psychiatrists! Glad to know Google is returning it too. There's also a meta list for English-speaking doctors in Berlin, if you need to look for other medical professionals.
  3. When buying property you will have to contact a notar anyway. Ask him/her for  a watertight suggestion, he/she will have faced situations like that in the past.
  4. Three-word story

    should be banned
  5. health insurance coming from 12 months in UK

    OK, but I am not trying to get a UK pension because I'm not old enough.  I am trying to find out which form I need to bring to Germany to prove I've been in the UK for 12 months, so that I can get health insurance.  Another person mentioned an S1 form for which you needed to have a UK pension, and I asked whether a UK pension was a pre-requisite for moving to Germany, but on further reflection I realize that it can't be because there must be other people like me who are too young for a state pension but too old to get into health insurance without proof of having lived in the EU for 12 months (i.e. people between 55 and 65).  So my question is, which is the form that the krankenkasse will accept?  Jeba provided a link to a website that showed several forms, none seemed to exactly apply to me, and none said 'used to be E-104' (which is what the AOK asked for).  Still researching that ... and if anyone else on here is in that age group (i.e. 55-65), and has moved to Germany, and has successfully provided the AOK with the correct form, I would be really grateful to hear from them how they did it.  
  6. Count me in. Looking forward to it!
  7. Selling a ceiling fan with an integrated light, model Westinghaus Turbo Swirl 76cm, including the optional extra remote control.   We used it in a bedroom, but since we moved flats we have a bedroom that doesn't get so hot so don't need it, hence it has been dismantled and is in the original box, with instructions.   Can't post pictures here on Toytown, but here are a few:   Some more details in English and reviews here   Price is €50. Pick up in Trudering. PM me if you are interested.   Details from the manufacturer:   Add comfort and casual style to any room with the Turbo Swirl ceiling fan. Bright and airy, the Turbo Swirl features a brushed aluminum finish, curvy light maple blades, and an integrated light fixture with opal frosted glass. As capable as it is fashionable, the Turbo Swirl relies on a silicon steel motor with dual capacitor to provide powerful, quiet circulation. It also features three fan speeds and a reversible switch for customized comfort. Run the ceiling fan counterclockwise to stay cool in the summer, or run it clockwise to recirculate warm air in the winter and eliminate cold spots. The Turbo Swirl is remote control adaptable for added convenience. What's Included Ceiling fan, 78-inch lead wire, 3/4-inch down rod in 4-inch length, and one candelabra-base 60-watt G16-1/2 light bulb. Product reference number 78144 FEATURES 30-inch single-light indoor ceiling fan with six blades 153-millimeter by 10-millimeter silicon steel motor with dual capacitor for powerful and quiet air circulation Three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and reversible switch for customized comfort FINISH DETAILS Curvy light maple blades Integrated light fixture with opal frosted glass Bright brushed aluminum finish INSTALLATION Ideal for rooms up to 100 square feet (10 feet by 10 feet) with standard 8-foot ceilings Includes 78-inch lead wire, 3/4-inch down rod in 4-inch length, and one candelabra-base G16-1/2 60-watt light bulb Adaptable to remote control (sold separately) Can be used with a dimmer EFFICIENCY Airflow: 369 cfm Energy Usage: 54 watts without lights Airflow Efficiency: 7 cfm per watt
  8. Just to put you in an American mindset (at least the one I grew up with), as far as this goes: My parents used to keep us out of school one day a year to go to an adventure park when it was less crowded. I stayed home from school for various things, such as waiting for a repairman or a package.   While my parents didn't go to the extreme of "home schooling me" so that they could do whatever they want, when they want, it certainly fits into the mentality that I grew up with.
  9. As the property company has to give written permission for the hauptmieter to sublet a room, I'm wondering if it's worth me getting in touch with them to say: I haven't been given sufficient notice period, don't ok another sublet. Or whether that would be an absolute d*ck move on my part
  10. Sequence of events in a Mahnverfahren

