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  2. What Macron said was clumsy, but he was referring to reproductive choice.   Women and girls in countries where they do not have access to contraception or education.   Look at the whole of his speech.
  3.   First tip would be not to go running along the banks of the Isar in winter, if you don't want to take the risk! Secondly, though, it is a legal requirement that pavements are kept clear of snow and ice, even in the worst of winters, so you should be able to run more or less the whole winter through!   As for the kindergarten - why not apply now? Even if you apply now, and get a place, it is much, much easier to turn around and say that you don't need it, than it is to scurry around at the start of the school year, searching for any old place to leave your child!   Oh, and try not to spend too much time worrying about things. Basically, your budget is fine, but you will find that you have to shuffle some of the money from one category to the next. After a couple of months, you will have some sort of pattern to both your income and outgoings, and be able to adjust the categories realistically.  
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  5. Other than an individual's personal preference , Is there any need for more human beings in this world , are there enough resources?. 
  6. Yes I know it ..I am hoping when she begins visa process from back home it will take only 2 months time ?
  7. john g, thank you for bringing up the life insurance point. We both have life insurance, but under US policies not related to any employer. I would have to see if they would still be good if we moved - I don't see why not, but def something to look into.   and ZA1234, thanks for the kindergarten link. I assumed kindergarten would be free for public school, but I guess not, so that's very good to know. I did think it was strange that you can apparently choose the number of hours your child goes per day? I guess I think that's strange because the older kids in german public school seem to get out much earlier, around lunch time, I think I read. I assumed the hours would be the same, so that's good to know as well.
  8. Oh, and RedMidge - I do think the 6 month probation period would apply, so not sure what we would do there. His employer will pay for us to relocate (all fly over anyway)... I'm unclear whether they would still pay for this if we waited to come over until after the 6 months? Or maybe they will only pay after the 6 months? He will have to look into this. I would be very sad without him for six months, but we could make it work if that's what we needed to do.   And no, no dogs I do have two cats, but they are old, and I'm not sure how they will handle the trip over, so I might let my mom and dad spoil them for me for a while... should they be willing.
  9. First off, a HUGE thank you for everyone who took the time to actually read my whole, verbose post and to comment. Panda, extra special thanks for pointing me to those other links. I am still in the process of reading them all.   As far as entertainment goes... my husband and I have had one night out in the past five years, when my MIL came to visit. It was lovely, but also stressful to leave the kiddos; my kids never took bottles, and breastfeeding is not something you can outsource But, you are right, when they are all older, and less of a handful to ask someone to watch, it would be nice to get away.  Mostly for "entertainment" we go on walks to local parks / trails and hang out at playgrounds. Little kids don't need much in that respect (IMO). When they get older, yes, this will become more of an issue, as they will want to be in sports, etc. Hopefully husband will get a raise at some point to help cover this   Also, clothing is a good point too. Currently, I have a good deal going with another mom, where I give her clothes my boys have outgrown and she gives me girl stuff. It works great and the money I spend on clothes is very little because when I do get something, it's from consignment stores. But that arrangement will expire once we move. So yes, I need to add something for clothing monthly. I've heard there are regular consignment / markets for previously loved children's clothes in Munich.. so I was hoping to jump on that bandwagon. And that Lidl is the place to go for winter gear.   As for the gym, that's mostly for my husband. I won't be able to go to the gym unless there is childcare there, and even if so, I doubt my girls would be welcome as they tend to scream when I leave the room. I do have a double stroller (props to whomever mentioned that!) and it's fabulous! I take it everywhere and I do go running with it. However, winters here are much milder -- it maybe snows once or twice a year, and it's usually in the 40-50s during the day, even in winter. Is it possible to go running in Munich in the dead of winter and not slip and fall on ice and have my stroller careen wildly into the Isar river? I would love to keep running year round outside, so if that's possible, I would love to hear about it!   As far as the healthcare thing goes... I don't think there is the option of public insurance. My husband will be traveling a lot internationally with his company, so their website says they provide "private international coverage" presumably to cover him in case he needs it while overseas. The good news is that it says the cost to the employee is the same regardless of number of dependents. So there is a cost, but hopefully it is manageable. Which is why I assume they would also give him a cell phone; because he will be gone for sometimes a couple weeks at a time, and be working with his phone and laptop, and they will want to reach him. I could be wrong about that though.   Mike Megla, are you serious about the cost of auto insurance?? Even with a good driving record? I don't know what kind of car we would get, but we won't be driving a Tesla (sniff sniff).   As far as schooling, I am liking the waldkindergarten idea. My son could work out his weak social skills and learn German while reading English to me and doing some maths at home so as not to fall behind. But I think it said the max was 20. So it will prob be full up before I could apply. We shall see. I will keep looking. I found a link from Panda to private schools in Bayern, which I have yet to look at - it seemed like it was just older schools, but I didn't get a chance to look in detail at it.   It was encouraging to hear that some German kiddos don't start first grade until 7, because that's what my son would be turning next year in the fall. So maybe he could do a year of the waldkindegrten and then start first grade. And FrauFruit, here where we are the class sizes are usually 19-28 max in public elementary school; I'm sure that can vary widely depending on locality though. And I don't mind my son being in a religious school, as long as we aren't expected to pay church tax as a result of it!   I was surprised to read on someone's post that kindergarten is mandatory after 3 yo? My son who is 3 is not yet fully potty trained yet -- he makes it through his preschool class now, but that's because it is only 3 hours long. He loves to wear the underwear, but sitting on the potty is just plain tiresome when you could be playing. So he is pretty good at staying dry, but poop-free is another issue. Do they expect children to be completely potty trained? I'm not worried - it will happen on its own time I think, just curious what the expectation is.   Someone asked this question, and Yes, I will be staying at home with the kiddos. In my former life, before kids, I was an NP in women's health. But the healthcare workforce would be difficult to enter without adequate German language skills, and I have no idea if whatever visa I would be getting would allow me to work. My husband's employer does offer language classes (intro only though) for free as part of the relocation package for international members, which we will definitely take advantage of.   ZA1234 asked about toiletries and cleaning supplies in the $800 euros for groceries. I was thinking this would cover things. But maybe I should add more if that seems a bit low for a family of six to eat off of.   As for the Chrysler, I have no idea whether it would be worth it to bring it over. Probably not, but that's why I wanted to see if there would even be anyone to service it. Because if not, then it definitely wouldn't be worth it.   I am open to other suggestions for places to live other than Garching and Ismaning, but even when I broadened my search to 12 km from Garching as the center, there just doesn't seem to be much with 3-4 bedrooms (schlaf-zimmers). I will specifically look at kiefergarten, as someone mentioned something about it. Usually closer to city centre means more expensive though, so another reason I was thinking Garching or Ismaning. I would be further out than that too without issue, but then I think we would need two cars, and I'm not really sure that would be saving us a ton of money when calculating that into the equation.   Again, thank you all so much for your feedback, posts and links. I feel much less in the dark than I did when I started this post    
  10. What made you laugh today?

