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  2. I'll be fully vaccinated by the end of June, and will be very happily join then. Soon!!
  3. basically, from what I see you can double income but jobs seem not so easy to get due to high concurrency   what do you think? 
  4. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    Did you also get an espresso in the waiting room as a Kassenpatient?
  5. Public vs. private health insurance

      Is that what you mean, John?  
  6. Public vs. private health insurance

    Thank you for all your replies. It seems to be a topical topic   Since April\May 2020 I have had zero income and consider myself Hausmann. Not seeking freelance employment nor claiming any benefits, but effectively primary carer\homemaker.(of course influenced in part by corona outbreak) Just in relation to your above comment John, as my income is below 470 a month, do I understand correctly that perhaps I should be exempt or perhaps at least entitled to a minimal premium as my wife is  Beamtin (maybe it is worth noting, I got into Public as a freelance teacher back in 2016\17 and I think they still consider me as a freelancer without a current income due to Corona rather than a Hausmann and maybe they are overlooking or failing to see her as a Beamtin and simply private. I may be clutching at straws here and having not yet read PandaMunichs post, I am sort of hoping that Beamtin´s spouses and children receive a special exemption or separate set of criteria to "normal" private insurees.
  7. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

      He needs a Durchgangsarzt.
  8. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    Thank you all, useful information 
  9. Coronavirus

      Oh well, my cynicsm was well founded then. And yes, I had a career in IT so fully expect servers to be under spec'd   World Cup when in DE, Any of the early vaccine appointment programs etc.   Maybe on a lucky streak and time for a lottery ticket ?
  10. Coronavirus

    @HH_Sailor: consider yourself lucky since the server of the RKI collapsed because of the high traffic from the pharmacies.
  11. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    I'm a Kassenpatient and have had surgeries in private clinics and seen Chefarzt in other hospitals. All covered by my insurance. 
  12. Well, Trump appointees were just the goddamned bottom of the barrel, weren't they?  Justice Dept. Official to Step Down Amid Uproar Over Leaks Inquiry     So, this very best guy knew Barr was doing something shady and thought it was not anything about which he should be concerned.
  13. Republicans being warned not to fake Trump endorsements
  14. Conspiracy theorists

    FBI warns lawmakers that QAnon 'digital soldiers' may become more violent    
  15.   Look at the increase in FY 2021 stats.       The current border crisis has its roots in the political messaging of the 2020 campaign.   Many people who accepted the insincere welcoming message from the Biden / Harris ticket risked life and limb only to find that it was all just political posturing.      Lara Lee Trump is certainly no genius and the idea that she would run for the Senate should cause some consternation regardless of political slant, but her remarks serve as a distraction for the absolute disaster of messaging and policy by Biden / Harris.   
  16. He was one of that group of steady, supportive roles.  RIP
  17. Coronavirus

    Got the vaccine at an Impfzentrum in S-H already   Today (first day of the digital vaccination program) I visited my local Apotheke with Perso and yellow vaccination book containing two stamps from the two  Covid 19 vaccinations.   Apotheke looked at my Perso and typed into his computer. 5 mins later I'm handed two "EU Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates" which are DIN A4 pages with details about me and the time/date/mfg details of vaccination written in such a way that I could fold them into 4 and they would each resemble a book.   BTW it's in English and German !! (Writing cunningly organised so that the 4 page "book" reads from left to right...)   Oh yes, the QR codes on them were accepted by my Corona Warn App and correctly note that I will only be fully vaccinated later this week.   Germany (or at least S-H) got it right on the advertised date...   (Have to admit that I'm somewhat surprised...'cos I'm a cynical bugger at heart)
  18. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Talk to her family- they need to have a discussion with Mum, the whole family, and her MD.  Explain  your feelings about  their Mother putting pressure on you,  Sounds as if she is trying not to move-  not unusual for any older persons. Fear of moving, losing independence.  But this is not your problem, this needs to be addressed by her obviously caring family. As optimista says- be firm and set limits.  You sound a caring neighbour, but you can be drawn into a difficult relationship here.
  19. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    Possibly to do with the paperwork. We don't know if the son involved is an employee and publicly insured  and, if so , whether the gesetzliche Unfallversicherung will need to know if the fees are covered. He or she might be an " expensive " doctor who doesn't " do " Kassenpatienten. If said son is an employee, he should contact his employer as well to get the ball rolling.
  20. Darn! I'm out of town.   Have a great evening!
  21. What's got you flummoxed today?

    She has family. Not your problem.
  22. I don't know, either , fraufruit, how many US citizens are killed on their side of the border by drug cartels, migrants etc. All I know is Mexico and most of the Central American countries are plagued by violence, drug cartels, human traffickers, gangs, shootings and poverty .. and that's why people are moving to the US, hoping for el Dorado and hoping to escape from all the above. And it is very sad.
  23. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

      Wow! Why would an ortho surgeon care how it happened or where? I find that shocking.
  24.   A blue state that is. The red states aren't doing so great.
  25. So after a break of 8 months we are finally back.   We have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Royal India, Westendstr 117, 80339 München. The table is booked outside.   Nearest station: Donnersbergerbrücke all S-Bahn´s OR Schwanthalerstr. U4 OR Trappentreustr. 18, 19 Tram Bus 53, 63, 153           1. ex-essex (Paul)   2. Ulrike      Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday.     3
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