    I appreciate you sharing your experiences. But I do not know the details of your circumstances. In my case, I have a good job but too many commitments and hence quite limited means. I know for a fact that they do not need the money. They are both quite well off and Mrs. B has a trust fund. I neither have a trust fund, nor a rich daddy. To some of you, it might look like I'm being a d***. But I haven't shared the full details of the extent of my friendship with the two of them. I am tired of being treated that way and manipulated by them. This is just me standing up for myself. If the court decides against me, I will suck it up and pay up.
  11. Advice on buying an apartment in Berlin

    Very good point on the warranty.   It does sound worthwhile appointing your own experts to get an independent view of the work, and to cover off these issues.   I tend to agree that I've never been attracted to this scenario, but absolutely that things have changed here now.   Of course, in the modern world, we're also not necessarily around so much and so building work may have less impact.   We recently took on one with significant work but it was less impact as we were rarely there, but I'd not have been so keen in my "nesting" years.   I see this as how we pay our risk premium, of course. It's a form of work.  Grit your teeth and stick it out and, bam, decent five or even six figures more at the end, at least in a rising market, in your desired location.  The time goes fast, that sign up feels like yesterday.   I don't normally work with agents it's getting harder not to, and a good one would send copies of all the docs they have relating to the property and that should normally include some financials.   If they are marketing the whole block, you would expect them to have it and (assuming you have at least reserved) give it to you.  
  12. I'm selling a Roomba iRobot 621 vacuum cleamer. as it iisn't really suited to using to our new flat.   Can't post pictures here on Toytown, but there are a couple of pictures here:   I don't havge the original instructions, but I have print out of the instructions from the Roomba website.   The price is €110 OBO. Pickup in Trudering. PM me if you are interested.
  13. Insolvenzgeld

    Hello everyone,   Last year, my previous company went bust without paying my salary.   After the insolvency, the Insolvenzverwalter which handles the insolvency sent me a letter saying the amount of Insolvenzgeld that I'm entitled for is zero.   I then filed a motion on the Insolvenzverwalter (as advised by my lawyer), and won the case. Last month, the Arbeitsgericht authorised the claim of EUR 8900 (gross) in total.   Today, the Agentur fuer Arbeit informed me that the amount the Insolvenzverwalter had specified in the Insolvenzbescheinigung was only EUR 4800 (gross). Minus the taxes and the amount which had been paid, that leaves me with a nett amount of EUR 2700.   Any advice on what I should do? My lawyer does not seem to want to help me anymore. She already received her lawyer fee (which was calculated based on EUR 8900!) and said the file is closed for her.    Any help is much appreciated.     Regards, Yazri Yaakob    
  14. Today
  15. Right.  A certain part of the UK population just swallows these meaningless platitudes, because it's easier than harsher truths, and it supports their comforting cherrypicking worldview that - yes - we Britons will still get the bits that suit us.   We won't.   My life's pretty stable here (now including citizenship) and I've got a lot of options.  But I still have a long list of things, extending through the rest of my life, that there is no clear statement of position on.   And that's just one of approx 1.5 million Britons across the EU, all of whom have different life situs.  When I reach retirement, will the UK taxpayer still pick up my healthcare bill for the rest of my life?  (I am currently private but just as entitled to that at retirement, and there'd be additional ways I could make sure I got it).   I can live without it, but it is obviously neither "clear" not "protected".   And some "rights" clearly won't be "protected" and others may not be.   A non-EU spouse will no longer be able to simply move freely to the UK when we do, or whatever.  There is no certainty the UK pension will be uprated (rather than frozen as in many non-EU states) and so on.    And quite a lot at hypothetical anyway - who knows, maybe pensions paid to other EU states would have been frozen anyway, in due course?      Yet, however many simple concrete examples you quote, most Britons will just repeat these untrue platitudes.  The government knows that. It knows it can play the populace.   It's very Orwellian.   And I know that whenever I raise an example, 9999 out of every 10000 Britons will just give me this sort of brainwashed passive aggressive garbage has zero basis in reality.  So I've stopped having the discussion, really.  Complete waste of breath.
  16. Advice on buying an apartment in Berlin

