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  2. Thank you Metall, I didn't sign and I didn't verbally agree, I have worked here for more than 1 year so I am allowed to get the benefits. At this point I don't know what to propose to them.    
  3. yep, I'll be confirming the table tomorrow morning, so you are all still welcome to join.  So far I've counted: Jpid Anns Kimbalina vmelchers KiwiKate mickeyd126 //ani blackout Farm girl Beags Vanvan   If I've missed anyone, do say so.   
  4. Freelancer without an insurance

    Dear All,    First I do apologize for my post that contains issues that have been discussed on this forum on various occasions. I was aware of these issues but due to decisions made by my own tax officials in my home country, I now face a dire situation.    I am a freelancer from Finland (EU country) who has been working between Berlin and Finland since the last November. I invoice my client for the work I do and we have a clearly defined project that lasts until the end of March 2017. I have been travelling between Germany and Berlin on few occasions doing work in both countries and my permanent address is still in Finland. I have not registered in Berlin because I have been living in various flatshares. Also I will go back home after the project if finished.    As a disclaimer I was given contradicting information to which country I should pay taxes and in what country I would be insured. Therefore I was apparently in wrong belief of what should I do. For example my client asked the German Finanzamt about taxes and they had told that I would pay taxes to Finland. However, the Finnish system says that I will have to pay my taxes of my "honoraria" payments to Germany.    Yesterday I received information from Finnish tax and social security office that declared that I am no longer under the Finnish social security. This means that I am under the social security of the country in which I work (Germany).    Now I need to get a private German/or international insurance but only until the end of March when I get back home!    Could you please share some information on 1) what insurance company would insure me 2) what company would have the lowest fees AND MOST IMPORTANTLY 3) what is the sanction/penalty I now face as I have been uninsured for 3 consecutive months? I've understood from previous posts here, that the penalty would be to pay backwards the monthly insurance fees that you didn't pay during the time of being uninsured? But how is this "fee" then calculated: is it 100, 200 or maybe 700 euros per month multiplied by the amount of months?    Your help is extremely appreciated!   
  5. Is it possible for me to learn german in one year?

    I come from an Advertising background. I have a Bachelor of Arts specialised in translation, with focus on creative adaptation and a Graduate diploma in Public Relations. I worked for advertising agencies in Canada. I could not find a job in germany in my field after I moved. Why? Because I didn't speak the language, and did not know the culture, the history, the social fibre.  Advertising is knowing how to speak to your audience, knowing what gets them moving, motivates, shakes them. I think a foreigner trying to be successful in advertising abroad is a challenge. I recycled in Business/IT and am fine now, but just FYI... Nothing is impossible, hell I never thought I could work in IT in a business role, but it happened. But I think it's good to be aware. 
  6. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. This is super important! There is a good possibility your employer is trying to get rid of you quickly and cheaply - and yes, if you sign a contract termination, you will be barred from any unemployment benefits for three months!   Go to the Arbeitsamt immediately and register as job seeking (arbeitssuchend). You are legally required to do this the moment you believe you could be losing your job, and is necessary to receive benefits in time. This is even useful in case you haven't been working long enough to get benefits, as you might get job offers.   Again, if you are presented with a paper to sign in a language you don't understand, take it along to read, but DO NOT SIGN. Also, do not verbally agree to a termination.  
  7.   Realschule is technically enough for an apprenticeship. Unfortunately in Berlin the quality varies by school and some employers here complain that their Azubis don't have the necessary math and German skills (and not just the kids with a Migrationshintergrund). The Fachabi could improve his chances of an apprenticeship as well as make it possible for him to study BWL.   If he is not as interested in abstract theory, a Dualstudium might also be an option.   
  8. Thanks Engelchen.  He really must be confused...he thought that the FA range includes the 3 Hauptfächer plus kaufmännische subjects. I believe the Realschule part finishes in a year and then he stays at the school to do the FA. He enjoys the KM aspects of school and gets top marks in tests though has recently done a Praktikum which has left him disillusioned.  We've encouraged him not to be despondent at this stage. It sounded pretty awful where he just did office dirty work and felt he didn't learn anything. Reminds me of the days of being the office slave and dogsbody. Real life can be like that though.   I think I'll ask him if he'd like us to go with him to talk to his teacher though e have to be careful not to tread in his mother's toes.   Another couple of questions if I may...roughly speaking, with a KM Fachabi, what kind of jobs might he qualify for? And, what kind of further education might he qualify for with that FA? It all sounds very similar to my old business studies diploma. 
  9. Goodbye y'all

    Sorry to see you go, but looking forward to the occasional "visit" when you get bored!!! All the best!
  10. So weird that they don't just issue the card everywhere! What happened to the claim of security???
  11. Careers advice and future Fachabitur for 16 Year old

    Without knowing the kid and his talents/interests, I'd suggest that he get the requisite eduction and then find an apprenticeship in a skilled trade, e.g., electrician. Note also that a Meister in the skilled trades can get into a German university with that qualification (and it's a great one to have in and of itself).  
  12. Hi! I too am new to Munich and this group. I know it is very last minute, but would it be possible for one more? If not, I totally understand and will attend the next event. Thank you! 
  13. Putting up a fake advert on airbnb

