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  2. AfD on the rise

    With votes in almost all communities in Saxony counted, the AfD gets the most Zweitstimmen (i.e. the votes which determine the number of seats for the party in the Bundestag): AfD 29.4 %, CDU 28.3 %, see ZDF, Heute Liveblog. Ouch!
  3. We play our next game Wednesday, September 27th at 6:00pm.   We will be at location 1 near Chinese tower. As always, please bring a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 1:   See you on the field!
  4. Hola,   my name is Carolina and I come from Spain. As a native speaker, I offer Spanish lessons (all levels) for children, students and adults.   I love my language and I like to transmit this feeling to my students   1 Person = 40€ / 90 min. 2 People = 32€ / 90min. per Person   Trial lesson: 30€ / 90 min.   If you are interested write me an email, I'll be very happy to get in contact with you.    Hasta pronto!    
  5. Female basketball in Berlin

    Hi Adam, I played competitive basketball for about 5 years when I was younger... is there space still available on the team? And is the league recreational or more amateur-professional? Thanks! -Hinna
  6. I don't understand the OP's rental contract, why does he have to stay two more years? Is this a lease for a certain time (befristeter Mietvertrag)? That would be good to know.
  7. Freelance invoices from USA to Germany

      I suggest you change your profile that says "Location: Berlin" unless that's one of the numerous US Berlins ...  
  8. AfD on the rise

    As the conditions are, they will. Unless the string puller decides otherwise. The forces for a changing of the M.O. just are not there. The election has shown it. The German electorate has not woken up to what is coming at them.
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  10. Slightly belated request to mods

    D'oh! I'm afraid if I get back in the green I'll actually have to be a good person again.
  11. Freelance invoices from USA to Germany

    OK I'm seeing that ability to apply online for the EIN using your social in place of a company tax ID but the system is down. Thanks for the help !! (And link)
  12. Slightly belated request to mods

    Sorry about that. You'll have to make it 4 negs now.
  13. Freelance invoices from USA to Germany

    I'm an American living in America paying taxes in America freelancing for a German company. I will look again but I am not seeing where I am able to apply for an EIN if I don't have any employees. All freelancers  inside the US have to fill out a 1099 form which says to   use your social security number where the EIN is listex. Regarding tax number vs Social Security number, that *is* your tax id number. If you said give me your tax ID number to an American they would have no idea what you are talking about.  Unless you're an LLC or Inc. then you have an employer identification number (EIN). I work with freelancers/ independent contractors all the time within the US. The provide their social only once on the 1099. It is highly confidential, and it is the company's obligation to protect that number so that your identity is not stolen. This is why I don't want to provide it on a recurring basis on invoices. Are you sure you weren't just told to use the social in place of the EIN in the 1099 or did you actually actually apply for one from the IRS? I'll dig deeper but last time I looked I couldn't find that option if you weren't employing  people.
  14. Definitions game

    bihinde -- a word made up by Techsmex that is not in any dictionary I can find.   confabulation    
  15. Slightly belated request to mods

    Hi, can some mod give me three or so negs to get me down to -666 and then freeze my reputation permanently there?  Maybe put in some flavortext like "Infernal spawn of Baphomet" or something like that?  Thanks.
  16. @deepaknrp   Hey Deepak, you got lucky this time. In my case I tried that I did same..i took appointment under registration but in my case they put a note in system that marrieage verification is not done. So even I tried doing same thing but was not successful. But the second time lady told you might get lucky if you try number of time with differnt person but if you not done this you might be asked when you change the city or at some other place so instead do this process.    One of my friend who recently moved to my city he was asked to submit either verification receipt or asked to show marriage certificate with stamp on it.    Anyways since now you being lucky so don't worry, and I hope no one ask you for this verification.   I have started my verification inspite all the efforts they have taken original certificates for verification.    Regards  parag
  17. You won't get the battery in the regular mail system. They will simply return it to you before it even enters the system. Your only recourse is to hit up one of the major carriers and do an entire declaration thing. In the end, given the price of lithium ion batteries and the costs of hazmat shipping, you'll be better off having the package shipped to you without the battery and buying a new one.
  18. Definitions game

  19. Why are you unhappy today?

      Not sure it is a kind thing to do, but it certainly is a necessary thing to do to end the suffering of an animal.  If possible done in the quickest or most painless way possible.
  20. Time Off for Bureaucratic Necessities

    Will my spa day be paid???
  21. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Our conversation is about young European citizens who were already out of the country studying when the decision that they would no longer be European citizens at a future point was made. They have a problem because even if they have been living here for their whole lives, they cannot automatically join the current rush for dual-citizenship, because they are not necessarily resident in Germany right now.   merryali worries that because they had already been gone a year that is somehow worse, I am saying I think from the point of view of intent and expectation, which are important in the discussion of domicile, they might not be disadvantaged. If they, in the full knowledge of Brexit and its implications, had left knowing that their right to dual citizenship was endangered, then that is a shade of 'not really that bothered about the whole German thing anyway' which doesn't help to make their applications look as though they really mean it and are committed.   The whole issue is much less definite than one might think. In their slightly dodgy position as possibly currently non-resident there is nuance in every statement and letter. The whole situation is decidedly non German, I think - way greyer than I would have expected. In a way that is good, it allows for individual circumstances to be taken into consideration, in another way you can feel as though you are at the whim of the Beamter you meet on the day. This is probably true of many situations, but it is a common and current experience on this issue. We discuss it often, whenever a group of us meet - a hint about 'good wording' to use, reminder that you are wanting to be German, not just European etc.   Up here where the British Army was widespread, many have issues because they were not Meldepflicht and so have no official record of residency. Others were born in interesting places and have documents which do not match the norm. There are more uncertainties than I would have thought.   Of course, for people who have 8 years proven residency, B1, Burgertest, all their paperwork lined up, translated and sorted, then the thing is much more black and white.  Whether that answers your question, I don't know.    
  22. AfD on the rise

    Over-Under: 2 AFD party splits during the next term
  23. Three-word story

    and nothing but
  24. Three-word story

    the whole snoot
  25. Three-word story

    a crafty newt
  26. AfD on the rise

    You really think that a Germany that has lived through two authoritarian regimes would sign up for that?  LOL.  Seriously delusional.  Go back to watching your movies.  
  27. Defects found after property purchase

    Write to the previous tennant and ask them to list the primary issues that they had with the property and copys of any emails that were sent to the landlord... ( Owner)   Then carefully read the sales contract....       
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