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  2. @nordafrikanisch nfortunately, I will concur with the OP. Did the same following the same adivise. Got a few reposnses which were all either off (wrong locations, way more expensive) - still guaranting nothing. Too much effort for just 1-2 more viewings without any more prospects of actually renting.   Again, I would agree with the OP. Have someone native review your appliction letter, add pictures, try to be with your wife at the viewings (landlords are looking for couples), tell everyone that your are here for good and plan to rent for the next 5-10 years THAT very place.    Generally, go further outside the center. The competition is less there.
  3. Politics Gen XYZ

    Translation: a fireman (ie man )  is a " fighter " (a man? Stereotype?). Can no one see what would be a more logical/sensible approach? If you´re a woman, you´re a firewoman, if you´re a man you´re a fireman. No? Ok, I give up....
  4. How good is your German? How good is your knowledge of German liability insurances? Do you know which modern components are essential in a contract? Do you know who to turn to in case someone makes a complaint/claim about you/against you?   The internet is your friend or you seek professional advice.
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

    In Britain, the cartoon character Fireman Sam has been called sexist and is being renamed "Firefighter Sam" to be more inclusive.   Yeah! Fight the Fight!
  6. Maybe more Germans just bitch more on Facebook to get it out of their system, someonesdaughter! And maybe more Germans now realise they are not the only ones with legal insurance so they can´t necessarily threaten someone and with a smile! And many people just don´t want  the time stress and hassle and, maybe, just want a mediation process which won´t take years to go through the courts. Just a hunch and not based on any statistics!
  7. Shop refund policies and your rights

    Thank you Leon for your reply and info .. much appreciated!   I shall be a bit more carefull how i go about my purchases in future
  8. Today
  9. You’re subject to the 90 days out of 180 limitation in the other Schengen countries. Link:   ————————————————   What does a Schengen visa allow me to do? With a Schengen visa you can travel to any or all of the 26 Schengen area countries for the period of validity of your visa, but for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 days period. You do not need an individual visa for each country, and you do not have to show your passport when crossing borders between countries within the Schengen area. However, at the area's external boundaries - the borders with non-Schengen area countries - all travel documents are carefully checked.   If you hold a residence permit or a long-stay visa issued by a Schengen area country, you will have the same freedom of travel as a Schengen short-stay visa holder. If you have a Schengen visa and wish to visit any of the six EU countries which are outside the Schengen area (Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, the United Kingdom), you normally need to apply for a separate national visa for each country. However, holders of Schengen visas valid for multiple entries can enter Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania without an additional national visa.   ————————————————   It says ANY 180 day period, so officially I would consider your 80 days pre-Blue Card to count toward the 90. Unofficially no ones going to know / care / check unless you get into trouble so I probably wouldn’t give it a second thought to go visit Denmark.
  10. AfD on the rise

  11. Expense vs Asset

    So the imported equipment - even from outside the EU - could count towards expenses and be a German tax deduction?  
  12. The current weather in Munich

    It's just you.   Nobody is posting because everybody is outside enjoying the sunshine instead of looking at their mobiles.
  13. Registration with Bundesagentur für Arbeit

    thanks that information was very useful.    i guess ill have to start job hunting through other sources.    once learnt german will try for the federal emp agency
  14. car modification hamburg

    thanks that article was useful. lets see ill take it to tuv if they fail ill remove the lights.
  15. The current weather in Munich

    That's because everyone is just dying for winter to arrive!!!   Or is that just me?
  16. How do I send a package back to Amazon via DPD?

      Check their terms of return on Amazon.  Some give more time.  Are you sure they are willing to pay for the postage, as the mistake was yours?  Some sellers are, some not. 
  17. Politics Gen XYZ

    Donald Trump has been widely criticised after falsely claiming that Barack Obama and other former presidents didn’t call the families of fallen soldiers.   This literally made me sick when I saw it.
  18. How do I send a package back to Amazon via DPD?

      Aw crap.   ill just sell it on then!
  19. The current weather in Munich

    I can't believe that nobody made a post about the lovely Golden October we enjoy at the moment. On Sunday, Augustiner Beergarden was even open.
  20. AfD on the rise

    Impulse, leaps of logic is the term you're looking for when you say "imagination", and it's more descriptive of what you engage in. Whatever other ancestry these kids I've referred to have, they're German because at least one parent is German, and they see themselves as German. I'd generally say that a person who grows up here and has one German parent is German (and also if they didn't grow up here), and others may also identify as German without being ethnic German.    snowing again, does she have a German parent? If neither parent is German, I'd say it's up to her to determine what her primary identity is (she may decide that her primary identity is not German, and instead either Turkish or Muslim). Note that this is a sensitive issue among Turkish Germans, who usually consider themselves Turkish first. Note also that many Turks view people who have naturalized as Germans and thus given up Turkish citizenship to be no longer Turks, which seems very unfair to me, especially for a people with such a strong identity as Turks.     
  21. Sorry, won't be able to make it today.   1. Colin 20:00 - 21:30 2. Yu-Kai 20:00 - 21:30 3. Stewart 19:30 - 21:30 4. Audrey 19:30-21:30 5. Nicole 19:30-21:30 6. Leni 20:00-21:30 7. Andy 19:30 - 21:30 8 wei wu 19:30-21:30 9 Paul 19:30 - 21:30 10 AdamL 8:30-9:30pm
  22. AfD on the rise

      He possibly meant (as an example) would a headscarf wearing Muslim German girl into rap music, a keen member of the local sports club and the local Tierschutzverein,  etc etc whatever whatever, fall into your definition of a cultural German. 
  23. AfD on the rise

      And every time I have imagined that I have plunged the depths of your disingenuousness, my breath is taken away by the amount I realize is left.  The AfD is the party that hosts Bernd Höcke.  It is a clear evolution of the NPD, with a dog-whistle vocabulary that evolved under the selectional pressure of the German environment.  It's why I don't care much for the German Verfassungsschutz approach to denazification -- it merely causes the terminology of racism to evolve to things with better ambiguity and alibis, but nonetheless obviously the same thing.
  24. AfD on the rise

      I'm not sure what you mean by doing things "considered African or Middle Eastern". These kids are indistinguishable from "white" German kids in terms of what they do.   This is one of the things you could have observed for yourself if you actually got out of the house more than twice every six years.    It's amazing how race-obsessed you are, Impulse. 
  25. AfD on the rise

      And it's not you that matters here, since you're not German and you can't vote.  It's the AfD voter you're trying to defend.  It's what the appeal of the campaign is.  And the appeal of the campaign, including the whole bikini ad, is not even a cultural one, but a nakedly racial one.  Worry about biological birth is a nakedly racial worry, every time.  A few "colourful" births and adoptions are OK and make you look a little tolerant, but Hauptsache Biodeutsch.
  26.   Not really.  If you'd bought it online, you'd have 14 days to change your mind.  If you bought it in a store, it's up to them.  Did you ask for a refund or did you ask for an umtausch?  They might be more willing to sell you another phone than refund the money.  You could ask to speak to the manager and see if they will do it.  But as far as I know, they don't have to.   If the only problem is that your SIM card doesn't fit, that's easily solved.  If it's too big, you can cut it using a template, you can go to a cell phone store and ask them to cut it or you can order a new one from your provider which is the right size.  If it's too small, you can buy an adapter for it.
  27. AfD on the rise

      But can they be German while doing things you consider African or Middle Eastern?  Or is this a contradiction for you?
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