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    says it all..
  3. What made you laugh today?

    love it!  they're such a lovely cup    
  4. What made you laugh today?

    out of his fucking gourd    
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    always happy never sad...  i miss those days    
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  8. Confused about social insurance certificates

    ^^see correction!   After re-reading my original reply I realized I'd omitted a critical word, the absence of which may have added further confusion.   I should also clarify that certain items deducted, such as those examples I gave which would not fall within the sphere of interest of the German social insurance administration, should not appear in these type of certification documents anyway.   Sorry. My bad.   Obviously it must be time for me to retire!         (01:50AM)   2B
  9. Confused about social insurance certificates

      Could be that they had anticipated, or you had mentioned, that you might need to provide just that amount of certified info to your local ABH to support n extension of your visa/work permit.   I can't actually say for sure why it was issued in that format. If you feel its important to know then the obvious point of contact to direct your specific question to would be the actual entity which issued it.   2B  
  10. Alternative titles of threads

      Telling all, or envisioning alternative titles?   Sure its still a thing! Are you?   It is great to see you back though, MLD!   We put you on the 'Which past members do you miss the most?" thread years ago, a while after your sudden disappearance.   That was around the time that horse-meat started showing up in branded frozen pizzas all over western Europe so IIRC I guessed the Russian mafia might've harvested your organs and turned the rest of you into poutine.   Don't make such a stranger of yourself again, eh.   2B  
  11.     Thanks, great explanation. But this leads me to another question. When you wrote this, were you referring to the Entgeltnachweis zur Sozialversicherung? As mine only includes the gross pay and some other information like citizenship, social insurance number, and some special codes stating whether full contributions to pension insurance, health insurance, etc. were paid (but not the concrete amounts of these).
  12.   Hi there, MunichMom   I've never done one of these but I have read a bit about them on the EU Cedefop site.   There's a bunch of tools, including plug-ins, you can use if you might be doing this kind of stuff regularly.   Their website composer allows you, thanks to its multiple dropdown menu options, to knock up a rough draft quite quickly. Your input is not stored online but can be downloaded in a number of formats to be edited or revised off-line later.   Take a look at the EUROPASS Cedefop CV composer and click on the menu at the top left and have a rummage round for more tips on the CV and info on their tools, etc..   HTH 2B
  13. Conflicting information from Techniker Krankenkasse

    I‘ll keep you abreast. We aren’t billionaires but we can afford to pay for my husband to step back in with AOK. 
  14. Things to ponder

      I so desperately hope you're right.   The other day I sadly remarked to my German colleague I was very afraid my country might turn into a dictatorship... and quietly wondered if Germany was turning into the land of the free.
  15. Next Badminton is 26.6.2018 19:30-21:30   The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SATURDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.   1. Ganesh 20:30 - 21:30 2. Subha 20:30 - 21:30
  16. Conflicting information from Techniker Krankenkasse

      Whilst I do know your 2nd sentence to be a true statement of fact I also know that many of those who I have known to do so were already in Germany when they retired either from the US Military or other (usually non-commercial) entity.   It may not be wise to base your assumptions on someone elses situation.   I don't wish to discourage you, but we certainly do get to read of numerous cases of US citizens who have experienced major, and often insurmountable, problems in trying to retire to Germany.   There again, if a potential retiree is not bound by any financial limits, it may come down to 'where there's a will - there's a way'.   If all else fails Malta will happily sell you their citizenship including all the rights of free movement every other EU citizen enjoys.   Good luck with your endeavours and, for the benefit of future readers who may be looking for similar info, please do post your results and any tips you might learn of.   TIA 2B
  17. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    The Trump administration withdraws from the UN human rights council due to their controversial stance on children being kept in cages.
  18. What harrassment?  She was asking him questions?  That's what reporters do.  He could have ignored her or walked away.  He chose to hit her instead.  He only walks away after he's already hit her.
  19.   I think it's common and it usually happens by it being offered to you.  If BMW wants to stay on good terms with your employer, they may work with them on your takeover, let there be a relatively long period that you continue working for your old employer or pay them a headhunting fee or both.  If they don't care to stay on good terms with your employer, they will simply give you a contract, tell you to give your one month notice if you want it and tell your employer if they have a problem, they can go f themselves.  Of course you could also voice it with your BMW boss that you would be interested in working there directly or apply at BMW yourself but if BMW doesn't want to take you over, it will simply not happen.
  20. Alternative titles of threads

