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  2. Back to the perv and his good friend Trump..    
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  6. Favourite quotes

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. - Voltaire      
  7. Next game is on Sunday, July 21st at 3:00pm at location 2. That's near Hirschau Biergarten, and is our regular Sunday spot.   Please bring both a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 2:   See you on the field
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  9. Brexit: The fallout

    The excellent Fintan O’Toole on Boris Johnson: “he knows that millions of his compatriots would rather go along with his outrageous fabrications than be accused of the ultimate sin of taking things too seriously.”    
  10. Berlin School of Law and Economics. They don't have Studentenwerk :(
  11. There are many more factors, like road quality, average fleet age, how hilly the country is. Thing is, most of those factors depend on how rich a country is, not on how good people drive.
  12. Fasting anyone tried it?

    Reviving this thread, because I'm water fasting now, no food intake. I'm using still mineral water with some additional minerals added.    For the last year, I've done extensive research on the health benefits of fasting, how to safely fast, and  how to break my fast. I've also read about the health benefits of fasting and autophagy.  I  have also done intermittent fasting with an eating window of 8 hours in a day.    Happy I actually made it through my first day of fasting without feeling ravenous or any negative effects. Tomorrow my fast will also include avoiding the internet, I'll focus instead on my reading my books and journal writing.   My next meal is on Sunday around noon.  
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Interesting that after the referendum JRM's investment company set up a subsidiary in Dublin. If brexit was such a good idea why did he have to do that?
  14. Is fasting popular in Germany?

    Wrong thread, posted my comment about fasting here instead.    
  15. Paying Tax as freelancer

      It would be best if your Steuerberaterin did it, but that's not possible due to the time constraints. Since she's on holiday and you need to officially stop freelancing by 31. July, simply send the Finanzamt the following letter by snail mail:   ******************************************************** An  Finanzamt Hannover ...  ... Hannover   Betrifft: Aufgabe der selbständigen Tätigkeit zum 31.07.2019 Steuernummer: your freelance Steuernummer   Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,   ich werde meine selbständige Tätigkeit zum 31. Juli 2019 aufgeben, um ab 1. August 2019 als Angestellte in einem 450€-Minijob zu arbeiten. Dies ist sehr plötzlich passiert, und meine Steuerberaterin befindet sich leider bis Mitte August im Urlaub. Die Aufgabebilanz und alle sonstigen notwendigen Formalitäten wird sie deshalb erst erledigen können, sobald sie wieder da ist.   Ich bitte jedoch auf jeden Fall darum, in Ihren Akten das Ende meiner selbständigen Tätigkeit zum 31.07.2019 zu verzeichnen und meine Einkommensteuer-Vorauszahlungen dementsprechend anzupassen.   Mit freundlichen Grüßen und Dank your signature your name    
  16. How to start modelling in Germany

      No, they don't.   All legit photographers will only shoot with a guardian present if you are under 18.  Over 18, some won't mind if you take someone with you, others will refuse to let extra people in the studio to prevent distractions (and it is distracting having non-industry people watching).   There are safety guides on model-kartei, purpleport, modelmayhem and any other modelling website you want to name.  All of them have a review system for both models and photographers. DO NOT TRUST THE REVIEWS. Always contact other models photographers have worked with privately to get genuine reviews.  Many will not post negative reviews openly for the effect it may have on their career. There have been many instances of well respected, incredibly talent professional photographers continually pushing boundaries and sexually assaulting models. Some are now in prison, some are still working. Models want to work with them as it will help their career, speaking out against them will negatively affect it.  However, models will always tell other models, and it is usually well known who the creeps are on the circuit. ALWAYS SPEAK TO THE MODELS.   If you want to do high fashion modelling via an agency then it really isn't a hobby and you can't really treat it as such. But they can tell basically just by looking at you and a couple of polaroids if you will get work.   If it's a hobby, go down the website modelling route.  Please note that 90% of photographers I met here don't speak English, which you may want to bear in mind if your German isn't up to scratch.
  17. Random pointless comments

     We've  spent the last ten days in Brugge Belgium on vacation. I  found a lovely vintage french hunting horn in a flea market that we absolutely love. Will put it on our living room wall as Objet d'art once we figure out the best hooks to hang it with.   It looks like this, but our has a mouthpiece and is shinier bass and in excellent condition. I haggled it down to 60 Euros. My husband helped bring it back to Germany on the train.    
  18. According to this link the death rate in Greece (country code EL, which you know of course) is high, but Eastern European countries top the list:   The more south or east you go, the more road fatalies occur.
  19. Interesting way to show our general and overwhelming way better politeness as it has been discussed here. Just to give a polite answer to your Germanism. I do apologise for trying to get the threat back to its original discussion. Someone had reopened this old thingamajing and in terms of understanding whats it about I tend to read posts from their start to see what development they took. So going back to researching facts before adding my twopence is just my was to ensure I am answering to the OP and not some general bitching and moaning or adding to derailing a thread unless I wish to do so. I am deeply sorry for not meeting your requirements of commenting. If you prefer not reading my comments there is always the ignore option.   
  20. Paying Tax as freelancer

      You don't have to give up your freelance activities. The minijob is separate, its income isn't taxable and doesn't affect your health insurance contributions. It's just if you have more than one minijob that you need to makes sure that all minijobs together stay within the 450 euro/month limit. Other income (freelancing, employment, pensions...) is irrelevant.   So nothing changes for you if you take a minijob, everything stays the same but you have the 450 euros from the minijob every month tax free.
  21. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

    Sir Percy! Interesting point! Whether a cat or a dog issue ... please STOP the apostrophe abuse! It drives us oldies crazy!.
  22. How to start modelling in Germany

    I was wondering too how old the OP is, but didn't want to ask.
  23. How to start modelling in Germany

      Ask your Mum and Dad, they're the ones that should escort you and guide you without having to worry about the creeps.    How old are you 14?
  24. You can always change your job. Go with the new contract and documents when going for your appointment and they should give you a new one
  25. How to start modelling in Germany

      Typically, models go to assignments with someone, if it's a first-time client.    EDIT: and you always tell your new clients that you are coming with your dad/mom/aunt... If they are creeps, they'll cancel.  
  26.   If I was you I'd focus on where you're going to, not where you are coming from, you answered a post from nearly a year ago.
  27. Brexit: The fallout

    This goes back to something I said earlier in the thread. Absolute bollocks said,but it doesn`t matter because the people he aims at believe it no matter the actual facts and that`s all he`s interested in.
  28. I never rent out to people who dont provide credit rating. Dont want to get  people in that  are moving in then not paying until you kick them out and then move in with the next landlord. Been there seen it. No credit rating provided no flat to rent. End of story.
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