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  2. Gastric bypass surgery

    Thank you,Smurf! So what happens at weekends?
  3. Gastric bypass surgery

    monday - friday
  4. Gastric bypass surgery

    Red: stern words here. No olives!!! Long story but no olives! ( pen friend when I was 15 or so ...I was polite and met the family in Germany  and I had never seen an olive...and i stayed polite but vomited over their table! I love olive oil, though!).
  5. Gastric bypass surgery

    I find I like simpler good as I get older.  Nothing to beat a good glass of red wine, variety of cheeses, olives and decent bread for lunch!!!
  6. Gastric bypass surgery

    I no longer eat  piranha fish from the Amazon, Red. And I have given up eating cat vomit and don´t even smoke joints these days. I have become very boring. I suppose that´s the way to a long life!
  7. Need people to hang out with in Würzburg,I’m an African female (22) .Mein Deutsch ist okay,kann mann verstehen.I speak English too(😂😂but ofcourse the post is in English)I’m interested in meeting new people,

  8. Gastric bypass surgery

    Exactly- whatever works for each of us. But no fanaticism, no exclusion of food groups. A balanced, varied diet. Keep going, John!
  9. Gastric bypass surgery

    Thanks, JN!!! Just goes to show how out of touch I am! (and worrying about dumbing down nebenbei!!)..
  10. Gastric bypass surgery

      I'm sure it means Monday to Friday.
  11. Gastric bypass surgery

    Before I have my only ever gastric whatever,SmurfLee, can you help me out? What is m-f??? I´m of a different generation. I don´t know what m-f is. Hopefully not " mother fucker"...  
  12. Gastric bypass surgery

        me 2., i love treats more than meals. an hour of daily walk m-f  to and back from work.
  13. Evening, YogaMonkey! The elephant in the room is Brexit.  Nobody knows what´s going on but I would just recommend anyone (ok, Brits ) living in Germany to sort out their health insurance issues now..just in case. Backpayments, here, not insurable there , deregistration here, " can I do cheap and change later?" etc... Sort it out now pragmatically, yes, but sort it out.
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  15. Gastric bypass surgery

    I tend to snack/graze rather than eat meals most days. Daily exercise guaranteed because of dogs. Each to their own.
  16. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

    That is not correct, your employer must receive your doctor´s note within 3 days. He can demand a sickness note from the first day you are registered as unable to work. Look at   Arbeitsgesetze   EntgeltfortzahlungsG  §5 Anzeige - und Nachweispflichen
  17. Gastric bypass surgery

    Some people are lucky in life ..and I count myself amongst them. I can eat what I want -chocolates, meat, veggies, fruit, cheese--you name it. No allergies so far in life. Still slim (and possibly gorgeous?) but the ageing process is there anyway. Eyesight, teeth and all the rest of it..there´s always something amiss. We all react differently body-wise. I have never bothered to read a diet book.Just lucky.So far...
  18. Gastric bypass surgery

    Katheliz is right, There is no one diet for all. The one factor is to make it palatable and easy to incorporate into daily life, and  ensure the necessary vitamins and minerals are there. No snacking between meals! Plus daily exercise, and do not focus on calories, and enjoy treats!
  19. Gastric bypass surgery

    Look - whatever works for people who want to lose weight is good if it doesn't injure the body and if the weight continues to stay off.  Different strokes...different folks.
  20. Gastric bypass surgery

      You seem angry and agitated about this?   Why?  
  21. Gastric bypass surgery

    not one single thing is wrong with me.    you throw out completely inaccurate information and I'm just pointing out that you are full of shit.  If you want to believe it's reasonable to think you are easily burning 4-5k calories being "busy", have at it.  fly your "mental" flag proudly, I say.   Sitting here breathlessly waiting for you to throw your next (well used) card where you claim I'm "hysterical".  Please don't disappoint me.  I need some entertainment while I do my taxes.
  22. Worst jokes ever

    Waiter, is this food vegan? It was until I sneezed in it, madam.  
  23. Sorry, that is not enough, so we will have to cancel. Better luck next week!
  24. Gastric bypass surgery

      u sound so strange. always hypereccited., and so angry for nothing. whats wrong w/t u?  
  25. Gastric bypass surgery

      Congratulations - that's great!      I have read a lot about the 16/8 fast routine and plan to try it soon.      
  26. Gastric bypass surgery

      If you are 48kg and you would be in shape to do a marathon, it would take you 4-5 hours and you would burn around 2000 - 2300 calories, i.e. 105% * your weight in kg * 42.2 km   +/-.      Here is some more info about distance events.    I weigh around 82 kg.   Someone my size has around 2500 calories stored as Glycogen in the muscles.   A kilometer running costs around 85 calories (+/-).    Someone my size can absorb 150-200 calories per hour.      Here is the scenario for a marathon:   2500 + 4 hours*200 cal / hour == 3300 calorie "budget".   85 calories/km  * 42 km == 3570 calories.   If i would run on pure carbs + glycogen, there is still a deficit of 270 calories which means the last 1-3 km will be tough if i don't burn any fat.      After the marathon, the tank is empty and you can refill with whatever food you want.    The problem is that any excess calories will be converted to fat or "output".    Refilling the tank is not a 100% efficient process.    Thus, you might notice that a lot of long distance runners, especially those who are older and they "empty the tank" a couple of times per week,  are not the fittest looking people.    
  27. Gastric bypass surgery

    Nutrition science says it's all bullshit anyway. Why give this poster air?
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