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  2. Life without alcohol

      What he is saying is that I was actually supporting you and your questions concerning the addiction.    In response you told me about your dress.     
  3. Life without alcohol

    I don't believe you are a natural English speaker but I don't know where you are from. Different things mean different things in different cultures. A.N.Other's comment is interpreted by me differently to you.
  4. Novartis has a trial going that involves genotyping the cancer in the bloodstream and then genetically modifying the sample to make it attack itself  (or something similar) and reinjecting it into the patient to cure the cancer. It will be a hefty price, but it exists...without the help of Trump.
  5. Life without alcohol

        u lost all above your neck. 
  6. Obviously I'm not a medical man and this could have it's own thread, but I don't think there is a cure.  Maybe prevention though. I think it's probaly the lifestyle that we lead these days that has caused the illness to multiply. In my opinion food probably has a big part to play, we are consuming lots of chemicals and additives that we weren't decades ago. But even if the cause was found, I'm sure the drug companies would put a spin on it to keep their sales going.  
  7. Do you believe in telepathy

    What would today's Scully say? Keeping an open mind, and considering in 2019 we now have direct visual evidence of a black hole that scientists laughed out of hand a decade or so ago. And given the single particle double slit experiment, I don't think I could rule out something similar to what telepathy might be. I believe in connectedness. Of energy, of matter, of particles, whatever you want to call it.    What I don't believe, is humans can master, initiate or control of their own volition whatever equates to telepathy and the transfer of that energy through to another person. I'd like to think of it like a constant stream of telepathic energy - like a Paternoster. You can't control it - it runs continually - but if you time it just right you can hop on it and see where it takes you. If you're lucky you hop off on the right floor, and with the right person, but it's very chaotic, random and spontaneous.   Or maybe that was my inner Mulder talking. Hmmm. I don't know... ;-)
  8. Probably not as big a cash cow as being the firm that patents the cure for cancer though
  9. Life without alcohol

    Lost in Translation?
  10. Archaeology jobs in/near Munich and Bavaria

    Hi there,   I am currently looking for archaeology vacancies within and somewhat out the Munich area. I have 3 years of commercial experience in England and Ireland. I have this experience in both excavating and 18 months working with Auto-CAD and survey softwares. I currently don't speak very much German at all, but i am eager to learn once i have secured a job in Munich and moved over. So i have contacted various archaeological firms. But has anyone got any tips, museums which may take on English speakers or anyone know any jobs circulating.   Thanks,   Emily
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    So you threw a stick and said "Catchet?"
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  13. Complete FAIL

  14.   A friend of mine from high school used to work on cancer research for the American Association for Cancer Research. They made huge strides back in the early 2000s that she would tell me about, especially concerning the use of photosensitizers to treat cancer.    Sadly she died in 2005, so I don’t have any current insider info, but while the pharmaceutical industry may indeed care more about the bottom line, there are other organizations carrying on with this work.     
  15. Selling our reddish colour side table and IKEA lamp (with working bulb) as moving overseas. Cost - 10 euros each
  16. CD shelf from IKEA

    CD rack from IKEA in black for free.
  18. Where can you buy whale semen?  Obviously it's from a Sperm Whale. But collecting it in that glass jar tho ... ...
  19. Twat of the day

    Tips on how to pay off a $220,000 student loan.     ‘I just want them to feel empowered that they can pay it off. If I can do it, anybody can.’   Some sound advice there from the priviliged.
  20. Tip of the day

  21. Life without alcohol

      oh, ja? i can show you what is real so much. i got new dress, short and cute.
  22. I've just posted a silly photo

      That would be a cataxtrophy. 
  23. Again thank you for the meaningful response. I agree with your first statement. I am going to process my tax returns for 2018 ASAP and then send the Bescheid to the Elterngeld people
  24. Do you believe in telepathy

      Is it? Is it mine?   Nope, I don't invite hostile people into private spaces.   Just so we're clear, what you are saying is that you complain about hoop's threads but not about SL's because you like SL's. So, the threshold is not helpful info about living in Germany,  but whether or not you like the thread because everything has to be for you. GTK
  25. Do you believe in telepathy

      I enjoy the OP‘s threads very much. A refreshing new slant on life in Germany amongst other things. I also have learnt useful information about posting goods abroad in boxes not padded envelopes.   Thanks for taking the time to tag me to this thread. I doubt I would have seen this otherwise.   Perhaps if you have any more burning questions you could try a PM or perhaps even telepathy rather than clogging up the discussion with such asides?   Your welcome.
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