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  2. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

    CoCo wheats. (And decent Mexican or Tex/Mex food, of course).
  3. How to prepare my German MIL for her first visit to the US

    Seconding LaDiv's advice.  Get her to bring a friend.  It is no fun to sit alone, understand nothing, and have no one to talk to.   Also, I was very worried about two sets of MILs (parents were divorced and both remarried), but both had a great time and behaved much better than expected.  I only had trouble with my OWN family... 
  4. Hi all,   Last night our shower door fell out of the frame and smashed to pieces. What is the correct way to go about fixing this and who should pay?   Should the landlord pay / fix it or should I claim under my house insurance?   The door was loose in the frame for some time but I didn't report it to the landlord and yesterday after having a shower it came away at the top the frame and gravity / the wall did the rest.
  5. DSH Test prep tutors

    I am taking the DSH test in 3 weeks as I am applying to LMU.  I have lived in Munich for six years already and I need some help preparing for the exam.  There are no classes offered for this exam, so I am looking for a tutor that can help me prepare.  Optimally a tutor who is familiar with the exam and one that can help me with especiall the written and oral parts.    I am going through the DSH 2020 preparation book and working with videos at the moment.  I took the TestDaF a couple weeks ago and found my weak points to be oral--although I think it was the test model more than my ability to speak.  I work with patients every day and after six years I have been told I speak rather well...   Any names or referrals you can offer will be appreciated.  Thanks for your help.
  6. The Vent - No Chat!

    And still the shit continues...   2 weeks ago at one of Lillys friends Birthday party the Parents said to me as we left,   Them..." Will we see you at the class party on the 29th? Me..  " I didnt know there was one" Them.. " Yes, the parents have had an email,but no letter has been sent yet..." Me.. "OK, I will wait and see if I get invited"   Fast forward to Friday...   Lilly hands me a letter and said "can you tell mummy that there is this letter?" Yes, Its the official Party Letter!   "As per the email sent earlier, here is the confirmation of the party details, we look forward to seeing you all there on the 29th ... Dont forget donations for buffet food and or Money" blah blah blah..Please confirm numbers...   So I Sent her Mom a copy of the letter and i get the reply...  "Yes, They have changed things...  The party is for the children... NO parents!"   Just spoke to Lillys Mates father and he said that my ex has confirmed just one adult will be attending!     Fucking nasty... just plain fuckin nasty!   JA.. Here I come!                          
  7. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    "Your sister's really hot!"
  8. Today
  9. OP - sorry for hijacking your thread.  Hopefully some of my comments and the responses from others somehow helped.   In my case, I know I am putting myself at some risk and taking some loss by not fighting for a few things right now.  Best case scenario I could get the court to agree that she owes me between 6000-9000 EUR, BUT she would absolutely have to file for child support if she owed me that kind of money and if I can agree to let it go and she doesn't file for child support for even a couple of years, it will be worth it.    Plus, the older the children get, the more choice they have in where they live, so if I just focus on being a great dad the 5/14ths of the time they are with me, they'll probably choose to live with me if my soon to be ex-wife hooks up with another man and wants to have more kids (which is the only situation where I suspect she'd ask for child support).
  10. Hi everyone,   I am currently living in Hong Kong and I got accepted by a Hochschule and will start studying there on 2nd Octorber.  They sent me this email saying that I need to send them all documents for enrolment before 18th August and one of them is a Krankenversicherungsbescheinigung.  I know it's something that I need to have but I didn't expect them to ask for it before I even plan my trip to Germany; I planned to go there by the end of August or beginning of September.  My question now is...   1. How do I get such Health Insurance documentation when I am still in Hong Kong?  Most public insurance organizations require an address in Germany right?  Even MAWISTA needs a German address.  I don't mind using a private insurance company.   2. If I am going to use a private one, I need to send my contract/plan to German insurance organizations for exemption right?  What are some things that must be covered?   3. What are some private companies that I can use?   4. One last thing, my wife will come along maybe a few months later after I settle down and can apply for a join family visa for her.  How will she get covered?  Can we use separate plans?  Like she get her own insurance when she gets here?  She isn't gonna study. Probably work while I do my degree.   Thanks for the help in advance guys!
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    You think so? Don't get carried away. The political/economic situation is so clouded, anything could happen any time, anywhere. Then it's should have done/should not have done. Never feel sorry for the water gone by under the bridge. But getting the German citizenship at the present time would be the last thing I would think about. And don't forget, there is always another train going somewhere. (only old age is choice there)
  12. Politics Gen XYZ

