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  1. Past Hour
  2.   Apart from the obvious of, 'why bother posting then', may I suggest you both consider adding some form of disclaimer at then end of your posts along the lines of;   Disclaimer: As forum members we find TT a great platform and a way to reach out to our fellow expats, we have no idea what we are talking about but will always guess the answers in order to show willingness and participation in what is a great forum, please don't take anything serious what we post, we just have nothing better to do with our time.
  3. For some reason, I haven't really experienced any particular increase over the past couple of weeks - aside from a lot more fireworks being set off down in the area of S-Bahn Neukölln and up near Boddinstraße.  Maybe just luck and timing on my part.   The U8 from Hermannstraße to Alex is more or less as good / bad as it ever is (I really just don't like S/U Hermannstraße) though with the colder weather, I'm seeing a lot more homeless in Hermannplatz and Möckernbrücke.  I usually go thru Rathaus Neukölln on the U7 mid afternoon or midnight and have not seen anything aside from the occasional scuffle and in the Arkaden it seems to be business as usual.  
  4. Complete FAIL

    He won by a short head.  
  5. Makeup & skincare items

    I recently started working in the beauty industry, and I am putting on sale some of the stuff I received during the past few weeks.   If the product is sold in a sealed packaging, then that is how I am selling it. The ones that are not sealed are brand new/unused.   The prices are mentioned in the info section on the right hand side of each photo.
  6. Walk around the Six Lakes Area

    On Sunday 17th December 2017 CDU Duisburg Buchholz is organising a walk along the Six Lakes Area accompanied by the forester. Meeting point is at 11:30 at the forester’s house, Zum Wambachsee 21, Duisburg-Wedau. After the walk, we will gather around a campfire, listen to the music, have a warm soup and tea or gluhwein. ( Just to avoid any discussions: My intention is not to promote any political party; just the event. ) Here are a few links with pictures of the Six Lakes Area just to give you an idea of what it looks like:
  7. Stylish black candle lantern

    Black candle lantern. It has a spike on the inside to hold the candle still and there is some small wax marks on the interior.     Collect for free near OEZ!
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    May is in trouble.   Tory rebellion.
  9. 45 + DVD'S

    Bargain Price 70 Euro!   Approximately 45 -50 DVD's for sale! All good condition! Region PAL Europe Many classic movies Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Batman, American Beauty, Zoolander, The Big Lebowski and many more! Plus Simpsons/The Office/Peep Show/Extra's/Bored to Death Box Sets PICK UP ONLY See pictures...  
  10. Single Bed available for free Dimensions: 190cm x 90cm Slatted Bedsprings (Lattenrost) included Mattress not included   Available for collection in Oberföhring - please pm Andrew for details
  11. Taxation on crypto currencies

    Important is the date the money comes within your sphere, i.e. the date you can use it, no matter on which account.
  12. Today
  13. Best cities nearby Mannheim

    Viernheim is between Mannheim and Weinheim. It's connected to both by tram No 5 (commonly called by its old name OEG). It doesn't have a DB station, so if you need to travel to Frankfurt a lot, you' ll either have to go by car ( A5 and A67 are close) or take the OEG to either Weinheim or Mannheim.Check Viernheim is in Hessen, so as mentioned above school holidays are different from Mannheim or Weinheim. Primary school is determined by your address, secondary school can be chosen  - there are many families with children in schools in both states,  which can make planning a holiday trip difficult. Allerheiligen, a religious holiday on November 1, is a normal workday in Hessen and that's why one of the older shopping malls was built in Viernheim.That's the day when the mall (Rhein-Neckar-Zentrum) is very crowded with early Christmas shoppers, and on January 6, another religious holiday which is a normal workday in Hessen, it's crowded when they come to return them.    
  14. memories...

    Sorry, Lisa and mémories have been offline since yesterday... stress with a misbehaving computer, stress with the Finanzamt, stress with the printer..on a dodgy laptop right now and I hope it stays alive..or we don´t have the usual power cuts here...   The Finanzamt today reminded me  of the same bedsit from my first story on this thread.. Had had a late night and went to bed naked and a bit worse for wear.. I was on the groundfloor and  had in my bedsit the walls plastered with  photos from my travels...   The doorbell rang and I opened the door naked to see in front of me an  elderly man and a young woman, who said they were from Social Security (ie tax/insurance stuff ). They were not outraged as I let them in. I sat on the bed...can´t remember  where they sat!!   They said I was behind with contributions going back many years.. Me: I have just come back from abroad...   " Well, what about the whole of 1975 and 1976? "   Me:" you see that picture of Las Vegas, that one of a llama and that one of a ´waterfall? "   " Well, what about 1977 ? " .. Me: " You see that photo of the pink post office in Paraguay ? "   " Well, what about 1978?"   Me: " you see that photo of that glaciar? That was in Patagonia "   " Well, what about the past couple of years ? "   Me: " you mean that picture of a hanging effigy on the cliff top ? Twas Sulawesi ".   I can´t remember how we ended the chat but I got a written amnesty  a  few weeks later...I don´t know if  it works like that anymore...
  15. Affordable iPhone Repair Service in Munich

