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  2. Deutschkenntnisse und Deutschprüfung Wer die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit erwerben möchte, muss sich in die deutsche Gesellschaft integriert haben. Die Beherrschung der deutschen Sprache ist für das alltägliche Leben in Deutschland von großer Bedeutung und auch ein wichtiger Maßstab der Eingliederung. Die für die Einbürgerung erforderlichen ausreichenden Deutschkenntnisse können durch folgende Dokumente nachgewiesen werden: Here''s the list: You're #4   Zertifikat Deutsch Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer auf der Stufe B1 GER Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugend­liche Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf Zertifikat Deutsch Plus Goethe-Zertifikat B2 Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (ZMP) Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOP) Test DaF Bulats Deutsch (ab Testwert 40-59, ALTE-Stufe 2) Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch Feststellungsprüfung der Eig­nung zur Aufnahme eines Hochschulstudiums an einer deutschen Hochschule Kleines Deutsches Sprach­diplom (KDS) Großes Deutsches Sprach­diplom (GDS) Schul- und Hochschulzeugnisse 4-jähriger erfolgreicher Besuch einer deutschsprachigen Schule (Jahreszeug­nisse mit Versetzung in die nächste Klasse und mindestens "ausreichend" im Fach "Deutsch") Deutscher Hauptschulabschluss oder höherwertiger Schulabschluss (Ab­schlusszeugnis mit mindestens "ausrei­chend" im Fach "Deutsch") Versetzung in die 10. Klasse einer/s Real-/Gesamtschule, Gymnasiums (Jahr­gangszeugnis 9. Klasse mit mindestens "ausreichend" im Fach "Deutsch") Abschluss einer deutschsprachigen Hoch-/Fachhochschule Deutsches Sprachdiplom der KMK, Stufe 1 oder 2 I'm beginning the process myself and have two of the options above fulfilled so no problem. There's  a rush to apply for the citizenship test (all booked up for the last one) so if you haven't done that get signed up asap.   If you demonstrate a C1 at the interview I don't think you have to worry either.
  3. The OP has made her decision, and I'm glad we were able to assist her. For the benefit of an expectant dual citizen mother in the same situation who might peruse this thread in the future, another reason why the OP is better served having her babies in the US, when you go to the US embassy or a consulate to get a Report of Birth Abroad for a US citizen, both parents are required to be physically present along with the child(ren), even the noncitizen parent (if applicable). When a child is born in the US, there is of course no need to do this. You do need to see what the requirements are on the German side, but it's not likely that they'd expect an asylum seeker with no visa for the US to come in person to a US consulate.    Rajesh is correct- permission from the other parent is required to take a child out of the country, which means if she has the baby in Germany she'd never be able to get away from him. Of course a naive parent could be sweet-talked into letting a connving parent take the kid(s) to a country in which there is no enforcement of international parental kidnapping statutes.    yourkeau- the father of the OP's babies has ample opportunity to make mischief for her regarding their upbringing, even if all visitation is supervised, which I wouldn't assume wouldn't ever be the case given that he is the member of a super caste. 
  4. Hamburg tax office keeping tax refund money - what to do?

      According to Artikel 17 GG ( Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany ) every person has the right to Petition, and either a Rechtsaufsichtbeschwerde, a Fachaufsichtsbeschwerde or a Dienstaufsichtsbeschwerde would be the type of Petition which should be used in such cases. Neither a proscribed format nor a temporal limitation applies. Public authorities are required to issue a decision in response within a reasonable time-frame albeit the complainant has no right to demand further details about the reasoning behind their response. I'm not sure what it is you have in mind but I doubt that either a Rechtsaufsichtbeschwerde (legal supervision complaint) or a Fachaufsichtsbeschwerde (technical supervision complaint) would be worth wasting time on since it seems unlikely that an error wrt either of those aspects has been made.   A Dienstaufsichtsbeschwerde (Service supervision complaint) might suit your needs. Who you should choose to complain to probably depends on what you want to complain about.   The addressee of a service supervisory complaint is either: 1. die Dienstaufsichtsbehörde (service supervision authority) Problems with a local public servant / municipality = Kreis/Landratsamt or Regierungspräsident   2. die Behördenleitung (the administration management) Problems with a Finanzamtbediensteten = Vorsteher des Finanzamtes Problems with a local government civil servant = (Ober)bürgermeister   3. Vorgesetzter (supervisor) Problems with a local government clerk = Leiter des Amtes der Stadt   I saw mention of Lüneburg but there's both a city and county district so take your pick.   (Numbers following match the options in the preceding paragraph.) 1. Landkreis Lüneburg Büro Landrat Frau Sigrid Ruth Fachdienstleiterin 04131 26-1532 04131 26-2532 E-Mail senden   2.  Hansestadt Lüneburg  I Oberbürgermeister Ulrich Mädge 04131 309-3111   3. Hansestadt Lüneburg Bereichsleiterin/Jugendamtsleiterin Angela Lütjohann 04131 309-3332 E-Mail senden   I've no idea what you expect or hope to achieve (because I can't really see what other action you could have expected them to take) but I'll wish you luck with your complaint nonetheless.   2B
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    Now I'll be the talk of Ascot!
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

