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  2. Post inaguration fall-out

      Are those real screenshots? ;) There were so many fake ones ("jokes") in this thread so I am taking every new one with a pinch of salt.   I think in the first tweet he referred to the press conference where the media confronted him with the claim that there is a "chaos" in the White House. That is why he also says that The White House is running very well in that tweet.      
  3. Freelancers and state pension contributions

      It sounds like the basic requirements are the same everywhere, but there is some discretion when it comes to private plans? The law says- "er mindestens 60 Monate Pflichtbeiträge ODER freiwillige Beiträge zur gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung geleistet hat ODER Aufwendungen für einen Anspruch auf vergleichbare Leistungen einer Versicherungs- oder Versorgungseinrichtung oder eines Versicherungsunternehmens nachweist"   I read that as there are three options for meeting the requirement, of which any one of them is sufficient- 1. 60 months obligatory contributions to public pension (based on months, but with a required % of income to contribute) 2. 60 months voluntary contributions to public pension (possibly sufficient based on months, with the possibility of only making the minimum contribution) 3. A private plan with "vergleichbare Leistungen" (in this case with equivalence determined based on payout amount and restrictions on access)   From what I have read, it sounds like all three of those options count everywhere. The main discrepancy seems to be how "vergleichbare Leistungen" is determined, for which it sounds Berlin is stricter than many other cities due to the restrictions in the types of plans accepted.   I suppose there could be other variations, like how voluntary contributions are processed and specific requirements for those. And the laws could always change. So in light of those possible uncertainties, yes, I suppose your suggestion of paying both public pension and rürup could make sense. But as I'm personally 99% sure I'll stay in Berlin if I stay in Germany, I'm not sure double paying would make sense. I'll look into options for private pensions though and try to ask the Ausländerbehörde if they accept the Mindestbeitrag for voluntary public contributions, then figure out what to do. I'm glad I found out about this option before March 31st though- thanks :)
  4. Discrimination in the workplace

      It's even hard to get Germans to speak English when they immigrate to an English speaking country.  I worked for a company in Canada that had recruited a few Germans and they regularly had problems where Canadians and Germans were supposed to work together on a project that the Germans had discussed and made decisions among themselves without letting their Canadian teammates know what was going on.  Eventually the management posted a note stating that the working language is English and that nobody should discuss projects in any other language.  I think that helped.   So.. you are fighting a losing battle, my friend.  If you are planning on staying here, you might as well learn German.  Until then, you have to continue asking people to keep you up to date when they are discussing your project in German.  You can also have a word with the person who hired you and tell them that they should not be telling new recruits that the working language is English because in reality, it's not.  
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  7. Disadvantage of Temporary Health Insurance?

  8. Munich bike shops - new and second-hand bikes

    try ebay kleineanzeige  
  9. ikea bed €50,00 IKEA mirror 160X40 €25,00 Carpet small (130-174) €55,00 Carpet  large (170-230) €95,00 ikea SKRUVSTA chair €70,00 nightstand €10,00 ikea lack table €2,00 old bicycle €25,00 ikea bed €90,00 ikea table und 4 chairs €35,00    
  10. I've always thought of the social media element from 2 perspectives:   a.) Does not having a social media presence exclude you from being considered for a job? (usually it shouldn't, although clearly if you are applying for a job in the media, your lack of a presence may not exactly excite recruiters)   b.) Does not having a social media presence exclude you from getting to be the first to hear about a job vacancy? (possibly - since some professional networks / institutes may use social media as a recruitment channel - especially if there is some kind of member vetting anyway)   I think it also depends on industry, position applied for etc...    The Bewerbungsmappe (self-assembled hard copy candidate application portfolio) is still in circulation between applicants and recruiters. JK I'm waiting for the day when someone prints off every page of their social media internet presence and shoves that inside there too :-)
  11. Definitions game

    precautionary GER. - not paying your deposit for the flat yet   deposit
  12. Wife wants to work as a translator for overseas customer

    onemark had a lot of good comments here, but I would add that 50% of your health insurance and social contributions should be deductible from your taxable income, thus reducing (somewhat) the income tax you pay on freelance income.
  13. A quiet day in Sweden

        Misquoting gives this a whole new meaning! 
  14. Fiction/Novel Writing Meetup

    Hi JoeJosefJoey.  I occassionally write stuff but too scared to show it to anyone yet!  U mind if I send you a draft of something i've been working on tol?  Im hook atappy to return the favor.
  15. need help or advice after car purchase from autohaus

