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  2.   I don't know what they cost in the States, but you can order them here
  3. ISIS girl just wants to go home: Germany

    Evening, El Jeffo! You have personally experienced far more antisemitism in your life from white, Western Christians than from any Muslims? Are you Jewish? (honest question without prejudice ). Having said that, have you ever lived in a Muslim/Muslim-majority country? I have.   At the risk of repeating myself, I had a Spanish journalist colleague who was in the Lebanon back in the 80s. He was stopped at a militia checkpoint and asked his religion. He was nervous and replied " Roman Catholic ". The militia leader chatted briefly to his " colleagues " and then said " the Romans killed the Jews. You are free to go ".   I don´t like any discrimination and violence towards innocent bystanders wherever they are  or are from or whichever faith group I do not accept it - full stop. IF you are Jewish, I  do not believe your statement except if based merely on your US experience.( Then I can believe it ).
  4. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

    People like that are doing it in the road differently to my generation, Lenka!!
  5.   Yep, I do wonder what it is that these pople are missing in their lives when they behave like this 
  6. Westside Boardgame Meetup

    There's already a board game meetup in Munich but they don't discriminate against non-'mericans who, unbelievably, also enjoy board games.
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Hi ! I have prepared all the required documents but have not made an appointment for the B1 test. Can I submit all the documents I have in order to star the process and submit the B1 certificate later in order to complete the process ?  Thanks Jim      
  8. Claiming tax deductions

    Hello guys, I have question in regards to tax deduction. I am working in IT sector and just completed my training (IT industry certification). The training is paid by my employer but unfortunately, it does not include the exam fee and the exam fee might cost around US$700. As result, if I pay the exam myself, can I claim this fee on my income taxes? if yes, how many percent?   Thanks in advance, Softestplease    
  9. Hi All,   I am selling my brand 2 new matresses. (unpacked), dimensions: 100 x 200 cm . Thickness is 19 cm. They are consisted of 2 zones (H2 on top and H3 on bottom): 2 von 7-Zonen Härtegrad H2 H3 (Weiß) Matratze, Orthopädische Kaltschaummatratze, Rollmatratze, Öko-Tex, Bezug waschbar, 4-Seiten-Reißverschluss (100 x 200 cm).   Excellent quality.   Price 30 Euro per one matress.   Please let me know if someone is interested to purchase them.   Thank you in advance.   Best regards, Player123
  10. I stock up on all otc meds like allergy meds and ibuprofen. In the US you can get 200 cheaper then a 20 pack here. And why not have basic meds on hand? Believe it or not pain sometimes comes up on nights and weekends when the apotheka is closed
  11. Buying and renovating old Caravan (Wohnwagen)

    I bet it never gets built... its just another pipe dream... 
  12. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

    I agree, LenkaG, about good and bad everywhere - no doubt. Always been a principle in my life. I´m equally - but not contradictorily - happy this fascist arsehole has been locked up:   (I use the term " fascist " because it was part of my ultra- left-wing vocab back in the 70s!! ) Feel free, all, to use another term. 
  13. 2 leather armchairs

    For free: 2 high quality leather armchairs   -Very comfortable and in good condition      -Please pm me if you are interested
  14. Mens Mountain bike (Giant) 21 speed Used, but In working order  asking €70   Please PM if interested!    
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  16. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

      Yeah, but what would educated open minded people want to do with such a 'these damned german sluts don't like me and Germany is doomed anyway'-prick?  
  17. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

      Ah Lenka! Couldn´t google the original but my sluttiness wasn´t yet apparent! Too young! Why don´t we do it in the road? A cover:  
  18. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

      Where are these young slutty intoxicated girls with minimal clothing and tattoos? (asking for a friend)                  
  19. I´ve got ibuprofen in the bathroom cabinet. Can´t remember what for..maybe  for RMS -off-the-counter here in Greece. Didn´t use to need anything for anything but the body ages....
  20.   There is always some time and some place that's good enough  I've been told that my great-grandmother shouted at my uncle (must have been in the sixties or perhaps early seventies) that they were slutty, etc. He was quick to point out she was indeed the one who had a child out of wedlock. Her retort: 'At least we didn't do it in a ditch!'  
  21. Regarding temporary accommodation I can recommend HomeCompany. They are very professional, at least the branch in Frankfurt, I have no experience with the Berlin branch.   Sorry, I can't help with your other questions.
  22.   I know It's a bloody joke. Have you tried   It's a pain because you have to order the meds but I usually wait until I am in need of several things and order a bunch of stuff at once: ibuprofen, dandruff shampoo, mouthwash, etc. to save on shipping.   Alternatively, I get some at the pound shop when I am in England.
  23.   1. You live in Stuttgart. There are enough educated open minded people for you to meet in large cities.  2. Do not ever go to the UK, you'd be in for a shock. Anyway, there are fewer differences today between young people in various countries since many consume similar content online. Here I happened to live in a flat below a young Romanian girl and have seen plenty of her friends. Didn't notice much difference. Young people are young people.  3. Bossy or just want a relationship as an equal?  4./5. Please do not victim blame. Anyway, plenty of Romanian ladies of the night around all over Europe.  6. Come on, young people have problem skin. Not only in Germany. You know, those with oily skin will have wrinkles later in life than those with dry skin       Some years ago, when I commented on something about the traditional culture in German higher education as a workplace, all my relatively young German colleagues were quick to reassure me that young Germans are quite different. Look around, meet various people, there are good and bad ones everywhere, young and old, German and foreigners.   
  24. Visible signs crime is on the rise in Germany

    By that measure, the Baby Boomers were the least moral generation.
  25. Only in America...

  26. 13 (0xD) - The data is invalid.

    It maybe that the problem laptop has a virus !   Try taking the problem laptop to a friend or internet cafe, login in to the internet and see if its any quicker   if its not then its a problem the laptop, check for virus, maybe, download tools which check the performance of your laptop, maybe roll back the version of windows with system restore   if it works faster, then the problem is hidden in your network configuration
  27. AFAIK, Anabin is a database which simplifies evaluation process for certain diplomas. If yours is not listed there, you can still evaluate it manually.   You have to contact Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen for details. Here is a link about US Diplomas:   Unfortunately, the foreigners office is unable to wait until your diploma is recognized, try applying for residence permit on a different basis.
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