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  2. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      I am happy to do just that!
  3. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    For those Brits who got ambushed by Brexit, thus no longer qualifying as EU nationals, hoping this dual nationality bill gets passed. It will feel good not having to walk past political party stands, saying sorry, doesn't apply to me. More than that, there are so many situations in Germany where you get confronted with being divided up into EU and Non-EU.  Passport control being only one example.    Just hope it doesn't get toppled by the Bundesrat where the CDU/CSU have a majority.   
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  5. Buying a rented apartment

    Really interesting topic. It is a little old, but I´ve got the main idea if you want to buy it in order to live in it must be empty and not rented. In case it is already rented better forget it...sad but true
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    It was different at school, Luke😂! 
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I hear you. Pretty weird. In England you can actually start with 7 players:
  8. BREXIT positives and negatives

      By "the real World" I mean how other countries respond to this go it alone insular policy, not the minds of some UK voters, many of whom are deluded enough to think Britain doesn't need the help of any of their neighbours or their markets. .    As far as Labour is concerned, the last I heard Starner speak he seemed very timid about even mentioning the word Brexit. Yet sooner or later, they will have to face up to the common denominator causing so many of the current probems facing the UK. 
  9. What's got you flummoxed today? Calling Lukeskywalker! Footie match in Portugal starts despite one team only having 9 players ( Covid-related )! Amazing. ( Scroll down a bit to the Benfica match!)👍
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      But what it does do for now is play to the base, and mean that the Conservatives can galvanise support by claiming that France wants to do them over.   Some of the polling of former red-wall constituencies suggests that this is one of their top issues, and if those voters are led to believe that France is aiding people to cross at the same time as the UK is paying them money to stop them, then I'd wager that a lot of those voters won't be likely to switch back to Labour. 
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    Hm... your English is excellent... though with the typical modern English native speaker apostrophe abuse in your posts. And you must be fairly young because an older person would spell apartheid... erm.. as apartheid. I've never seen your " variant " ( Covid joke😂) of the word! Ok, own up! Wo kommst Du her? Germany or Nottingham?😂
  12. BREXIT positives and negatives

      I was wondering about this breaking the law part - in principle are they doing anything illegal under French law? It seemed more like it was a case of Britain trying to effectively have it's border on the French coastline.   Totally accept that stuffing lots of people in to a rickety boat is dangerous let alone making the crossing like that, so you can argue there is a duty of care aspect to stopping a boat in that state from launching, but doing something dangerous doesn't automatically mean that you are breaking the law of the land.    Also, on a side note, @murphaph would often say in the original Brexit thread "follow the money" - the French authorities claim to have done that and have publicly said that they believe that a lot can be done within the UK regarding the trafficking gangs because of where they see the money going. I've not heard any UK politician comment on this at all, it seems that the Government are more interested in looking like they want to intercept the boats on the beaches and frame France as some kind of Belarus, rather then really want to smash the gangs that are making money from this. 
  13. BREXIT positives and negatives

    You could argue it does because the rest of Europe are turning their backs on the UK thereby forcing the UK to follow its go it alone policy. Clueless BoJo and Co still haven't worked out that they out of their depth and have no real bargaining power.
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

      As one of the French ministers said, the UK left the Dublin convention behind when they walked out of the EU.  The Dublin Convention ruled that refugees had to seek asylum in the first country they arrived at.  The UK is now seen as a Third Country where there are no established rules about accepting back refugees, yet Johnson seems to expect some special favours. And the French are taking the view that nobody can be forced to stay in a particular country. .   Its just underlines that this Go it Alone insular policy  doesn't work in the real world. 
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

      Really? Why did you put British on your profile?
  16. 3G in Restaurants?

    I am German you fool!
  17. Hey folks, We are looking for doctors (within a couple of hours driving from HH, if possible) who are available to vaccinate kids under 12 years old, also called off-label vaccinations Does anyone have any tip? Also in private Thanks in advance Relevant
  18. Only in America No, not only in America but it's what English speakers read mostly. This poor man finally getting justice- but no State help. Thankfully, help from kind fellow citizens and modern technology.
  19. How and when did you learn German?

    I failed to learn it. Before my transfer to Germany, I was promised German language lessons by my employer, but it soon went from "we will look at this in the next financial year" to "Your work environment is strictly English language, no business justification for this outlay" to "None of your colleagues are sensitive about language, maybe it would be best for your health if you were working in a country where English is an official language..."   I did try Babel, but it just didn't work with my Aspie brain. I was able to ask where things were in shops, order things in restaurants, ask if I could pay with card, but that was about the limit. If I visited the bank or post office and survived with broken German, then I felt I'd achieved something  
  20. BREXIT positives and negatives

    It might be because they are not actually breaking the law. You can't arrest people for what you think they might do. Another thing  worth considering is how many people in the dunes are there for other reasons, they're not all trying to get across.
  21. BREXIT positives and negatives I read this today. Basically, human misery mixed with greed.
  22. Germany to legalize recreational cannabis use

    As sad as it sounds, my first thought on reading this is to head over to Peter Hitchens Twitter feed to see if he's gone in to one of his mega-sanctimonious the end is nigh sermons about this.
  23. BREXIT positives and negatives

      We know that Boris is under the influence of the last person that he spoke to - sounds a bit like another blond-haired (former) leader. There are some in the party calling for an Australian / Tony Abbot approach, but France is not Indonesia and France will also shortly have the presidency of the UK's biggest trading partner; so mentioning returning people back to France is maybe because some of the more militant Tory MPs (I'm thinking along the lines of Cash, Redwood, Francois) have been suggesting it. I can well imagine the reception of the last 1922 committee meeting that Boris attended being similar to that scene in Phoenix Nights where Tim Healey gets on stage and starts singing a song titled "send the buggers back" (before a panicked Brian Potter throws them out of the Phoenix Club).   It would be some kind of poetic justice if the biggest failure of Brexit, maybe the one that ends up really driving it home to the people who voted for it and currently have their heads in the sand, is the "take back control of our own borders" part which was has been so often repeated between 2016 and today. 
  24. Conspiracy theorists

    Yes, people are dumb enough to make up that shit. Others are dumb enough to believe it.   Seriously, I've only heard of rabies vaccines being dropped out of planes in problem areas.
  25. What are you watching right now?

      I thought the first episode was excellent - but the next three are even better. Can't (but have to) wait for more.
  26. Conspiracy theorists

    Just heard from a colleague that in Austria people are using umbrellas to protect themselves from "vaccines dropped from airplanes like rain"! Can't find any source for this! Are people that dumb?
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