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  2. 2015 E 400 4Matic 7G-TRONIC  4 door with trunk 97.000 km Petrol vehicle 245 kW/333 PS
  3. All things Tesla

    We have #2, a normal socket in our underground garage space. The electricity we use is on our regular power bill for our flat on the 7th floor. I think we paid around € 1k for the installation. It is perfect for us as we don't use our car every day. Himself put a garden hose holder on the wall where he stores the cable so it is easy to plug in and unplug.   There are no monthly charges, of course.
  4. All things Tesla

    Does anyone use home charging for EV. Till now I used to charge in SVM or public charging. We will move to our new apartment this year and builder has sent us some offer for charging setup from   However, they have mentioned 8€ per month operational costs from Your charge. What is this recurring cost meant for? I am not clear. I will ask them also, but if anyone knows if we have to pay some recurring costs for wallbox in addition to electricity charges?   Also, I had few other questions:   1. Your charge is selling wallbox for 1571€ and 1000€ Installation charges. Tesla wallbox is just 500€. Not sure why so much difference in price, but I think I don't need any sophisticated or high speed charger for home. So I will check with builder if I can get a quote for TSLA wallbox   2. By default they are giving free sockets in parking. Is that enough to charge Model-Y overnight or do we need wallbox? How much range we can get from a normal socket?    
  5. First of all, I would like to say what a valuable site this is which, I must admit, I accidentally stumbled across whilst trying to find some concrete answers. Thank you all very much. The information provided by @PandaMunich is especially valuable as it more or less covers most of the areas in which I would be affected by in the future. With this in mind, I would like to state my situation with the hope, I might receive some kind of conirmation. I received the German citizenship back in 2009 so it had nothing to do with Brexit. As one does not lose the UK citizenship automatically, I have dual-citizenship. I will receive the following pensions at certain dates: 2030 – A preserved pension from the Army 2037 – The UK State Pension 2037 – A German pension 2037 – A private pension The preserved pension consists of a one-time lump-sum of GBP 5.040,00 and a monthly pension of GBP 140,00 and will rise in accordance with the CPI. Here I have two questions: Seeing as I have dual-citizenship, would the one-time lump sum and monthly pension be taxed here in Germany (as additional income) so that it would increase my salary until I retire, 7 years later? If so and upon retirement, would the taxation be similar in that instead of my salary being raised by the sum, my German pension would be increased by the sum and taxed accordingly? Regarding the UK State Pension, I had initially made (the minimum) 10 years NI contributions and last year I purchased another 10 years for the years 2007-2017. I had to do this before the 1st April this year at the latest, so I now have paid 20 years of NI contributions. I will be paying for the missing 15 years up until retirement, so that I will almost receive the full State Pension. Almost, as I was contracted out (COPE) due to my time in the Army, so a small reduction is applied. Here I also have two questions: If I understand correctly, tax is due on the UK State Pension but it will always be paid in the UK whilst also being subject to the s.g. Progressionsvorbehalt in Germany? (If it was a government pension, then having dual-citizenship would have meant, that the government pension would have been taxed in Germany?) Would my pension in Germany play a role in determining how much tax I would have to pay in the UK or would the tax be based solely on the UK State Pension itself? The taxation of the German pension is clear. From the sum I will receive, 97% of that is taxable whilst the other 3% remains tax-free. The last “Renteninformation” from 2022 states, that if I continue to earn the same amount as I have done in the last 5 years, then I will receive € 2.304,00. As with the information I receive from the UK, this sum has been calculated without any adaptations so it will also rise as in the UK (if not by the guaranteed minimum of 2.5% via the Triple-Lock). The taxation of the private pension is, I believe, also clear. This will simply be added to my German pension as an additional income and taxed as such. Having said that, another question just popped up whilst typing. As stated, I would pay tax on 97% of my German pension. If the preserved pension is to be taxed here as well, would the 97% apply to the total sum of my taxable pensions (i.e. German pension, preserved pension and private pension) or just the German pension and the others fully? I believe the former sounds logical but you can never trust logic with taxation :) The combination of having the much smaller preserved pension being taxed fully and having the “Progressionsvorbehalt” applied to the previously taxed larger UK State Pension sum is much more financially beneficial, than having it the other way around!
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  7.   Just for comparison and to give you some idea, I can estimate that the 300L tank of hot water in the basement takes around 5000KW to heat throughout the year using gas which is exactly one quarter of the 20000KW what the house consumes in gas. So roughly a quarter for water, most of the rest for heating, and a tiny amount for the gas hob. Hopefully the solar water heating works well. Be aware you can get combined solar electrical and hot water heating panels now. Especially in the summer the solar PV panels get too hot to touch, where as they produce the optimal amount of PV energy when under 25C. Thus the combined panels flow a liquid down to a heat exchanger which collects the surplus heat for producing hot water. Be aware, solar PV and combined Solar PV/Thermal only effectively work Spring/Summer/Autumn and produce very little energy in winter.
  8. Hi,   I am a landlord - my current tenant quit in December, moving out end of this month. I asked them over Christmas / in January to give me some dates for prospective tenant viewing and handover date. They replied that due to health reasons they are not in Germany and can not come back and will not allow anyone in the apartment near their private stuff without them or a family member being there. I do understand the situation and gave them extra time but they have given me now the date of Feb 20th for handover and still refuse to give me dates for showing the apartment. Obviously I am already at significant risk of not getting someone into the apartment and paying rent for March and probably April - and that is even if they give me a date in the next few weeks.   What are my rights here? How can I get a new tenant without a viewing and what is the legal position here? I am not unreasonable and would like to find a solution but I foresee that I will be losing out on money already.    Thanks, Tara
  9. All things Tesla