    Alternatively:     now all the rich people no longer have to look at ugly high-rise buildings!  
  7. Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange

    We are moving early next week & still need some Moving boxes, if you have some available that we could pick up these days, please send me a PM. Thank you!
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  9. The mind Ramschladen

    I just wonder what this story has to do   With this story:       And where all that money went.
  10. @The King My lawyer did tell me that my travel expenses to and from work could be deducted from my net income when calculating child support.  Nobody's filed for anything yet in my divorce though so I haven't seen it first hand.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    alles in orde      
  12. A2 to B1 level, How?!?

    Teach us more in this field. After reading on here, we can learn more in this topic.
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  14. Hello   I'm about to start a job, 51,000 a year. I'm single (not married), i'm athiest, i'm 27 years old.   I also have another invoice coming up around 60,000 euros. I do not understand too much German finance as I am originally from the UK.   If i'm in full-time employment (and all of my taxes, insurances and surcharges are covered by my job), how much would I be taxed on the 60,000 after my full-time employement salary of 51,000 a year? I will be full time employed but would I also need to announce that I am freelance here? Are they any smart moves like savings accounts or tax breaks that I should know about to save myself getting hugely taxed or is it simply, that I would have earned 111,000 in the 17-18 tax yer?   Thanks in advance for your help and advice! J
  15. Any official communication you received from the ABH about this should have included legal references to particular Acts of Law quoting specific Section number, Paragraph, sub-paragraph and Sentence upon which their decision was based. That may appear in the text or as a footnote as (eg.) [AufentG §999 Abs. 2 (3) Satz 1] or similar but in respect of other laws which may be linked by effect or causation. You should also look for, and make note of, all such references on your original visa since the ABH will probably have based their decision on a perceived breach by you of the conditions of those specific regulations.   The primary relevant law governing such issues is the Aufenthaltsgesetz AufenthG - FRG Residence Act (in German) Here's the English translation of it Act on the Residence, Economic Activity and Integration of Foreigners in the Federal Territory (Residence Act)   There are other laws which may have some bearing on certain aspects of individual cases including, but not limited to, the following. AufenthV - Aufenthaltsverordnung : Residency Ordnance (German) Index AufenthV - Aufenthaltsverordnung Full Text (German) BMG - Federal Registration Act - Index of Contents (German) BMG - Federal Registration Act - Full Text (German) SGB 5 - German health insurance law OWig - German Act on Regulatory Offences - Index of Contents - English OWiG - German Act on Regulatory Offences - Full Text - English Although I am not a lawyer (and only a qualified Rechtsanwalt or Jurist is permitted to give legal advice in Germany) I have some doubt that anyone could give you any sound advice as to how long you need to remain outside Germany based on the information you posted. Without any clue as to the legal basis for their decision its just too wide-ranging and non-specific an area of research. Apart from which I'm not even sure whether such a period is specified in law.   That said it is fairly common knowledge that most German visas expire automatically if the holder leaves Germany for a period of 6 months or more without having obtained advance written authorization to do so from the ABH. You are probably aware of that now but it would seem your problem arose due to your having failed to familiarize yourself with the exact conditions of your visa before your prior departure from Germany.   I can only recommend you to start again from square one studying all the procedural steps carefully until you find whichever the legal pitfalls were that caused your present predicament so as to avoid them in future. Its another case where, in law as in medicine, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.   Auswärtiges Amt - Overview of visa requirements and exemptions   In the event you may be obliged to remain out of Germany for an extended period don't forget to consider your status wrt Der Rundfunkbeitrag - Informationen in EN, F, ES, RU, TR, Arabic, your health insurer, the Finanzamt and your bank etc.   Good luck and, particularly for the benefit of future readers who may be suffering from similar woes, please do update your thread with any changes.   2B
  16. What made you laugh today?

