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  2. What are you cooking today?

      with 4 liters of leftovers.
  3. Apt. Lease: Right of Use (Nutzniessung) vs. Owner?

    No, the Nießbrauch contract is not public record. All there will be is an entry in the Grundbuch (land register) that a Nießbrauch exists, it will look similar to this Wohnrecht entry, i.e. will only state the name and date of birth of the Nießbrauch beneficiary:   This entry will only be shown to a very restricted circle, please see here when you're allowed to look into the Grundbuch:  
  4. Only in America

    Do they also wear a t-shirt with the text „If you pull, pull fast!“ ?
  5. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    Driving license card, I guess.   The Swiss term Führerausweis has some WWII smell. 
  6. Today
  7. What made you laugh today?

    Given the grim situation, this humour is more sarcastic-satirical than comic...    
  8. Has anybody got this book by any chance and would like to sell it to me?
  9. Census 2022, surveys in person

    Thank you both, it seems straightforward enough!
  10. Driving permit as opposed to driving licence

    That varies by state.  I got my learner’s permit when I was 14, as is still the rule in many places.  Got my license at 15.  
  11. Only in America

    I see armed people a lot in the south. They bring their guns to go shopping. Hard to tell who is the nutter when they all are. Many also conceal carry.
  12. Apt. Lease: Right of Use (Nutzniessung) vs. Owner?

    One last question, is the "usufruct" contract available to the public - a public record in a govt. office? My understanding is that potential buyers or renters  have a right to see such a document.   Nießbrauch oder Wohnrecht vorbehalten? Um solche Situationen bereits im Keim zu ersticken, gibt es eine relativ einfache Lösung. Der übertragende Elternteil muss sich im Rahmen der Übertragung der Immobilie das Recht vorbehalten, die Wohnung oder das Haus weiter zu Wohnzwecken nutzen zu dürfen. Ein solches Nutzungsrecht kann man auf zwei Arten sicherstellen: Man kann ein Wohnungsrecht im Sinne von § 1093 BGB oder einen so genannten Nießbrauch nach §§ 1030 ff. BGB vereinbaren. Beide Rechte müssen zwingend als Belastung in das Grundbuch der jeweiligen Immobilie eingetragen werden, damit sie gegebenenfalls auch gegenüber Dritten (Erwerbern der Immobilie) geltend gemacht werden können.
  13. In America, you get a permit at 16, or whenever, and you can drive only  if there is a adult in the front seat who has a license.  I believe there are also restrictions about driving at night and in bad weather, etc, but I am not sure.    Driving without a license, as in left it at home, is different than driving without a valid license.    So as far as I know, they revoke your Driver's license if you fuck up. 
  14. Only in America

    Really? This doesn't really cross my mind when I'm in the Empire.
  15. Census 2022, surveys in person

      At the end of the survey, you have the option of downloading a copy of the completed survey, which I did.  Some of the questions appear to be based on answers from previous questions, so the results of the survey will vary depending on the type of building.  Most of the questions are multiple choice, but there are a few fill-in-the-blank.  In my case, we own a single-family house and here are the questions I answered:   Questions about the Building 1.  Is this the correct address? 2.  Which of the following statements applies to this address: [This question identifies if the respondent is the owner, tenant, etc.] 3.  What kind of building is it? [Such as residential, commercial, etc.] 4.  What is the total number of dwellings in the building? [I suppose the question differentiates between single and multi-family buildings.] 5.  In what year was the building completed? 6.  What type of building is it? [I chose "Detached single-family or multi-family house".] 7.  Who owns the building? 8.  What is the main type of heating in the building? 9.  What is the main energy source used to heat the building?   Questions about the dwelling 10.  As at 15 May 2022, for what purpose is the dwelling being used? 11.  As at 15 May 2022, how many people are living in the dwelling? [We chose 2.] 12.  Occupant 1: Surname 13.  Occupant 1: First name 14.  Occupant 2: Surname 15.  Occupant 2: First name 16.  What is the floor area of the dwelling? 17.  How many rooms are there in the dwelling? [Include only liveable space, not bathrooms, mechanical rooms, closets, etc.]   Other Building 18.  Do you own or manage other buildings with residential space at this address (e.g. rear building) for which you have not received an access code? [The access code is in the letter from the census office.]
  16. Census 2022, surveys in person
  17. Only in America

    Yeah we are less than 1/2 way through the year and there have already been 198 mass shootings.   Seems the US averages between 10 and 15 per week over the course of a normal year, which is just unbelievable to me.  
  18. Apt. Lease: Right of Use (Nutzniessung) vs. Owner?

