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  2. President Donald J. Trump

    By the way, the white looters more than likely are Antifa and other left-wing extremists.
  3. President Donald J. Trump

    Trump is damned of he does and damned if he doesn't. If he acts too heavy handedly against the rioters and looters, he'll be accused of overreacting. If he's too soft, he'll be accused of not doing anything. Which do you want?
  4. Police brutality in the USA

    George Floyd death homicide, official post-mortem declares   What's the betting that trump pardons him?
  5. Police brutality in the USA

    John Oliver from 6 years ago.. And people wonder why there is problems with the police in the US.
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    We have seen many instances of white rioters/looters yet not once has Trump mentioned them just waffles on about Antifa and left wing trouble makers.
  7. Virtual Curry Night Wednesday June 3, 7.30 pm CEST   This Wednesday, we will meet online for a Virtual Curry Night. We intend to order Indian takeout, or cook our own, or simply have dinner&drinks.   The important part is to enjoy whatever you have while chatting in a video conference. It would be really nice to see the usual curry fans again and meet new people from all over the world, too!   How to join:   - Sign up here as usual until Wednesday 3 pm latest. I'll send the URL (internet address you have to feed to the internet browser used) asap.   (Why earlier? That gives everyone (including me) more time to prepare dinner or order take-out. Or plan the evening differently if nobody else intends to show up...) - Make sure you have Chrome or Chromium (PC or Smartphone) available.     (Firefox doesn't work properly for this - again.)     (Maybe your specific browser works, too - but we do know for sure with Chrome and Chromium.) - Wednesday any time after 7.15 pm, enter the URL in Chrome or Chromium.   We will use Big Blue Button again. Make sure your camera and microphone are on. There will be a chatroom (text) available to the left -  if you have issues, you'll get help there.   You're in! See you on Wednesday night! 0
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  9. Police brutality in the USA

    That actually happened, Wulfrun, apparently on live TV:   Police were called in response to a looting complaint, who show up and promptly handcuff the store owners, because they're black.   This is what systemic racism looks like. LA has had problems with racist cops for decades - see Rodney King.
  10. haftpflichtversicherung as a tenant

      Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. Though I find it bizarre that Landlords can pass the costs of liability insurance onto their tenants. After all, if a tile flew of the roof and hit a neighbour's car, that's between the Landlord and the neighbour. Not sure why the tenant should pay for that insurance 🤷🏻‍♂️ But when in Rome... 😁
  11. That might be the case if something belonging to the place you´re renting was damaged. E.g. if a visitor of yours spills a bottle of red wine onto the white carpet which belongs to your landlord. I think in that case you´d be liable towards your landlord and would have to claim it back from your visitor.
  12. Are you by any chance a member of the Mietverein? They could be helpful.
  13. Hi all,   I'm planning to move out of my apartment. The property management (Hausverwaltung) told me that I can either wait for the end of the contract or find the next tenant. Since my contract will end in 4 months, I decided to look for the next tenant. I interviewed and filtered interested people and forwarded two of them to the Hausverwaltung. Unfortunately, both of them withdrew from signing the contract. Now, there are two more people who seem suitable, thus, I've forwarded them to the Hausverwaltung too. However, the Hausverwaltung told me that they cannot keep preparing contracts. Since the Hausverwaltung seem to be "disturbed" by the requests of new people, do they have the right to not process the applications, thus, not let me terminate my contract earlier? That's very inconvenient for me as I don't want to pay extra rent for the apartment and would like to make sure that the Hausverwaltung signs contract with another person.
  14. President Donald J. Trump

    Protesters? These aren't protesters, they are violent thugs - at least a good share of them. Why can't people see that? Is it because the "protesters" are black and you're all suffering from white guilt? 
  15.   Good algorithm! Thanks for this input   I appreciate all of the replies here, these gave me peace of mind. I'll update the post if something comes up.
  16. President Donald J. Trump

    Because it isn't misplaced. If you were American (or indeed a real person and not a mere provocateur on this site), you'd know.   Leaders are expected to lead. Trump is cowering in his White House bunker while fanning the flames, encouraging violence against protestors, etc.
  17. Police brutality in the USA

    I know. When I read it, I got the impression that the guy wanted to "copycop" the incident in the USA just to show that German police officers are racists.
  18. President Donald J. Trump

    How is Trump responsible for the violence in the US? As for "racism": the killing of George Floyd is not necessarily evidence of racism, no more than a black police officer killing a white citizen is (which has happened, too, you know). Reading these posts is very strange because everybody is focusing on Trump rather than on the senseless violence that's occurring on the streets of American cities at the moment. Why the misplaced anger?
  19. haftpflichtversicherung as a tenant

    A Gebäudeversicherung (building burns down, storm damage, water damage, etc.) is not the same as a Gebäudehaftpflichtversicherung. If a roof tile, for example, gets loose and hits a car, then this damage is covered by the Gebäudehaftpflichtversicherung. Your liabilty insurance only covers damage caused by you. The landlord/owner of the building is entitled to pass on these insurances to the tenants.
  20. I always rented from Avis when I lived in Germany. By default they have 950 euro SB which was fine with me, so I did not bother paying for its reduction. I agree with Krieg that it is financially smarter to buy SB insurance from third party rather than paying the rental company.   In the last trip (before Corona) there was no Avis at my destination airport (Memmingen), so I rented from Europcar. I don't remember which SB they have, something around 500 euro. For trips outside Germany I bought a towing insurance - a no brainer you need that.
  21. President Donald J. Trump

      the rest
  22. President Donald J. Trump

    Ironic, innit?
  23. I have Selbstbeteiligung insurance with Car Assure, I do not know if it is good because I haven't use it yet.  The idea is you take the cheapest insurance from the car rent, usually this cheaper insurance is included in the basic price, and then if you have an accident your SB-insurance will pay for your copayment.
  24. Tell whoever is chasing you about this that you have done all you can and you don't intend to do any more. Then wait. In case of a court summons, get a lawyer to deal with it. In case of workplace bullying, get HR to deal with it. (if this fails see 2) In case of psychical violence or threats of same go to the police. If anything else shows up, go back to step 1    
  25. President Donald J. Trump

      Or Trump fired the bunker cleaners.
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