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  2.   You are taxed as a family in Germany. Your UK pension will raise the German tax rate on your family's income that's taxable by Germany, which at that moment will be your husband's Rente.
  3. German working hours and overtime pay

    Hello everyone,   I just wanted to share my "notwentgood" experience with German company.   A few years ago I was a MSc graduate (from high ranked USA university, majority finance, my cv was relatively good, spoke German at B1 - intermediate level, and 4 other international languages) and was looking for a job after graduation. Got an "internship"(at the purchasing department) in Germany, at some "Mittelstand" company, in hope that I would get a job at some point. Got an interview, passed, signed contract, started to work. And guess what??? In the first day I got a "task" to fix some furniture! Black suit on, with a tie, I was sent to some apartment to move a furniture upstairs and fix it, that company purchased! Felt like an idiot, but I had no idea what is going on, just guessed maybe it is some kind of test. On the second day, my second task, and here we go - to clean the basement of a company. I did not oppose, but showed somehow that I am not for those thing there. Talked with some guys from staff and realized that it was actually how thing worked there. On the second day, again, they wanted to send me to fix something else, and I just said, no, if there is something else I help with, something in finance or in similar field, I would do that with great pleasure, otherwise no. You know what manager did say? You work at the purchasing department, and  we are paying money for you and for your insurance! But anyway, for the sake of good reference, I said nothing, smiled, (really) thanked to have that opportunity and left. As soon as I arrived at recruitment agency that referred me to, my agent said they got a mail from company that I made some  "problems" there. Luckily, recruitment knew me a long before them, and I got the phone numbers of all staff and could make some bonds with them in 3 days. I asked them to call every staff member and ask their opinion about me in three days.   I guess because 1 I was from  "third country", and 2 it was the first "abroad" experience, and 3 was not aware of laws in Germany, they tried to take advantage of me.   a month later, I got another internship at renowned German Bank.   so, be careful.  
  4. the small one is gone   but I m also selling the sizes 128 and 140   worn only twice   plus doll outfit
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Whatever it is, can you do anything to make it more or is it something that you need to walk away from?
  6. @esqualidus That's good to hear, but, in your opinion, does it lead to problems with future advancement/promotion? I have seen that at at least one MAJOR German company and I think it is patently unfair and counter-indicative of a meritocracy. Furthermore, the German LOVE of paper sometimes leads to having Peter Principle fachidioten getting promoted because they have a doctorate over well-qualified and more competent people with master's or bachelor's.
  7. Flixbus vs. dbahn

    Thanks to everyone for your replies. In the end I got tickets for Flixbus because they were a wee bit cheaper, hope I don't regret it :)  
  8. Have you actually specified your pre-existing to your health insurer and they stated that it wasn't covered? Sorry, I don't wish to pry though is it a condition that has been 'cured' though needs to be monitored to ensure no reoccurrence?   If I remember correctly, the first time I went to a gynecologist here, I was given a questionnaire that asked for details of previous conditions. I did have a non acute condition that needed to be monitored to ensure it didn't worsen. There was never a mention that checks aren't covered by my health insurance though I opt for an ultrasound check to be absolutely sure.  That costs 40€.    It's usually best to try to get any medical professionals recommended to you.  Your Hausarzt should be able to make suggestions though sometimes they are reluctant to do so and tell you to just google where you can get an appointment. 
  9. Hi   I foolishly agreed to let our landlord renovate the apartment while staying here. We are a 4 person WG. We signed an agreement (there were two of us) and it was clear that the agreement was signed on behalf of two people though only my name is on the contract and it says that no new people could be taken in during renovation. He knew that there were two people staying here. The WG follows a system by which people come and go as it is a student WG. The rent was to be half the old rent during renovation but my roommate moved out. Under the impression that it was for two people I replaced him with another. The agreement also says that the lower rent would last during the duration of renovation but claiming it was  a requirement in German law the period had fixed dates. The agreement also said that if renovation lasted longer than the duration the lower rent would be applicable. Now the landlord wants to break the agreement and charge me the full rent. The rental agency has not send me any written letter or anything just an e mail with an altered agreement. It is a copy of the agreement signed with changes I was not informed of or consented to.They changed the dates and the amount that we agreed upon without my consent. When I asked them they say it s because you took in a new tenant, but they never informed me of the changes to our agreement, consulted me, or asked me.  Further they claim that renovation ended in September though I have photographic evidence that it is still going on. It was a stressful period when the workers were here and I made huge personal sacrifices. They have send me a huge bill, again by e mail, asking me to pay up or they threaten to terminate the contract. I am very stressed and worried. 
  10. I believe everyone was in shock. Especially the people walking across the bridge just after probably thinking, "Oh my god! What if I had come through here 10 minutes earlier!?"   Not everyone is a rubbernecker. I would have looked away. There were already people there tending to the victims. When we crawl by bad accidents on the Autobahn, I always turn my head away.
  11. Is climate change a myth?