    keep your eye on the sparrow...    
  11. Random pointless comments

    Willie Nelson sez, "Ted Cruz can suck my dick!"  Vote for Beto O'Rourke!   Ted is a slimy spineless opportunist politician, who sucks up to Trump, even after Trump offended his father, wife and children.. quite pathetic     
  12. Worst jokes ever

    I miss my dog.  He used to love chocolate so much..
  13. Things to ponder

    I wonder what songs remind other people of me..
  14. Random pointless comments

    I thought I could change you, but now I know I need to replace you
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  16. Completely bizarre and irrelevant interventions by posters who don't even appear to live in Berlin. Weird.   FWIW I've been to the Quatsch a few times in the past year and despite my initial scepticism was well entertained. Worth a punt.
  17. Lufthansa's Miles & More program

    I only do it for the LH lounge access (no access to staralliance Partner lounges is correct) which covers my needs for most airports in D-A-CH and CDG. Priority isn’t an issue as I try to be the last person on the plane and priority security is usually useless. Oh and I get a second piece of cabin baggage free which I don’t even usually use but sometimes it’s handy.    Just looked and maybe I’ll switch to united miles in January and maybe with a mileage run or two get gold there  for the next two years.   
  18. Verifying the ownership of an apartment

    A sad open ending. 
  19. What made you laugh today?

    For sale.   Camouflage suit as worn by the SAS.    Slight damage to collar as seen in photo.  
  20. Baby/ kids bed matress is offered by 10 EUR.  "JULIUS ZÖLLNER Matratze Dr. Lübbe Air premium", 60 x 120 cm. -Original price is 100EUR. -Used about 1 year. -No stains. Used with waterptoof cover.   Pick-up near Bonner Platz (U3)
  21. 1. crusoe 6,7,8,9,14,15,19,20,21,22 2. Gen 15,19,20,22   And thanks for the Bell article, mon vieux fruit.
  22. I am new to Munich as well and would like to join 30/F
  23. What are you watching right now?

      I watched all of Series 1 on catch-up - you can download them all using the MediathekView app, all very straightforward.   Really like the series theme Zu Asche, Zu Staub which has become a real hit.        
  24. Jamal Khashogghi

    He probably doesnt understand it either... I bet he copy and pasted from Twitter..
  25. Kitchen cupboards for free

    Hi there,  I have some white kitchen cupboards to give away. All you have to do is to pick them up, on Saturday Oct 27 in Großhadern.   Unfortunately, I have only one picture of the cupboards, already dissambled but I'm happy to send it to you. Just let me know if interested.  Cheers,  Anita
  26. Hi there,  I have some furniture for sale, cheap - but you have to pick it up yourself. Preferably on Saturday, 27.10.18, Großhadern.  IKEA desk with shelves - 50 €, chair for free.  2 chairs, 5 € each + 2 older ones for free (10 € in total).   Failed in uploading the pictures - I can send them to you.  Cheers,  Anita
  27. Brexit: The fallout

    C4 News reports that Bupa will move EU operations to Dublin as contracts will not be able to be written post Brexit.
  28. Brexit: The fallout

    Wait a sec, wasn't it all going to be plain sailing and easy peazy.. 
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