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  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Britain can easily cope with no-deal Brexit, claims Boris Johnson   Well if the UK can cope so easily, why are the 'government' preparing for civil unrest and martial law. Johnson is living in cloud cuckoo land, he should be escorted to the nearest padded cell... and throw away the key!
  3. Hi! I have come to Germany to do my PhD with Marie Curie funding in June. My supervisors pushed me off topic to work as a full time developer and when they did not see good results within two months, they decided to fire me. Just called me in his office and said you are fired (without any prior warning), I was in provisional period. Ethically nobody guided me doing anything, just leave me on my desk and said you have to work on it. My questions are: 1. Can he just fired a PhD student when he came to do something else, but they throw something else to him (I did not receive any warning or career development plan)??? 2. I have already went to Bundesagentur fur Arbeit office, they give me a clearance from their and as I did not work for 12 months, they forward me to the Job Search office. The job center agreed to help me finding new job, and suggested me to apply for unemployment benefit II. 3. On my "Zusatzblatt" paper it is mentioned why I have come to Germany and where I am working, so as I am going to be fired, how long I can legally stay in Germany for looking another job? Is it just three months? I have more than one year visa in my residence permit now, but I guess that should be invalid soon.   I do not know anybody, also cannot speak German. With all these I am super stressed, please give me some suggestion.      
  4. is this meet-up still happening every Wednesday?
  5. Health Insurance in Berlin

    Hi there,   I know this question has been asked a million times but most of the information I can find is from years ago and I have no idea if it is particularly relevant anymore so I thought I would post to see if anyone can give me any up-to-date guidance, please!   My boyfriend of 10.5 years has been offered (and accepted) a job within Software development in Germany. I'm currently a trained Dispenser in a Pharmacy here in Scotland. I will be giving up my job and finishing up a module I'm already studying through the Open University in accountancy for the first 6-9 months of our relocation to Berlin after which I intend to look for a job (not in the accountancy field, just a small job to give me some income) as well as continue my studies of the German language. Our time we plan to stay in Germany is currently around 1.5 - 2 years, we intend to come and settle back in Scotland eventually. He is going to be supporting me initially and we have the budget to make this work.   We have been advised to get a relocation agent to help us and we may do so but I'm looking for advice re: health insurance for me. I have seen so many conflicting pieces of advice that I am baffled by the whole situation. In Scotland not much emphasis is put on the legalities of marriage and we are considered a common law marriage. I know this is not the case in Germany so am just trying to understand what this will mean.   What I do know is that without being married I am not a dependant and will not be covered under his health insurance and so will need my own.    What I dont know is how much his being employed will affect the contribution I make, what difference my status as unemployed will make and if companies such as Mawista who offer expat insurance for under 5 years stay fit the legal requirements or if I will end up having to do back payments if I get a job and join the public health insurance.    I'm so confused and want to make sure that everything we do is above board and wondered if anyone had any advice on the easiest and smoothest (and legal!) way to go about this. We are looking to move around the 21st of October.   I haven't even mentioned Brexit...will I get back into Germany if I come back to Scotland to visit family? 😩😩🤯😩😩
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  7. Hello All,   I am moving in a few months and I have a new desk fan from Rowenta to sell. It is very powerful and comes with multiple settings including an extremely powerful Turbo Boost mode as well as Extreme Silent mode so you won't hear it, but you'll still have the intense waves of fresh air. The fan has a 120° range of sweeping motion for maximum diffusion through the room. I bought it for 85€, but I'm only asking for 30€ since I used it a couple of times this summer.   Here is a link to the exact product on Rowenta's website if you want more details -    
  8. Single/M/41/no kids I've been talking to a large German organization about a Sr leadership position located in Germany. After some initial back and forth on what an Arbeitsvertrag would feature I have made a spreadsheet to try to compare competing offers. The comparison factors I am considering are: PTO (US 20 / DE 30) Paid holidays (US 10 / DE 31) Cost of living (US city 78.72 / DE city 72.83 using Currency fluctuation Tax rates (US 38.6% / DE 44.5% using Pension funds (still lots of questions for the employer) Severance Social security services (not all that applicable; I have good healthcare in the US, hardly ever get sick, and don't expect to have kids anytime soon) Qualitative factors (how much I would enjoy the job, home base, travel costs to get away etc) Job protection/safety Working hours/ working times/ overtime regulations (US/DE all inclusive; same 40hr baseline) Period of notice (US none, DE 3 months) My questions: Am I missing any critical aspects in the list above to make the "translation"? It seems there would be no yearly vesting of LTIs in my contract as I am used to in the US but everything vests after 3 years; is that common? How negotiable is PTO days typically in DE? it was a common negotiation item in my US contracts Does the tax rate seem about right on the DE side for a single male, no kids with a base of approx. $300k EUR Can I assume Bonus payments to be taxed at the same rate as my base income or progressively? Is it true that there are no severance constructs in DE? I had established 9-12mos in the US for leadership positions Thanks much for any input!
  9. Hi All! I'm moving in a few months and must sell my lovely little bicycle.   It is a gently used cross-trekking bicycle from Decathalon. Great Condition- comes with bike chain & key, travel-sized hand pump for tires, and easy balance kickstand. Perfect for a small or average-sized woman or child. 90€ (normally 280€)     Size: Small (1M50-1M65) (Adult Small) Color: Pearl Grey with Light Blue stripes Bicycle frame: 100% aluminum 6061     Lightweight for easy steering and carrying. Comfortable to drive thanks to the ergonomic handles and saddle as well as suspension fork. Great for both inner city and off-road/forest terrain cycling.   To see more information, click on the link below: "CROSS BIKE 28 INCHES RIVERSIDE 500"   Hope to hear from someone! Best wishes,   L
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Pot, meet kettle.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      Source?   What does "political' mean now?   Absolute statements with no qualifiers.    
  12. Climate change discussion

