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  2. The mind Ramschladen

    we in the west don't have to worry that our leaders get removed from office.
  3. Why are you happy today?

    I have a gadget on my computer, if I can't read it I just press ctrl and + and presto, no magnifying glass necessary.
  4. I appreciate the quick responses, but they seem to have gotten sidetracked at the outset. The upshot of my research into the matter of health insurance indicates that one cannot even get a quote--let alone purchase it--unless one is already legally resident in country. For that reason alone, the discussion is at best premature. Nevertheless, I will address the points raised.   I fully expect to have to buy private insurance, at least at the beginning, and I am fully aware that it will not be cheap--presuming, of course, that I could even find an insurer willing to underwrite a policy. I'm a 60-year-old man with some problematic pre-existing conditions. (One question I might ask in this regard in the circumstances--which I have yet to see asked or answered--is, What if one cannot even buy private insurance at any price?)   My situation in the States has been much the same as every American's: until the ACA was signed into law, I obtained health insurance through my various employers, or through COBRA, when necessary, such that I was continually insured until approximately 18 months after I ceased working, in 2009. At present, and for at least the past 5 years, I have been insured under the so-called "Medicaid Expansion" of the ACA. Under standard Medicaid rules, one cannot qualify unless one is both low-income and essentially impoverished; that is to say, the benefit is means-tested. The Medicaid Expansion under the ACA, however, apparently is not, and so one need only meet the income requirements.
  5. I'm available in December except for the Christmas days and around, so until short before Christmas and from the 26th to the 30th as well you can book classes.
  6. Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance)

      My previous licence was from Turkey, and i have no statements from my previous insurers.
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Once again simple things:   This afternoon I was invited to visit some long-standing friends. I took a selection of cake(s) from our favourite Konditorei but was invited to stay for dinner. Simple fleischpflanzerl were on offer but they turned out to be extremely delicious and succulent. Home-made from the lady of the house's own recipe and possibly the nicest I've had during my 19 years in DE-land and I was given the left-overs to bring home for tomorrow. Happy Bunny.
  8. Thanks for this info!    Not saying we’d likely want to go this route, but coming from the US, that’s less expensive than I would have thought. In theory, one option could be to handle the first trimester or two of prenatal care here in the states with our current insurance, and then move just before the third began. If we did that, would any insurance pick her up, just without pregnancy coverage, at that point? And if so, would that meet our health insurance requirements for a visa and such?   That being said, I’d rather not go that route, but I want to hear our as many scenarios as we can...    
  9. Today
  10. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Here is a list of the non approved ( banned) kodi addons, which can stream ilegal content   provided by Kodi, kodi has nothing to do with the illegal addons    The authorities have shut down several of them already, but each time one is shut down another 3 appear, when  exodus was shut down ( just not updated),  Covenant was born, the storey goes on, looks like Covenant is going down as well, but there are lots of alternatives, see the list The  authorities have never prosecuted an end user, only the suppliers of the addon or asked them to shutdown        
  11. The Storm is Coming...

    Rothschild house may be down!   Here is an insiders view of the place:    
  12. Hi MRyan! I would recommend you check out in more detail what one of your co-workers has: unique health, if something chronic, I doubt it´s insured/covered.  and the other three? By the way, just checked which thread I´m  a disclaimer because it´s not the Finance thread: I´m an independent insurance broker and an official advertiser on Toytown ( another by the way: I dislike the words " official advertiser " but that´s what it´s apparently called! )
  13. As long as there are no complications, a pregnancy should cost under 10,000€. cost for prenatal care: between 4,000€ and 5,000€: cost for birth in hospital: between 3,000€ and 5,000€:
  14. Sorry, I meant insurance coverage of pregnancy related expenses, since we’d be on private insurance, which unlike the public system, wouldn’t cover pregnancy expenses right off the bat. Makes good business sense not to provide that kind of expensive coverage the first day we sign up, but sucks on this side of it! Our co-workers have private insurance. I know one has some kind of specialized international plan from a British company because of some unique health issues, but I’m not sure of the specifics of the rest. Reality is, we’ll probably just take their suggestions and do whatever they did since it doesn’t really look like there’s any getting around the pregnancy issues. Still, worth looking into all the options just in case...
  15. Unless one of them also has EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship, they are not eligible for: maternity benefits, i.e. 12/14 months of Elterngeld of at least 300€ a month:,did=93560.html child benefits, i.e. Kindergeld of 194€ a month: unless they have a visa allowing them to be both an employee and self-employed, i.e. one that says "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet", which is only handed out after several years of residence in Germany.   Please also read:  
  16. Actually, EI, when I ws 20, I ended up in the Bahamas with my you did back then, And got talking to a rich, old bastard (along with some other youngsters ) and he actually offered us all a free sail around the Caribbean islands on his yacht. I turned down the offer cos even at that tender age I thought ( through some superficial chats ) he was really right wing! Absolutely true story ( and one I regret!!). Jeez, Martinique, Virgin Islands et al...had to slog my way through such equally evil places later... at my own expense !!
  17. What made you laugh today?

    I've discovered a new ingredient today while reading a recipe... I am familiar with ghee.... "• 5 tablespoons melted ghee or grass-fed butter"
  18.   Certainly wittier than the normal offerings here and has the added bonus of mocking the tinfoil hat brigade.
  19. Actually this is a great idea. George Soros and me on a boat could be a regular feature.
  20. Only in America...

    My daughter thinks I´m dead, katheliz! She has a Masters in something or other modern and yet..I got my revenge. She asked me last year how to find our website!! I asked her to google!!!
  21. MRyan: wait another year for maternity benefits to kick in? Which maternity benefits from the German side would you expect?  And, again, how did your 4 co-workers get health insured for their visa?
  22.   Georgie's Friday after-dinner cocktail this week is a virgin mojito with parsley and cinnamon -- a shariajito he calls it.
  23. Definitely agree! Many thanks to everyone who has contributed.
  24. Why are you happy today?

    Two more young  male cats who won´t get into fights with other male cats over women! And risk losing their eyes etc in fights. Thanks to the volunteer team who castrated the two little ´uns ( all surreptitiously in this land of false pride..)...  Maybe the volunteer team can take charge of certain human males in this world and change their attitudes!!!
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