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  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I think making anti-Trump memes is his full-time job.  It's funny how he tried to pass off that Washington Post story as his own which obviously wasn't his since his writing style mostly consists of: "Fuck Trump!" "I want to beat up Trump" "It's Trump's fault I have hemorrhoids!"  
  3. UGH! No one in Germany will help me with this!

    Thank you!! This is what I have had no luck of getting an answer to so far. I moved here in April last year and went to register here, they told me I needed to get paperwork done first (translation of all of my American identification documents, marriage license, etc.) So I left with nothing stating I'm here legally other than my marriage certificate. Came back and they asked me where I'm living and told me I have to prove I'm allowed to live with my spouse, so I got that form done.  Went back and got registered for living here in Munich but was told I couldn't get anything yet until I signed up for German language classes.  Went back to ask further questions and was told no I have everything I need but I just need to take the exam and still after all this time haven't been given anything along the lines of temporary visa or residence permit.
  4. Brexit: The farce

    "Brexit or How to Screw the Country"
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

  6. BabyStyle Prestige pram/pushchair for sale. We have used it for 6 months and it is great. Would like €90 for it but willing to negotiate on price!   - Swivel wheels that are really great on rough paths  - Huge shopping basket  - Wheels fold up compactly, and stand up when folded - Pushchair part can be foreward or rear facing and fully reclines - Cosy toes/Fußsack for the pushchair  - Sun parasol  - Unisex navy blue polka dot pattern  I can provide more info and more photos if anyone is interested (the photos are too big to upload). BabyStyle is a great U.K. brand Pick up near Universitat stop - feel free to try it 
  7. Laws on clearing snow and liability

    I think that in the U K's claim culture, if you clear away snow from the pavement outside your house, pedestrians may then assume it's safe. If they then slip and injure themselves, they could then probably have a claim against you. Best leave the snow where it is and let the pedestrian make their own risk assessment.
  8. What made you laugh today?

    This is why I hate dating in the US:
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      For what it's worth, I got my wedding certificate translated through TT member @Kilkenny. See Professional translation services German/English. Very reasonably priced. All done by email and post. Can recommend.
  10. Jokes

    News has emerged to reveal what Trump has written for the inauguration address. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA.
  11. Definitions game

    Vally - pertaining to Mr. Kilmer.   pertain 
  12. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hi PandaMunich,   I read all the latest posts and am still confused   Even for the people who has salary for all year, this process is so complicated but in my situation, I am working in Germany since August 2016. My wife joined me on October. Both of us had salary when we were in our home country but now my wife doesn't have a salary.   How can I estimate how much tax refund I can get?   Thanks
  13. Pronunciation of A.S.A.P.

    A previous boss pronounced ASAP as "fucking right away"...
  14. Today
  15. Untrue facts

    Contrary to popular belief, Keith Richards has a world-renowned collection of bryophytes that he has acquired while touring.
  16. You have no choice, when moving away from Germany, only moving costs incurred until crossing the German border can be claimed for. You have to declare your income after moving away in the form Mantelbogen ESt1A, line 95. It will raise your German tax rate.
  17. Pick-up basketball games

    For any basketballers who want to try something new:
  18. We have a couple of Waldorf school kids in our flying club.  Rather subdued, very polite (not to say that this does not apply to the others). React rather allergic to "Did you have to dance your own name?"
  19. Worst jokes ever

    Just had an Irish guy come to my house to measure up for some French windows, Paddy O'Dors.
  20. WHAT IS KORFBALL? If you have ever played Basketball or Netball before and want to try something new that uses similar skills (or even if you just fancy trying a new sport) then you're invited to come and play Korfball! If you've never played Korfball before, it is a basket sport like basketball or netball. However the rules are distinctly different from both of those making it unique. It is the only team sport that involves men and women playing together on an equal footing.  The sport was invented in the Netherlands in 1902 and it has grown since then to be played in 54 countries worldwide. Korfball has twice been an Olympic sport and currently enjoys regular World Championships and inclusion at the World Games.   The Munich Korfball group usually play on Thursdays. And afterwards we go to a nearby restaurant for a drink and (usually) food. So if you're looking for a way to get a bit more included in the social scene in Munich and you want to try a great new team sport as well as have a workout, why not come along?   WHEN:  We have three special beginner sessions on Thursdays 19 Jan, 26 Jan and 2 Feb at 1930.   WHERE: We train in a sports hall near Therese-Giehse-Allee (on the U5; 10mins from Ostbahnhof and 15mins from Hauptbahnhof)   HOW TO ATTEND: Meeting point at 1910 at Therese-Giehse-Allee on the platform.  Message me on 0151 5801 1177 and let me know you're planning to come so we know to wait for you. We're going to the pub afterwards if you'd like to meet some other club members (we have plenty of beginners who started recently; the club is about 50:50 ex pats and Germans) and there are showering facilities so don't forget a towel if you want to use them. Training is free.   WANT TO KNOW MORE: Watch this video explaining the rules:
  21. Do you like living in Germany?

