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  2. Just one more thing please: I looked up my archive. This "Letzte Zahlungsaufforderung zum Vollstreckungsauftrag"  was from Fachbereich Finanzen - Vollstreckungsbehörde. Not sure if that makes a difference or not but I thought of mentioning it since I found it.
  3. Jokes

    - "Dude, why are you smelling your balls!? What's wrong with you, man!?" - "I'm feeling kinda Löw..."
  4. Simulating Sitzpinkeln

    holy cow that one is graphic :)
  5. According to the sentence I found in the contract and mentioned in my second post, the (possible)  increase has to be bound to the inflation index.   And the because the sentence is " Es handelt sich um einen Mietvertrag mit einem Mietanpassungsrecht auf der Grundlage einer Indexklausel(Indexmietvertrag) nach § 557 b BB "  and the sentence about possible increase after 2 years is totally separated from it, I guess that the bound to the index works both way: up and down.    
  6. 3 rooms full furnished apartment for long term availabel to rent . U5 Quidderstrasse 5 minutes to walk.  More information here Price is 2000 Euro all inclusive. Feel free to write me  
  7.   Could be. If you did not enter 'Keine Religion' in the space requesting to know your 'Konfession' on the Anmeldung formular then the registration authorities are required by law to allow access to that part of your personal data, along with your name and address, to the official representation of the state recognised authorities of the relevant church or other religious body.   If you put 'church tax' into the site search (top right) you will find a number of threads in which this aspect of 'life in Germany' has been discussed at length.   Most of them deal primarily with the extremely enthusistic money-grubbing of the German Roman Catholic church although in Berlin they've had similar issues with the Evangelical or Protestant church, but there are also issues re the Jewish and Islamic communities' representative bodies.   I'm unaware of any specific thread about Hindi language churches although there are many recognized African RC and Anglican and US American RC and protestant churches in Germany too.   I've no doubt if the US Scientologists could convince the German government that theirs was a legitimate religion we'd have a lot more outraged expats starting threads about them too.   HTH 2B
  8. but an indexed increase is not the same as a regular increase - it's tied to the consumer price index and completely circumvents rent caps and other increase laws.   here is a more detailed overview, from a mieterverein perspective§557b-bgb-checklisten-zu-abschluss-und-mieterhoehung.htm   and one that points out some pitfalls in the contract content - key is that they can't specify indexed increases only, they have to also specify that if the CPI goes down, so does your rent  
  9. It's just a reference to this statute. I am not a lawyer or an expert but to me it just looks like a warning that the rent is going to go up (but only as far as legally possible). It's not an abusive clause or anything unusual.    
  10. Mini job

      Theoretically it is possible to have multiple Minijobs, however, it is only possible to earn 450€/month from all Minijobs.
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  12. it depends on how it's worded.    in theory, yes, but whether it's wirksam or not depends on how it's written.  A landlord can theoretically raise the rent after one year, provided your current rent is not over the rent cap according to the mietspiegel with no special clause needed.    So what exactly does this clause say? Is it an indexed rent clause?   ETA:  I personally would not accept an indexed increase clause.  But you have to weigh that against your desperation to find an apartment.  At least you have 2 years before you have to really worry about it.      
  13. Windows issues, how to proceed

    My first thought when I read the title was to ask: "Have you tried re-booting?" :o)
  14. Returning to Germany

    @TP Have you tried in Chemnitz or Leipzig?
  15. DON'T CONTACT ME UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE POSTAvailable only from July 1, 2018 onwards.Must move in July 1stLong term contracts preferredAn apartment in Untermenzing is available. You MUST be able to pay for the rent in July in order to take over this apartment.I am moving back to Canada within short notice and I need to find someone to take over my apartment. My landlord prefers people looking for a long term stay, but will accept applicants for shorter stays.The apartment is fully furnished with brand new furniture, offers a full separate kitchen with a dish washer, and a bathroom with a bathtub. The apartment is very bright when the blinds are open, and is about 8 minutes walking distance to the Sbahn(S2 line). There is a bus 162 which goes directly to Moosach for quick access to the U3 ubahn line. There is also a laundry washer and dryer in the basement, which is free to use.Edeka and Lidl are nearby and within walking distance, but the bus can also take you to either location.There is a bakery across the street which is open in the mornings, even on Sunday.The price of the apartment (set by the landlord) is 1370 euro per month. Please contact me if you are interested in viewing the apartment, ASAP.
  16. I received the contract today. And I will have to send it signed let says tomorrow late afternoon.   As I wrote in my first post, 2 months ago I contacted a Mieterverein in Munich depicting them the current scenario but the answer was "ok but for analysing your contract and provide you consultancy on that we need 2 weeks of time". Of course here in Munich no landlord/agency will wait 2 weeks for your signature. I hope it is clear now (although is not the topic of this thread)
  17. ok, I found this in the contract that right now at home i am slowly reading and translating.   " Es handelt sich um einen Mietvertrag mit einem Mietanpassungsrecht auf der Grundlage einer Indexklausel (Indexmietvertrag) nach § 557 b BB"   So apparently they can
  18. Returning to Germany

    Sorry for your delays. I have not experienced anything like this.  No problems with eye appointments with regular eye MD. I had a small retinal bleed- seen same day and laser the next day.   I can only praise the health care system and efficiency here. Same with AOK and amt in general.  Wishing you better luck. 
  19. Thanks again for your reply. I might contact them anyway, what a f..d up situation
  20. You have a written contract, with clear conditions. And you have joined the Mieterverein by now?
  21. Yes, I should apply to a tenant association in Munich. But I contacted them 2 months ago (in preparation of what is happening now) but they told me that they would need 2 weeks for analyzing my renting contract and provide me consultancy on that.  Of course in a context like Munich this is not possible, it means loosing the apartment. the contract there is a sentence that states that is possible to increase the rent only after 2 years. Can the landlord (in this case it is an immobilien company) increase the rent although he did not make any renovation to the apartment (that by the way is new) ? Is that formula "legal" ? SHould I fear something and then not sign it, in your opinion ?
  22. What made you laugh today?

    I know that you should never underestimate a septegenarian...
  23. Returning to Germany

    Yeah, I was shocked too, that kind of waiting time is what I expected somewhere like UK, always believed Germany was much better, but apparently not.Well, at least not in this area.      
  24. Leaving soon - selling all

    Hallo Leute   We are leaving Munich, so you know...all must go. Find description, size, photos on the link. Almost everything has two years, those things that are more recent I have pointed out on the list.   Enjoy and buy   Susana      
  25. But the law that Trump keeps saying is a Democrats law states that "unnacompanied minors" will be taken to camps. However Trumps regime are taking children from their parents (often those parents are asylum seekers) and classing those children as unnacompanied minors. To me there is a world of difference in those 2 meanings.
  26. Returning to Germany

    that's why I was asking - to see if this is a regional thing or what. I'm shocked, frankly.  Granted it was a year and a half ago, but I had no problem getting in for a regular checkup as a "new patient" in a week's time (in Munich).   I guess Dresden is off my list of "places I might like to live someday" :/   good luck TP!
  27. Are you talking about them using the super secret sonic weapon on them ?  
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