    Whole lotta love   For reference  
  17. I use this site for youtube - Got more options than what are you using.
  18. Getting medical registration in Germany

    My husband is 40
  19. Is Butterfly knife Trainer legal in Germany ?

    Its description says it all:   Also from the comment section: this knife is legal to carry, but because it looks like real knife, it can create confusion with the authorities.   I.e. if you attack someone with this knife, police can legally shoot you dead. You also will not be allowed into any places with security control. Otherwise, if your luggage is searched by police for some reason, explain what it is, and you will be good to go.    
  20. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    The Ranking industry seems pretty busy now ...   Best LGBT Cities 2017 (Nestpick)   1    Madrid     2    Amsterdam     3    Toronto     4    Tel Aviv     5    London 6    Berlin     7    Brighton     8    Barcelona     9    New York City     10    San Francisco
  21. Where to play badminton in Munich

    There are quite a few clubs where you can play Badminton in Munich. Depending on which part of Munich you live I can suggest u some.  Polizei Sport Verein ist die example centrally located.   
  22. Although I agree with Starshollow's first post and doubt that your idea would be economically viable, you might want to consider doing the research for a business plan.   I also suspect that liability insurance would be prohibitively expensive considering your target group.    
  23. Historical costume and fancy dress

    Are you looking for a special kind of dress? I can make it on demand or rent it to you! All kinds, ranging from historical, fairytale, fantasy or an alternative wedding kind of dresses available directly from the designer! Based in Cologne.   I'd be happy to hear from you. Here is a link to what I do: Oh, Marisha!
  24. Hello,   I'm hosting an open-air piqnique with a historical theme and would love to have a string quartet or any kind of similar band-like formation to play some classics for the right atmosphere. The event is entry-free and is non-profit, but please contact me for details and perhaps we can figure something out. The event is in Cologne on July 21st, starting time is 16.00hrs in Sudstadt, in Friedenspark. FaceBook link is here
  25. Topic: Optimal Nutrition for a Healthy Thyroid Join us on July 19th from 19:00-21:00  Summer is here and now is the right time to focus on your health! This is the third of three whole food focused nutrition workshops for July. **Note: This block of workshops is for women only.** Proper whole food nutrition supports healthy thyroid function. Learn all about the amazing thyroid gland, how changes in your diet promote healing of the body and the thyroid, and how to get your energy back. The Thyroid is one of the most important organs in our body that influences many functions. When it slows down and/or stops working the consequences and effects can be devastating.  This workshop is for those affected by hypothyroidism or the autoimmune disorder Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. We will explore the thyroid, its functions, as well as how to use diet to provide your body with optimal nutrition. Room rental, handouts, and healthy snacks included. When: Wednesday, July 19th 19:00-21:00 Where: WestEnd English Heimeranstr 62 U4/5 Heimeranplatz Cost: 40€ payable in advance email for booking confirmation   Find more information and visit  Email:
  26. Hi, sorry I took so long to reply. In the end we were very lucky and found a Kindergarten on Sandweg for our three year old, haven´t started yet, but we have a good feeling about the place. Also it is attached to a Krabbelstube which is about 30 seconds away, where luckily our one year old got a place. The staff are great, friendly, approachable and they all seem to get on well.   Before we were at the place on Karl-Flesch str. all the staff are good, but they just don´t really seem to work together well, quite a lot of sickness and the best staff have left for better positions. It´s not bad, but they won´t go the extra mile for your child.
  27. Kinderfahrrad for sale

    Brand new kinder Laufrad for sale. We bought it 2 months back but our son hardly uses it hence we would like to sell it cost is 30 Euros and PM me if you want to buy them/ look at pics.
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