    Oh, there is room for optimism, then:-((  I actually had less trouble with Samsung phone, Will try the Genius Bar first, then. Thanks.  About your dad, where can I reach him:-))     
  16.   See, @Mr.Bear, you weren’t inconvenienced by selfish bastards killing themselves.   It’s even better than that!    You were inconvenienced by the people who will be living off your tax money, while planning the next terrorist attack. 
  17. I may be wrong, but the people of Asia who have been screwed over by the West may think that all of us Westerners are guilty of wrecking their countries when the truth it is the 1% of the West doing it. It is banker fascism on steroids. Those who've been "redpilled" don't give a damn what skin colour anyone is, nor do they care who they marry/date, or worship.    These evil elite pols come to the vulnerable and give out tiny trinkets to get their votes yet they gain power. The reality is they couldn't care less.
  18. help understanding legal process

    lisa13 , yes we have been to the police and they are investigating and although they feel our tenants are responsible for the attack on me and the poisoning of our dogs they can not prove it.  as for did we check out the tenants, yes our solicitor did. the problem is it seems in the past they have got away with it. no wonder if this is what they do. I have to admit if we had known then we´d not have bothered. they move from town to town gathering        inkasso. they do have 2 bailiffs after them but they are not on the schuffa with the attack, I was working in the house. it was a warm day and I left the back door open. a man walked in with a message from them. pay or my son will be hurt. I screamed, he hit me.  they drive past our house constantly, this is not a crime. they sit around the corner in their car, it is not a crime. anonymous phone calls daily - prove it. I've been added to sex sites, dating sites, swinger sites, I can´t prove it was them. she wants to spit on my grave, whats to stop her burning the house down with me in it. we tried talking with them, reasoning with them and we got a finger and messages calling us a-h****s. all we are asking the solicitor is when the court case is likely to be heard and what would happen if we sold the house and therefore gave up the claim - would our legal fees be covered. all he tells me that the problem is that they have this right and that right. even our German friends are starting to question all this now - is this because we are british. I think what hurt most was when my daughter told me that our granddaughter can no longer visit for fear of being poisoned. Of course I understand and I wouldn´t want her to be put at risk but I've lost my job too ( dog groomer) and I've been taken off the list of emergency foster care for dogs. I understand why and everyone is very nice when they tell me but its hard
  19. Guess these means no.. OK see ya'll next month!! 
  20. Air Berlin insolvency

    Now Niki is also insolvent...
  21. Speed limit ticket for a hired car while someone else was the driver!

      Ye-hes, the case is closed.  
  22. Converting a US driver's license to a German one

    Just to clarify kaffeemitmilch, I can still, with my IL license, apply with the shortened list of documents for the German one, even though I have been in Germany six years?   Context: Had a NE license when I moved to Germany.  I never intended to drive, never did drive.  Changed NE license to IL after marriage and after living in Germany.  Now a potential employer wants me to drive to see clients and IL has reciprocity with Germany (while NE didn't have it fully).     So can I just bring in the paperwork suggested earlier in the thread and avoid driving school?  Sorry if this is/was perfectly obvious and I just didn't understand.   Thanks!!  
  23. IKEA cupboard

    Bargain 25 Euro (Bought for ? More)    This is a very basic IKEA cupboard. In good condition  We are selling it as we need the space in our spare room to create a nursery! Height - 1m 80cm Width - 80cm Depth - 50cm  1 Shelf 1 Rail   PICK UP ONLY (We don't have a car - Sorry)   Any questions let me know. PM me or drop me a text - 015142555425   CLICK on link for photos.  
  24. Bargain 200 Euro (Bought for 350 Euro)    This is a very cool one of a kind vintage locker/cupboard. We are reluctantly selling it as we need the space in our spare room to create a nursery! Height - 1m 91cm Width - 75cm Depth - 45cm    7 shelves Approx. size of shelves slots 43cm wide - 43cm deep - 25/27cm high   NOTE: One of the back legs is a tiny bit bent (see the pictures) It sits absolutely fine (it's pretty heavy) but you can just put a coaster underneath the one leg to make it 100% even.    PICK UP ONLY (We don't have a car - Sorry) NOTE: It's heavy! I can help but move it (we are n the first floor). But it's not a one-person job to carry it!    Any questions let me know. PM me or drop me a text - 015142555425   CLICK on picture/link for more photos.  
  25. Freelance while employee

      Please read:  
  26. Bargain Price 200 Euro (bought for 400 Euro)   This is a very cool vintage roller shutter cupboard. We use it as a stylish shoe rack.  We are reluctantly selling it as we need the space in our spare room to create a nursery! Height - 1m 34cm Width - 88cm Depth - 43cm    Approx. 26/27 mini holes/slots Approx. size of holes/slots 25cm wide - 35cm deep - 12/18cm high     NOTE: There is no key for the roller - so it doesn't stay up by itself! The previous owner tied some string to a hook to keep it up. See in one of the pictures. You could do a better job of this but we think it looks better and is more practical down anyway!   PICK UP ONLY (We don't have a car - Sorry)   Any questions let me know. PM me or drop me a text - 015142555425   CLICK on picture/link for more photos.    
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