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  2. Family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers 'gang-raped German woman

    yes and please put it on TT or you can send me a PM.
  3. looking for FC Bayern tickets

    I would suspect there would be a lot of tickets left for the Arsenal match in London.   5-1 first legt the Gunners as good as out. Maybe send an email to Bayern and you could get a game.
  4. it doesn't matter wchich game.   Tel 0151-601-61386 Dawid
  5. Red button is gone! What happened?

      I am a bit disappointed here, as I really thought EI out of all people would get it. He seemed smart but what do I know.   The green button was not the problem it was the abuse of the red one.
  6. The Nazis borrowed half-baked anthropology.  Anthropology is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the wrong people.  The Arya were a group of people who belonged to the overall Indo-European linguistic continuum whose largest concentration of descendants is in Iran (whose name is not an accident, it is derived from Arya).  The majority -- but not universal! -- view on how the Indo-European linguistic continuum came about is that it originated with people living in the vicinity of the present-day Russia-Ukraine border, but the actual history of how they spread is controversial, and the legends that developed afterwards (Vedas, Norse mythologies, Homeric poetry, etc, etc) are not reliable guides.  The Nazis took a half-baked version of it and peppered it with wishful thinking to make the "Nordic Race" the true, pure version of a world-conquering group, preserved from admixture with diluting forces, because, you know, whiteness and blondness are supposedly how "nature" represents purity to us.  The whole thing was nonsense, of course.
  7. "Scheinselbständigkeit" and German pension system

    I wouldn't worry too much about it.   The only way the DRV could get to know about it would be during one of their audits of your client (these audits take place roughly every 2 years). But these audits are focussed on things like a company suddenly no longer having a specific person as an employee but as a freelancer instead (Scheinselbständigkeit) or it paying for artistical services (even paying a freelance web designer for a new company web site counts as "artistical") without also paying contributions to the Künstlersozialkasse on those artistical services. If they audit language schools, they look for freelance teacher, since they always have to pay public pension contributions, no matter how many clients they have, no way to avoid it. Some lawyers have written a wiki on this and in it they mention the ways freelancers are typically caught by the DRV, and all of them depend on the freelancer contacting the DRV first:ähnlicher_Selbständiger#Entdeckung_arbeitnehmer.C3.A4hnlicher_Selbst.C3.A4ndige_durch_die_DRV   So as long you don't bother them, they usually won't bother you.   And even if they do go after you, it would have to be by 31. December 2019, which is the last date they are allowed to ask for public pension contributions for 2015, see here:  Regarding your Steuerberater, many do not understand the difference between being a Scheinselbständiger and an arbeitnehmerähnlicher Selbständiger (source): "Ihre Steuerberater sind ebenfalls oftmals ahnungslos, sie werfen alle Begriffe und Merkmale in diesem Themengebiet durcheinander."   And to be honest: it isn't part of a Steuerberater's remit to know about this, it's nothing to do with taxation. There's a reason why the wiki on arbeitnehmerähnliche Selbständige that I linked to above was written by lawyers...
  8. Freelancers and state pension contributions

      No. The Australia has a Social Security Agreement with Germany and after 60 months of contributions your pension will vest after which you are not eligible to apply for a refund, but rather will be eligible for a pension. 
  9. I really think a part of  the total lack of internet usage by Germans, especially on review sites. Look at tripadvisor for German cities compared to UK/American/Rest of europe. Here the restaurants/businesses dont give a shit because no one ever reviews them so no one knows how bad they are. Outside of Germany I always avoid places that have bad reviews, here the businesses don't have that concern so treat everyone however they like.    It's also because German's are generally miserable as fuck, but I find it's limited to 40-60 year old Germans. Younger Germans seem much more open and friendly, i guess once the current generation phase out then things will improve here. (Maybe in 30 years they would have learned to use the internet).
  10. Antifa - Freedom fighters or fascists in disguise?

    The false equivalence is dishonest and unimaginably idiotic, unless you think that there is some comparability between the term "nazi" and "infidel".  Ugh.
  11. During apartheid members of the same family ended up in different race groups (and, as a result, got different civil rights).
  12. Update... Went to the place again today ( accompanied by a fellow TTer)   They told me the car was already deregistered and they are waiting the "Schein"...   I called Bollox and asked them for the "FZ Brief"... They obliged...   We walked away with the papers.     Result as far as I see it!   Happy days!
  13. All right people, it's Friday. Time to put all the existential questions aside and ask the real question. Should I take a selfie? almost 500M views, see this is what concerns the generation.    
  14. "Scheinselbständigkeit" and German pension system

      Thanks- this is super helpful. This was a distinction I didn't understand at all.   I should be fine for last year and probably this year on the 83.3% rule. But I'm worried about 2015. I was paid nearly all my income from one source, but it was definitely not an employment situation and very clearly self-employment in every way possible. 2015 was within my first three years being self-employed, was my first year in Germany, and I paid both sides of social security in the US. But I didn't file any forms for exemptions from pension contributions. Is this something I should worry about? I guess I'll also ask my accountant again, but I asked them about it previously and it didn't seem to be an issue...
  15. Hi all, I am selling our Medisana Foot Spa with Infrared WBM. I has hardly been used. Asking 30 euros or best offer. PM if interested Tbunny    
  16. Freelancers and state pension contributions

    Thanks for the reply Smaug. Unfortunately leaving Germany isn't really an option because I have my life here now which I love and it would crush me to leave it behind. The important thing is that I get an extension on my visa. I'll pay whatever I have to the DRV. If I ever decide to leave Germany permanently I can apply to get that money back, can't I?
  17. Brexit: The fallout

