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  2. Definitions game

    tantalise - the up button in Hell's elevator   gnosis
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  4. "Untranslatable" German words

    As they say in China...  Ed Zachary!
  5. Yes, hoopsies, but don't forget to take a deep breath, be graceful in your movement, and release your breath, whilst reaching down..   same technique can be applied to wiping one's arse.
  6. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    Idiot... its longer than most TT wine boffins have been on this planet!
  7. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    Kanonkop means canon head. I tried it as well. Didn't blow my head off though :). The South Africans often use some tricks to speed up the process of wine making, not allowed in the old world.
  8. Does cutting your toenails count as yoga.
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    so you are in the PM group too... nice to know
  10. Jokes

    As a butcher is shooing a dog from his shop, he sees a a €10 note in the dog's mouth and a note reading "10 lamb chops, please." Amazed, the butcher takes the money, puts a bag of chops in the dog's mouth and quickly closes the shop. He follows the dog and watches him wait for a green light, look both ways, and trot across the road to a bus stop. The dog checks the time table and sits on the bench. When a bus arrives, he walks around to the front and looks at the number, then boards the bus. The butcher follows, dumbstruck. As the bus travels out into the suburbs, the dog takes in the scenery. After awhile he stands on his back paws to push the "stop" button, then the butcher follows him off. The dog runs up to a house and drops his bag on the porch. He goes back down the path, takes a big run, and throws himself -Whap!- against the door. He does this again and again. No answer. So he jumps on a wall, walks around the garden, beats his head against a window, jumps off, and waits at the front door. A big guy opens it and starts cursing and shouting at the dog. The butcher runs up screams at the guy: "What the hell are you doing? This dog's a genius!" The owner responds, "Genius my ass, this is the second time this week he's forgotten his key!"
  11. What made you smile today?

      Or sailing - "The Meaning of Life" (Monty Python)
  12. Wine - What to buy in Germany, good brands, etc.

    50 years -  that is just nothing in the history of wine making.
  13. What made you smile today?

    Err leaving Europe? Erm. How are you going to do this? 2 ships hooking up the British Island and steaming off to US? 
  14. "Untranslatable" German words

      What about Faasenacht?
  15. First World Problems

     Don't jinx it.
  16. First World Problems

    They havn´t evolved far enough to invent the bottle opener yet.
  17. Taxation on gifts from family

    Thanks Panda Munich! I'm very grateful. You are the best! (I know you read that already, but still! )
  18. First World Problems

      Franziskaner Weißbier alkoholfrei tastes ok if properly cooled. Keep it away from the other occupants of your fridge though. They might enjoy it.
  19. First World Problems

    OMG OMG OMG do we need to send care packages? Only neutered beer left. OMG. Sorry.  Get well soon.
  20. Tax Evasion - Can spouse or children be held liable?

    So, naughty OP- now we all know your secret!
  21. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    You need an intermediary. Could be a notary or a family member.
  22. First World Problems

    The backup beer for the backup beers has gone and now I´m down to the pretend beer. My fridge is generally a biotope in it´s own right where evolution gets a kick everytime the light goes on, then it´s survival of the fittest in my Bauknecht. Just recently I opened it and found the lettuce hunting the radishes and some mystery meat in the tupperware hissed at me when I opened the lid.   Is it just me or is drinking alcohol free beer like sex with your sister? Everything is there where it should be but somehow it´s just not right.
  23. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

    Sorry, I have no idea, but isn't there a notary involved? You could just ask her.
  24. What made you laugh today?

      Old joke (older than implied actually)   Your favorite? "Alm", cows chatting - sunny side, other side, stamina vs. operation?
  25. What made you smile today?

    The Italian government collapsed....yes, again.   The prime minister, Conte, held a 45-minutes speech mainly about what the vice-prime minister Salvini was doing wrong. Poor Salvini had to sit next to Conte during the entire speech:
  26. Vegan coming for dinner

    One of those pseudo french baguette joints...   I was hungry and my train was super delayed.   The bread was indeed stale, the staff listless and despondant, and the ham of dubious texture.    Remorse abound, I did the honourable thing and ate it all. To add to the waste would have added insult to injury. 
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