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  2. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    They wouldn´t since blacks have privileges over coloureds in South Africa, such as lower hurdles to get into university. Unless that has changed since I left the country in 2011.
  3. Changing to a new job! Advice needed

    I´d either send my resignation by registered mail or deliver it in person asking for a countersigned copy. I´d also send it by email beforehand. Yes and yes. But your employer has to agree. If he doesn´t you´d be entitled to a payout (AFAIK they´d need good reasons in order to not be able to agree). Is your notice period short enough in order to be able to start a new job in less than 6 weeks?
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  5. They most certainly are familiar with this. They do it all the time. Make sure to get one; you may need it down the road, and trying to contact people years later for one is often a pain.
  6. What are you cooking today?

    Apple pie for tomorrow. Embarrassing confession - had to make the crust twice, because I shorted the shortening (lard) by 50%.   
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  8. Residency for Brits after Brexit

    They won't deal with you before they have to, and right now they don't have to. Wait until January when the transition period is over and talk to them then. Meantime, get everything else in order and make sure you are ready.    
  9. Well, it says "Du verfügst über sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift?" I know I have a serious shortcoming in the language part at the moment, but I imagined if the rest of my CV catches their eyes while considering that my language performance would be improved in the following 6 months, then maybe I still have some chances there!   
  10. Surely the obvious question here is: what language does the job require ? If the answer is German, then I highly doubt they will hire you if you can’t conduct an interview in German.   Give it a go, you never know. Good luck either way
  11. I'm doing a job search and I'm wondering what language should I use in my job application! At the moment, I have German language knowledge of B1. So, with some effort, I can translate my job application into German. However, I cannot conduct a fluent interview in German.   Also, as I see that most job ads are written in German and request fluency in the German language, sending an English application is like shooting in the foot. So, given this situation, should I send my application in German, but state that I can do the interview only in English at the moment? I can also write in my application that I'm improving my German knowledge currently!
  12. Coronavirus

    that’s far from being the only major difference: there are loads more people moving around than before. Like in April I need to drive to work sometimes. Before I was constantly breaking my driving records because the streets and highway were noticeably emptier; between October and November I didn’t notice any difference. Anedoctal, I know, but corroborated by mobile phone traffic data:   the root cause of all those people driving around is not schools being opened, parents tend to not chauffeur their kids around in Germany and even if they did  they did and just return home afterward it’d be easy to see the pattern in the data. Adding to that, from what I see at the office and elsewhere, children (are taught and forced to) take the COVID prevention measures a  lot more seriously than too many adults do. And don’t get me started on teenagers.
  13. Coronavirus

    Problem is that kids are mostly asymptomatic, so you don't get meat factory situations. My son's school is pool testing and they already found some cases where kid was asymptomatic but had the virus. In my hometown there was an outbreak in the end of the summer. Several adults showed up sick within 1 week and the link was that all kids were in the same class. They had zero after school contact. But look at it. In April we controlled this in 3 weeks. What was the major difference? Schools were closed!
  14. President Donald J. Trump

    As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.   Proverbs 26:11
  15. Hi friends,   I am married(my spouse is in the home country) and I will be changing to a new job soon. We are planning to apply to Family reunion Visa immediately after my job change. I have the following questions to ask, please answer/advice. 1. I have been working in germany for past 1.5yrs. Now I am about to change my job as i have got a good offer. Since I will be starting my new job next month(I have a probationary period of 6 months) will this affect my spouse when applying for FRV ? 2. Is it Ok to take my left over holidays during my notice period? Is it legally allowed? I have a lot of holidays left, hence thought of just applying them and quit the company. 3. I know I need to send my resignation letter to my current company. Should I do it by sending a registered letter to their address? Should I send 2 copies of signed resignation letter and ask them sign it and send it back?   Thank you in advance for the answers
  16. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    Where to?
  17. Yes, I've been employed there for more than 12 months. In case they are not familiar with the structure of a typical qualified reference, what sort of information should I ask my boss to put there?
  18. President Donald J. Trump

    idiot,,,,   there!
  19. President Donald J. Trump

    Jeremiah 1:19 And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.
  20. Recommendations for Eye Surgey sought

    I don't need to do so to correct a disease e.g. Cataract. Simply to cure my myopia. Afaik this is not covered by any insurance but I will check with them just in case
  21. He was a truly great footballer who showed millions what the game is about. Being good, being great and if needed, cheat to win because in the sport, winning is all it is about.
  22. Laminat Flooring damage

    Ok... I am a bit flommoxed here...  I have never in the past 30 years bought a sofa with wheels...    When one of the feet from my sofa was "kaput", I knew immediately... so it was repaired.. 
  23. Not my reality. This is a thread about  people who have died. In this case, a footballer who has died. You assume your own aggression and pointless life. Shame you have nothing better to do.
  24. Knock it off. Does Maradona really deserve 1 whole page of pointless comments on the obituary thread. Far more worthy persons have had far less.
  25. I assume you are drunk or senile..  This is a thread about dead people and not football..    
  26. What are you doing on this football thread? Do you follow football? You are an authoritarian person. Follow your rules? Aye aye, sir. Three bags full, sir.  
  27. sure...  But if you have so many memories, why not start your own blog thread and avoid the seagulling on eveyone elses threads?  
  28. Your point, caller? Have you no memories? Apart from shit- stirring. Which gulag should I be put in?
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