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  2. interpretation needed

    There is some paperwork involved in buying an imported car though. Unless you want to do it yourself the dealer ill likely charge you for it. The saving can be huge though. Back in my student days I only ever bought reimported cars, sometimes saving as much as 30%. I usually could sell them after a year for my purchase price.
  3. Coronavirus

    That may well be because it´s best for a virus to keep it´s host population alive so it has more hosts available and as big as possible. That´s a process that takes decades though. So not yet relevant.
  4. I´ve never heard of this option. Do you have a link (or the correct German term for it, so we can google for it) ?  
  5. Has anyone here from a 3rd Country (re)entered Germany using the new “long-term partner” exception?  It appears to be gaining more exposure through various media sources but before I invest in a plane ticket, I need to hear some success stories and words of advice (for the process).  I have read the requirements but real life experience is more helpful! thanks, Jana  
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  7. Paying MVV fare

  8. Paying MVV fare

    Hi everyone I have paid 60 euros penalty fare with a ticket machine today, Should I do anything else? It gave me 2 receipts, But when I scanned the QR code again, I could pay the price again!!! Also, Can it cause any problems for my permanent residence permit and citizenship process in future? I use the mobile app for buying monthly tickets and it ran out of battery.
  9. Necessary Income

    I understand that now that most photography is digital, anyone and everyone with a camera claims to be a "Professional Photographer", but as a trained photographer with both military experience and current clients, why would I, as a photographer, not qualify for an Artist's Visa? I use a large format camera and film rather than digital, by the way.
  10. Necessary Income

    I'm aware of that. I went through that when I moved to Germany to study. I'm not wanting to move for insurance purposes. I pay now in excess of $2,500 monthly for insurance for my wife and I. Private insurance isn't really a deal breaker.
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I booked an appointment online with the Rentenversicherung and received a written confirmation with the post.    
  12. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Just buy what I said earlier or one of faster ones provided in the link above, thats all you need. If you want to place the box further away from the wall connection then buy a longer Ethernet RJ45 cable. For example mine is paced on the other side of the room to enable me to plug my TV, Playstation,Dvd using short cables directly into the box. Plus it enables me to have Wi-Fi for handys when on top floor. 
  13. Hi - Need some guidance on my situation. My son is a bilingual kid (mother tongue is not german), did his Kita and doing good in Grundschule  (1/maths, 1.5/deutsch from Baden-Würt state). I am planning to take my family to Zurich for 2 years (work related move) and then move back to any city near CH-DE border area in 2022. He would study in a public school in zurich. I am not sure how good his chances could be to join in Gymnasium in 2022. Is it a good idea to disturb his education with this plan. My wife thinks its not good for our child to introduce him to Zurich german language as he is still learning german language in his grundschule. any thoughts, advises and recommendations on my plan?
  14. Full Time Work Contract Termination

      If they only told you to look for another job, they want you to save them all the work and hassle of terminating your contract. You can only sue them if they ignore the notice period or the reason for the termination is not correct, so you need a written document.   Does your company have a workers representative?   
  15. What made you smile today?

    A 90 year old lady was intially refused entry to the local zoo because she had not registered online. She informed the security guards that she had been an annual card holder for over thirty years and could not use a computer and had no relatives who could do that for her. The lady stood her ground and was eventually allowed in.                    
  16. Indeed.  You might find this BBC Moneybox interesting[0]=AT2_ZdTQCmVoMAxZuSxxNg4G57FGPNFk5v8QhmRYnFsrcehZr6CJB8f2mAW_4hpv3RS5hP-kqRo5HK0Op8hPYVKTyqPbGkcGV7NbWiilWKIcWFZo9KNwgdKn7pqrEIQuZjUPUwIIteBzbUzjC2KcH0MolVtq8Ags-ANhPO7MW5V41OJGpeBV0BGW7HRdKexe0qCKAB_yLuDJpqo6  
  17. Necessary Income

    I'm aware of that. I went through that when I moved to Germany to study. I'm not wanting to move for insurance purposes. I pay now in excess of $2,500 monthly for insurance for my wife and I. Private insurance isn't really a deal breaker.
  18. Brexit: The fallout

      Johnson's latest performance makes you wonder if he is really up to the job    
  19. I guess it's not so pie-in-the-sky after all...    
  20. Necessary Income

    Any age limits for eg a mathematician, Luke? And, as always the issue of health insurance..   Mark- health insurance obligations are tough in Germany. You can‘t just turn up and say „ hey, babes, here I am.“   It doesn‘t work like that. Even for European citizens moving to Germany it is very bureaucratic...  
  21. Necessary Income

    Your wife might qualify for an artist‘s visa, which could in turn and in time qualify her for public health insurance through the Artists‘ Foundation , known as KSK in Germany. But you would still be in limbo as you would likely not qualify as her family co-insuree if your worldwide income is over 455 euros a year- which it is..
  22. Necessary Income

    As a mathematician you would qualify for the EU Blue Card, but you need a job paying €43K per annum:   Songwriters don't qualify for that since there is no shortage.
  23. Necessary Income

    58 year old Mathematician, but not really interested in doing that professionally anymore. My wife is a 30 year old C&W songwriter. I'm not sure if Germany would think that's an essential skill. I was told informally by my friends attorney in Summer 2018 that after a period with an Artist's Visa, it would be possible, but because of my age, I would have to show an income independent of employment such as a pension.
  24. What are you listening to right now?

    a couple o'gooduns                                      
  25. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    So now i would need two routers? sorry im just getting a bit confused with the comments. bear in mind that i will be returning the Fritzbox and i don't have another router. just the Anschlussdose and a single Ethernet RJ45 cable.
  26. Necessary Income

    Highly qualified specialist in an area Germany needs, Mark? 
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