    Thank you, PandaMunich! Very helpful - much appreciated!  
  19. What are you cooking today?

    Serves 10 people, right 👻?
  20. What are you cooking today?

    CHILI CON CARNE -- with some new-to-me techniques, namely   1) broil the meat   2) use dried chilis *and* chili powder     Dried Chili Slurry 60g guiajillo or Santa Fe chilies, toasted, stemmed, and seeded 60g mulato or ancho chilies, toasted, stemmed, and seeded half a 199g can of chipotles in adobo sauce (I found these at Mitte Meer) 2x 500ml jars of beef fond   blend this up.  I had to do it in 2 batches using an immersion blender. --The dried chilis I found on the most popular home delivery website in the western world.      Meat 2 kg ground meat.  I used 1kg beef and 1kg cevapcici because they were on sale.   Break up the meats into various sized-chunks and spread them evenly in the large baking pan that came with your oven.  Put them under a ripping-hot broiler (some might call this a grill for some stupid reason) for 8-10 minutes or until nicely browned.  Once coolled off, break up the meat sheet with gloved hands.  Or don't glove up; I don't care.      The Pot in your very large stock pot (mine is 20 liters and in the eind it was more than half full) sautee in oil: 2 diced medium onions 4 diced unspicy Turkish peppers (I used dolmalik variety) x spicy peppers.  How many and what kind is up to you   once these are softened, add in 10 or so cloves of minced or pressed garlic.  I forgot to add the garlic so I dumped in some garlic powder.  whoopsie     The Spices after another minute dump in the spices and sautee them for yet another minute: 5g cayenne 40g chili powder (labeled Chili con Carne Gewürzmischung in Germany) 40g sweet paprika 25g cumin 20g coco powder     The Rest before the spices burn, add... 4x 800g cans of tomatoes.  crushed, whole, or chunks. It's up to you.  I used the potato masher on the whole ones I added. the chili slurry the meat along with any and all accumluated juices 500ml chicken stock 1 bottle of Augustiner Helles (don't use a bitter beer for this, please)     For Balance 60g brown sugar 40g hot sauce 40g Worcestershire sauce 15g salt vinegar (do this to taste; the chilis in adobo bring acidity, and the recipe does not accout for this).     We Cookin' Gently simmer covered for the next 3-4 hours.  This is important.  The big meat chunks need to get tender.     Make It Thicc Check the consistency; it'll almost certainly be too thin, so remove the lid, add the beans... 2x 800 g cans of kidney beans, rinsed ...and simmer uncovered for another hour or two or until it's nice and thick.     Final Adjustments Once you like the consistency, taste one final time for seasoning.  Too sour?  Add sugar.  Not meaty enough?  Add salt.  Too sweet?  Add vinegar.  Remember, you can always add more but you cannot take away.  The potato trick is bullshit.        Garnish tortilla chips pice de gallo shredded chedddar more hot sauce fresh green onions sour cream guacamole cilantro Do NOT garnish with peanuts. I have seen this once, and it's a horrible idea.   
  21. The War in Ukraine

    This is appalling Since Russian forces were pushed back from Kyiv at the end of March, the bodies of more than 1,000 civilians have been discovered in the Bucha region - many hastily buried in shallow graves. The BBC's Sarah Rainsford has been investigating what happened at a children's summer camp - now being treated as a crime scene. It is easy to miss the killing spot at first in the gloom. But in a cold, damp basement on the edge of the woods that made Bucha a popular get-away spot before the war, five Ukrainian men were forced to their knees and shot in the head. To the right of the entrance, there are stones coated in blood that has turned dark red. Lying among that is a blue woollen hat with an exit hole in one side and its rim soaked in blood. In the wall, I counted at least a dozen bullet holes.  
  22. Politics Gen XYZ

    I am not so sure that what he said is totally wrong, as lot of people have never been taught how to cook or budget.  However, could he have phrased the whole thing better and not sounded like a patronising arsehole, absolutely
  23. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    nothing ?    in the meanwhile I sent an inquiry to Flatex...I hope to receive an answer before the end of the year    
  24. Only in America

    These things happen daily at some place or another. Hundreds are shot every day.   I'm relieved to be home after 2+ weeks in Georgia. Every time I went shopping or in a large restaurant, I was scoping out possible escape routes just in case. Way too stressful for my liking.
  25. Only in America

    fuck   Shooting at a church, predominately Taiwanese. 1 dead, 4 injured. 
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