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  2. Game of Thrones (TV series) (Spoilers )

      Add, going to bed at 20:00, alarm set for 02:40   All set, bring it on 
  3. Bike locked up

    Or screwdriver maybe by ramming it into the mechanism and turning.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Hadn't realised they were playing, after Friday's game and the style of the win with the batting from Roy and the steadying by Stokes today should be interesting.
  5. Bike locked up

    Ah, this are the most primitive bike locks there are - you can open them with almost any small flat key! Give it a try.
  6. Leaving Germany for six months

    Hi I have a similar situation, although I have only been living in Germany for about 8 months for a Master's program. I will be leaving Germany from October to March (just under 6 months) for an exchange abroad (outside EU) that is required for my program. My residence permit will still be valid when I return. So my questions are: - Do I need to have a place of residence during this time? (the lease of my current apartment ends right before I leave so I will not have a residence, and I was planning to store my stuff somewhere) - Do I need to de-register with the city when I leave, then re-register upon return? I can't seem to find this information online that directly matches my situation. I could really use any advice! Thanks!
  7. Bike locked up

    I'd go to the police and ask them what to do. If it's a scam, they will know about it.
  8. Here comes another cherry picker. Just wondering my arse.
  9. Bike locked up

    Oh no! I've seen other bikes there too with the same lock. Has anyone experienced this too? Can the bahnhof employees do anything to help me?
  10. Further to that, I read in many newspapers ( sueddeutsche, AZ etc) , that   from 12 yo at very low speed 6kph from 14 yo to 15 kph after 20kph you have to wear a helmet   All the new newspaper articles, do not talk about, proper brakes, insurance, lights, number plates or anything and there will be another series of votes in the sommer on it, sounds as complex as BREXIT
  11. Today
  12. Ikea gas hob

    it used to be Zyklon-B...    But all that is in the past... 
  13. I brought my contract in to Tecniker Krankenkasse. They signed me up on the spot,  They gave me a mitgliedsbescheinigung.  I sent it to the fabulous Mr Gunn and he cancelled my private policy. as they say e z p z :}   Thanks for everything, John. Let's have a beer again soon.   yours, Tor
  14. Eurovision Song Contest Israel 2019!

    My favorite was Norway, it was a catchy tune. it was also the public's favorite. The Netherlands...ugh...
  15. Only in America...

  16. Ikea gas hob

    What type of gas is used in Germany?  And yeah in India and Europe no difference in volts..  I looked for online and adapter is available..  Is there any thing need to checked regarding gas flow in pipes attached to stove? 
  17. Next Badminton is 21.05.2019 19:30-21:30        The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SATURDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish to play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.        1. Colin 20:00-21:30 2. Alan 19.30 - 21.30 3. Ben 20.30–21.30 4. Christian 19:30 - 21:30 5. AdamL 8.30-9.30pm 6. Vinod 19:30-21:30 7. Andy 19:30-21:30 8. Raphi 19:30-21:30 9. Sonja 20:00-21:30
  18. Ikea gas hob

    YOU have to find out...   a.) if that eldslaga thingy can be set up to use LPG. b.) if 230V is available where you wan't to set it up.  c.) What thread is used on the standard LPG-bottles in India. d.) whether there is an adapter available to convert from German thread to  that Indian thread. e.) that the words "homework" and "query" have different meanings.
  19. Bike locked up

    Thats a classic scam...   If the bike is there in 2 or 3 days, then someone will come allong with bolt croppers, chop off your lock and then use their key to open the "Bike lock"...   The crooks buy these locks for 10€ or so, then claim they are the owner of the bike cause they have the keys!!   ( They fix this to your bike to make it look officially part of the bike...      Sneaky bastards
  20. What are you listening to right now?

    The washing machine and cricket:
  21. Ikea gas hob

    You work it out...
  22. Ikea gas hob

    Any info needed to answer my query? Thanks everyone.. 
  23. Bike locked up

    Hi I've been living here in Germany for 7 months now and been a long time lurker here in the forums. On 01.05. my roommate and I went to Offenburg to meet some friends. Since we don't have a car yet, we went to the train station by bike and parked them at the Fahrradparkplatz. Later that night, as we arrived at the station and ready to get the bikes, I realized I left the keys at my friend's flat! I didn't get the keys back until more than 2 weeks later. Yesterday, when I was ready to get the bikes back, I noticed that the rear wheels were locked. Since it was already late there were no more Bahnhof employees around to ask. Now I'm not sure what to do. Do i need to pay some fine for leaving the bikes there for a long time?
  24. I've gone through the internet and the forums extensively, but I can't find the right combination of circumstances in any of the questions. Currently I live in Germany for the past 5 years, but I will soon become cross-border, travelling to Berlin for 3 days a week. I'm looking for a small apartment to stay. The conditions state the notice waiver of 3 years (longer than the normal 1-2 years, but still legal as far as I searched), but with the following "Möglichkeit" Es wird eine Staffelmiete mit einer Steigerung um 2,5% jährlich vereinbart, ferner ein wechselseitiger Kündigungsverzicht für die ersten drei Jahre mit der Möglichkeit einen Nachmieter zu finden.   I've read about the Nachmieterklausel, and I assume that's what it refers to. Does that clause create an obligation of the Vermieter to accept a Nachmieter (assuming he accepts the lease as-is and has similar characteristics as me), or is the standard "can, but doesn't have to accept the Nachmieter" setup kick in?   Meanwhile I'm waiting for the draft contract, I would share if I know the exact wording.
  25. Ikea gas hob

    Its connected to (Liquefied petroleum gas) type of gas
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