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  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Just a question, Do you think it would pass now that everyone knows the "truth"?   I think not, it was knee jerk reaction,
  3. I changed my UK license for a German one in the early '90s.   Surprise one :  the photocopy of the pink (or green ??)  page had the words FAKE FAKE FAKE all over it !  Seems the anti counterfeit people were working even then.   Surprise two : when I applied for the German license I had already been living in HH for a while I was told that I hadn't applied for "staying permission" (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung) When I queried this, they said you're probably asking for a driving license aren't you. ? We always get them !   I had tax, health, social sec., Anmeldung & work permit all covered. As a Brit they couldn't refuse Aufenthalt. But I still needed the bit of paper to get a driving license.   Cost me DM 60 in a fine that did...   Get the German card and have done with it.   PS See if you can get all the busses, tractors and trailers from the old one added to the new license. Who knows what you might need in 10 yrs...      
  4. Random pointless comments

    Black Friday cancelled after President misunderstands the term.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      we didn't get it sadly. We ended up voting for that idiot Mr Trump who is right now bombing our money making assets in Afghanistan. Bastard!   Hilary woulda given us a decent war!
  6. Riester-Rente for American Expats

    There are loads of financial advisors floating about here who would be delighted to discuss options with you, but outside of them I would strongly suggest not taking advice from random TT types (such as myself) as we are likely to give you wrong info and end up losing you loads of money.  Just like health insurance advice, for gods sake talk to  someone who actually knows   @johng maybe you are interested in this?
  7. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    With dvbT2 box and room antenna, ARD, ZDF, 3SAT and about 10 other channels should be achievable... But with the limited info we have.. no one can really help..
  8. Riester-Rente for American Expats

    Really? Nothing? :(
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Why would I need to expand on my point or get those voting figures for you? My view does not change the fact that the rules are the way they are and how UK MEPs voted does not change the fact they took part.   No extra information is needed for my points. The only reason more info would be needed would be to either extend the scope in to a conversation based on opinion or to muddy the waters. I see no reason to take part in what would just an attempt to push facts aside.   Given that you see a change of rules back in 2014 as being in some way vindictive to the UK today, when it is in a position it has out itself in, is your thing. I don't think I need to get involved. Also given that you are past the trying to win and are now in your insult people phase I see no reason to bother. I can't say anything i have not said in the past or people have said over the last few days.      
  10. Teacher Training

      Well it's always nice to see other exhibits of evidence. In both cases of those Quereinsteiger I know, they were specifically told that as they are not German citizens (but permanent residents), that they would only receive such-and-such conditions. One was told if he took German citizenship (simultaneously giving up his American), they might be able to arrange a more flexible work contract. Like I said, his contract is tightly fixed. Good enough for him, anyway. My understanding was/is that Beamte positions generally require that you be German, or else EU/Bizarro EU (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, etc.), and only in case-by-case exceptions can the Kultusministerium (o.ä.) decide on accepting (or not) other third country qualifacations. I do know another old colleague whose application to have teaching certs qualified for Germany was rejected (reasonably I thought, since there was no practical period or observed teaching hours, and it is not a country with highly rigoruous standards of academic honesty...)
  11. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    Where does op find the time to do all this comparison pricing?!  I think most of us check flyers for offers, but we probably just go with what we like. And try and get in and out of shops asap.
  12. I changed my old UK pink paper licence for German licence.  The UK  address  was a very old one, and had been using Canadian licence for some years. So, made sense as you cannot renew or change details if no longer living in the UK. If you do return to the UK, you can exchange your German licence for your old Uk licence.
  13. I think we have all given op so much choice! Almost anywhere in Germany would fit his expectations, and motorways, transport options mean he can visit so many places.  My love is for the north!
  14. How very sad.   UK government advice about death abroad.    They say to contact your local embassy to find out about local rules regarding transport of ashes, etc.    
  15. How can I get an A1 form?

