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  3. What made you laugh today?

    Its like the question on the pilot's medical form:  Trinken Sie regelmäßig? Those who only raised a small glass of Sekt had to answer "Ja" as this was once per year (=regelmäßig).   In the meantime they have re-worded the question.
  4. Why get Married?

    Yup - UK rules concerning wills are different from ze German ones in many ways.  Also concerning taxation therof.
  5. We are looking for a young native speaker of English (preferably male, 12+ years old) to speak with our daughter once a week (S-Bahn Bellevue) starting this week. If interested, please, email Olga at
  6. Why get Married?

    I tried to tell my lawyer this in the UK after my mother died and left all the money to the cat's home. He wasn't impressed and told me it was hard luck. The will couldn't be contested as she was in sound mind.
  7. Legal insurance for landlords - recommendations?

    Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. I am planning to go ahead with ARAG Premium legal insurance for landloards.  
  8. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

      And Denmark's Ministry of Health issued the recommendation last week to wear masks in places where social distancing can't be maintained, like all public transport.    
  9. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    No, I´m not into FB. These are my thoughts as a (long retired) physician.
  10. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    So what's end game for the lockdown?   The lockdown first went in force when we knew nothing about the pandemic so it made total sense, but now we know that it "ain't going away". The virus, much like the flu, a cold, seasonal allergies, is here to stay. We are fast reaching the point where the economic cost far outweighs the medical costs. How long can government subsidies keep the airlines and by extension, the airports and Airbus Boing duopoly alive? How many restaurants can survive the winter?   For example I have 2 really nice lakes but us, super popular with parents and kids but tempers are fraying over it opening.   Chaos am Langener Waldsee: Gäste parken Autos an Bundesstraße und im Wald   With elections looming around the world it's only a matter of time before anti-lockdown politicians get elected. Better to get out front and be honest that covid is here to stay and find ways of mitigating it without destroying the economy.
  11. What made you laugh today?

    I think I must have just officially become a “ dirty old man.”😂 A woman from an insurance company has asked me to help with a questionnaire. She wrote : “ Schenken Sie mir zwei Minuten?”   I couldn’t resist. “ Die vollen zwei Minuten?”   😀
  12. Hello I am working in Berlin for more than 2 years now, with a BlueCard visa. While I was a resident here, I bought an apartment in my home country. Now I would like to sell that apartment and bring the money to Germany (planning to buy a house here) My question is: should I pay any taxes here as well? I will pay taxes and fees in my local country, but there's no direct cooperation between my country and Germany, so probably Finanzamt (or any other Government organisation here) won't be able to query them about my tax status. This property was my savings over the years, not a source of income or investment. My only source of income is my salary in Germany.   To put it slightly differently: if I bring the cash here, will I still be a subject to tax? I mean, if I decide to buy a property by cash (hypothetically) or deposit my money to my German bank account in 10K instalments, will I get questioned/taxed? This is a concern among many of my friends, as we would like to bring our savings here, but are concerned about the high taxes.   To be clear: I don't want to bypass any laws. I want to know 1- if my situation is subject to tax 2- if there's a legal way to decrease or cut the tax   Thanks Ahmed
  13. Hamburg Stopover

    Good call, thanks!
  14. Hamburg Stopover

    try contacting the Generator hostel. maybe they have a 6 hour deal.
  15. What made you laugh today?

    ( client is not a native English speaker ) Update: “ I will poke you this evening on Skype.” 😂
  16. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    I am not with Commerzbank, but a friend who works for a different bank to mine looked at the paperwork as well (I am doing calculations on the renewal before the meeting so I am well prepared) and said its standard mortgage conditions, so I would expect you will have the same options. I also have a KFW part to it, and as far as I know that is treated exactly the same so will just carry on.  No idea aboutthe renting though, that is not something I was thinking of doing so I did not look into it.   
  17. Hamburg Stopover

    It will be Friday night / Saturday morning, which is why I'm worried that the station and surrounds might be a zoo. I used to love that sort of thing, but after a long train journey I don't think I'll be in the mood for any shenanigans, plus I'll have a ton of luggage & camping eqpt because I'm heading into the wilds.
  18. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    You been on Facebook again ? Absolutely no idea on whether that`s bollocks or not but it`s the sort of stuff that you see going round and many people believe.
  19. Why get Married?

    In Iceland they view a nursing home more like a hospital.  You don't go there because you want to.  You go there because you must.  Children never have to pay and an elderly person does not have to sell their house or go into their savings.  They do however make you pay a part of your pension if it's decent.  
  20. yes. It was exactly because of her 2019 questionnaire that prompted me to revive this topic. If it took the previous 18 month period from before, maybe I could have hoped that I’d get it before my next visa renewal. Now that it’s 22-24 months and that’s pre-corona forecast, it’s almost sure I’ll still need another visa (which is not a problem in itself, but it’s being an eternal Ausländer that’s annoying). Not to mention the closer we get to another year’s end, they’ll delay their decision because they’ll want your following tax papers.    Their official site still says they’re not taking new appointments and they’re closed until April 17th! There were no updates ever since. Bear in mind they should have 4 case workers by now. And there must have been a drop in applications this first semester. Did they just sit on all the cases and did nothing as well or (at least since April 17th) they’re working on the backlog they already have?
  21. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    One other question:  In Germany, is one 'allowed' to rent the place under a standard mortgage?  Or am I supposed to get permission from the bank?  (and if so does it affect the charge)
  22. Why get Married?

    Since 01.01.2020.. the new Angehoerigen- Entlastungsgesetz, Luke! You are correct! 👍🏼   The Sozialamt now has to step in.  
  23. Mortgage extension for non-resident

      Thank you, yes this is very reassuring.  If 3 is the automatic outcome for me too then its ideal.  I will bug my bank manager again to see I can get any reply and try to get him to confirm this.   Im with Commerzbank, if thats relevant.   (If you happen to also be commerzbank please tell me as then id be even more confident).   One detail, in case its relevant: the mortgate is in 3 parts, one main one but two are special KFW (?) ones, i think govt sponsored due to energy efficiency.
  24. The above post from LeonG (and the other helpful ones) is why TT is a good place to hang out. And join the mietverein 
  25. Why get Married?

    I recently saw an item on that topic. The average pension in Germany is around €1100, but the own part (Eigenanteil) in a care home has crossed the €2000 barrier on average. Now, the children have to chip in, but there is a plan that they don't have to do so anymore if their annual income is below €100,000.
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