  13. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    "Your dog just Fart?"..."I don't have dog" 
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    When someone sums up this monolithic issue of race and the criminal justice system into one sentence it demonstrates an over simplication and possibly even a lack of understanding about this crisis and could even be misconstrued as victim blaming.   This statement doesn't actually address the reality of the systemic problem of the crisis in the U.S. The U.S. has a history of enslavement, racial segregation, institionalized racism, racial profiling and racial inequality.      What's actually endangering black motorists and other black peoples' lives in their communities is the government continuing to allow white police officers, whose responsibility is to serve and protect, to kill  black people with impunity like what happened to Philando Castile and  many other people. This is akin to modern day lynching that's being sanctioned by the government. These police officers are acting as the judge, jury,and executioner hardly with any judicial consequences for their  wanton deadly actions. That's what has caused this human rights crisis, this is the problem that has to be seriously  addressed.   This problem of police using excessive force is not new either it's been going on a very long time. However, with the advent of video technology there's more transparency.   Until people actually understand this problem about race and the criminal justice system and have open dialogues about this issue people will continue to make inane statements like what your friend said because it's probably easier to say that  in summation then actually having a constructive dialogue  or caring about the real problem.   I posted Philando Castile's traffic stop a few days ago in the Only in America thread. Here's a few more troubling videos of black people killed by the police.   The officer who murdered Sam Debose was cleared a few days ago of murder.  Walter Scott was unarmed running away from the police.   Eric Garner was hustling cigarettes and was murdered by the police.    Alton Sterling excessive force was used. 12 year old Tamir Rice was killed by police his family was awarded 6 million dollars.   Sandra Bland's traffic stop. She was found dead in her jail cell. The government settled in this case.     22 year Oscar Grant killed by police.   Teenager Laquan Johnson shot 16 times walking away from police.    Last one Rodney King was savagely beaten by the police. Also in Dallas last month Jordan Edwards  a 15 year child was murdered by the police.  
  15. Without a diagnosis, it would be pretty difficult to check out the right spare part price. We just spent € 300 to have our 13 yr. old Waschtrockner repaired. Beat spending € 1200-1400 on a replacement.  
  17. Yesterday
  18. What's got you flummoxed today?

    That's because the law and lawyers of those people want to point out that these affected people might be sufferers for the rest of their lives. Counselling professionals tend to go a different route by not pointing that out when talking to the concerned individuals. 
  19. I don't think that it is worth to call a technician for an eight year old washing machine.   You might want to have a look at this spare part dealer in Austria, best online service I know:   When you enter "Modellnummer" and "Fabrikat" (the later would be "Privileg"), you'll get a list of available spare parts and the prices... Take a look at the prices of the spare parts for your model, it probably wouldn't be worth the money if you could do it yourself...
  20. What made you smile today?

    Valedictorian speech of Scary Smart niece #1    
  21. Cool stuff worth sharing

  22. Cool stuff worth sharing

  23. Michelle Carter found guilty

    From reading the articles, it sounds like suicide by proxy. And yes, I think she's guilty.
  24. Well, my Quelle Privileg washing machine (from 2009) stopped working today. No smoke, no drama, it just doesn't turn on any more.   Quelle doesn't exist anymore, so I don't know who to call! Any ideas for the Munich area?
  25. Cool stuff worth sharing

  26. And not necessarily by her. Should she ever ask for income supplement in Arbeitsamt, the authorities will want to save taxpayers' money and apply for child support on her behalf.
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