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  2. Coronavirus

    An Internal White House Memo Warned of Large-Scale Coronavirus Deaths Months Ago     Trump has blood on his hands. This dumbass was laser-focused on golfing a rallies when he should have been doing his goddamn job. There is zero denying it.
  3. Coronavirus

    Trump says he's going to pull funding from the WHO because they didn't give enough warning about COVID-19. That empty threat lasted for an entire 16 minutes. That mook. What laughingstocks he and his supporters are.    
  4. Buying property in Germany

      No, I think that the prices reflect the market conditions and I realize how scarce good properties in Munich are and how much money, local and international, there is in this city. I last bought in 2017: a property which I’m very happy about. However, it took two years of business cases and creating databases, and easily more than thirty physical visits to get there. I don’t feel the itch to put the work into it at the moment and don’t need to. If there’s a downturn and it becomes easier to get the good stuff I’ll be obviously tempted.  
  5. Meaning unclear to me - is it my fault?

    Wording is not  ambiguous but could be restated as follows if it is clearer:   The Sabine case held that gas gathering contracts are rejectable in Chapter 11 because they do not create easements that "run with the land".   Background on 'Sabine' and on the Alta Mesa and Badlands stuff that Alex references which will probably help with the rest of your translation.      
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  7. Meaning unclear to me - is it my fault?

    The contracts are void during a bankruptcy because no permanent easement exists. I would have to know what part in a bankruptcy proceeding this property takes. If you have a lawyer, they could check if the Alta Mesa or Badlands exceptions apply.   ETC: rejectable to void
  8. Coronavirus

      Bill Gates' record is mixed.   Anyone who doubts that he is absolutely ruthless should look at his record from the eighties and nineties.   His foundation has done some good things, but to many, he is the face of a modern day eugenics comparable to movements in the 1920s in the US and the UK.      His support for tech which would lead to a universal digital ID is quite public even if your vocal and very loyal fanclub here on TT reflexively rejects everything you write.    
  9. Coronavirus

      The early 1920s presented some of the most challenging conditions in several countries.    I would guess that in much of Europe the conditions were a product of WWI rather than the pandemic.    In the US, there was a post war depression resulting in a lot of unemployed workers and ruined farmers.   It doesn't get the attention it deserves as it is overshadowed by the depression of the 1930s.     Germany's hyperinflation until early 1924 and the accompanying misery is legendary.  Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Poland also experienced hyperinflation around this time.    The financial mechanisms from an external power which enabled the Roaring Twenties in Germany are discussed on other boards.    Suffice it to say, the dark times of 1922-23 had a profound and enduring effect.   That memory had an enormous impact in the early 1930s.    Without going into too much detail, looking at the 1920s playbook to see what is coming is no longer simply a thought experiment.   Government intervention,  supply chain damage and/or reconfiguration and mass unemployment will probably provide some unpleasant surprises.   That is a dark path, but one that cannot be dismissed.    
  10. What does the following mean:   "The Sabine case outcome (issued in 2016 by a New York bankruptcy court) held that gas gathering contracts did not create easements that "run with the land" and are therefore rejectable in Chapter 11."   Does it mean that because the contracts are rejectable beacuse they didn´t create easements? Or does it mean the contracts didn´t create easements and therefore aren´t rejectable?   Is the wording of this sentence as ambiguous as I think it is or am I merely "standing on the hose" ?
  11. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    Knives Out with Daniel Craig Tatortreiniger(last season) Father Ted Curb your Enthousiasm(new season) Too many cooking shows to list but I’ve been into baking recently so Great British Baking show.
  12. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Going for walks along the Bay Trail in the morning with no one around and having the dog off leash to run about.
  13. RIP John Prine. What a great loss  
  14. Yesterday
  15. Buying property in Germany

    Righty-o, so you think the prices are too high and are due to drop.  Kinda what I have been saying, no?
  16. Buying property in Germany

    Will sleep now. Will probably be on pre-mod in the morning.
  17. Buying property in Germany

    She is a troll... I told her to fuck off when she PMed me... she went crying to uncle john...
  18. Buying property in Germany

    She is still greening me. Can someone make this stop.
  19. Buying property in Germany

    A bit weird. She just sent me a pm then greens me. No idea what I should do with this information  
  20. Buying property in Germany

    Fair dinkums....   Looks like Bethannbitt is your new Bitch!!   She just love greening you...    Bet John is jealous!
  21. Buying property in Germany

    One beer after 9.Then off to bed. It is a bit late though. 
  22. Buying property in Germany

    Yes...  But you are clearly on more than just one craft bier... You are answering "Brad in Bayern" style!
  23. Buying property in Germany

    Bethannbit stop pm me. We have nothing in common.
  24. Buying property in Germany

    Have u tasted whiskey?
  25. Buying property in Germany

    ok... but how much whiskey?
  26. Buying property in Germany

    Just one beer. Mostly craft beer.
  27. Coronavirus

     5 yrs ago...
  28. Coronavirus

      Where exactly was this seen if not on CNN? Source, please while I sit here laughing and shaking my head.   disclaimer - I know Ted
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