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  2. If it´s any help, Jamie, I moved to Germany from the UK in 1989 and didn´t know about health insurance, either! I came as an  English teacher to work  at Airbus in thing led to another... You have more chances to find out about  the system in these internet days!
  3. Qualifications are very important here. You may have experience and references, but an employer will want to see proof of your skills. And you will be competing with German speakers and many other EU citizens. Good luck! And listen to john g!
  4. In regards to mandatory health insurance, employee or not, I was completely unaware of this! So a job lined up before hand would be the best way to go, otherwise forget it. I'll end up coming back to blighty in no time with my tail between my legs... With a severe hangover 😂
  5. Jamie...    Doesn't a very well know Munich car firm own that prestigious car firm in Goodwood, if so, could you not ask if a work transfer was available just to test the waters like ?     And i 2nd what Jeremytwo said, apart from the bier.. which is the dogs bollox  :)
  6. The Vent - No Chat!

    Enjoy those years in the clink, you scumbag. Hope you die in there.
  7. My official occupation is 'machine operation' primarily with the use of tailored programs to run an automated robot. Generally in the company I work for, these positions are handed to apprentices after the completion of studies, however I obtained this position by 'working up the lader' rather than qualifications.   Not necessarily the most skilled job, but it does require a technical understanding and is by no means unskilled labour.   I think automotive firms will be the best point of call, especially considering my current employer is a part of the Bavarian Motor works group (BMW) however I can see the language being an issue, which is why I was wondering if there was anything suited to native English speakers.  
  8. What are you cooking today?

    I really do not look forward to dinner.  Supper, yes, when the house lass is home after work, but the sordid mid-day meal.  Bah!  I usually opt for a salad.    As is the norm, she near always asks what I ate, ready to make fun.  Today I actually surprised her - I cooked!  But she made fun of it and has flatly refused allowing me to make it for her.  What a fookin grump!   Cooked half an onion in olive oil until just before brown...or black! Added a good amount of broccoli A wee bit of balsamico I then added one egg and a bit more olive oil. Spices - mostly hot and some Tabasco sauce. I then added a drained can of tuna fisch that was tinned in water. Cooked on low heat until all was just so.   I too was surprised as it was rather tasty.  Flat smelled of fish and onions all day.    
  9. How clean should our shared spaces be?

      Maybe time in pokey gets him the same from Mr Big in the shower?
  10. What is wrong with Essen?

        Yorkie do you by any chance follow the phases of the moon?   As for Czech, That region overlapping Oberpfalz is a secretly beautiful corner of Germany. Empty of the arrogant rich idiots I live around, full of humble warm people. Mother in law originally comes from up there.    This is another weird thing in Czech which goes back 15 years. There used to be loads of garden gnomes on roadside sale back then also. And can anyone remember the weird miserable Vietnamese markets?  
  11. Why Germans take their kitchens with them

    Typical German, . But you know, there are worse cultures out there...  I think it hurts more from Germans because there is so much talk about what is fair and legal and right and moral (cough - Volkswagen - cough  ) , and then they turn around and ...uuupp! Surprise surprise!  But don't take it personally - they do this to each other day in and day out. When it comes to money, they are ruthless. And you are in Schwabia... even worse!      I have no idea what kitchens are worth. I imagine, because kitchens are often custom installations, they will depreciate rapidly because 1)  the style chosen does not appeal to everyone and 2) they are not really portable - it is unlikely that if you take it with you, it will fit perfectly into the new location (maybe unless you go from big to small, and chuck out the leftovers). So kitchens are just bad deals. But ok, you got your pleasure out of it, and now just try your best to recoup some, but don't let it ruin your day.   I think you got that 2200 euro calculation stuck in your head. I don't blame you. I think from your position you are giving them something more than 50% off. But from their position, they can buy one off ebay for 500 euros that is 'good enough' (ie. not perfect fit). Maybe they are not considering the installation costs (they only have the 500 euros stuck in their head!).   Perhaps this 500 is their first offer, and now you can counter? In your case, I would find comparable ebay prices (be realistic!), slap on X euros for what it would cost to install one of those ebay ones and discuss with them a fair price (reminding them of the installation costs). If they offer you 1000, I would run with it.. if their offer is 750 I would still run with it. If the new tenants offer 550, I would go with the tenants... because the landlord should lose a good deal if they cannot muster more.      
  12. I forgot Corel Draw. There is relatively cheap version for home use:   No subscription. But the full pro version costs a bag of money.
  13. Evening, RedMidge! If Jamie gets employed, then health insurance is easy..compulsory in the German system etc..the problem is if he is in Germany and doesn´t have a job yet..he needs an interim solution-which may include voluntary membership of German public insurance or a private international insurance or maybe an interim " incomer´s insurance " all depends on how he plans and on how it all pans out.   It is essential that Jamie knows it works differently in is mighty complicated sometimes...   I definitely reckon your last point is really worth considering for Jamie.
  14. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Euuuuuuuuuuuw, @hooperski!  You are shameless!   
  15. Documents needed for marriage in Germany

