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  2. Things to do when leaving an apartment

    I am about to move out from house. In the day out, one relative of the landlord is supposed to do the protocol. If i understand it, then if the relative has no authority, the whole process is null?
  3. Moving in with my German Boyfriend

    You just moved in with the man and you are already knee deep into paying the bills? I would suggest a let him pay attitude and chip in only when he asks. Why spend yours when you can spend his?   If you insist on paying, I would suggest you each split everything in ratio with your earnings. If you make 40% of what he makes you pay 40% of the bills etc.
  4. Hi    So i am moving to Hamburg for my masters degree i am only starting with the German language (A2. B1) i am from Colombia and my boyfriend is German... we have done the long distance thing for 1 year and a half and i am finally moving for my masters y will move in with me but since i have never really lived with anyone but my family (In Colombia people usually live with their parents until around their early 30's- im 26 years old ) i really don't know how to go about to live with someone.    Everything from how do we budget? i will have a student budget of around 1000 euros not counting my german classes so maybe 730 and he will work and earn around 2.000 so how do we divide expenses? how do we plan so that each one has their own allowance or does each one pay for their own thing, what about rent? if i live alone i can only pay around 400 so how do we arrange things?  How much does groseries per week cost? we have a big dog so including dog food?   How do we smoothly transition from long distance to moving in together? I love him a lot and i am sure we will get married in a couple of years (super serious relationship) but i don't want the relationship to suffer from making such a big change so fast.    Any advise and answers about budget?   Vielen Dank- Thank you so much- Muchas Gracias - Merci Beaucoup 
  5. I definitely didn't take into account WStG, only thought of StGB. Indeed, that makes the situation more interesting.    
  6. Need a job

    Hello ,    My name is rita mania , i am from Greece and i am 25 years old. I have studied business administrator and i am looking for a job. I work in a company but my contract is until at the end of month!  My email address is I hope that somebody can help me. Feel free to contact me.. Thank you very much!  
  7. What are you cooking today?

    I have eaten these bad boys in a while. You got a recipe?
  8. Hello, Criolo! Why should total strangers on here have anything against it ? Nobody knows the terms and conditions. Why not contact the person who sold you the policy to ask whether your contract is up to date? It´s always important to upgrade insurance contracts and not live in the past.
  9. First World Problems

    That's not good. It should turn the phone off (like power button on laptop) and should be used in emergency (phone fell into water, for example) when cutting the power off is needed before removing battery, or when the battery is not removable.   I just checked mine: it does nothing, just shows a menu where you click „turn off“ or „restart“, so tor's point is valid. And when touch screen doesn't work? Then fuck you, modern man, go back to your Nokia 3110 country.    
  10. Today
  11. Keleth has made it clear he doesn´t like any religion. Fair enough. Accept it. By the way, Luther et al has nothing to do with the lunancy of current Islamo-Fascism. I´ve heard he lived many but many years ago. Just a rumour, mind.
  12. The "thank you" thread

    Thanks, Panda. I will work through that link.   (Got anything with cartoons and barely any words?!)
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Of course not, Uncle Nick! The judge and all the hangers on were too stoned to notice!! Probably hypocrites anyway...heavy drinkers, heavy smokers or fanatical non-drinkers, non-smokers. Happy to throw someone else in gaol for that. If someone endangers my/your life deliberately: pay/take the consequences. If you want to self-harm or self-enhance..whatever...leave them alone to enjoy or not enjoy their life style.  My God! I´m so liberal! It hurts...      
  14. Ganztags- or Halbtagsschule

      Ganztagesschule is kostenfrei (except for the lunch), Tagesheim is not. Presumably your son attends both. Tagesheim starts after school is over.  
  15. Thanks for that and I definitely will enjoy it for both of us.
  16. Dear Cobblestone Streets,

    Something that certain women wear to make walking complicated.
  17. What do you like about the German public schools?

    I want a teacher who teaches.   (says my daughter)   She likes to play with friends, be with family read and draw in her free time. She is looking for direct instruction school mornings.   Hamburg has no real MINT school offering, just a bunch of aren't we great, were differentiating! bandaids which suck up kids free time after they are robbed of basic education school mornings.   After my daughter was placed in a second grade Math class last Sptember (all 96 children in her current school were put back in second basic grade Math in September )  and she complained to me that she was in a second grade/Kita mish mash group (NOT the children but the class offered to them, which is what many Hamburg parents want)  and it turned out she was right I went up the chain of command and was told to get her tested by a psychologist so they can then advise me so I did, but the results were rejected as math single-subject acceleration is not allowed in Hamburg, and in many Hamburg schools there is no real class in which to spring, just another worksheet/workstation Babysitting room.   I went back with my daughter to the psycological profile tester to see how we can handle this refusal as I unfortunatley have no alternative for her at this time in Hamburg despite intensive search and networking (my personal contacts are having the same problem at their schools here, one is even private and getting the same busywork babysitting worksheets my daughter gets) and he implored me to get her out of her current school asap but in Hamburg I have no alternative for her at this time and for Gymnasium I can find few which still do traditional teaching and they are all Latin/Greek/ESL/Music as far as I have found.   Niedersachen would match her probably better as it is less reformed, but I would need help from the German side of her family, I considered that before she started in Hamburg but could not do it alone.   My husband sees her on weekends now and wants her to stay at the school she is now. Daughter was hoping I could fix the teacherless classes, even if just the Math one, so she could stay in the neighborhood (lots of kids to play with over here, it's crawling with kids), and this would have been the best solution for me too, but I was rejected to replace with a tutor following the Bildungsplan the Flex und Flo busywork despite trying intensively for months on end to get approval so she pleads out of the Arbeitsblättergefängnis asap.                   
  18. Received a letter from lawyer company and Bayern Landgericht

