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  2. Hi! I've been trying (to no avail!) to find a class in Heidelberg where I can learn to use a pottery wheel. They don't offer it at the Volkhochschule and my internet searches have been fruitless. Was wondering if someone who has lived in the area longer than me has any leads! A bit outside of Heidelberg is okay too, ie Mannheim etc etc. Frankfurt feels like a step far though. I don't own a car, so am reliant on public transportation.
  3. things that get too expensive

    I've also noticed the price for vegetables has gone up quite a bit in the last six months! Official inflation in Germany currently is 2.2%, btw. Totally low balled if you ask me.
  4. Convenient Censorship

      and this appears to be factually wrong. I would agree that there is probably less than many people think and that much of it is self censorship by private cmpanies rather than anything governmentally enforced.  But we know that it does actually happen to some extent.  See here for some other examples:    
  5.   I have to hope you are not in earnest.   Let's invert everything. How would you like it if your wife decided to "sell" your son at age 14 for 4,300€ to a 70 year old woman, or for that matter to a 70 year old man (we don't want to discriminate), like the girl in the Guardian article that I cited before was sold to a 70 year old?  To be forced to have sex with his wife/husband every night? No longer be allowed to go to school? Are you starting to feel a little compassion now?   You want my opinion?  This is it:
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Now you've offended the mudbloods. 
  7. Yes there is, you are right on that. Basically if the adult takes advantage of the innocence of the teenager, it could still be illegal, even if he/she consents.
  8. Integrationskurse eligibility

    You can very well attend the course, but it'll be paid by you. The cost varies. I think mine costed 560€ at the end. It might be different elsewhere.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Congrats too. I've read really good german skills can reduce your residence requirements from 8 down to 6 years. Surely it can't be as simple as get a sehr gut at B1 and they waive your 8 years down to 6. Has anyone been successful in having years residency reduced this way? It sounds too good to be true.
  10.   Are you sure about gays? Wasn't it amended in 2007?    In Portugal, too, there must be "interpretation" clause about exploitation that prevents harm to children if there is complaint. It's kind of impossible to not have it in the EU. 
  11.   Of course it's a matter of great concern and it is constantly being discussed by the German media. The fact remains that Germany doesn't want a repeat of what happened in 2015, despite Germany presumably being the target destination of all those refugees, most of whom are illegal migrants in reality. I think Merkel has learned her lesson, even if she isn't admitting it. Greece and Italy need some kind of assistance, which the EU has to sort out, but most EU countries are not willing to take any more in. This is why there are those Marshal Plan suggestions amongst others.    But this is off topic anyway. 
  12. Today
  13. Hello,   I have been living & working in Hamburg since the beginning of this year as a Blue Card Holder. I want to start learning German language but i read that Blue Card holders are not eligible to attend and integrationskurse. Does that mean blue card holders can attend the integrationskurse but can not benefit from the subsidies, or is it impossible to attend an integrationkurse?   If it is possible, what is the actual cost in this case?   Thank you for your replies.
  14.   A 14 year old is not a child anymore. Physiologically of course, but in most cases psychologically too. You draw the line somewhere, and that line is debatable, of course, but as much as I would like to bash Muslims, I would prefer to do it for the right reasons. Same as the discussion regarding polygamy. I have nothing against it.   Also that's why I never wanted a daughter. They are easier to raise, but when they become teenagers, it's a nightmare.    
  15. No. Although there is a distinction for men. Gay sex is only allowed for men at 16.
  16. Not always, that's why any such delicate cases should be considered on a case by case basis. I am writing this as a child of a college teacher and his student (even when they started dating after mom's graduation)
  17. Supermarket throwing out unsold bread

      Who knows but every grocery store has many shelves full of it. They don't give up shelves to things that don't sell.
  18. Ein Kautionssparbuch mit einer Einlage von 5000,00

    ja, das i can accept and will of course do. (the painting)   And i will look at the link, after i grab something to eat...   actually, i think the landlord does not try to cheat me, even it is sound fishy. But he is afraid as i am a foreigner and without work, just a PHd student.  But i from the other side cannot give 5000 euro  in Kautionssparbuch. it like giving cash to a stranger. 
  19. Ein Kautionssparbuch mit einer Einlage von 5000,00

    Having to paint a rental flat when you leave it after a few years is a fact of life in Germany. As is having to buy and install a kitchen and ceiling lamps:
  20. Ein Kautionssparbuch mit einer Einlage von 5000,00

    THANKS PANDA,   you are so helpful. Saved my night.   Well, i will say like that -  I should not provide, whatsoever, 5000 Euro in Kautionssparbuch. This is think clear to me (at least that...)   i will tell them i am cannot provide the Kautionssparbuch mit einer Einlage von 5000,00. (to remind the contract talks about Bankbürgschaft for 5000 Euro, which the bank refused to give) and let see what they say.   if they will cancel this request, then i will need to  go with the contract as i have signed it, with 900 euro deposit as normal, even i am not relax now because of the Schönheitsreparaturen        What do you see, dear Panda in Munich?
  21.   Hi @Valkur, I think this should be possible, althought it might take you some time and effort to do so.   Probably the first question you will be asked before even being invited to an interview is if you speak German (and once they find out you're still learning they'll be really [and honestly] surprised you don't speak fluently yet ;-). Anyway, don't get discouraged just keep looking - I think there are many companies for which that is still OK, you just need to find them (actually, you just need to find one... ;-).   There are many job offers online, you can set up your profile on, you can go to meetups for IT people, there are sometimes recruiters there.   Of course, you might need to lower your salary expectations a bit, but I think it might just let you put your foot in the door, and once you learn good German, you'll have more possibilities.   all the best, Slawek
  22. Wedding photography

    I'm a wedding photographer.  Everyone can take a picture but not everyone can catch emotions.    check out my website and don't doubt to contact me.
  23. Ein Kautionssparbuch mit einer Einlage von 5000,00

    Do not send them a letter, take the contract and go to the Mieterverein in person.   Yes, that paragraph is normal - the words "im Allgmeinen" (= in general) i.e. that the painting intervals are not rigid, make it legal.
  24. Ein Kautionssparbuch mit einer Einlage von 5000,00

    Thanks Panda!!   I have just sent a letter to Mieterverein Leipzig. I also found out a paragraph saying the below. Is it normal demand? i have asked them and they say yes, it just a normal. But i start to feel that all is so tricky.   Der Mieter hat während der Mietzeit Schönheitsreparaturen ohne besondere Aufforderung durch den Vermieter im Allgemeinen nach Maßgabe des folgenden Fristenplanes auszuführen: In Küchen, Bädern und Duschen:                                                                        alle 5 Jahre In Wohn- und Schlafräumen, Fluren, Dielen und Toiletten:                                  alle 8 Jahre In anderen Nebenräumen:                                                                                   alle 10 Jahre      The problem that they have my signature on that, but they did not return it signed yet. I totally fucked up here.  
  25. Change residence

    Hi Rainydays,   thanks so much. Also this great tip on Deutsche Post.
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