    Is that still a thing?
  21. Confused about social insurance certificates

      Commercial employers in Germany are required by law (§108 GewO) to provide every employee once annually with an understandable written statement showing the amount/s and purpose of all deductions which were witheld by the employer from the employees' wages or salary during the course of the year in question.   This is partially intended to relieve employees of the common problem of trying to decipher acronyms or internal codes used on monthly statements or pay advice slips.   1. They could look different but have the same purpose.   Depending on which firms' internal payroll dept (or payroll publishing and printing subcontractor) issued it, it may be described variously as Entgeltnachweis zur Sozialversicherung or Entgeltbescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung or (as apparently in your case) Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung.   Even if they looked the same they will not be identical.   The data each of those contains is particular to the actual time period covered. They may look very similar but there will be minor differences if only due to changing dates on the calendar of Sundays and public holidays which tend to cause monthly and/or annual adjustments.   2. They are important to you because at some unforeseeable point in the future you may be required to provide proof of the data they contain.   Firms can go bankrupt, data storage facilities suffer catatstrophic fires, government departments misplace records. At some stage you may need to supply evidence to visa authorities, tax authorities, banks or mortgage lenders, etc, etc..   You cannot expect one German administration department to keep all this info on record.   The data is peculiar to the employee:employer relationship and does not necessarily match that held on file by the German social insurance administration. Examples of data not being within their normal sphere being company pensions, cosponsored employee contributions to growth fund savings schemes, shares of corporate bonus benefit schemes, etc., etc.. ========================== Germans do have a well-deserved reputation for going over the top when it comes to record keeping, but in view of their national collective experience wrt at least two phases of their recent history they are also sensitive to the risks involved in allowing state institutions to maintain unsupervised masses of personal data.   Therefore they have been amongst the leading influences involved in a passing a raft of EU legislation on citizens rights of access to stored personal data and transparency wrt any authority or business' need or intent to collect such data.   In other words - they may at some point decide to flush much of our data so its better to be sure you don't lose your own copies.   HTH 2B
  22. Hi, I am currently working as an external BMW employee through another company as a software engineer basically working all days from FIZ and doing the same thing as the internal employees bar the "benifits" . I am wondering how people transition to an internal position, is it common and how should I approach it?
  23. So in his shoes what would have you done? You wouldn't have broken her camera after this harassment of the so called "journalist"?   I believe you.
  24. Salary in cash or bank transfer?

    I'd imagine they'd still need to give him a pay-stub listing all deductions. I suppose @MJ is interested in making sure they have paid his social and health insurance contributions.
  25. Angle Italian Sofa (4 seat)

    I meant that all the outside fabric is easily removable and washable in the washing machine...   The price is 490 €, but negotiable.   
  26.   Jeez, yeah, so glad I remain in blissful obscurity.
  27. Bad credit rating

      Enclose a copy of your ID or passport and a copy of your registration certificate. In theory, you don't really need to send in these things as far as you are asking for the report to be sent to the address that you are registered at, but do send them to preclude Schufa objecting or delaying sending you the info.   They only need to see the name, address, date of birth and place of birth in the copies of the documents you send them, so it's a good idea to redact fields that are none of their business by striking them with a black marker and making a new xerox of the redacted copies. You can redact your picture, ID number, height, eye color, etc.   If you would like to have the form anyway, I am happy to download it for you. Just PM me your email and I'll send it to you.
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