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  3. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Eating plants requires cutting forests and growing more plants. If all people become vegetarians we will have to cut all the forest we have.    Do you know what happens to wild animals living in the forest when the forest area is decreased? If meat eaters kill animals, vegetarians do it, too. There is no way to live on this planet and not to kill an animal. Everyone does it indirectly: 6 billion of humans need food.   And what will happen to cows when the Bauern will no longer be able to sell cheese and meat? In India, they just walk in towns and consume trash. Not an option for Germany, Gesundheitsamt will not allow that. All the animals will be just slaughtered. So, there will be no cows and chickens at all. Is it more humane for animals, not to exist? In Finnland, they grow reindeer and let them go to the forest and live their life as wild animals, yet they all have an owner tag.  At some point, the owner kills the reindeer and consumes meat. That is humane, no suffering, no factory farming.
  4. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    Holiday apartments turn out to be unexpectedly expensive.  We lived in one for six weeks while waiting to move into our first place: with unanticipated fees for extras, the stay ended up costing twice as much as we'd been quoted for kaltmiete, the basic rent. By the way, we ended up living in Aising, then a village on the outskirts of Rosenheim and now part of the city; I spent three more years living in Rosenheim itself.  The schools were good, the two kindergartens my little boys went to separately were good, the atmosphere was good.  In spite of all the bad parts, and there were more than a few, living in Germany was worth it.
  5. Why do you invest in property??

    My net monthly income is averaging at 8K. (Self employed)  
  6. Stop the drama. There are plenty of non-EU TT users living in Germany. The largest group of them come from the USA and Canada, two biggest non-EU English speaking countries.    In the worst part (no agreement) you will be treated according to Aufenthaltsgesetz and will have to visit Ausländerbehörde. That is not so bad as it sounds. Basically, if you live more than 5 years, you can apply for permanent residency and forget about it. If you live less than 5 years but more than 2 years, you can apply for unrestricted job permit. If you have a German spouse, you can apply for German spouse permit which gives you unrestricted job permit regardless of residence duration. If you have higher education and a well paid job, you can apply for a Blue Card.   If neither applies, your residence permit will be tied to your current employer for the first 2 years.    That is the worst case scenario. Don't panic.   However, I think, even in the worst case scenario the law will be updated by German Bundestag to give all Brits already living in Germany permanent residency. There is no reason to believe this won't happen.
  7. Work permission when moving accommodation

    Indeed! I suspect that when the shit hits the fan, whoever is behind is just going to take the money and run.
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  9. German Inheritance Laws

      Seems to me from that link that if they don't have a will, the parents will inherit half and the spouse half.  If they do have a will, the parents will however inherit no less than 25% so they should definitely have a will.  Am I right?
  10. Three-word story

    with a bang
  11. How to get German Citizenship and retain (dual) US Citizenship

      I cannot delete this post. Where is the delete button?
  12. The mind Ramschladen

    The following article was written in 2012 and not much did happen. The sun still shines when the clouds are somewhere else, some people died and some got born and we have another president in DC. So don't worry and wonder what could happen if the sun quits shining. (it would destroy the reason for a carbon tax).
  13. Meetups for Irish in Munich

    I was going through the message board as I've just moved to Munich for work and I'm trying to find accommodation (didn't realize it was such a nightmare) that's not Airbnb,  didn't think I'd come across an Irish in Munich page, great to see it. Is anyone still around?    
  14. Legally acceptáble. ok. But you may be hassled anyway without the Pflegepflichtversicherung and can anyone at CIGMA provide you with the back up Bescheinigung docs for the Ausländeramt? Hope you can find a job, get public insurance and an end to all of this.
  15. Taxation of German rental income

    Hi to you all,   Just read the above comments and not sure I understand or if applicable to me.   I recently left Berlin and will be outside of the EU for while, Saudi Arabia for the first year anyway. I will rent out my place in Berlin.   Do I have to pay tax on my rental income in Germany or in Saudi Arabia.   I have emailed two "Steuerbeater" and have received two different answers.   TIA for your feedback. BB.
  16. Can i be my own landlord?

