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  2. Coronavirus

      Given that the interval between 1st and second jabs (in Bayern at least) is now 6 weeks for Bion-Tech and 12 weeks for AstraZeneca it looks like the kick has been received and acknowledged. Also do you really think Merkel has been vaccinated, that was faked the secret service would never allow here to come under the control of Bill Gates.
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  4. Pleeeeeze help me forum people for I am looking for one of those German Schmeißzusammenwörter to describe the feeling I get when I post troll bait on multiple threads but nobody responds. I've thought of Realitätsverweigerungspostensfrust.  Will that do?  Anyone? Pllllleeeeeeeze help me
  5. probably not...   in my opinion, vectoring seems to introduce problems...
  6. One question for the experts. If we switch to the 250 Mbps service, given that the current 100 Mbps service only synched at ~60, are we going to get any speed increase due to super-vectoring technology used?
  7. I’m in my 30s and in Berlin and got my letter a couple of weeks ago (first available slot was mid-June). People in this age group are invited under certain medical conditions. The other way which is common for this age group is if you are nominated by a pregnant woman. They can nominate two people to be vaccinated as they are not permitted to have it in Germany.
  8. AFAIR it wasn't to the men on the ground to decide whether non-citigens were getting on a flight. It was official policy to prioritize citizens.
  9. No not german and I got also my first jab!. 41 here
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Non-stop Trump conspiracy theories.   Russia! Russia! Russia!, Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenetti, Robert Mueller, Lincoln Project, etc.      Makes me chuckle just thinking about it.   🤡
  11. Coronavirus

        It's deja vu all over again.         Ecuador's death per million today is slightly worse than Germany's.     
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Undocumented anecdotal side-effect of the virus (JohnG was on the right track but too much of a scholar to go there): those of us who were not already deadly boring old hearts before 2020 have joined the last fully functioning social club. May I extend a farty welcome to all newcomers. I recommend avoiding leeks, beans and cabbage varieties if you wish to avoid the condition becoming even worse.
  13. A Montessori school may be a good option for several raesons. Firstly, their teaching method and materials make it easier to comprehend math and secondly they don´t usually separate kids into different classes based on age. That means he might not even realise if that he "repeats" a school year as he won´t lose his classmates and friends. I´d suggest to have a test-session to see how he reacts to the Montessori math-materials (of course, it has to be presented to him by a teacher familiar with the Montessori method). I´ve personally seen a Montessori teacher teaching kindergarten-kids to multiply up to 1000 within 20 minutes. Those Montessori math-materials are brilliant. Worth a try as there is nothing to lose.
  14.   They wouldn't dare to have an official policy, written or otherwise. But at the end of the day it's individuals who have the power to implement lists on the ground as they see fit. Men in uniforms. With a little bit of power. As you found out when it came to getting on a flight. Someone has to be last of course. And it stinks. Sadly, it's the way of the world.
  15. I´d set a deadline (via registered snail mail - "Einwurfeinschreiben") for the repairs and if your landlord doesn´t react I´d order the repairs myself and deduct the cost from the rent. In cases like blocked toilets you don´t have to do it in writing due to the urgency. For that I´d give him a call and for the sake of having proof send an email and sms (fax would be better).
  16. Politics Gen XYZ

      Because that is what the viewers of the Alex Jones of the left want to hear.       Maybe anything having to do with Rachel Maddow should be on the conspiracy nut thread.    🤪   Remember this "bounty" story?     Ooops!!!  Turns out that the there was nothing to it.    Who could have known?    🤡       After 4-5 years on the vicious cycle of   1.  Anonymous tipster drops a bombshell and CNN, MSNBC, the WaPo, and NYTimes run it non-stop for 3-8 days. 2.  Further investigation or new facts make the original claim look ridiculous 3.  New bombshell which is as ridiculous as the last one is dropped   you, AlexTr, and the people in your respective households must be going through something akin to PSTD.    Russia!  Russia!  Russia!   😂  
  17. How to download netflix fims

    I am not using a torrenting service- So many People have got into Trouble with that .
  18. Coronavirus

    That politicizing of what should be a merely scientific/medical issue is as annoying as it is stupid. As if the authorities deciding on approval (or not) of the AZ vaccine would care about Brexit rather than the data available. If there is any room for politicizing it´s about whether political decisions should be made on whether you can deviate from the intervals between administrations as stipulated in the approvals of vaccines by the EMA (given the lack of sufficient vaccines) and give everyone a first dose, knowing full well that it won´t provide the same level protection (but still a very decent one against hospitalization and death) as a complete vaccination with two doses but provide partial protection for more people. I can´t understand why that´s not being done. It´s frustrating. Somebody needs to give Spahn a kick in his bum so that he starts listening to Lauterbach (who is advocating that).
  19. I have met young English speakers who are very talented and have many English communication skills.
  20. Dusseldorf for a weekend trip

    I also need a weekend, because my work is busy.
  21.   I don't think fraufruit was suggesting that you ask for her complete medical history, just pointing out to you that this person could be in a high risk group for some reason and if you don't know her well, you wouldn't know about it.   I got a letter too and 2 people I know.  I also got mask vouchers when they were doing those.  I asked AOK at the time and they said that the health authorities asked them to filter out people with certain medical problems to make up these high risk groups.
  22. I am currently living in Berlin (EU citizen) and so far I have always been a permanent employee (I am a software engineer). I have just secured a fully remote job with a EU company and because they do not have a legal entity in Germany, I will need to be self-employed. This is meant to be for a limited period of time (around 3 months) as I will then move back to my home country (Italy -  then there I will need to work out what to do) I certainly would like to avoid to incur in Scheinselbstständigkeit, but I have read that a Freiberufler / Freelancer can only work up to 80% of their time for one employer. I believe that such percentage only apply on yearly salary, is that correct? Here is my question. What is the best and of course legal way I can work as a self employed for a sole customer for such a short period of time? Would this be Gewerbetreibender / Self-Employed or Freiberufler / Freelancer? Do I need to set my limited company? What are the cost differences? More importantly, I would like to go for an option that does not break the bank for no reason. This is an initial advice then I am planning to consult with a tax advisor.  Thank you
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  24. Coronavirus

    I came across a thoughtful article from the New York Times that contains various people's reflections upon their lives since the corona virus began: Emerging from the Coronavirus:   When will the holding pattern feeling end...will there ever be a going back to 'how it was' and what would we like the future to be like for each of us individually? What are our hopes, what can we do right now, where are we as humans in the whole lockdown (from light to emergency brake mode) world? 
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