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  2. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

      No wrong. new Zealand a crap hole? Within six months you'll be pinin' for the fjords. But then go to Norway (points awarded for who gets that one).   German paperwork is the reason for the Bavarian forests - all the paper.    Well in my case you are asking the wrong guy. We drove into Munich Sunday and were on the Mittlerer Ring. Wife pointed out how much of Munich lives in blocks of flats right on that ring or near it. most of my circle don't live like that, little bit the opposite - pools and stuff. We live right on nature's doorstep for the mt biking/XC skiing but that costs a ton to have. 
  3. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Their Xocoveza is amazing, but the Arrogant Bastard Ale is seriously wrong.  I guess I fit the marketing on the can because I did not get it and it tasted awful to me.  
  4. Friday playgroup for English-speaking parents and young kids from 10:30-12:30. All are welcome!   The playgroup is located at Kidlerstraße 15 of the Himmelfahrtskirche in Sendling. Walk through the black gates into the car park, passing the Himmelfahrtskirche church steeple on your right. The playroom is located in the building with the green door; there is a ramp for strollers.   On nice days, we will be outside in the garden. There is a sandpit, playhouse and various outdoor toys available for the children.   We are asked to give a small contribution to the church. One euro per family per visit should cover this cost. Please send me a pm if you need more information. It's always great to see familiar faces and meet new ones! See you there!
  5. Delaying anmeldung for a couple of months

        You could also consider initially registering this as a "Zweitwohnsitz" initially.  I don't know if this really offers you an advantage, or just adds more admin work.  But it might be another option for you.    
  6. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Because of the government's 2 child limit, William and Kate won't get any state support for their third child.
  7. 1. ex-essex (Paul) 2 Julian Stacey 3 LisaJK 4+5 Shishimaru +1 6  
  8. Freelancer vs. self-employed

    Hi everyone,   I am an EU citizen, have lived in the UK for many years where I'm registered as self-employed, and I am now about to move to Germany.  I work mainly as a translator and photojournalist, with occasional interpreting and video-making assignments.   From reading this thread I assume I fit into the "freiberuflich" category, is that correct?  Is it possible to register businesses different in nature under one self-employment, or do I have to register each one separately (or at least, translation/interpreting on one side and photo/video on the other)?   Also, work has been very slow lately and I am also considering looking for a job as an employee. Is it possible to still keep the self-employment in such a situation?  And if so, is that convenient?  In the UK I did not have to pay any taxes (or very little) when the money was low, but I assume this is not the case in Germany.  I am still researching information but if anyone has had a similar issue could you tell me about it?   Thanks!
  9.   well you do make a good point there, but where I am is a dead end crap hole too, and I mean it. I know a lot of you folks went from the UK or US and all that, but well...   whats the deal with german bureaucracy? I mean what are they going to do? say I cant work? or I cant apply to stay until  that and this. cant be worse then swedish bureaucracy.   I think I will still do it, I still remember when I was 18 and had less than a hundred bucks on my pocket, people told me I couldn't do this and that, those same people are way beneath the social and monetary ladder now, didn't get where I got listening to people all the time, but I like to know others experiences and where I can do better, but in the end I I always do it.   I think I will love it, I will give it 4 - 5 years. cmon fella, tell me more.
  10. Question about telephony expressions and phrases

    1) Unbekannter Teilnehmer (Unknown subscriber)
  11. Stone Brewing in Alt Mariendorf, Berlin

    Did a little grocery shopping at my local Edeka yesterday and they had a fairly large display of Stone products tucked up against the cash registers - Arrogant Bastard Ale and a couple other varieties at €2.49 per can (plus deposit, natch).   Either the shelf-stockers were very conscientious or they've wildly misjudged their market, because there wasn't a single can missing from the entire display.
  12. Tax refund working less than 6 months/year

    Hi, I have a similar question to the previous one. And I am getting contradictory answers from various tax advisers. @PandaMunich seams very knowledgeable on the topic! So, I would really appreciate if you could tell me your opinion. Both me and my wife and my child have worked in Germany till the end December 2017. Starting from January 2018. I got a job in Dubai and my wife and my son have stayed in Germany where my wife still works. My German employer agreed to pay me my full annual salary for 2018. if I work for them in Germany for 3 months and they keep paying me my monthly salary as it used to be. So, now, In addition I will have The salary in UAE in Emirates over the whole year, but there I have to be and work for 9 months.   So, my question now is: a. Are you @PandaMunich working as a tax adviser  ? b. Given that I effectively live for 9 months out of Germany, is my UEA income taxable in Germany?  c. Given that I effectively live for 9 months out of Geramany is my Geraman income taxable in Germany? d. Should I keep submitting my tax returns together with my wife or should we do something different this year?   So the confusion that other tax advisers are having is that it basically depends on if I have a home in Germany. And that is a tricky question apparently for them. I am EU but not German citizen. I do not own any real estate in Germany. I do rent a flat, but I could sublet that apartment if that  will lead me to pay much lower tax. I really do live for 9 months in UAE. Thank you!  
  13. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

      Don't come, it's crap.   From the replies you are getting on this thread, does it look like we are all loving this place?
  14. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

      Then come here for holidays, learn that your airy-fairy-I-wanna-have-fun-and-a-career-mate-attidtude will lead you nowhere once you have to deal with german bureaucracy.
  15. Yeah, that thing you use to call people - it's really telephony.
  16. Three-word story

    for P.P.I. solicitors
  17. Untermietvertrag Feinheiten

    Thanks someone'sdaughter.  Yeah they would be retaining the room... so they can technically live there, but they will only be there in memory.  If they don't retain a room then the multinational that owns the place will triple the rent (as it has in other parts of the building and next door).     I'll check up on the business, as well.  Thanks so much for the link.  I was really just interested in getting 'business' internet to the flat somehow, but I might be stuck with the slow lane.      
  18.   Should be in the favourite comebacks thread 
  19. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

      Why?   BTW, have you even bothered to determine whether you are even eligible to study in Germany?  
  20. just a quick look but I would say: 7) Diese Option ist nicht gültig (I'm sorry, That option is not available. Please try again (for when you press the wrong button))
  21. Delaying anmeldung for a couple of months

      @Malt-Teaser No no, not illegal sub-letting but AirBnb, i spoke to the owner and he said, for anmeldung I have to make a contract with him and that too long term.
  22. Long Term Stay in Germany - Feedback

      Lots of airy-fairy so far, sorry. Have you ever been to Germany?   
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