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  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    That sounds too reasonable, @zwiebelfisch. With all the soundbites of angry leave voters in the media such as "I just want to get out! Why have we not left yet?", the pressure would be on a new populist PM to move more quickly towards a no deal Brexit. I think after the Eurpoean elections and the constitution of the new European parliament, we might be in calmer water then but before these crucial dates, who knows what happens next.
  3. Ikea MORGEDAL mattress for free

    I’m interested if still available. I could do pick up on Saturday.
  4. Did anyone of you have to submit a Staatsangehörigkeitsnachweis other than your valid UK passport? It says Staatsangehörigkeitsnachweis on the official list of Einbürgerungsunterlagen in addition to gültiger Pass. How could I get a British Staatsangehörigkeitsnachweis?   By the way, I now have received an email reply and have been told that I do have to wait until August for a Beratungstermin. Argh.
  5. Prince William's Affair

      oh not just that, they're being EXILED to Africa.  By Willie no less.   all the proof was there in the Easter Sunday videos!
  6. Scum of the Day

    Seems quite balanced. Interesting that the author points out that not all Brits in power were evil and not all Irishmen were victims. Also interesting that he points out that Laissez faire economic policies of the time had a lot to do with it. Thatchers 'Market forces' policy is very similar and look what happened to so many strong but poor communities in Britain during the Thatcher years.   However, this is not about the English against the Irish, this is about the evil perpetuated against young vulnerable people by the Church with the help of the State.
  7. Coffee - where to buy

    You can buy very good coffee from Portuguese groceries, btw. I would recommend Delta Diamond or Delta Platinum. These are blended coffees, usually from African, Brazillian and sometimes East Timor coffee grains.    
  8. Prince William's Affair

    Well I took a look around the tabloids for the suspected partner. You know it takes 2 to Tango. And no I am not convinced that they did catch the right fish. 
  9. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    Hi TurMech,   Could you please tell, what are the document you have submitted for below query during your NE process.?   "Went there on the given date, resubmitted all the documents and gave fingerprints, but unexpectedly i was asked to prove that my bachelors degree was from a 4 year university."
  10. Coffee - where to buy

    No, because they use filter coffee. Although they "use" more coffee, they actually ingest less coffee.   This explains why Portugal and Italy are not #1 and #2.    
  11. Where to have UK pension paid?

    Thank you HEM, I'll probably go with the most straightforward way, pay directly here, when the decision is due.   Just a supplementary - can one change one's mind at a later date?!
  12. Prince William's Affair

      True, but does he truly have enough will power to overcome the temptation if it is truth. He has almost everything, and when people are granted everything easily, they tend to feel restless? They want more excitement? They may feel such privilege that they can be exempt from any punishment for doing anything immoral, because they are granted so much?    Now I tend to believe it is truth.
  13. Prince William's Affair

      If a king cheated after becoming king, he would not be forced to resign for being unfaithful. In this particular case, there are multiple choices in line, and if William cheated before becoming king, can he still become king?   I think in general Europeans are more accepting out-marital affairs and do not take it big deal than Americans.
  14. Prince William's Affair

    When you consider that its more or less an accept fact that Prince Phillip had Dina killed, then its more or less trivia about prince William's extra marital affair. Prince William will have to do a lot better than an out-marital affair, to be consider king like material.
  15. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    Whereas in US public schools are usually epitomes of architectural style and modern equipment, right? While in Singapur and Honkong you just go to the car dealer next door and drive away with a brand new car.
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  17. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    Interesting point of view calling public sexual intercourse in public transport in front of children on Sunday mid-morning normal and witnesses getting annoyed intolerant. Anyone knows any major cities in the world where people will not bat an eye in such an event? Would love to hear your thoughts on that.   1. Um. Can't find one from the top of my hat. Please add as appropriate.
  18. Getting married in DE with dual nationality

    Since these posts are quite old now I'd like to double check. Does anyone have any recent-ish experience of marrying as a dual citizen in Germany? I'm British and acquired the German citizenship just after the referendum. My German partner and I intend to get married later this year and I can't find any Information on the Stadt Köln website as to whether I can do the marriage notice/ Anmeldung zur Eheschließung as a German or whether I have to do it 'mit auslandsbeteilung'. If you do the latter, you need to have a Vorgespräch and a certificate of no impediment. Since I was born in the UK do I need this? Or can I just submit the same documents as a born German? The woman on the telephone at the Stadt when we called up to ask was clueless and said we should have the Vorgespräch just in case, but the earliest appointment we could get was June though, which is abit of a pain because I wanted to reserve our Wunschtermin in May (ie. the maximum 6 months in advance) and you have to do the Anmeldung within 30 days. Which now looks like it won't be possible if I have to also get a certificate of not impediment. Does anyone know if it is possible to then reserve the (same) day for the wedding again if you miss the 30 day window? Also, I already have a certified copy of my birth certificate with a certified translation, as I needed this for my application for citizenship. But the lady on the telephone said that the copy (beeidigte Abschrift) can't be older than 3 months - in this case she was talking about my German partner's. We have already ordered and received a copy of my partner's birth certificate because the original for some reason isn't enough (wtf), so does this mean I will have to get another copy of mine as well and another translation so that it's less than 3 months old for the Anmeldung? In which case, it seems like we might have to order yet another copy of my partner's then as well as the current one will only be valid until July then. The whole thing is driving me crazy and stressing me out. Does anyone have any recent experience here?
  19. Change of use regulations and permissions.

      beware of CO should you consider burning carbon containing material
  20. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    How can rank among top global cities when the berliners are so intolerant: Oralsex in Berliner S-Bahn kostet Paar 7500 Euro    
  21. Prince William's Affair

      Exactly.    And the next in line to the throne cheated on his, so by the time William gets to sit on the throne then (if true) he will just be maintaining the status quo!
  22. Prince William's Affair

    Reconsidered and deleted comment
  23. Change of use regulations and permissions.

    Oh well, Just got back from the Bauamt...    Achitecht must draw up plans.. Change of use needs to be granted.. New Drains, Fire certificated... etc etc...   So, it looks like I will just put a concrete floor in there, Patio/terrase doors and use it as a workshop and storage for my motorbikes and an indoor grill area...     
  24. Change of use regulations and permissions.

        Best you double check this while you are there.  The information I found online said "in most cases" that a Baugenehmigungen is not needed, but as you are going then best to double check exactly what they want.  As you are doing a conversion of the loft rather than just installing windows, then it might be more complex.
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