    Thanks Panda! that was quite enlightening!
  17. Well over in the Fail, one of my expat heroes Peter Mayle died lately.     poor old chap. Probably caught by the days of wine but no the olives.   Well I'm one who with my parents did the Dordogne Dream. did anyone else here? ours was a ruin near Brantome, 300 years old and a crook estate agent who promised us "just a touch here and there" all for almost nothing. Well, he ran off with 5 grand of our money, the "small touch up" ended up with a new roof, new bathroom and me empütying a barn of two metres of manure to install a kitchen! On the other hand, we had a huge open fireplace with big logs, up the lane from our seven house hamlet was a carp angler's secret pool where I could ask the farmer beforehand and for a nod and a wink I could cast in my sweetcorn and battle in the twilight with six-pound Leviathans.   After I trudged home in the dusk I'd catch the BBC Radio 4 Long-wave news at 8pm while sinking a few of those small 25cl beers. Heaven.   We sold it in 1999. We rented it for years. here's a photo a tourist took of our mini paradise:     We also visited his place in the Luberon early this year while down in Provence. It is hard to find, but the valley is just up from the village of Menerbes.   
  18. Why are you happy today?

  19. What are you listening to right now?

    Some album with a girl's bottom on it.     Bucket list stuff. never got round to it.
  20. Fiddling about with stocks, funds, etc.

    Good post, Ben! Diversity and long term monthly ups and downs MAY work out  ( stress on MAY and LONG TERM )...Cost Average Effect in general parlance...different one in the US: Main thing in our lives: sort out the health risks eg health insurance, income protection in case of severe illnesses/diseases/accidents, life insurance stuff to protect immediate family members, personal liability insurance ( without which you can end up bankrupt if the worst comes to the worst )..and then consider how to improve your income long term....   Plus enjoy life anyway...
  21. Greets, Spider! NOT bored on Crete..beautiful place. " fix something that isn´t broken in this country? "...animal rights ARE broken here...dogs are something divorce headaches, no courts, unconditional love...I hate seeing people here who treat animals like shit..I DON´T enjoy it..I´d rather greet people walking their dogs - and they exist..but many but many dogs are chained 24 hours a day around their necks and have no freedom of movement, no life..and they cry, they have hearts and souls and FEELINGS. Many Greeks just don´t care...they just don´t. NOT an anti-Greek post...except in that regard...   If we leave our windows open at night here, you hear dogs crying all night..abandoned, lonely, hot/cold, in pain...just like children can be/are when neglected.   By the way;    
  22. IT Contracts - where to look for

    I'm not an IT contractor, but I know the staffing industry. One of the reasons for the lack of portals/readily available lists is that the UK contractor model isn't as appealing here. It's not as cheap, quick and hassle-free to set yourself up as a limited company and pay yourself in a tax advantageous manner as it is in the UK (and the authorities are much stricter on enforcement). That said, there are quite a few UK staffing companies who offer contracts in Germany, but you should ask questions in terms of compliance if they are suggesting a UK model. I suppose one of the large global agencies like Harvey Nash (quite big in Germany) would be an easy first stop in terms of agency, but there are some portals - for example, which seems to operate as an online marketplace (I don't work for or with either by the way, so I've no idea if they are good...or compliant).  
  23. Cross-country skiing in/near Munich (Langlaufen)

    Well I return this evening from the wilderness in more ways than one.    This afternoon the wife phoned to drag my cabin fever body out to the Loipe in the Alps near Tegernsee. One of the advantages of owning a place between the Alps and Munich os how easy both are to get to, and we were on the trail in 40 minutes.    This trail goes to the village of Glashütte and because it is so cold - a frost hollow - the Loipe "goes" most of the winter.  
  24. Jokes

    Little girl gets lost in Walmart, the security guard asks her "What's your Mom like?"  The little girl replies "Big cocks and vodka".
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