      I don't know why I need one either, as this is probably the only time I would work for this company in France, less than 1 day.
  16. Sorry about your wife.   I have heard that you can get permission to take the ashes with you on a plane.  I know a guy who did this for a friend to bring his ashes to his family in another country.  However, I don't know where you can apply for that.  Possibly the town where you live.  An undertaker might know.
  17. Has it been so long?  I figure we'll get to meet up in January again unless you all come to our concert on Sunday, Dec. 10:ünchner-künstlerhaus/   Check out our huge variety!  Beethoven, Uptown Funk, and carols.  And more!  Would love to see you folks there --  It's in the afternoon this time because it's a Sunday.
  18. Some Christmas carols, some funk, some classic.  Our program this Winter Concert is typically eclectic!  Spanning three centuries, at least five genres, at least seven countries, and 43 composers and arrangers, we offer something for everyone.  Not just Xmas! Carol of the Bells: M. Leontovich / Peter Wilhousky, arr. P. Wilhousky Mo Ghile Mear (My Gallant Hero): Seán "Clárach" Mac Domhnaill, arr. Desmond Earley O Nata Lux: Morten Lauridsen The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy: traditional Trinidadian, arr. Drew Collins & Brenda Ellis Variations on Deck the Hall: traditional Welsh, arr. Ryan O'Connell Everything: Michael Bublé, Alan Chang, Amy Foster-Gilles, arr. W. S. Ragsdale On the Street Where You Live: Frederick Loewe & Alan Jay Lerner, arr. J. Nowak The Lady Is A Tramp: Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart, arr. D. Wolpe Uptown Funk: Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, J. Bhasker, P. Lawrence, D. Gallaspy, N. Williams, L. Simmons, R. Taylor, R., C. & Robert Wilson, arr. P. Murtha Baby, It's Cold Outside: Frank Loesser, arr. D. Kear Mas Que Nada: Jorge Ben Jor arr. M. Taylor Overture to Coriolan, Op. 62: Ludwig van Beethoven Fantasia on Greensleeves: Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. R. Greaves The Complete Harry Potter: Patrick Doyle, John Williams, arr. J. Brubaker Selections from Messiah: G.F. Handel Comfort Ye + Ev'ry Valley He Shall Feed His Flock / Come Unto Him And He Shall Purify For Unto Us a Child is Born Hallelujah Chorus A Christmas Festival: Leroy Anderson, choral arr. Russell Robinson Adiemus: Karl Jenkins, choral arr. Nicholas Hare Advance purchases are ONLY via our VereinOnline website using PayPal.  The ABENDKASSE / Evening Box Office will be CASH ONLY, with a separate line for prepaid tickets!  It will open at 15:30!   Purchase at!  
  19. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    @MadAxeMurderer I thought you rent your apartments? Surely that should be down to the tennant to source their TV and internet provider.   Anyway, so what do you need to do?   In order to receive DVB T2 you will require any of the following with a compatible internal or external antenna and this will only give you the very basic free terrestrial channels to start. DVB T2 Set top box costing upwards of €30.00 if you do not have a compatible TV. or DVB T2 compatible TV which have only been around for the past 18 months to 2 years. In order to receive the premium channels you will need to; Register the DVB T2 set top box and pay monthly €5.75/€69.00 yearly subscription or DVB T2 compatible TV you will need a C+ Module card €79.99, you will receive the premium channels 3 months gratis and there after pay monthly €5.75 or €69.00 yearly subscription. More Details are here but bear in mind you will need to do this for every TV or every room with a TV. There are other options with Kabel Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom but none of them are cheap and would require some form of subscription.   I cannot comment on Kabel Deutschland but with Telekom you would have to upgrade your router, then you would have to rent a set top box. The only problem with this setup is that given how technologically advanced Telekom is, these boxes are not Wifi compatible and must be hardwired. So if your router is not in the same room as your TV then you will need to somehow connect it. Easiest solution would be to run a cable through the flat/house but this is an ugly option, alternatively purchase a powerline box like the Fritz powerline 1240e (approx €120.00 for a pair) which will enable you to receive an internet connection over the plug socket. You can do this for all your rooms, the initial costs are expensive but you only pay one subscription. Apart from the initial internet and TV package from Telekom which I think is about €45.00 per month you must rent a main Entertaiment box for €4.95 per month along with additional boxes for each room at €3.95.   Obviously there's always Satellite but I have no idea what that costs. We have DT and all I know is that having bought the Powerlines and renting the extra boxes German TV cost us an arm and a leg this year.   Hope that helps.      
  20. Brexit: The fallout

        Well, experts ain't what they used to be. It we had any experts, I doubt the EU would be in such a political mess at the moment!   I like it when people bang on about experts like the financial crash never happened or Greece was just a musical hit and not a clusterfuck.   And where is goddamn WWIII that we were promised if we voted for Brexit?   
  21. How can I get an A1 form?

      You are safe as long as you earn more from your full time job – although I wonder why you would need an A1 then. You need that A1 when you are physically seconded to another country and you will not travel for 3 hours every 2nd month from Berlin to France and back, will you?   
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  23. Alternative titles of threads

    I again thought THIS thread was about tities.
  24. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    Why would one manufacturer collude with itself? If they're all selling the same product from the same manufacturer, the chances are that the prices will be the same.  What is the problem here?  
  25. Hello everyone,    my husband and I are moving next year with our daughter from London to Frankfurt. We are thinking of moving to Bad Homburg and considering Accadis School for our daughter who will be then due to start primary school. I would love to hear your experiences with Accadis. Are you happy with the teaching, the facilities, the philosophy of the school? Is German language as important as English? My husband is German so it is important for us that she is well integrated.    Many thanks in advance for your posts.
  26. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    Your links always talk about price fixing between the makers/producers. Why do you insist in price fixing among the supermarkets? What would be the motivation to fix prices among supermarkets? Do you know how difficult would be to do it? And then there will be always at least one palyer who does not want to dance. And what's yout obsession with Bio Hafer Cookies? P.S., In Germany in most cases it is not allowed just to repack a food item and sell it at different prices. That's why the discounter items have to be slightly different to the high end version of the item even if they are produced by the same company.
  27. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      Yeah, sure, you are "highlighting the truth" and since that your "so the populace are kept dumb and happy" is legitimated ...  Join Jeremy, he might like your "truth".  
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