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  2. Climate change

    Parents, family, priest, etc.
  3. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Good post. Panda, but some  incredible paperwork. We don´t know how long he is staying in Germany. " He is visiting us." He would need to show how he was publicly insured in Germany decades ago and that he has not been self-employed the past five years in Africa etc. Maybe possible but if a tourist?   Selbstzahler maybe the best way to go?
  4. Where can I find some Gourmet popcorn?

      Garrett Popcorn is by far the best gourmet popcorn I've ever tasted in the States. You can have Garrett express ship it directly to you in the States and since it's in a sealed tin express ship it to your daughter's address in Leverkusen Germany.    Garrett Popcorn Facebook talks about shipping their products.    Their official website IP is blocked here in Germany, but you can google for their shipping info to have it sent to you in the State and then you ship to Germany.   In my opinion, gourmet German popcorn is not good at all. 
  5. Thanks everyone for answers!
  6. Non payment from house sale

    Buyer has not paid again. His excuse is that he thought he needed a new letter with a new payment date. Notary is losing patience with lies and excuses and told him he didn't need a new letter and to pay tomorrow.  We should see payment by Wednesday lunchtime.  If it is not there we go through our lawyer.  Meanwhile we are paying all house payments for 2 houses. Just before xmas with 5 family members arriving in 2 weeks, this is no joke. We dont sleep and are both now ill. 
  7. Where can I find some Gourmet popcorn?

    Did you email them in german or English?   What type of popcorn are you trying to get delivered?   To Self pop?  Already popped and flavoured?   Where in DE is it to go to?  
  8. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Paying as a Selbstzahler isn't very expensive, for price examples, please see:   And if it turns out to be something serious, as long as he was insured with German public health insurance before he emigrated, he can move back to Germany (= simply register his address at your house) and get back into public health insurance, which means that all his medical costs would be covered even for this pre-existing condition:  
  9. Favourite picture of yourself?

  10. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Yes, Spider! It is fun to be eclectic in life! No Schuhbladen..we are all colourful! So, the box of tricks. And the wise message. And because once you decide on a favourite moment in life, you think of another and another and another and you love your and downs..and carry on truckin´.   Did some Spring cleaning today...even got rid of some old dog and cat hairs from that silly box of tricks!
  11. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Can we rename the Thread to "Post as many pictures of yourself as you want and call them all your favourite" ?
  12. Favourite picture of yourself?

    So: grabbed an old pic from a box of tricks, put it on the desk, took a SmartPhone pic, emailed it to myself and then put it onto the Desktop and wrote down the IMG number or whatever it is, looked for it, back to Toytown  somehow..and hope this works. This is ONE (ex ) gorgeous guy! Stress. EX..and those retro jeans! c. 25 years old, unloved, alone in  an urban park, photographed by a stalker...couldn´t be better!  
  13. Favourite picture of yourself?

    I paste them into MS Paint... then re-size them there...
  14. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Not sure as to his age, I would guess mid 60s. What did you have in mind? My wife will take him to see our local and very inept Hausarzt tomorrow.
  15. Favourite picture of yourself?

    I know what you mean, lisa! I don´t have any tricks...pot luck. Yesterday, I put old photos onto the desk near the mouse pad and shot away and then forwarded to the Desktop and stuff like that. And the couldn´t even properly see which pic was on there. It can take me ages: 1. Dumb 2. Old 3. Back to dumb.   I will try another drop dead gorgeous pic now as an experiment...
  16. Favourite picture of yourself?

    how on earth are you guys getting your photos small enough to post?!   I just spent 20 minutes trying to reduce a very old photo and it's just not working.  "Toytown says no..."   what is your trick?    
  17. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Well, the father-in-law is German so maybe he doesn´t HAVE TO purchase anything but, as you say, fire already in the building...
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  19. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    How old is your father-in-law, crossman? If not really old...he can get something..but it won´t cover whatever is wrong with him right now..dems the rules...
  20. Any scientists here? Need a reality check regarding jobs

    Yeah, that's more or less the attitude I'm coming with. The larger reason is to experience another culture, learn German, travel, and try things out to see how I like it. I'm already paid more than what I would get at a good job at the end of my career in Germany so money isn't really what I'm trying to optimize. Just don't want to be unemployed for too long or end up having to take a job entirely outside my interests and experience.
  21. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    AFAIK you have to purchase travel insurance before you leave.   Buying insurance against an event that has already occurred is a fallacy in any case.   He should try seeing a doctor instead of going straight to hospital. You can call 116 117 to find out which practices nearby can see him. More about that.   Best of luck and hope dad-in-law gets better soon.
  22. Hi Toytowners, it's been awhile since my last log in.   My nonresident German father in law is visiting us and has no German health insurance and has now been very sick for over a week and is being a typical Schwaben and stubbornly refusing to go to the hospital as he is worried he will incur massive bills.    His domicile is in Guinea West Africa where there is no health insurance according to him.  And last I was in Africa that was the case too.   Is there a health insurance he can buy for his duration of stay in Germany, like an ADAC travel health insurance?      
  23. Random pointless comments

    I stubbed my toe but my back aches.
  24. Where can I find some Gourmet popcorn?

    The trick is to limit your search to German websites, which you can do by adding "site:*.de" to your Google search.   The best-looking one I found is   Speaking from personal experience, however, you'll probably find it difficult ordering something with a credit card for shipment to a different address in another country - whether it's popcorn or anything else - simply for security reasons. There's just too much online fraud nowadays. You might have more luck with PayPal, but you'd have to clarify with them whether they'll let you order something to be shipped to an address other than your registered address.   In any case, best of luck to you.
  25. Why are you happy today?

    The " locals " will sort him out, snowingagain. Yes, I was also baffled about the x amount of life sentences..his problem. He deserves all he gets. His karma...
  26. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Sorry didn't dress up more, scarf is covering my butt though.   
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