    Not really. I was looking at the opportunity to buy, but was travelling too much and I missed the chance
  10. Quitting job to startup, registering at the Arbeitsamt

    Do what now?
  11. Soup kitchens in Munich

    Web link for Munich Tafel has changed it seems. I found this one works. 22,000 People in Munich use that food bank.   Arte recently produced a documentary on food banks in Germany, subtitled in English.   I though the school project was a very good idea. I would hope other schools follow such an example. I was surprised at the ambulance driver who said he would be better off claiming unemployment benefit than working. I was also surprised to see Germany does not have a law regarding throwing away waste food vs. donating it to charity.   I noticed the Munich Tafel provides donation receipts. For anyone who is not aware, such charity donations are a deduction in the tax return. Thus if you donate 100 Euros and let's say you pay the highest rate of 42% income tax, you will have to pay 42 Euros less in income tax as the 100 Euros you gave away is not considered as income to you anymore. When making such a donation you need to obtain a donation receipt (the box which says  'Ich möchte eine Spendenquittung erhalten'), but for small amounts even this is not strictly needed, only that there is a bank transfer which can be seen as donation to xyz.
  12. Electric Meter Number Scam

    Well thank you all for your ideas.   I'll have a look at check24 for sure. 
  13. OK, clear. How old the house, how big, and how much kWh/yr?
  14. What are you cooking today?

    1/4 cup flour.  Thanks for the heads up  
  15. What are you cooking today?

      I think I know what I'm making tomorrow!  How much flour did you use?   The best cottage pie I've had so far was in a pub in north Devon.  It was much hotter than the surface of the sun, but fortunately I learned this before I took my first bite.  The screams from a guy at another table who was served at the same time alerted me to the potential danger.
  16. See here, not sure its valid for 2023, but for late year ..., you need to check this closer to the book time   Booking times are fixed depending on the day, area of the tent and the session you want and the day   Start times for evening can be in the range from 3pm to 6pm, its varies per tent, book very early or you will not get the tickets, note you must buy 10 tickets or the whole table.   Looks like the Hacker tent is not too far off your required time slot, do not be late you will lose your booking, allow alot of time to get to the tent, is will be very full and slow moving    
  17. What are you cooking today?