    Thanks, sounds like fun indeed but lets keep it legal though
  16. Ikea sofa bed

    Hello! Am offering Ikea sofa bed for free. PICKUP DATE WILL BE 27FEB 2017. Please let me know if some one is interested in picking up. Location: Ostbahnhof (near to)    Greetings Anisha
  17. Ikea sofa bed

    Hi Shosho! Are you interested in picking up my sofa bed? If yes then it would be on 27 feb 2017
  18. Vehicle licensing (Zulassung) and TÜV

      That's a very good question. tbh: I have no idea.   Generally one would have to pay not only VAT (19% or 7% for vintage cars older than 30 years) but also customs (10%). It might be different since the car was registered in Germany before, but I have no idea.   Since the car would have to be shipped anyway I'd get in contact with one of the companies that do those shippings via Bremerhaven or Hamburg usually, they should know.    @popotla: Why do you want to buy a car in South America when you are in Germany? Is it a rare vintage model? Or a  mobile home/expedition vehicle? 
  19. will i go to jail ?

    I wouldn't recommend you get a lawyer unless things get ugly down the line.    I once received a similar letter because my ex-roommate ordered a shitload of steriods and had his as well as my name put in the package (to make sure the mailman found the postbox [how cool is that?]). As it happens, they went after me, instead of him, maybe because by the time the letters from the authorities started to come he had already taken off to the other side of the planet and had deregistered from my address.   Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to rat him out and I was going to face the music and play dumb. At the end of the day, it was a package addressed to me and him and there was no proof anywhere that I had ordered it or that it had been in my possession, so I didn't think they had much of a case.   At some point I got an invitation to go to the Zoll, to explain myself. I went there and I played dumb saying I didn't know anything about it. Only at the end of the interview they did ask "what's this other name on the package?". I told them it was my ex-roommate and that I had no idea if he was involved. They seemed uninterested and never asked for his address or phone number.   At some point later on I got a letter from the district attorney saying that importing medicines was a misdemeanor (Ordunungswidrigkeit). No penalty or fine was specified and there were no repercussions. That was it.
  20. Reiki Workshops in English

    Hello, checking if there are any 1 or 2 day Reiki training courses offered in English, in the Munich area?  I found some old posts on TT but nothing recent. Thanks.
  21. Good evening friends,    My wife holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, from India. She worked as an Asst. Professor for nearly a year and a half. She is proficient in English and good with computers. She is open to take up any job with english as the working language. Should you have any job offers, please feel free to contact me anytime.   Best Regards, Jegan.   Thankyou all...  
  22. So, the final list is: 1. Colin 20:00-21:30 2. Vinod 19:30-21:30 3. Gopal 19:30 - 21:30 4. Alan 19.30 - 21.30 5. Leni 20:00-21:30 6. David 1930 - 2130 7. Andrew 1930-2130 8. Kanika 19:30-21:30 9. wu 19:30-21:30 10. Yu-Kai 1930-2130 11. AdamL 8:30-9:30pm 12. Sonja 20:00-21:30 13. Ion 19:30 - 21:30 14. Ganesh 20:00-21:30 15. Charlie 19.30-21.30 16. Audrey 19:30-21:30   Managed to get some more, so we now have: No. 5 19:30-21:30 No. 6 20:00-21:30 No. 8 19:30-20:00 No. 3 20:30-21:00 No. 4 21:00-21:30 See you tomorrow.  
  23. REITs behave like stocks, so you can lose or gain money and are exposed to the same market risk. Rental properties (residential) have far more stable stream of income and are not directly affected by market risk. They have other risks unique to the properties though.
  24. Funny observations from daily life situations

    People passing you on the sidewalk with millimeters to spare when there is loads of space on their side.  That took some getting used to.    Also, the complete and utter inability to form a queue.    And of course, nose-blowing trumpeting.  I guess when it can't be heard a block away, that booger didn't get the message it shouldn't be there. 
  25. Books - Mostly fiction

    List of books (updated):    For 1 Euro each:  The lost Symbol - Dan Brown Digital Fortress - Dan Brown Personal - Lee Child (Jack Reacher Series) The Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort   For 2 euros each: Rahul Dravid (hardcover) The complete Yes Minister (Jonathon Lynn, Antony Jay) The Cuckoo's Calling (Robert Galbraith/ J.K.Rowling) The Silkworm (Robert Galbraith / J.K.Rowling) One Fifth Avenue (hardcover) The Jane Austen book club (hardcover)   Pickup at Obergiesing or can carry a few to handover at Neuperlach / city center.
  26. Hi all,   I received two 50€ Netflix gift cards (total 100€) as a present recently; however, they do not work with non-Eurozone country accounts, i.e. accounts opened in the US which are paid in dollars. Therefore, I'll sell them both together for 75€ and will deliver.  
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