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  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    No. This is not what happens. Read the small print.
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Maybe we are using words to mean differnet things.  With booking I can make a reservation that needs to be paid in person at the hotel, or I can pay up front using creidt card or other payment details I have registered with   Should I chose to do so (as indeed I did for my last journey), does everything for me, I pay booking and the rest is magic.   What the exact payment flow is I dont know.  I imagine uses a gateway to a payments processor which in turn uses visa.  But as a layman its who "handles" the payment.
  4. Why are you unhappy today?

    I just wanted to share her happy little face.
  5. Friday 23rd August 2019, 20:30   Holzmarkt Pampa Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin   Look out for the red inflatable and Meetup sign. I will comment with a more precise location when I arrive. Comment if you can't find us, and I will find you.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    No. This is exactly my point. They do not. You pay the hotel. Not them.   They do however require your card details for a reservation. Why? They also forward your details to third parties if you have an account with them. Why would you need an account if you have no contract with them?
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

      They are what used to be called a travel agent.  They find holidays (ok, hotels) and they do the booking for you, handle credit card payment, refunds and whatever else, currency conversion, the whole booking experience.  Whether you think what they offer is worth it is up to you, you can instead search with google, or hrs or someone else.  I have in the past travelled to places and gone door to door at hotels asking if they have a room.  But in all honesty does allow a much easier booking experience if you dont already have a specific hotel in mind -- in that case I dont need all the search and compare malarkey I can just call the hotel in question   In my experience the costs are normally similar though often hotels express prices in local currency and in euro.     Who pays? The hotel.  They pay a commission for  You could argue that its you at the end who pays, just like in a sense its you who pays the charges when you buy something on a credit card (visa charges the shop, who adds something to their prices to cover the costs).
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

    John you are blaming yourself and interpreting that look. Maybe he was saying goodbye and I don't want to go. Does not mean you were wrong. You did the kind and courageous thing by putting an end to his suffering. Yes, it sucks. A no win situation.   Some bastard hit our cat and she has a broken hip and a severed tail. It has to come off next week and she will have to be immobilised for a month in order for the hip to stand a chance to mend. I would call it a day but hubby is going this route.
  9. The Vent - No Chat!

    Nudity is known to attrack pricks, isn't it?
  10. The Vent - No Chat!

    Must have been a wasp then. Vinegar.
  11. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    If this is as you say (and the older sister was not the sole carer for the last 20 years, paid for everything etc) and if this is a totally unjustified and out of the blue thing then if it continues then if I was your mum I would meet the 2 sisters. I would talk to the oldest one and say this is her last chance, the next contact will be only via lawyer and she is out of the family and she can be on her own.
  12. The Vent - No Chat!

    It flew away. Part 2 of Vent.
  13. Arbeitslosgeld 1 (ALG 1) and German Citizenship

    I would also like to know the same
  14. Anlageberater forged our signatures

    that would depend on the text of the Vollmacht/authorization. Without knowing it, I can't answer it, I am afraid. Our own broker authorization document would allow exactly that (obviously based on the consent/order by the client which we would always require to be in writing - at least n email - to be absolutely clear about it and to avoid misunderstanding/misinterpretations later)    Cheerio
  15. What's got you flummoxed today? Their small print. You never have a contract with them. The contract is between you and the hotel. I guess they are providing a service by guaranteeing your reservation when you provide your card details. They claim they take no booking fee from the traveller, but their prices are higher than if you go onto the hotel site directly. What is the difference? A rose by any other name?   They lure you into opening an account with them (a Dutch or Belgian company - N.V or B.V. can't remember off hand) by offering a discount after your stay. Which is then paid by a company in Ireland. So clearly they have sent your card details to a third party. With whom you have no contract.   Why would you need an account with someone you do not have a contract with? Try removing your card details from your account. Impossible. You can add another card, but you can't remove one. Try closing your account. You get a message saying your request has been earmarked for consideration... why would the Irish company pay a discount onto your card when they have no contract with you? We all know there is no such thing as a free dinner.
  16.   they will definitely not support you if court action is needed, but they should advise you and/or write a letter on your behalf.    The main problem is that he is taking this attitude that he can't evaluate whether he has a claim against you or not because he has not yet done the inspection which is not valid - in that case landlords could just refuse to inspect an apartment if they want to keep your kaution.  Anyway I think you need a very clear and legally supported response to that, which they should be able to offer.   alternately yes, you can wait until the 6 months is up then send a demand, but I doubt he's going to magically pay it then without a hassle.  you should be a member of the mieterverein anyway so just do it and let them help you   
  17. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    Indeed a hefty dose of imagination has to be applied to this one in the absence of more information. Even then ideas such as those above do not justify the eldest's claim. I think she'll be spending Xmases alone from now on.
  18. Today
  19.   Your personal opinion notwithstanding, there's a measurable indication that contempt for Trump drives the currently poorer than ever (since 1949) relationship with Germany.
  20. She also said Bottom... I bet you got off on that too
  21. Joe Biden's own wife "swallow a little bit ". Oh dear..      
  22. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'll let you know the food brand when I get home - I tried several but the vet recommended one (I think it was Royal Canin) was the only one that helped.  Kattovit and other store-bought ones didn't go down well in my house. I second what Lisa said about subcutaneous fluids - it helped her a lot and she always came home from one of those sessions with an appetite which was great.   Ideally it's all a low-protein diet but give them whatever they will eat. Mine ate roast chicken from the deli, because I would give that cat whatever she damn well wanted at that point.   I would once again recommend SUC, it really did help with appetite. You can buy the three parts on amazon (Solidago, Ubichinon, Coenzyme), mix them and squirt it into the cat's mouth: half a syringe at a time, one full syringe per week.  I was sceptical but it really did make a lot of difference for my fluffball.   My cat simply refused to die. I took her a couple of times as she appeared to be in such a state but she would look at me and outright refuse, and the vet always found 'one more thing' to try and it always helped.  I was going to let her make the decision, and while all she wanted to do was sit with me in the sun, she purred like mad and I couldn't give up on her.  In the end she had a stroke and her little body gave out.   It's a year today since I lost her and I miss her terribly.
  23.   Polls about what average people think do not drive geopolitics. 
  24. Back to Epstein, seems Bill Gates is now in the spotlight:
  25.   Maybe this helps you.
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