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  2. Notre Dame is on fire

      Which reminded me of this...  
  3. I can confirm the 90  days with  180 day   in Germany is the limit. We had a musician friend with us for that length of  time recently. She was asked to play first chair  at an "important" local public  musical event but it was scheduled 4 days over the 90 day period. We went to the  local government office for foriegners and they granted her a short extension with the proviso she come back for the permission  letter in 2 days and show them her airplane ticket home  for the day after the concert!  We perhaps are lucky where we live but have always found if you  are informed, you ask politely, and plan in advance the authorities are very supportive.    Good for you to ask these questions now!  .Have a great trip! etd
  4. The Germany USA embassy website  says: Personally, I find this confusing.  It seems to say that you always need a visa, but then says that US citizens don't need a visa for < 90 days!     @catjones it states 90 days within an 180 day period.  Not 90 days within any calendar year     @AaronMarek I doubt that you will get a "normal" apartment  for this period.  You can try places like AirBnB, search for holiday rentals (Ferienwohnung) or try to get a sublet which are often for just a few months at a time and come with furniture. You could also consider not just staying in one place, but rent 3x 1 month in different places in Germany, so that you get longer to experience the different areas and explore.   I highly recommend health & travel insurance, and also make sure that you have a return ticket and access to sufficient funds for your stay.  This will be "proof" enough for you to be considered a tourist when entering the country.
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I think in my case, the beamter actually crossed it out and made a remark.  But I can't recall if he done this when he gave me the form, or told me not to enter anything and done it when I handed it in.     But if in doubt about anything, then leave it blank and ask when you hand the form in.  They anyway want to see you sign some things in front of them, and will go through the form with you to make sure it is complete.
  6. @AaronMarek, use SEARCH to find several threads regarding the Schengen rules about non-EU citizens and the 90-day stay.
  7. I'm pretty sure you can stay for three months ending in December of this year and three months ending in March of next year for a total of six contiguous months and still be considered a tourist.
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  9. I may be totally mistaken here but I thought just to be allowed into the Schengen area you need a (tourist?) visa. Then I think it's valid for 90 days, no more.   I recommend you get some kind of travel insurance for health, just in case. I'm not sure many people would rent an apartment for just 3 months. Try hostels or apartment-hotels. As a tourist for 3 months you don't need to register with the local authorities.
  10. Hallo, everyone! I have 2 questions regarding an extended stay in Germany as a U.S. citizen. As I've understood it according to German law, U.S. citizens can stay in Germany for 90 days within a 180 day span, without a Visa. So, I plan to do exactly that sometime this year and stay for the 3 months. My questions are: 1) What do you recommend I do in terms of housing/residency? Can/should I get an apartment somehow for a short time like 3 months? If so, how? A hotel (seems so expensive)? Anything else? 2) What are some important things I may need to know about a move like this (one which isn't as long as a permanent residency, but one which isn't as short as a 1-2 week vacation)? i.e. with a permanent residency situation, I'd need to know that I need to set up with the local residency authority, get health insurance, etc; and with a vacation, I'd need to know what hotel I'm going to, travel plans as to not waste time, etc. Dankeschön!
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  12. Searching for half-brother

    I have reason to believe that my brother knows who his father is and has been looking for my family as well. His mother's name may be Kate or some version of that.  
  13. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    I agree with Engelchen, the reference is not written in a professional style.
  14. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

      A reference is given in the written form so employer and employee have a document to refer to. Due to data protection laws, It is not allowed to ask an ex-employer about a former employee. Anyone can say xxx has applied for a job at my company and I would like to ask some questions about xxx.   Every employee is entitled to an Arbeitsbescheinigung or an Arbeitszeugnis depending on the length of time spent working for the company.   
  15.   Perhaps you could do a test run to see what it is like during your commuting times?     
  16. Is Stephen Miller the king of incels?
  17. Notre Dame is on fire

    I blame yoga pants. There was a kerfluffle in the US about college students wearing yoga pants/leggings at Notre Dame.   Obviously god hates young women in yoga pants so he set fire to Notre Dame.   That Notre Dame is a university in Indiana was a fact most of the people who commented on the young women in yoga pants article missed. If god wanted them to understand it, s/he would have put it on Fox News or a Trump Tweet.
  18. Wait a minute, didn't Trump say that ISIS had been defeated like 16 times?   Then how the hell did this happen in Sri Lanka?      
  19. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I ticked "ja" as this was true, I was perfectly happy at the time (last year) to give up the UK if it meant I could stay EU.   I just wrote something like "I'm currently an EU citizen", didn't even try to make any case.   Got my dual citizenship earlier this year.
  20. E-car tips

    Tesla cars could be completely driverless in 2 years:    
  21. What are you cooking today?

      Tofu is food for green tea drinking latte voters. FTFY
  22. Only in America...

    Sure, i get that, but you have to know the answers to gamble and win on Jeopardy.
  23. What are you cooking today?

      You've obviously never eaten proper Asian food. I drink my coffee with whole milk, no sugar. What's to be opposed to there?
  24. Are people with tattoos stupid?

        Good job I haven't got a six figure paycheck. I might put it up here eh? I'm happy with whatever I find down the flea market.     
  25. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Do we need to install "safe spaces" here for some people?
  26. What are you cooking today?

    Pork collar steak boiled with spuds ´n onions, a can of mushy peas and HP sauce. Tofu is food for the latte drinking green party voters. 
  27. Venue: Wolf-Ferrari-Haus, Rathausplatz 2, 85521 Ottobrunn Date: 30.May.2019 to 02.Jun.2019 An exciting new cultural experience awaits Munich theatre lovers this spring. For the first time ever, FEATS, the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies, will be coming to the Munich area. English-speaking theatre groups from across mainland Europe will be converging on Munich for a four-day festival culminating in the awarding of prizes for Best Overall Production, Best Stage Presentation, Best Actor and Actress, Best Stage Management and Best Original Script. For each of four nights, audiences will be treated to three different plays, performed by three different theatre companies. This year, the productions span a diverse array of theatrical genres including comedy, romance, drama, psychological thriller and theatre of the absurd. Five original manuscripts will be presented alongside well-respected theatre classics. Theatre groups from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland have been selected to take part this year. All festival events will take place at the Wolf-Ferrari-Haus in Ottobrunn, from 30 May to 2 June. Tickets,  €25 ,€17., four-day ticket €80 ,  are available at
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