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  2. Things to ponder

      Tears of laughter running down my leg.
  3. Complete FAIL

    Took me a minute....
  4. Hi everybody, here I am again with a brief update on this exhausting issue... I have contacted the bailiff with pictures of the events this person is /has organizing/organized (provided him with dates, prices and locations and the answer I have received was a very infuriating 'he did not indicate this information in the Vermögenverzeichnis but I lectured him'... Please see the screenshot below.   So it seems I am kinda screwed. The jerk debtor is apparently still married but did not provide the name of his partner. He has a bank account but it is marked as 'Pfädngunsschutzkonto' which means that I cannot get money from it. He indicated that he has his Renteversicherung at the Dt. Rentenversicherung Hessen in Frankfurt and his salary is brutto 1100 € (which seems way below the 'basic live coverage' salary, so nothing can be deducted from it).   I guess I will not be able to get anything from this person, at least not for now.. Or is anybody able to give me a different advice?   Thank you in advance!
  5. Visiting the Christmas markets area near Odeonsplaz on December 1st., my wife lost one of her pierced earrings - it is longish 6 sided and a black insert with gold colored surrounding. It is of sentimental value so would be great if someone found it. Many thanks
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    Safety last.
  7. Anyone know how to find my witness since it is very convincing evidence? The worst thing in Germany is that you don’t have cameras! Other countries have cameras everywhere. Here even in the supermarket doesn’t have any cameras! Unbelievable.    I hope the VW lawyer can win the case. But there is always a chance that the other side has excuses. How does the lawyer make sure I can win. I have a lot of quesion marks. 
  8. ApplePay!

      You meant in Selingenstadt, didn't you?
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Except for the rising percentage who now say they would have voted remain if they hadn't been misinformed.  '
  10. Problem landlords and rental deposit returns

    Those are questions for the Mietverein. Do join.
  11. Xmas family pictures

    Ugly Xmas sweaters are a thing in the U.S. or at least used to be. There are UCS parties, contests, etc. The tackier the better. My nieces and nephews used to come borrow some of my mom's sweaters for these events. She thought that they just liked them.
  12. What made you smile today?

    I normally upgrade to premium economy where I get either an aisle seat without a neighbor or the whole row. This time I got the same in economy. I should take photos because nobody believes me. Here's my tactic - Book an aisle seat in the middle section of an empty row. Inquire when I check in my baggage if those seats are still empty or if I will have a neighbor sitting next to me. Ask again on the gate. They will show me the seating if I want to choose a new seat. When I have no neighbor, I stick with the seat that I booked. Here's the important part - be the last person to board. Then, when I walk back, I can see if my row is empty or if there are any other empty rows. I take the second seat in an empty row and kind of spread out so nobody will try to sit with me. Other people (especially Germans) won't move into an unassigned seat until the end of boarding is announced and the doors are closed (if then).   I don't always get a whole row but I haven't had a neighbor in years. I avoid flying at peak times - I'm always flexible.
  13. Savings Plan with Commerzbank

    There is no growth without risk.  If you are are absolutely risk averse, put your money under your mattress, that way, if the bank defaults or the economy completely collapses, you still have your money!  But wait... what if you get robbed... risk again, shit!    Leave your money in your savings account if you can't stomach the idea of investing it somewhere.  The bank usually offers some pittance for an interest rate there, so around zero-point-not-much percent.  But since inflation has averaged nearly 2% the last 20 years in Germany, that means that your money is steadily losing value if it isn't earning at least that much in interest.  But it's safe.   Bank investment plans are generally crap anyways, they are often heavy on fees and low on returns, often tied to some nonsense gimmick.  There are really good, convenient ways to invest money for the future that offer reasonable returns, but you're not interested in those...
  14. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    But is it reasonable to serve alcohol when a Salvation Army band is playing?  This is the absolute crux of the whole matter under discussion in this thread.  
  15. Today
  16.  1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. LisaJK  3. Susie   4.    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. If you hit "reply to topic" and you cannot paste the text, just re-load/refresh the page
  17. Certified translators for German to English

    Lightning fast responses from the gallery and here I am dragging out a response days later.     I found a recommended service from a friend in Stachus for 125 euro for a marriage + apostille & birth + apostille.   I read I would need this for anmeldung, but I didn't.
  18. Your hand smashed the backward-sloping windscreen...   The driver may or may not have accelerated from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds but he sure stepped on the brakes sharply upon contact between you and his vehicle. Why are you not suing for GBH if you were an innocent by-stander and he was a road rager? Is it possible the other damage was sustained simultaneously upon impact with objects other than your person? Just because that damage was not visible in the photos does not mean it was not present... or caused by your good self.
  19. Worst jokes ever

    Some bastard stole my tear-proof megaphone ... ... ... for crying out loud.
  20. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Theresa May has returned from her EU meeting claiming victory stating, "They've thrown in a gas barbecue!"
  21. Massive Riots in Paris

    Macron got in by default, not because people actually wanted him. I find the French generally amazingly introspective. If they looked over the Channel they would see where it is all going. They seem 30 years behind the UK socially and economically. There is still the entitlement mentality and the expectation that society owes them a job for life. Things are indeed going downhill but the starting point is pretty good. It is sad they don't appreciate just how much they have to lose. Yes there is wastage and corruption but the State is also pretty extravagant in many ways.
  22. Wow, thanks El Jeffo  I didn't think to look on one of the rental portals, but that Immowelt page provides a lot of great detail. It is surprising that the Deutscher Mieterbund has not updated its sample template yet (in either German or English) to include a section about DSGVO compliance.
  23. To apply to not apply for a Gewerbeschein?

      Thank you so much for taking your time to reply me!! 
  24. Cool stuff worth sharing

    Pics and sounds of Mars:    
  25. Politics Gen XYZ

    BREAKING NEWS.  An unwanted intruder has been arrested trying to break into parliament, first reports suggest it's Theresa May.
  26. Free for collection till 19th December.   - Baby changing table for IKEA Malm chest with a changing mat - good condition - Stillkissen - HANS NATUR Stillkissen, 160 cm, Bioland-Wollkügelchen (kbT) - clean From a pet-free and smoke-free home; To pick up in Schwabing area, close to Klinikum Schwabing; Priority will be given to somebody who takes both at the same time; - Shelf (IKEA KALLAX white) 182 x 39 x 147 cm - good condition My apartment is on the 7th floor - There is a big elevator I am not able to help you to take the shelf apart or carry - so you will need somebody to help you;
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