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  2. Trump likes to contract, rather than expand, civil rights.  
  3. How's that winning going?    
  4. Why are you happy today?

    1975 Yamaha FS1-G... ( UK was FS1-E) or "Fizzer"...   should be 50cc, but the previus owner put a 60cc barrel on it... As it is officially a 50cc.. there is no way of writing the barrel change into the log book as there really isnt a "log book" as we know it for bigger bikes..    Not decided on the colour yet.. but probably Purple...    but it could be Candy apple red or Burnt orange...   
  5. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

        At a school, waiting for an ambulance when there's an Epi-pen available in my opinion is  neglectful, every second counts in an anaphylaxis reaction as it's a cascading effect.  If I had a child at school with a food or bee sting allergy, I would speak to the administrator regarding training several staff members on signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to administer an Epi-Pen. If necessary, I would also request if I could sign "hold harmless" paperwork. The consequences of not administering an Epi-Pen is greater than administering, including the death of a child.   I've had severe anaphylaxis to an unknown shellfish allergy while on vacation in Berlin and now carry an Epi-pen. The literature states no one has died from Epi-Pen administration due to the medication, but have died from untreated anaphylaxis.   
  6. Why are you happy today?

    So what make and size is it? It looks like the old Mopeds from the late 70's before they restricted them to 30mph.
  7. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

  8. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

      As a matter of personal interest, did they mention   § 323c  at all? 
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  10. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

      The only "source" I have is from the trainers of the Sanitäter A&B course in Starnberg in September 2017, where we were taught that a first aider or sanitäter "adds nothing to the body, and takes nothing from it" - including giving injections, pieces of glass stuck into the skin, etc.
  11. Anaphylaxis and Epi Pen usage

      Whilst I see your point that would make every drug consumption room illegal as they are all self injecting ( and we know they are legal )  ditto those with Epipens and Diabetics. My own experience ( Epipen )  disproves that also, I had no training, other than a gruff read the package instructions One of my family is diabetic, no training there either as per injection. ( other than pinch stomach and pop in there, which is an instruction, not training )   If you could provide a source for that statement , that would be great.   As I posted above, the Good  Samaratan laws cover any first reponder from any legal consequences, in fact, not injecting would be probably illegal under  § 323c  unless the responder had a good reason ( fear of needles etc )      
  12. There is this youtuber living near Würzburg/Ochsenfurt. Maybe you could try to get in touch?
  13. Just wondering whether the cancellation of your public health insurance has actually become effective given that the private company rejected your application. Is the fee your consultant was talking about simply your contribution to public insurance (backcharged)?
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

      I also know men like this. It's no use arguing with them. The point though is that being in Germany, if his bitch has pups because he failed to take precautions, he is responsible for their well-being. Either he keeps them or he looks for new owners for them transferring responsibility onto them. In Greece they just throw them away and nothing is done about it. Hence all those many street dogs breeding and multiplying and nobody is responsible. 
  15. Things to ponder

    I am not a Royalist but I wish that this was real.    
  16. I need a Steuernummer fast for Kita Gutschein application

    Huge huge thanks, PandaMunich! I think we will avoid doing further active business through the LLC, at least for this year.  
  17. Climate change discussion

      Do you know that plants use C02 for food?
  18. Why are you happy today?

      That made me happy to think how funny it sounded of the dog running off with the seed packet! Made me smile!
  19. Yesterday
  20. A number on the key doesn't necessarily mean it's a security key.  Any new cylinder comes with 3 numbered keys.  In that case, it's just a serial number so you can see it's an original key.  I was denied a cut of a key to my own house at a baumarkt because the employee said it's a numbered key.  So I went to a locksmith and asked and he laughed and said it's not a problem because it's not a security key.  So try somewhere else.
  21. Why are you unhappy today?

      That was my dog when I was a kid.  He regularly disappeared and we had to go out and look for him.  Once he camped outside someone's house for 3 days.  I wanted to get him neutered but my dad got a pain in his testicles when I spoke of it so it never got done.   A friend of mine here in Germany has two male dogs and a female, none of them neutered.  He's like my dad with the issue.  I pointed out to him that it might help to neuter his younger male because he doesn't listen and gets agressive to their other male if the female is in heat but he just crossed his legs and whimpered.  
  22. Why are you unhappy today?

      Poor bloody dog. I can sense how heartbroken you are over his fate. There are so many German rescue websites for Crete alone catering for adoption for many years already. Many dogs in my neighbourhood are rescue dogs from abroad, also several from Greece. Actually, it's rare to see a purebred dog here nowadays, many are mongrols.   I'm old enough to remember that during my childhood in Wales and later as an adult in England that dogs were allowed to roam free and copulated in the streets. Puppies and kittens were drowned in buckets etc. Kastration wasn't heard of in those days. We had a German Shepherd bitch in Devon, and whenever she came on heat all the male dogs in the neighbourhood beleagured our front and back garden, so that it was impossible to let her out for a wee-wee, so that I had to chase them off before I could take her out in our garden on the lead for a pee. Minutes later they were back again, at night even sleeping on our doorstep.    In our village in Wales I remember some dogs killed sheep and they were hunted and shot.    In the meantime in Britain and Germany laws have changed and owners of dogs are made responsible for the welfare as well as the actions of their pets. How did that come about? Lobbyism, probably. I don't know. I wasn't so aware in those days - although I always took care that my dogs didn't roam and during their heat season prevented copulation with interested dogs. In Greece and so many other countries in the world these laws are non-existant or simply not implemented.    It may seem harsh but if these laws existed or were implemented in Greece Agapios would probably have never been born or his breeders would be made responsible for his well-being.    On another note, dogs are so intelligent and of such valuable service to humans in so many areas (search dogs, service dogs for the handicapped, police dogs, hospice therapy dogs, dogs trained to detect diseases in humans etc.) that it is a crime that so many of them are treated as garbage. It makes me so angry. 
  23. Tax on loan

    I am not trying to "dodge" the law. I just want to know what is the law so I don't get into trouble.    
  24. What are you listening to right now?

        Any of who have indulged in psilocybin whilst listening to this band will maybe have experienced sound and colour together. So-called "purple music".
  25. Why are you happy today?

      relevant well over a decade later.    I‘m happy because we are moving to a new office building with air conditioning. Just in time for warmer weather. 
  26. Why are you happy today?

        Has he told us why he thinks Wales is not part of the UK nor Europe?... I may have " mist " it... 
  27. Why are you happy today?

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