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  2. Shared house - one floor of three

      The OP, not me.
  3. Politics Gen XYZ

  4. Shared house - one floor of three

    What is the rent? 
  5. I'm afraid you read it incorrectly. What is says is that if the total amount due is at least €500, they're ordering the addressee to request certain financial data from the carriers of the statutory pension insurance and from the Federal Central Tax Office.   The payment instructions are intended for the bailiff/collector - "Bitte überweisen Sie die eingezogenen Beträge..."   I can only assume that @Sherazali was given this letter by mistake (or perhaps as additional information/documentation), because it's addressed to the bailiff who's been charged with the collection. Given that the bailiff was instructed to obtain financial information from Sherazali and Sherazali refused to provide this information, his/her credit rating is about to be tanked. We don't have the full information, but it seems that the window for avoiding the Schufa ding has closed.
  6. That's what I was trying to get. I went there and they gave me these pages today. the letter I received previously has a different account number (it was this Nuremberg's account where I was today) and I transferred the amount to that account. I am not sure if they have got it or not. What I am thinking is that I should go there next week with the transfer details, may be they'll suggest me something. 
  7. Prince William's Affair

      Oh lordy. I missed it again.
  8. Hi All,   We are vacating the house in Germany. Have the below question.   1. We have drilled couple of holes in the walls. In fact we checked it with the house owner before drilling. Now  we are vacating the house, we need to close the drill holes. I have heard we can buy some kind of paste for the same. Any idea where we can get the same in Germany or what it is called in German. Is Bauhaus is an option to buy the same?   Also we  need to paint the house before handover. Hope we can get the paint / other necessary things in Baushaus and do it ourself.    Thanks.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Okay. It might be that Farage and his comrades cause such trouble in the European parliament that the EU 27 want to kick Britain out. On the other hand, I don't think that European businesses would approve of that. So, they probably will look for ways to minimise any harm caused by the Brexit party.   Just voting on the Brexit issue is not taking the European election seriously. In my opinion, it is more a British nationalist obsession spilling over into the EU.
  10. Prince William's Affair

      2. yes, I have been wasting too much time on useless things these day. Now I feel very guilty. I should stop.
  11. Prince William's Affair

    I was only joking sorry
  12.   Im not sure if I understood the question correctly.  What the document says is that you should transfer the amount specified to the account specified and give the required info as text for the payment so they know it was you.   If you dont pay then there will be (as I read it) at least 500€ more costs.
  13. Prince William's Affair

      He mostly complains about the truths.    The people with class like the royals don't dignify the gossip with any comments. That just brings more attention to it. And still, bad press can be good press for movie stars, etc. 
  14. Prince William's Affair

    Do they then have to leave after a hard Brexit?  Ok sorry sorry. Probably the worst joke ever.
  15. Prince William's Affair

      To be fair, Trump always complains about the lies and un-truths spread about him also.
  16. Prince William's Affair

    They are also interested in our royal family - the Kartrashians. 
  17. Update: So, I went to the given address today here in Nuremberg and they just printed something and gave it to me and asked me to call on the given number of Rundfunkbeitrag. I am really not sure what I have to do next. I am planning to call the given number tomorrow (I hope they speak a little bit of English). Here are the pages they gave me, I did scan and translate them online but could not understand what I have to do next(A little help is much appreciated to understand it if someone has already gone through this process):  Page 1: Page 2:
  18. Prince William's Affair

      4) a german.     For some reason germans are intensly interested in our royal family.  I can only assume its because the royals are all germans.
  19. Prince William's Affair

    Just to be clear, gossip magazines are full of sensational untruths. Always have been. People see the cover in the grocery check out and buy them. It is like candy for bored women.   The thing I hate is that I'm getting all that crap in my newsfeed daily.
  20. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

        Really?  I expect a surge in brexit party and/or ukip MEPs.  That said this might be the first time ever that the uk takes european elections seriously.
  21. Prince William's Affair

    If he really did dip the royal wick in his neighbor's waxpot, as the gossip rags are claiming, at least he has better taste than his dad, who forsook Diana for an 'orse (and she, in turn, allegedly sought comfort in the stable boy).   If this really concerns you, it's a sure sign that you're either 1) a hopeless busybody or 2) have way too much time on your hands (or maybe 3) all of the above).
  22. I'm trying to understand what is the point of the ElterngeldPlus Partnerschaftsbonus.   ElterngeldPlus I get. It gives more bang for your buck for those who work part time.   But the Partnerschaftsbonus requires both parents to work part time exactly between 62.5% and 75% (assuming a 40hr working week). What's the motivation to offer this? I could understand both parents doing 50% and therefore mitigating the need for a Kinderkrippe space but requiring both to do specifically 62.5-75%...I don't get it. What am I missing?
  23. Prince William's Affair

      Indeed, there are stories like this all the time, often published next to "elvis found alive on mars" or "freddie starr ate my hamster" and other stupid headlines.  Its entirely possible that he had an affair but I dont see any reason to think this particular headline is any more true than any other gossip.
  24. Getting married in DE with dual nationality

    I think I originally needed a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) but then somehow got around that. A court declared that a CNI in my case was not necessary. We had a helpful Standesbeamtin at our Vorgespräch. She managed to navigate us through the legal issues rather well.   NOTE: I was and am still (only) British. So it probably does not answer your question.
  25. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    That sounds too reasonable, @zwiebelfisch. With all the soundbites of angry leave voters in the media such as "I just want to get out! Why have we not left yet?", the pressure would be on a new populist PM to move more quickly towards a no deal Brexit. I think after the Eurpoean elections and the constitution of the new European parliament, we might be in calmer water then but before these crucial dates, who knows what happens next.
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