    COTTAGE PIE   Mashed Potatoes 1.5 kg mealy potatoes* 1/2 a block of butter 200g (or more if you like) Parmesan cheese milk (would have preferred cream) salt white pepper 3 egg yolks   no witchcraft here.  peel and boil the potatoes until soft.  mash them up, and add the cheese.  add the butter and milk until the consistency is soft and easy to mix. taste for salt and pepper.  Add the egg yolks, mix some more and set aside   *screw the lack of Russet potatoes in Germany.   Meat Filling 1.5 kg ground beef olive oil 1 cup dry red wine 2 medium onions, coarse dice 1/2 a bulb of fennel, coarse dice several sticks of celery, coarse dice -- I only had a little bit of Chinese celery 4-5 carrots, coarse dice big package of mushrooms, coarse dice chilies to taste (not traditional, but fuck tradition) 3 Tbsp tomato paste 1 Tbsp dried thyme 1/2 a bag of frozen peas 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1l beef stock 1/4 cup flour   put all the meat in a big skillet (I used a dutch oven) along with some olive oil and put on medium high and cook until all the moisture is gone and you start forming a crust on the bottom of the pan.  this will take a while.  Deglaze with the wine   add the onion, fennel, celery, chilies, and mushrooms to the meat.  cook until the mushrooms give up their moisture and the veg starts to brown and the crust on the bottom starts to reform.   add the flour, mix it up, and let it cook dry for a few minutes.  add tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, beef stock, and thyme.  stir and scrape the crust off the bottom of the pan again.  Simmer until thick and not very runny.   take off the heat and mix in the frozen peas   taste for salt and pepper   Assemble   meat on bottom; press with a serving spoon to make sure there are no air pockets.   top with mashed potatoes   make fun designs in the potatoes using a fork.  play with that food.   Bake   set oven for 200°C.  I needed to thin out the gravy, so I baked it for about 20 minutes before adding the potato blanket. I should have baked for 30 or 40.  Oh well.   once the whole thing is hot and the potatoes have set (remember those egg yolks?), put the oven on broil (heat from above) and toast up the potatoes.  BE CAREFUL as you can ruin all your hard work in minutes.    Let It Cool   this stuff will be hotter than the surface of the sun, so let it just sit there on the counter for half an hour.  or don't; it's your mouth, not mine. 
  18. This is in the Oktoberfest thread, and I pinky promise you they'll give out your seats if you're an hour or two late. 
  19. I worked in a well known and large restaurant / pub in a large German city about 12 years ago.  The rule was 20 minutes past the reservation time and the table would be given up.  I can't think of any restaurant that would hold a table open for 1-2 hours.  Granted, in Germany one can stay at a table long after the meal is eaten and not be asked to vacate, but an expectation of holding the table... for what might seem indef, will not happen.
  20. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      it takes me about 3-5 seconds to plug in my car when using an at-home charger.  Double that to unplug it and return the plug to its holster.    I really miss getting diesel and/or gasoline all over my hands when fueling up. 
  21. Well, we've just opened our gas bill today, and I think we've dropped even more. Between September and end of January this year, we used less gas than we did in January alone last year. We're due to receive a repayment of 3.5k, and monthly payments have been reduced by 300. ...I should probably say that we were one of the thousands completely shafted by Gruenewelt going bust last year, so the drop in monthly payments wasn't unexpected. The drop in gas use is due to turning off almost all of the heating, and living in a world of hot water bottles, blankets on sofas and very thick jumpers. We also have a pellet oven, and have used 100 euros worth of pellets so far this winter. That said, our solar panels for heated water still haven't turned up (ordered 10 months ago), but that should also reduce gas consumption this year.    
  22. You may have a point... ;-)   But in most of those you describe the process to reach an end state. Something is only full when you've finished filling and if you break off the filling process it isn't full. Just like if you're in the middle of going to Birmingham you're not in Birmingham and neither are you 50% in Birmingham (don't know why I chose Birmingham). We're all dying but none of us are dead to any extent (unless you died of boredem reading this in which case I'm sorry - RIP).     
  23. Making a UK will from Germany

    A solicitor's firm I was using to sell a house in the UK was closed down a few years ago. All the documents were sent to the Solicitors' Regulatory Authority. They would have subsequently arranged for another firm to take over the files, but I obtained the documents I needed from the SRA directly. A more usual case would be if the firm closed due to retirement etc, in that case, the solicitor will contact you either to give you the documents back, or to tell you to whom he intends to pass the files (again, a back stop would be the SRA).    Your solicitor could give you a certified copy of the will. A reason they may be unwilling to give you a copy is that if/when wills change, you are supposed to destroy the original. If they don't have all copies, there is the risk that a subsequent will could be challenged by someone still in possession of an "original". One option is for you to check that the solicitor has filed a copy with the Probate Department of the Family Division of the High Court, or an alternative private company like the National Will Register. This isn't mandatory and doesn't impact the validity of a will, but does make it easier for anyone to find a copy in future if necessary.   You can also register your will with the above bodies yourself, or as other people have said, you can keep a copy yourself. A solicitor isn't crucial.   I hope the operation goes well though, and none of this will be relevant for many, many years.      
  24. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Cyprus is in Asia...    
  25. These are very huge numbers. Was your 2021 consumption perhaps extremely big? How much in kWh/yr? My electricity consumption the last 3yr was 2443, 2431, and 2293 kWh, so at most a 6% reduction, 2293/2443 = 0.94   Our baseline consumption, so the stuff that run during night, or if nobody is at home, so big ones like fridge/freezer and Luftungsanlage (it would be bad to turn them off at night), and smaller ones like DSL router and TV standby (it'd be good to turn them on, just too lazy so far) already takes 140W, so 1226 kWh/yr. Better to maintain modest consumption, from which big reductions are difficult, than reducing large consumption. Other than that, reducing consumption is of course better than not to.  
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