      Agree.  The CNN and Nat Geo articles sensationalized the issue with fire counts.  Unfortunarely, nobody objected to this methodology until same methodology went against the narrative.   How many years has data been collected and what is the statitstcal significance?   Given that a major trade agreement might be delayed over these fires, one would think that such relevant details would be available.      
  13. I am Still waiting Mr Morane...  
  14. Climate change discussion

    Anyone here tell me how to correctly dispose of old solar panels? 
  15. Climate change discussion

    If you knew anything about Angola, you would know that it is mostly a Savanna and open grassland, not dense forest! The comparison is stupid because it identifies number of fires, not considering the size of them, in terms of burned biomass.   There are thousands of small fires ("queimadas") mostly due to small farm agricultural fires, to burn leftovers or to prepare land for new crops.
  16. Jokes

  17. Brexit: The fallout

      The press have called it "Meatloaf Remainerism".    "I would do anything to stop No Deal Brexit, but I won`t do that."    
  18. Worst jokes ever

    Q. What goes 99 click 99 click?   A. A centipede with a wooden leg. ...
  19. Brexit: The fallout

    The bomb was political. It was outside the Crown Court. They do not have popular support but neither did the IRA at the height of the troubles. Certainly not universal support anyway.
  20. Mummy meet up

    Hi Lucy, I live in Trudering with my husband and 8 month old little girl. I would definitely be up for meeting during the day with baby.    Stacy
  21. Proof of Language Proficiency Exception

      You can of course take courses online and you can do self evaluation tests to check where you stand.    When you are ready to take a test, you have to book it and appear. I took a course at the VHS in my town and we were told that extra people would join us for the test.   This page has some info on Goethe test locations and dates and also some training material and self tests.   Personally I never bothered with the test and until now never had anyone ask me for it. My workplace experience has been that as long as I can speak and understand, nobody is bothered what level I have.
  22. My list. What shall I miss: - weather (yes, I come from Portugal, but from the cold, wet, windy north) - courts, liability, insurance. You make a mistake, you pay for it, things work. Someone else makes a mistake, you get money. - public services - meritocracy - public parks, forests, etc - petty crime safety - house heating systems and insulation - Autobahn!   What shall I not miss: - food! - low quality supermarkets and their stupid closing hours - bread - German lack of politeness - shady eastern europeans/middle east, radical muslims, vegans, bayerisch village idiots, Porsche owners and others - can't wash the car on the street - house prices - German school system - poor house internal finishings (painting, electric installation, small details)
  23. Climate change discussion

      Do a search on suzuki and meat and you will see some serious entitlement.  Starts around page 39.  
  24. Brexit: The fallout

      Was this event viewed as a political act, an isolated incident by an individual or group working alone, organized crime, or some other explanation?   Years ago, The Economist speculated that the GFA was positive, but that some of the financing of the Irish Republicans had been basically generated through organized crime and that the GFA would not put an end to what was a very lucrative cashflow.   The thuggery would continue even without a veneer of political justification.    Do the people responsible for the current violence and/or the people who are projected to initiate violence if a secured border goes up have popular support ?
  25. Ah Keefy, does that make you a Fen Tiger? :) The region between Cambridge and Bedford is unique. I holidayed on a boat on the Great Ouse and Cam years ago and loved the place.
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  27. What made you laugh today?

      IDK, but that dude looks way too happy to have one functional eye.   They need models that look like this..      
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