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  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Showing our generation´s age, babe! A great song!  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    I found out today how to register in Greece if we don´t move back  to Germany. This has never been a issue. We are not registered. It doesn´t matter but in case of Brexit... A Welsh friend did it the other day. Just pop down to the local cop shop (in our case, in Ierapetra , a town near by) - take passport and proof of health doesn´t matter which health insurance..can be from Outer Mongolia..and wait till Manolis is back from holiday..and Bob´s your uncle.
  4. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    If you have seen something illegal on this forum, do report it to the operator and document your correspondence.     While your digital dragnet won't cause me any problems, it wouldn't surprise me if some of your buddies on here haven't been hate free.     You are taking the forum a bit too seriously.   Maybe your goldfish can lend a sympathetic ear even though fish don't really have ears.  
  5. Germany the most innovative nation?

    Luke! My sadly deceased buddy Tom from da Bronx was once on a bus with Dutch pensioners who spent an hour singing " Tulips from Amsterdam "..the whole trip. He once told me the story. " John, if I´d stayed on the bus for another hour, I´d have become a real New Yorker and shot the fuckers! " He quite liked the Moody Blues, though!
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Well, fuck me with the rough end of a pineapple.   Welcome back to the Good Old Days, where Albion could just send in a gunboat and blast Johnny Foreigner to Kingdom Come. Except that GB doesn't even have a Navy any more...aircraft carriers which spring leaks and rely on planes from Trumpistan.   What a friggin' shambles - Bojo disappears out of public sight for a couple of weeks, Shitti Patel shows her true colours...and this is what has happened to the country of my birth???   Thank Gawd I live here. Maybe my application for "Einbürgerung" will fail, maybe not, but at least I have my "Aufenthaltstitel" and can stay here come what may. Don't like what's happening here either with the f*cking AfD.   Gimme Shelter...
  7. Germany the most innovative nation?

    No way! I think the Russians are way ahead!
  8. Why are you happy today?

    Croatian national basketball team just won vs the Netherlands 69 : 59 that made me happy.
  9. Germany the most innovative nation?

    My take on it. Germany is not best in inventing from scratch (startup). But once something is out there they are extremely innovative in setting up industrial processes to make it available for the wide public.
  10. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    Agree, Alex. Not worth it. We have a psychopath as a neighbour, a French pensioner. We ignore him and haven´t spoken for three years. He is the type who will run around with a hammer in his hand and insult you. " Are you not on my side? ". Yet, HE is the guy who calls the police when he feels insulted. They eventually arrive and calm him down.   The irony..Petro on here with his road rage is sort of correct when it comes to Cretan villages ( but, ok, not Germany ). The locals will not call the police...none around and have to come from town and they will " sort it out " themselves if need be.   One taverna owner raised his prices for a cup of coffee. The other taverna guys ( in the next village ) " sorted it out " with him because he was undercutting prices and their trade. They beat him up but he didn´t go the police..code of honour stuff...   The way it is...instead of cooperating on making the whole strip more inviting for all and sundry and all profit from it- the taverna owners and the customers.   Nope, " my " customers come from this clan and don´t sit anywhere else...that´s the way it is.    
  11. Today
  12. Scum of the Day

    Thanks, John. It really pushed my buttons. That is on me.
  13. Scum of the Day

    Fair enough, fraufruit! It was the satellite business issue.A poor joke and I retract it.
  14. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    My dad had a colleague whose neighbor got mad about what time he cut the grass. Neighbor came over and hit him in the head with a ball peen hammer. My dad's colleague suffered brain damage and the neighbor is doing life with no.   Not worth it.
  15. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    Where I come from, just giving someone the finger can get you shot. Confronting someone who gave you the finger can have the same result.   Why do either????   Control yourself and your actions and ignore others who are ignorant enough that they can't manage to do the same. Period. The end.   Road rage? GTF outta there.
  16. Scum of the Day

    With all due respect, why would you even mention Spiderpig in this context? "Only joking" is no excuse.
  17. I've just posted a silly photo

  18. Mass Shooting in Hanau

    By the way,    
  19. Mass Shooting in Hanau

      Well, that's some words. Feel better?   No police officer will ever arrest you for disagreeing with me, no worries. They will arrest you for breaking the law. Savvy?   It seems like you're afraid you're prone to illegality. That is something for you to be concerned about.
  20. Scum of the Day out SpiderPig (only joking ). Jeez, barbaric.
  21. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

      There is such a thing as a one punch homicide too so wanting to teach someone a lesson can end up with somebody dying, even if just one punch is thrown.  
  22. Germany the most innovative nation?

    Evening, Brad! That reminds me of when a buddy of mine and I used to run English seminars for German  Shell employees close to Hamburg.  More than once we were told that if a meeting took place at high level: if ONE Dutchman was there and the rest were Germans, the meeting took place in English.
  23. Germany the most innovative nation?

    I once had to translate a paper that two physics professors had written to English.  I worked really hard on it but had no idea what it was about.  They didn't care though.  There were forced to submit it in English in order for it to be accepted, but everyone at the conference spoke German so it was just a formality. 
  24. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

    Back in my hometown, my neighbour , who was a bus driver ,slapped(in his words) another driver on his face under road rage. Other guy went unconscious and stayed like that in hospital for few days. My neighbor ended up with serious troubles with the law , and paid a lot from his pocket.  If one is in rage it is a good idea to pull over but , should never get out of his car. Why risk your money and your family s happiness just to teach a jerk a lesson?
  25. Germany the most innovative nation?

    I used to work (many years ago ) as a simultaneous interpreter (bad on the nerves ). Having read what you have just written, I´m glad I gave it up! These days, I just speak in German to Greek dogs! (Easy on the nerves...)
  26. Brexit: The fallout

    I didn´t mean to offend you  (if I did ), murphaph! Sorry if I did. I am a bit worried about this Celtic Cringe. My family are Welsh, Scottish and English and happy to be a bastardized version of humanity! Nationality is not the issue (being serious ). Vested interests are and how to find a common ground to be useful and humane to all of us mere mortals. It doesn´t matter to me that the Bank of England was founded by a Scot and the Bank of Scotland by an Englishman - it is just historically amusing.  
  27. Going clean - Missing tax declaration

     I guess she should take an expert's service on this. This member @PandaMunich, who is a tax consultant helped me out in my case
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