    Oh, and if you wish to choose to focus on the boutique hotel concept, what sells most (most of the time) is not the strength of your facility in comparison to bigger places but your ability to create friendly experiences and then show them to the world.    There is someting called ( which markets this in creative ways - delivers photos on phones with comments from guests etc, which works better with small hotel population.   
  14. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship
  15.   How much longer does he need to finish? 
  16. Goodbye y'all

    Anybody seen this already :-)      
  17. Putting up a fake advert on airbnb

      If you build yourself a tiny version of Relais Hotel du Vieux Paris or Hotel Chelsea, you will probably suffer a lot but will be a legend in two generations   I was more thinking along the lines of the culture industry funded by the EU. For instance, supporting intercultural dialogue is an EU culture goal and translation is one of the recognized ways of doing this. That's why, almost all countries organize workshops sometimes partly funded by the EU, most of the time visited by Ministers of Culture etc. Say, they bring together translators of Ancient Greek poetry or Kierkegaard or Kafka. Translators come there through grants and their national associations and usually are more or less financially established people (but at that point you wouldn't deal with that) who have devoted their lives to  very specific things  Some have an academic background.    There is a famous translators place in Seneffe, but a very famous one with a dreamy courtyard, which of course photographs well when important people are there     However, there are lots of smaller scale places, the listing in CEATL may give an idea. There are even smaller ones. Camps, you name it.   If you have the interest or familiarity, you also can get in touch with NGOs, build projects with them and get funding as well. These can be tedious things sometimes but some people have more fun doing them, so I don't know.    Writer's residences is similar. Can work through grants but also attracts middle-aged people who have achieved a certain security in life and wish to travel with a purpose for a bit.   PEN has a lot going on always.    In both these, people like nature, yes. But they also like the European culture (and the idea of being with other writers, translators etc) and if there is no nature or culture, you may drive them to the nearest point.    For other arts and culture events, it often works in a specific way. You get connected with someone, they bring in the people and finances sorted out beforehand.    Everything has become "network" basically, thousands of things are organized every day. Once you get into the network through one or two organizations, the rest comes.    I'm not saying this is the best business plan or anything, just wanted to share details becaue you said you are intrigued. Only, depending on your interests it can be an alternative which has different seasons - like you can use low seasons, it brings a lot of marketing and prestige. I have come across places that organize little workshops, offer accommodation for the mentor who brings their own group and charge little for the others because it has marketing value.    Offering alternative cooking courses is profitable in urban areas as well. You are sorted once you get to be called "culinary institute of something":)))    These can be secondary, small event- based things that can add extra income to a place easily during weekends etc. Just an idea.     
  18. What is this "EC Permanent Resident" thing you are talking about? I am a non-EU with a German PR. So is my wife and so is one of my kids (the other one is German). So I have an idea about how it works. The PR status in Germany is called Niederlassungerlaubnis shorted as NE. It is meant for non-EUs and you can get it after 5 years in the country, shorten to 3 years if you are married to an EU citizen. You have more or less the same rights as a citizen except you can't vote. You have full access to the work market and social services and benefits and you can own property and you pay same taxes as everyone else. The limitations are that it is valid only in Germany and you can't leave Germany for more than 90 days in a single trip or more than 180 days a year. You can get this values doubled with a special permit from the aliens office. AFAIK EU citizens can't apply for NE status. What I assume it is going to happen after Brexit is that UK citizens will be non-EUs and they can apply to NE status and most probably the time you were already here should count towards the 5 years. The ones which have not reached the 5 years may get a non-NE permit but then this is more limiting and very bad if you need to work (Vorrangprinzip applies for non-NE permits, meaning the Job Center has to approve the job permit and Germans, EUs and NEs have priority, in reality no unskilled job gets approved).
  19. Pronunciation of A.S.A.P.

    advert closed.  
  20. Good morning, I have some doubts about a proposal from my employer. I am working in a startup and after I came back from the Christmas holidays I have been notified that the Market for which I am working will close (officially in March). On December my contract have been extend for another year, therefore my employer is proposing me a cancellation agreement to finish the contract on April with one month paid without going to work. I don´t think that with this kind of agreement I will it be able to receive the unemployment benefit if I will not find a job. Should I accept it or can I pretend something more? I would truly appreciate any help that I can get. Thank you in advance!
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  22. John, if the family member falls through I have 2 more interested parties.
  23. Pronunciation of A.S.A.P.

    asap is an abbreviation. nato is an acronym. sol is also an abbreviation.   but I digress.    
  24. Buying a used car

    take a detour when doing the test drive :D
  25. Also watch the adds on the late night TV channels... The language of selling is as about as simple as it can get. And you will have a laugh at how not German the adverts are.   No German would ever get that excited about an appliance that can chop tomatoes... Although you may have to have the remote close to hand to stop yourself being scared for life. Not all the adverts are helpful, that is all I am saying...    
  26. Thanks for replies! Looks like there are truly diverse cases...
  27. Post your favourite PC video

      OK not all videos, some are mere jolly inclusive statements:   Jews: Hindus: Budhists: Christians: Sikhs:   and rumours, at least, of a visit to a Zoroastrian temple:      
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