    Thank you for the long answer. Is it possible to transfer this fine to my name? And from I saw from that thread it doesn't guarantee me that I will have peace in 3-10 years. Sound very fun life. This modified UE would work?   But then again I see it's just a lottery
  19. Brexit: The fallout

    Ok, ok, do not be so nervous. Farting unicorns, flying birds, everything crystal clear. Do not worry.
  20. Random verbal altercation today

      Easy-peasy. I just put "neighbour+insult" in the search box and it was the 2nd of the first 10 shown.   2B  
  21. My kids (5yo twins) have just been recommended speech therapy after their school readiness tests at Kindergarten. Assuming I will be able to choose (IDK how the referral system works, I have a piece of paper to take to the Kinderarzt but don't know what comes next) I was wondering if anyone could recommend a speech therapist in the Bad Saeckingen or Rheinfelden area who is good with bilingual kids? I've heard of people being told to stop speaking their native language with their kids in order to facilitate faster German acquisition (would be bad news for my kids, as my German is a bit hit and miss - I've done up to B2 but I am still pretty patchy on grammar) and I would really like to find someone who's more positive about bilingualism.    Also if anyone has been through similar and has any advice I'd be very grateful.
  22.   I'm already quite familiar with both the German Civil Code and the Courts Procedural Ordnances. Personal experience of my own past history, assisting others (Germans and non-Germans) with similar issues and a stint voluntarily helping the team at one of Wiesbaden's busiest Schuldenberatung (debt advice centre) have taught me a fair amount about the facts and realities of debt collection practices in this country as well as those agencies policies on costs and returns. They know how to do their own Cost:Benefit analyses and are pretty good at turning a profit.   The German debt collection system is what it is. I didn't say I either like or approve of it, but just for the record I don't.   2B   PS: Because the OP already said where they were in post #1 I suspect s/he's probably not in Katmandu.    PPS: Whateva!
  23. I still have some availabillty for next week and possibly duriung the long weekend for any urgent fixes.
  24. New to Frankfurt-Looking to Make Friends

    Hi Josie,   I also live in Sachsenhausen, moved to Germany 2 months ago and do not know people in the town. If you have time we can meet for coffee some day.   All newbies and those who also want to meet new/more people, I am up for any suggesions))   BW, Anna
  25. So you want to produce your own Music and you have a DAW open in front of you, but have no clue as to how it works!   You installed Ableton, to start churning that melody in your head into a complete track - but called it quits as soon as you opened Ableton and felt intimidated by all there is to it.   LET ME HELP YOU LEARN ABLETON!   I am offering two hours per week classes for a modest price.   We will work through the production of an entire song - from the start to the finish and this will include analysis of tracks I am currently producing or have already produced in the past.   Music genres primarily are in the Electronic Music Genre - mostly Techno, Tech House and Deep House.   I plan to start the classes from mid June. You will of course, have to visit me at my apartment (Au Haidhausen Area)   I would prefer one on one classes. So no group sessions!   If you do start making some music once you have learnt the DAW, we can surely collaborate on future tracks. And we have space for "DJs/Producers" in our upcoming DJ Collective too!   As a bonus, I will throw in some experimenting with my Rhythm Machine (Roland Aira TR-8), Bass Machine (TB-3) and Sampler (Korg Volca Sample) .. and some other analog machines I have in my Home Studio.   I should mention here, that while I will show you some basic Mixdown and Mastering techniques, this is a whole different domain. It depends on your own personal taste and can take a good amount of time to perfect it (I personally see myself as an amateur in this area still and mostly get my mastering done through a friend - at least until I can train myself enough and that means mixing more and more tracks).   PS: If you want to learn Sound Design (I primarily use NI Massive and my Korg Volca Keys for this although I do have plans to buy a Moog Sub 37 soon), this will be an extra. Please know that sound synthesizing is a class in itself but I will be happy to cover it with you at an extra cost (and time).  
  26. Okay many thanks: will do - And you are right. the female at the Lohnsteuerverein was great!!! Thanks a lot for the explaination as well. I will update how it goes in a few days from now   I appreciate it.   Thanks, M  
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