    The unpleasantness and officiousness might be partly a generational thing. Most young folk seem friendly and humorous, and the fact that it's frumpy middle aged people who are rude and shouty makes it all the more weird, as they would normally be the ones you expect to be polite and professional.
  22. Hi, I'm living in Berlin. I'm a US citizen. I moved here in December. I have my Anmeldung. I found a "job," but because I don't have my resident permit yet the employer won't legally hire me. Can I get the employer to write a letter so I can take it to my local town hall to get my resident permit? Is this possible? Is this legal?    Essence
  23. Items for Sale

    I am looking to sell a few household items and clothing that I've had in my home and no longer use:   TV Stand (250 €) - TV Panasonic Viera Plasma HDTV 55" (American plugs + 120V) - (120 €) - Desk + Hutch - Dark Wood (70 €) - Coffee mugs - black and white design (x8) (20 €) - Extra large wine glasses (x5) (10 €) - Kitchen Aid Knife Set + Wood Block (45 €) -   Dresses between 30 to 70 EUR
  24. Looking for any tips or help for finding work in Germany

      I was trying to upload an image of a document they game me that explains my program, but I can't get the file size small enough and still have it readable.  I have an Aufenthaltserlaubnis because the program I'm on isn't a permanent position.  I get a monthly stipend.  This program gives me insurance for the time I'm here, even if I hate it.  It's one of those private insurances that require you to pay the bill yourself and then they'll decide how much they want to reimburse you.  It's provided by the state though, I don't have a choice in it and I don't pay for it.  If I were to stay longer, I would have to get a new insurance policy and hope to buy into the public system instead.  The problem is, I have no idea how much that will cost me.  I have no idea how much insurance in Germany typically costs.   What is the Vorrangprüfung?
  25. Car disposal and scrap yards

    Why was the previous message negated so much? It is actually the best you can do if you just want to get rid of the car without paying for scrapping and make a few bucks out of it.
  26. When to add Mehrwertsteuer to your invoices

    Exempted from VAT: Sorry, but the exemption from VAT according to A4.14.4 Absatz 11 Nr. 5 UStAE is only for officially recognised Logopäden, which would mean that according to §2 Logopädengesetz (yes, we have a law for everything ) that you: had a 3 year apprenticeship in Logopädie, and  you passed the state exam for Logopäden ("staatlich geprüft") The profession of Sprachtherapeut (which usually means that you have a related university degree with further training in speech therapy) would only be exempted from VAT (as listed explicitly in A4.14.4 Absatz 11 Nr. 13 UStAE) if: you have been officially recognised ("staatlich anerkannt") by the state (you can find out whether your foreign qualifications would be recognised on this official website) and you have been licensed to operate as a Sprachtherapeutin under §124 Abs. 2 SGB V .   Not exempted from VAT: I think you are neither, which only leaves that you are a Logotherapeutin as listed in A4.14.4 Absatz 12 Nr. 4 UStAE (and backed up by a ruling of Germany's highest financial court, the BFH: BFH-Urteil vom 23.8.2007, V R 38/04, BStBl 2008 II S. 37), and are therefore not exempted from VAT.   ******************************************************************   If you think that you can get your qualifications recognised as being equivalent to those of a Logopädin: then submit your documents to the Anerkennungsstelle of the Bundesland/region you practice your profession, which will be displayed after you press "Weiter" on the page above and then enter your town and postal code.   Only after you have been "anerkannt" (and fulfill the extra conditions laid down in 124 Abs. 2 SGB V ) will you be exempt from VAT. But just so you know, from this time on you will also be no longer allowed to recuperate VAT on stuff you buy, it's a balance thing - if you won't generate VAT for the state, you are in turn not allowed to get it back on your own purchases.
  27. Hello   I have 3 pair of size 21 shoes for kids which I want to sell out.   Out of these, 2 are from Elefanten mark in which 1 is house shoe - perfect for kinderkrippe and the other is outer wear shoe.   And the third one is from Zara Baby - can also be used as a house shoe for kinderkrippe.   Sell price for House shoe - 10 euro each (Buy price was 20 euro each) Sell price for Outerwear shoe - 15 euro (Buy price was 35 euro)   Pick up point - Rosenheimer Platz S Bahn   Contact me if interested.
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