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  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    Meanwhile, in American and Russian politics. It's business as usual, Putin pulling the strings.
  3. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    At least they wrote on their labels what you would find in the Koran: "Lies"
  4. ApplePay!

      That is super helpful.   Things are improving, but I do find the amount of time an EC card purchase with signature not PIN number takes to drift over to my online bank overview very tiresome. These are often shops with regular household purchases.  These sums of "lost in transit" transactions can add up and I can see the value of just looking in your wallet to see how much cash you have left rather than double checking all the receipts you have collected in the interim.    Another thread could be why are receipts so long ... The elegance of an ApplePay style service is somewhat lost when you are still fighting to shove reams of paper in your wallet. 
  5. Politics Gen XYZ

      she should get a nose job and call it the italian job!
  6. Thanks for the information.   Yes, asking here for an english based explanation - often the best explanations of something for a foreigner (or easiest for the foreigner to understand) come from another foreigner as they learned the information themselves rather than growing up with it. I couldn't find information on the Internet as to the "rules" of repayment - only the rules of applying. Not sure how that is grotesque?    I did more searching on the liability of debts between spouses and it seems that not just before marraige are the debts separate but even while married new debts remain separate unless both parties sign off on something together. That is taken from here but it is Wikipedia and my German is not very good so I am relying on translations thus am open to misinterpretation.
  7. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

    This is good: The Red Cross Spende-Check. It's a quick way to find out whether you're eligible to donate blood in Germany.   I wish there'd been something like this years ago, when I went along to give blood in Cologne and was told - after filling in all the forms - that they wouldn't let me. I was in the UK between 1980 and 1996, too.
  8. Random pointless comments

    Donald Trump forces Stormy to cough up.  (Maybe he is as well hung as he says)
  9. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

      Yeap, the Salafists, which for a long time and still are on a Germany security watch list as all known terrorists in Germany have had some form of contact with a Salafist group.   This type are perhaps the most dangerous as their view is that, since Muslims are discriminated against around the world, a "true Muslim" is called to defend his faith, with violence, armed jihad's presented as a legitimate means.  
  10. It was a very good course when I did it but like I said, usually 6-8 people back then, not circa 20 or however many it seems to be now.   It might be a good idea to enquire if they open those spots to private payers.   We used to only get assigned right before the start of the month, after the obligated got assigned their place and they knew no more were coming that month.
  11. ApplePay!

      So does opening up the relevant app on a phone    Some institutions display pending transactions very quickly, so it can be pretty much real-time. 
  12.   Thanks Swimmer! Yes we were planning on doing the course on a 'voluntary basis' at a location with free spots - hopefully somewhere near where we live. I had a look at the website and most still had a free spot or two - at least that's what was on the website. It's not critical if we can't do the integration course exactly when we want - we will just have to continue learning alone and by talking to people in that case.
  13. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

    If the OP would like to have another shot, then they can always swing by, for example, Charité.    Here is their website info, to inform upfront for those who are interested (in German) 
  14. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

      Very good hint! @Free Prince: How about you volunteer with the Red Cross? Then you can do something good and learn German better at the same time. And if you consider naturalization at some point, there's another advantage: you only need six years of regular residence.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Always believed that he like many in the city are just parasites, it's all about gambling with someone elses money. Even easier now when you realise that trading is done with algorithms and so no one has to risk making a dodgy decision.                                                         
  16. BaFöG repayments and spousal liability when later married

    So your German wife can't pay her Bafög debts at the moment and that's why you as a foreigner ask other foreigners at an expat forum?    That is somehow grotesque, sorry. Your wife has to file an application for (interest-free) suspension of repayment, done. No, there are no penalties for having to pause repayments.   But, of course, spouses are also liable for each other's debts.
  17. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

      Yeah, and what's with the staring, anybody noticed that?
  18. State this on the forms, and they'll change the rules to suit your situation. It always works like this.
  19. Brexit: The fallout

    Never in a 100 years! Giving up his cushy job of advising clients to stay clear of UK investments whilst at the same time driving down sterling and FTSE prices by demanding as hard a brexit as possible from the side doesn't get easier that that!
  20. An Upcoming Situation

    Yeah it is. But this problem occurs also to other nationalities for whatever reasons.  
  21. Just a note that EU citizens are not entitled to do the integration course except in rare cases of being in complete distress and entering it via formal unemployment mechanisms etc, which would not be you.  We have free movement instead.    Someone who self-identifies as a non-EU national but has EU nationality will only  be treated as an EU citizen if that's the nationality they choose to enter on.   You'd only ever be Croatian or Italian or whatever for such process.    It's historically been possible to do it privately if there's free spaces after those obligated to do it are assigned. It costs about 300 Euro a month (100 teaching hours) for upto six months. I did it like that at an EU citizen, but that was very many years ago when nobody wanted to live here and so it was easy and groups were tiny.   Free spaces can currently be hard to find in popular places for foreigners and classes are also often very big now.   Because it's state bureaucracy, it's not really totally "choice" and, via the state route, you are obliged to attend.  From when I did it: It runs on a fixed cycle, the provider decides where we start according to level, we had a month end test to pass before continuing, and such.
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  23. Brexit: The fallout

    He won't really want to be PM,that means putting your head above the parapet to be shot at. No, he'll want to pull the strings from behind like all the spineless gits in his party
  24. Brexit: The fallout

    Interesting poll result from Lord Ashcroft on his twitter feed today:    Interesting to see the spread between who people think would be a better prime minister than Mrs May and who would be a worse one. 
  25. Tip of the day

    Save money on going to the Christmas pantomime by simply watching the BBC Parliament channel.
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