    Is he? I'm not sure! It's seems to be easy for right-wing parties to get votes using alternative facts to back up their manifestos. But getting votes for a party that stands for nothing? Surely voters will consider only the following options: - Make the UK great again at all cost -->vote Tory -Keep the UK in the EU family --> vote Libdem -F*ck all outside the UK -->vote UKIP -Error made on ballot paper -->vote Labour
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  19. Email addresses leaked

    What about „unsubscribe“? Looks like a legitimate news service, for which you „agreed“ without reading small print. Otherwise just set up a filter which will throw all these messages to the bin: i.e. the filter can recognize it by certain words in the subject or in the body or by e-mail address mask.
  20. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      This is TELC.    Bring your own pencils, not pens. There will be no sharpener in the room. Either bring one or bring enough pencils already sharpened. Make sure you have a good eraser. They will be reluctant to give you a new sheet for your written section.   Are you taking the DTZ B1 or the regular B1? It's really important to know this.
  21. Brexit: The fallout

    Corbyn, despite looking like a kind of anti-establishment figure, is playing the political game. Those that came before him (Foot, Benn etc) would stick to their principles regardless. If one thought we should leave, the other stay, they would stick with that. They were however also un-electable in their time.   Corbyn has been a politician a long time and he is playing the long game I think. He seems to have sat on the Brexit fence as long as he could (as May did) and is not going to go against Brexit in case it damages/splits the party further.   Their world has been shaken up and the long term players will wait until the dust settles so they can see how the whole thing looks. Clark i an exception, he has been there so long he can say what he likes--  
  22. Oh man.. I cannot agree with this enough!! I have been screamed at, threatened, and asked to leave so many times I can't count. Everywhere I have gone in Europe this is NOT the case. People are not gushing and asking you how they are, but they are 'pleasant'. I don't understand how Germans often associate pleasant demeanor and genuine friendliness as 'fake'.    I"ve gotten screamed at on multiple occasions. And always because I asked something logical that questioned what they said.    Example: Mister Mint (sign outside that says  'kopie' and 'drucker'  me (in German) : I have a file on a USB I need to print, please guy: we don't print me: but your sign says.. guy: we dont' have a printer!! (louder me: isn't that a printer ( pointing to printer over there) guy: I SAID WE DONT HAVE A PRINTER ( screaming)!   FFS.  Another time: at a copy shop (all in German) me: I need to make a copy with a file on my USB lady: the computers are over there **I find my own computer and don't see a sign that says in German that it doesn't have Microsoft WORD on it. Why would it? It's a computer at a copy shop. Who would need to print documents? ** me: Excuse me, could you please help me? I can't find Microsoft Word lady: That one doesnt' have Word! The sign says it doesn't have Word!! Why would you try to use it? Me:  I'm sorry, I didn't see the sign. Which computer can I use please?  lady: That one doesn't have Word, it's not for documents! It's only for graphics! You can't find Word on it! You have to use another computer that has Word! (now louder and in my face) me: Yes, I get that! Which computer can I use!  lady: You have to find another computer (***German scold, German repetitive scold pointing out the obvious of how wrong and stupid and dumb and crappy of a dumbass blah blah, you're so stupid for using the wrong computer. "THAT ONE ISN"T FOR WORD WHY WOULD YOU USE IT! The SIGN CLEARLY SAYS...?!! me (in English): I'm SORRY!! I UNDERSTAND! STOP YELLING AT ME!!! Lady: (in English): YOU DON"T YELL TO ME!!!! (whole shop looking blankly) me: Please just tell me where to print. I need this for my boss and I don't need you to yell at me! **STAND OFF AND STARE DOWN*** lady: **chirps* OK, follow me here please.    ?!   Last: Sparkasse  Won't write it all out but I opened the account with 50 euros before starting a work student position. I ended up starting it three months later than I planned. However, they charged me the 4 euro fee every month. Apparently they got sick of me not having money in my account and closed it. I didn't understand any of the letters in German they sent me and was not aware of this. I went in there to deposit more money and was told they closed the account. I asked her if I could reopen my old account since I had money I wanted to deposit. She said no. I asked her if I could open a new one and was told no. She said the bank didn't need my kind of business. Wow!!! I asked if that was how she treated all her foreign customers and she asked me to leave. I went to open with Deutsche Bank that day. They are nice to me at least and I get treated like a human being for 5 euros a month and online service in English.    I don't expect American service in Germany, but they don't have to go out of their way to be such horrible people to their customers.. They dont' even care if they lose business. It's not a concern.     
  23. Family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers 'gang-raped German woman

    All countries signed up to Dublin. Even Italy and Greece. You can't allocate the fake refugees because they only want to go to the richest countries and by allocating them to other safe you are violating their human rights.
  24. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Sounds like what I did at Goetha..   In my test I had to listen to a tape and answer questions on it (who said what), read some small adverts and fit them to people looking to buy stuff (best fit, there were some overlapping). My written test was to write (with a pen) an email and a guest book entry. The speaking was to prepare a presentation and give that. I was given two topics to choose from which were segregation in society and internet shopping (I got one question on that as the two women really couldn't think of any many questions on my content).   Try to stay calm, the test is not hard but can be a little tricky. Stay calm and think on the listening and reading, don't jump to conclusions - they are like the old comprehension tests we did at school (at least in the UK).   Stay calm, don't rush it and you will be fine (the tape was played twice at my test).   Good luck...
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