    Hello everyone, new to the site but have been lurking for years. Lots of great information here! The time has come to get married here in Germany. I am a Canadian and my fiancé is German. I have been in Germany off and on for about 8 years, always with a freelance work Visa. We have already been to the Standesamt.  I only needed my Long Form Birth Certificate from Canada. (No translation to German) Valid Passport.  Needed a translator or Dolmetscher which costed 30 €. Did not need an affidavit proving that I am single in Canada. Had to sign a few sheets of paper.  They sent it to the next city court and we must wait 2-4 weeks. The whole process took about 25 minutes.   My main question is this. what will change when we decide the tie the knot. I am a freelance English trainer on a valid work permit. To obtain this Visa I need health insurance. I have used Mawista and don't have issues with it at the Auslanderamt. My fiancé is German, and on the statutory health care plan. My job here usually lasts around 7 months per year and the rest of the time i spend traveling around. We don't make much money, in fact, barely the amount the Auslanderamt expects from me. Will I need to change insurance? Sorry if this has been asked. Thanks!
  16. What are you cooking today?

    Gran's special- Bubble and Squeak, with leftover mash, peas, sprouts and parsnips!  And to add protein- poached eggs on top!
  17. I was just about to say- Check UK Gov website:  Moving to/working in Germany.  As john g says, Healthcare is employee based and not tax based as in the UK> So,  you need to look at  how this works and how much it costs.  Rental property everywhere has risen in price, and an unemployed  Brit with  little savings, no German skills, will face a tough task finding a place to live. ( No big dogs ??) As a UK  passport holder, you can come and look for work,  and your EHIC  covers for 3 months - but as a tourist. Once you register ( look up Anmeldung), you need German approved Health Insurance.   John g and Starshollow are experts in the Insurance game- check their posts in Finance forum. Maybe look at  auto manufacturers  as you say you work in this area. But, what are your qualifications and are they recognised here? Why not take an extended holiday over here, and  try and connect/look for work before you make a permanent move?  
  18. After 2017 election: The center holds

    Yeah. And when I ask a simple question: how come this "unstable system" and "disaster" has survived 2 world wars without being invaded I get all kinds of conspiracy theories.   Apparently all Germans who keep money in Swiss banks are idiots because the next referendum will ruin the financial system.
  19. What is wrong with Essen?

    I agree. Why don't you?
  20. Today
  21. What is wrong with Essen?

      It would save more time if people just ignored it.
  22. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    If there was an Olympic event for interfering,  I reckon my wife could have a meddle in it.
  23. What is wrong with Essen?

    I didn't notice that. There are bordells in Oberpfalz as well as in Czechia, but I didn't notice much tourism this or that direction. These days people drive to Czech republic for drugs. Or Sunday shopping (those who live near the border).
  24.   What is your occupation? What did you learn? German companies want to see papers, proof of studies, trainings, degrees, experiences. If you don't have any of this, sorry, there is no job market for English (only) speakers in whatever industry. There is a high demand for 'Fachkräfte', skilled professionals with degrees in engineering or computer science and a couple of years in experience, but not for unskilled laborers with poor language skills. You won't make ends meet in Munich with the jobs you can get, like filling shelves in a supermarket or draw beer in a pub.  
  25. Software Companies using English

        PMs sent. Thank you.
  26. Guy flashes neighbor. Neighbor makes a police report. Guy does it again. Neighbor spends some time in the pokey. Let's keep it simple. An unrequested and undesired gander at your minor members earns you some face time with the cops. Easy peasy.
  27. Hi Jamie! Just to inform you you have to pay for health insurance in Germany NHS here...costs more than beer, I´m afraid!   Disclaimer: I´m an independent insurance broker and official advertiser on Toytown.
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