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  2. While Trump would like for his followers to believe that the Washington legislative gridlock is Pelosi's and Schumer's fault, we all know that it's actually just him. Gaslighting until the bitter end.    
  3. Employment Agencies?

    Well, there's always the generalists: someone like Manpower (Munich offices in Marienplatz 17), as well as lots of online offerings like or but you may be better off using an agency which is more specialised for the type of work you are after. Alternatively stick Zeitarbeit Muenchen in google and you'll get a few hits.  
  4. Rental woes in Berlin

    Forgot to check up on this topic until now, and I'm signing the contract later today...but yes, the room is 9 sq meters, with just a bed, in a suburb locale, which kinda explains the price. But the green flags: met the co-tenants (nice students); saw the apartment; Anmeldung is possible (Wohnungegeberbescheinigung given upon contract signing), four month closed sublease. I'm inclined to trust this probably isn't a scam... But thoughts? Any other checks that I should do to be totally sure?
  5. Intro Rate 75 Minutes / 50 Eur.  Pre-booking August special also for returning clients: 60 minutes for 40 euros (limited amount available)  I am an American-educated body-heart-mind massage therapist, with prior work experience in counselling, and a belief in the inherent ability for balance, healing, and wholeness in all of us. Structural Integration Bodywork, The 10-Sessions, Body-Mind Awareness Work, Trigger-Point Therapy, California Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Guided Meditation and Breathwork, Empathic Listening, Guided Awareness Exercises, Holistic Approach. Online booking is available through my website.   After the intro rate, sessions based on a sliding scale to make it accessible for more people. I have locations in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg.   "Her massage style is truly unique, unlike any other massage I have ever received. Cleansing for my mind, body, and soul. I felt the stress and exhaustion that was buried deep in body move through, then out of my body." -Rebecca   "During the session I went into the deepest state of relaxation I had ever experienced as she quite skillfully addressed several issues in a gentle and attentive manner." - Cristina   "Holds a space both soothing and healing in and of itself." - Padraic More reviews on my website:
  6. Sofa excellent condition low price

    Hi JJ Can u pls give me ur email adress and i'll send u some photos of the sofa. Regards
  7. Trump-like belittling of people who disagree. Now I can‘t read, just because I don‘t agree with the conclusion you came to and your current set of parameters. 
  8. He did not question all poll results. He questioned Quinnipiac's and then added Nate Silver for no good reason. RIF.   Here     Really. I know you were in the US when RIF was a thing. Come on.
  9.     😂😂   Below is my argument the entire time. Never changed or wavered. No. You have not countered that.    Very trump-like to declare yourself winner, anyone who disagrees loser, then give yourself a trophy.   
  10. @A.N.Other Nope, I have laid out a complete and absolute refutation of everything you and Balty posited. It's enough for me. Have a nice day. Come back when you have any facts.
  11.   In other words, you have no argument on topic and with foundation.    I can live with that, but then stop policing the thread. 
  12. @A.N.Other They're all the same goal post. Compare like to like and hit something between the uprights. Really. You don't need my approval. I don't want yours. Move on. You might want to consider why you need so badly for me to agree with you.
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    The only problem with that argument,Kommentarlos, is: it is much more expensive than most parts of Germany! Apart from the basics (tomatoes, potatoes, olives, seasonal veg in general), EVERYTHING costs more than in Germany! Most things are imported! Or come from the mainland... And don´t get me started on electricity bills...jeez...very high! After all, this is the unhappy thread!
  14. Today
  15. German Pension - Rentenbescheid - UK Brexit

    Yesterday, 22 May 2019, I finally received my "Rentenbescheid" and, at the same time, my wife received hers! Thank you DRV (Bund).   I wrote, as recommended by Feierabend, a strong letter to the DRV (Bund) which has had the desired effect.   My letter contained the following:   "Das Datum vom 30.03.2019 ist inzwischen verstrichen und das Datum eines möglichen Austritts Großbritanniens aus der EU wurde bis Oktober 2019 zurückgestellt.   Ich habe kein Update von Ihnen bezüglich meines Rentenbescheid erhalten.   Als jetziger EU-Bürger fordere ich, dass meine Anfrage unter den derzeitigen Bedingungen der EU-Mitgliedschaft behandelt und mir mein Rentenbescheid zur Verfügung gestellt wird.   Zu Ihrer Information sende ich Kopien meiner Mitteilungen mit dem Deutsche Rentenvesicherung Bund an meinen Parlamentsabgeordneten, Herr Alok Sharma, den Staatsminister für Beschäftigung in der Abteilung für Arbeit und Renten hier im Vereinigten Königreich."
  16.   And yet another goalpost. Now we need false predictions from the past concerning a second term candidate. You are unbelievable.    PS: As stated. I hate Trump and hope he doesn’t win. That has nothing to do with my opinion concerning your statement to Balticus, though. I think you’re just a bully who is used to getting her way with flimsy, yet loud, arguments. Very Trump-like. 
  17.   Never said I didn’t. It would just be nice if you stopped trying to „move the goalposts „ as you put it. My contention is, and always has been, that Balticus‘ response was on topic.    Whether or not he provided sufficient evidence is suddenly now your new goalpost.   The only person who has brought Hillary into this is you. Balticus certainly can‘t be held responsible for the fact that her name is present in false predictions of the past.    Stay on topic, dude. 
  18. Paul Manafort is still in prison and taking more people down with him every day. Stephen Calk has been indicted for bribery. Here's a boom for you. This candyass ought to start rolling over any minute now.    
  19. Why are you unhappy today?

      I think that if you chose to live somewhere untouched by civilization and where life is cheap, you need to reconcile yourself with the reality that it is untouched by civilization and that life is cheap.
  20. @A.N.Other Wait. I think I see the problem. Answer this question: Which of the two candidates in the 2016 election was running for a second presidential term?
  21. Powerline recommendations

    Yes I am, and it's excellent. 
  22.   Any mention of Hilary Clinton with regards to that slide is off topic. Your point is not taken.   You keep moving the goal posts.    First, you need to tell me how Hilary Clinton has anything to do with my slide. Then, you have to justify calling Quinnipiac inaccurate based on one error.   You wanted this discussion. Don't want none. Don't start none.
  23.   which does not make it out of place or off topic. That has been my point. 
  24.   And, as I just said, he contested it with the pitiful example of one error.
  25.   Ok. I‘ll answer your amended post.     That would require 1) for me to be everyone  2) for me to have missed that  and 3) for your poll to be correct, which is exactly what I understand Balticus to be contesting. 
  26.   @A.N.Other I posted this.   I knew everything it stood for and everything it didn't.   There was no valid argument made that any of these polls (and, if you read this slide, SEVEN (7) polls are mentioned) are invalid. There was a statement that ONE poll mentioned here, Quinnipiac, was inacurate, and then the ridiculous addition of Nate Silver, who is not connected to any of these polls, was mentioned as inaccurate. However, historically, everyone knows (that is, everyone who follows polls) that Quinnipiac is one of the most trusted polling groups and is cited by FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and Reuters. Now, what facts do you have that counter any of that?
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