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    he felt Grumpy
  3. Three-word story

    Brewmeister Snake Venom
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    after round of
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  6. E104/E106 Format advise asked to get health insurance

    Hi there, thanks a lot. I was thinking of contacting another public health insurance but I was a bit unsure how it would look to them and if it would be a similar procedure (with the same negative result). Could you tell me which are smaller ones that could be selected? I picked TK because veryone seemed to say that they are easy to deal with. Regarding the specialized brokers, how would it work? I really don't earn much money in the moment.   Thanks a lot. Cheers, Morden
  7. Thanks. Is amts a general word for all Government offices? They might tell me to go home but wouldn't this be illegal under the current EU rules?   Am not claiming JSA in the UK, I think my savings are too high.        
  8. Do you need a masters degree to be accepted into a PhD

    Let me give a vague and highly likely outdated info. Previously there were graduate schools like in uni Paderborn who accepted high caliber graduates, and provided a PhD program.  
  9. Thanks for this - doesn't seem straightforward. That said, I heard that Germany has welcomed people who are not literate in any language, and with the help of associations I guess they have overcome those hurdles.   Am budgeting 10k for language courses, 6 months accommodation, medical insurance and paperwork..
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    For Chris Martin   Not sure where I read the original article on JRM but this came up with a quick search.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    We will live forever, HEM! Bit tired tonight, though, I must admit! I just hope common sense prevails and our rights of residence as Brits in the EU will prevail. The Greeks won´t notice but the Germans will..still have to send off my stuff to Hamburg for Settled Status. Have been a bit Greek lately...too hot to react!
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    For how long?  & we cannot vote.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    You and me are still around, HEM!
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      That ability has been removed over the past years.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    People need to think for themselves.
  16. Brexit: The fallout

      The media are the root of many problems - its just that people don't want to face up to it.
  17. Brexit: The fallout

    Boris Johnson sounds like the nickname a Russian guy gives his penis.
  18. Jokes

    "What's a Freudian slip?"  "It's when you say one thng, but mean a mother".
  19. Random pointless comments

    Just heard someone shout "Johnson sack Hunt".  At least I think that's what I heard.
  20. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ... ... ...  
  21. Random pointless comments

    The Greeks would. A step further; chain it by the neck (short leash ) and leave it alone 24 hours a day outside in the hot sun  unloved or in the rain outside . That goes for white and brown and black dogs. That goes for 90 per cent of dogs on Crete.   PS: that dog is a beaut. In our village, there´s a huskie locked up in a patio 24 hours a day, living a useless life and in the wrong climate.,
  22. Brexit: The fallout

    We live in hope, zwiebelfisch!
  23. Random pointless comments

    "Boris Johnson?"  
  24. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    Now that he's Prime Minister, there is a new Boris Drinking Game. 1. Start drinking. 2. Don't stop.
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