    The distribution or standard deviation of temperature data is more important than the average.     People who point to the average temperature data don't understand the arguments for "climate change" and the reason "global warming" has been rebranded to "climate change".  
  12. "Entgelt"

    Need a quick help...   So I am filling out the Schadendokumentation for a DHL packet, and am confused with the meaning of "Entgelt".   So it goes:   Summe (Brutto): 4€ abzüglich MwSt.: 0€ Summe (Netto): 4€ Entgelt:_______   So it is for a lost package to the eBay buyer who paid 4€ for the item.  For Entgelt, should I just write 4€ or do I need to add the shipping I paid as well?   I need to get back this 4€ (for the purchased item) and 4,99€ for shipping with DHL, and hopefully a stamp to send the all forms to their post address...   Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  13. I need to get a self employed / freelancer number (sellbstandger) for a job I want to start.   I know that typically, the documents required are passport PLUS anmeldung (registration as living in germany).   I only just came out here, I actually didn't sort out an EHIC before I came out here either, but anyway , to qualify for EHIC (and to be exempt from anmeldung) it has to be arguable that you're still basically on a long holiday, you haven't YET moved for good, your MAIN residence is back home (for me, UK). Right now I feel like I'm in a transition point where I could make a case either way.   So I want to know if it's possible to get the selbstandiger num JUST with EHIC, instead of anmeldung? As if I can stave off getting out health insurance for a little longer, it will make it much more possible for me to set up a life here. It's almost this catch 22 where IF I get anmeldung right away, THEN I'm more likely to wind up going back home.   Does anyone know?   Obviously, I can call up the finazamt and ask but ... you know .... the German language isn't yet completely mine
  14. Oh, I see. This is when Dubai isn't your final destination. I guess they figure that all the other people in the area before security could give you something to take on the plane.
  15. Today
  16. NEXT BADMINTON TUESDAY 28.03.2017 19:30-21:30 The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SATURDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.   1. Colin 20:00-21:30 2. Alan 19.30 - 21.30
  17. We are a London based property company with a client in Starnberg whos house we are developing. Require german and english speaking PA to translate and liase with contractors when we travel to munich and also general PA activities. 3-6 months project.   Immediate start. We will be in starnberg Monday 27th and wednesday 29th March for initial site visit.
  18. Three-word story

    then moaned salaciously
  19. Italian looking for job

    Hi Stefano, i have a new project in munich developing a clients house. Require a person in the area who can speak read and write german to translate/interpret for us.  3-6 months. We are a london based property company. Is that someting that would interest you  
  20. Reduced to 180.  Pickup in Haidhausen
  21. Hello Ladies  I'm new to the group, but not to Munich. Would love to join for the March 29, 2017 meet up.  It's very near to where I live and I haven't tried it yet. I look forward to meeting you all.
  22. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    @joe-k THank you for the tip. I will check them out as well. 
  23. Hi there, and thanks for accepting my request to join the forum. My name is Victor and I currently live and work in Ulm (South of Germany) but I have recently accepted an offer to work at company based in Wuppertal. For a coupled of days now I have been trying to decide whereto I should move. I heard from some people that I should not move to Wuppertal, but to a neighbouring city. As long as my commuting time is not that long, I am fine with that. I even thought of moving to Düsseldorf but the traffic jam during the rush hour can be a bummer. I would like to get some advice regarding the best place to move to and what would be the pros and cons of it. Cheers, Victor
  24. Yea it's an extremely unfair system here. My wife much prefers to wrap up than put on the heating. We rarely use the heating, even in winter, but alas, our heating bill barely reflects this.
  25. What made you smile today?

      Which spell checker?  My Chrome spell checker recognises arsehole and so does my Word one - and I'm pretty sure I didn't add it myself when writing my last resignation letter...    
  26. Hi there,   Is anyone by any chance renting (or knows where to rent) a parking spot in Sachsenhausen Nord (60594). Would be happy to rent something long term.   Thanks and regards J
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