    If all the major renovations were 20 years ago, that could be a warning sign, especially if they're only leaving 20K in the maintenance fund. Any one of the big-ticket items I mentioned could easily cost twice that, which would mean a special assessment would be required to top up the fund. Ideally, you would get some kind of warranty in writing making the former owner responsible for such repairs for several years after the transfer.   The roof replacement/build-out next year is another red flag, because it means your building will be covered with scaffolding at least on one side (likely more/all) for at least a year. There may also be extra dirt and grime in the stairwell and on balconies, or you may not be able to use your balcony altogether - at least that's often the case. As a tenant, such activities would enable you to reduce your cold rent by 10-15%, but as an owner, you just have to suck it up.   Unfortunately, with the current seller's market, you can probably just take it or leave it. I'm not saying any of these things will definitely happen, but they're certainly possible and the telltales are there.   I'm afraid I can't recommend any surveyors or lawyers - our last property transaction in Berlin was almost 15 years ago.
  17. Just as a follow up how seriously the duty to send children to school is taken in Bavaria:
  18. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    Unfortunately, some women get the advice that they should create situations so that the neighbors can hear you arguing.  She calls the police etc. so that she will have the advantage in a divorce.  This could be the reason that she lied.    As others have stated, huge red flag.  Lying in general is not good - lying to the police is really really not good.     You say the topic is not marriage advice but dismissing the case as soon as possible.  What about the next case and the one after that?  As others have stated, you can probably get this case dismissed without major issues and without doing much else (assuming everything you have said is true) but it sounds like you have bigger issues and you would be wise to pay attention.  
  19. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    Just looked it up, she actually cannot retract the "Anzeige", but the "Antrag".   So, if she has formally done the "Strafantrag", she has to go to the police and has to say "Ich möchte den Strafantrag gegen meinen Mann zurücknehmen". If she isn't willing to do so, you've got a problem. Refrain from slapping her, though.
  20. Where the hell were you? I know plenty of people who walk. Story sounds a bit exaggerated.
  21. The thing that gets me most is the stubbornness.  For all relationships, there is a give and take.  No one has exactly the same definition of "clean" or "healthy" and one accepts that there will be cultural differences.  These are things that can be discussed and compromises reached - normally.      In this case, there is a strong definition of what is "right" (of course backed up by in-laws) and everyone else is wrong - no discussion.  Even among people who are otherwise rational and highly educated and who have traveled extensively and actually know that many other cultures (not just British and/or American) have different views and experiences.  Even if you think you have won an argument, you will find that it was simply appeasement until they think you aren't paying attention and they they can slowly drift back into the "right" way of doing things.  
  22. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    How can she retract the "Anzeige"? What does this mean exactly? The topic is not about marriage advice, its about dismissing this case the easiest way possible.
  23. Need legal advice on domestic violence

    Couldn't agree more with the above comment. You are not in a good relationship - for either of you, and importantly your child. If you can't solve it (and it sounds too serious), it's time to live apart.  
  24. A beautiful leather sofa which has two built-in recliners. The sofa is just 3 years old and was purchased for 1,200€ we are selling it for 280€The sofa can be separated into three sections to make it easier to transport. It may also be possible for us to deliver, please ask for details. If you have any questions or would like to view the sofa please let me know via PM. We're located in Neuaubing.  
  25. Advice on buying an apartment in Berlin

    Hi Swimmer,   Thanks for your reply, and that's my point exactly. There won't be meeting minutes, so I'm trying to work out what I can expect to get hold of instead. I've asked the agent to look into this, and I'll suggest past cost outturns/forthcoming budget as a good place to start. That's a good point about how many flats are being sold - actually I think it's all of them. Although about a third are being sold as investment properties with sitting tenants.
  26. Pay when they move out (banks usually give ~6months free credit hold, then you have to pay .15% or .25% per extra month). Also stipulate a fixed date after which they will be legally required to leave, and a date before that where you get X amount of money if they chose to stay. Pretty standard stuff.
  27.   Herein lies the rub. What use are "facts" that are subject to change on such a short timescale?
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