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  2. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Rosenheimerstr 113a (corner Pariserstr) 81667,  München. Nearest station Rosenheimerplatz all S-Bahn´s and 15, 25 tram.    1. ex-essex (Paul)  2.    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. If you hit "reply to topic" and you cannot paste the text, just re-load/refresh the page. OR you sign up (register) on the Eventbrite website below, please use your Toytown name, to be sure we don't duplicate numbers. Thank you. We are trying this website to get extra publicity.
  3. Hospitals in Düsseldorf

    Is there any notfall clinic after family doctor closure in duss?  Im currently in Hamburg and this type of clinic is lot helpful for minor injury!
  4. What made you laugh today?

    Seen Saturday, 012018, in Chicago.
  5. Odd news

  6. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

      Round our way it is maggoty things reared by my (pescatarian) daughter, who insists that insect protein is The Way. Up until now we have managed to sabotage the efforts before the crop is ripe, and she gets busy with something else and forgets about it for a while...there will, I fear, come a day when the spaghetti is not going to be the only wriggly thing on the plate....   The ex-wife of a friend of ours kept rabbits for eating up until about 2 years ago. Their 5 kids were OK with eating the bunnies, too. She spent a lot of time foraging for food for them. I think rabbit contains something or is missing something which makes it a disaster as a sole food, but fine in a varied diet. Anyone able to add some actual fact to that?
  7. This is obviously for my friend, he is looking for some special mushrooms in Hamburg. Can anyone suggest where one might find such a mushroom? PM or reply below, many thanks.
  8. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

     There has definately been a rise in veganism in Europe in the last few years, and for me personally it's a good thing as it now means there are a wider range of foods that I can eat.. two years ago I couldn't eat cheese, now I have a choice ( I am allergic to dairy).
  9. Hi, hopefully this is a no-brainer question, but for my 2017 German (and US) tax declaration I am going to need to include a dividend payment I received from my ownership of my company shares. These are held in a Deutsche Bank Depot Account. Can someone with experience here tell me what I should be expecting to receive to be able to declare these? Will I receive a form of some sort from Deutsche Bank? Could I just include the statement from my Girokonto for when it was deposited there?   And then a long-shot follow up, for my 2017 US tax return, any idea how I’ll be able to declare this on there? I can imagine this being a major sticking point in a couple of weeks when I do my returns...   Many thanks!
  10. What made you laugh today?

    A loving couple..
  11. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    I beg to differ. Stranger in a car is way more dangerous than a stranger on a street because you cannot run away. Especially unlicensed drivers in Uber. I won't be surprised if you can easily circumvent no conviction requirements.    
  12. What made you smile today?

    Not my style but...  
  13. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Actually, the future is in cloned meat grown in the lab. No need to kill animals (except to control the population, prevent epidemics etc). Text version:          
  14. Today
  15. Frauenchiemsee is a beautiful place, particularly in the summer when the flowers are blooming.  There is a church, where many weddings are consecrated; there's also a Standesamt where civil weddings are performed on Friday mornings during warm-weather months.  Information can be found in the link below. Photos of Frauenchiemsee.
  16. This is a double-edged sword. To be cost efficient hospitals have to specialise. Which means you´ll have to go a specialised center. Which is usually not close to where you live. People usually don´t want to be far away from home where e. g. family members can´t visit twice a day. We recently had that problem where I used to live. The local hospital was shut down for cost inefficiencies and people are upset. Rightly so I´d say. Cost efficiency isn´t everything. Especially when it comes to medical matters. Look at the NHS - it´s quite a deterrent example according to what I heard (long waiting times, 50000 operations cancelled, ambulances queing in front of hospitals, if you´re deaf you get only one cochlear transplant rather than two etc) - but it´s cheap. I´d rather have a system which costs a bit (or even a lot) more but meets my expectations.
  17. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    I eat veal.
  18. Why do you invest in property??

      Would you be my best friend?  
  19.   I agree. I was just pointing out that seeing the Chefarzt isn't only for privately insured patients which they are led to believe.
  20. Consequence of not paying German taxes

    It's my hobby, and we Germans take our hobbies seriously 
  21. Consequence of not paying German taxes

    Panda, how on Earth do you have such immense knowledge on tax things? You just keep mindblowing us
  22. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    If you have it, Uber is the best defense. Taxis work well also. Late at night, that is.
  23. Without the envelope, Luke. Envelopes cost money...
  24. I could handle €50. Is it still paid in an envelope under the table 👻?
  25. What are you cooking today?

    Fresh grilled salmon with leftover roasted red cabbage and cauliflower that was drizzled with olive oil with a pinch of salt and chipotle/garlic.
  26. Health insurance in Germany 2017..a belated update

    In present time i working on another job that pays to the AOK % of my salary and dont aceppt my Europe card or document That's why i never tried to take out this documents from this 2 countrys but after this 2 letter i didi it
  27. What irritated you today?

    Malty, we ordered a chair at Höffner the other day and we have to wait 10 weeks. I remember when it was only 4 - 6 weeks for custom made furniture.
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