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  2. Registering with the Künstlersozialkasse

    Hello, I'm an artist working from October 2016 as a freelancer. Since that time I pay for TK my insurance. I actually could be in KSK from the very beginning, but because my insurance premium was always low (it doesn't include rentenversicherung), I didn't decide to change before. If I will join KSK right now, can I also ask for a refund of premiums that I have paid before applying to KSK? Or it will only refund for a period from applying to the time when I became a member? I checked the website, and I also checked the books of scocial security laws, and it quite confusing.
  3. Car air con specialist?

      I'm pretty sure that Halfords sell refill/recharge kits, at least they did before I moved out of the UK and I would of thought that a large chain wouldn't readily sell something that was highly illegal and easy to prosecute/fine them over?
  4. ...someone told me registering in parallel at a german uni could be of use?  not sure... your thoughts?
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  6. Where to buy British groceries in Berlin

      On their FaceBook page they say the last day will be May 29th.   They also indicate that there are some plans for it to re-open or be taken over by someone, but there are scant details whether this will in fact happen.
  7. Strange facts that you never wanted to know

    Just watched a documentary about Salmon farming in Scotland, I will never eat farmed Salmon again. The farms have a mortality rate of around 20% due to lice and disease. Below is a picture taken from the BBC documentary.
  8.   Some people are naturally talented, but it's very rare to find a person who just finished an internship and is capable to manage a team. Years of experience do outweigh natural talent. No one is born with the natural ability to code, they are able to do so because of a mix of both talent that has grown in the right direction, and vigorous practice. 
  9. There is another question about health insurance.  It reads "Do you have health insurance in Germany?"  Does this mean am I covered by a health insurance policy issued by a German company?  One of the available answers, which applies to me, is "No, I am insured in my country of origin."  When I select this, the next page asks "Why do you (so far) not have health insurance in Germany?"  Well, I do have health insurance in Germany, but not issued by a German company, and accepted by the Ausländerbehörder as valid.  Unfortunately, there is no option to indicate this.  Not making any selection on this page still allows me to go to the next page, so it is not a useful question.   Another page asks "How helpful did you find the following social media platforms/networks for the job search?"  As I am retired, there is no option for "not required", only "not used".  However, "not used" still implies a job search was done, but not using any social media. 
  10. We play our next game Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:00pm.   We will be at location 1 near Chinese tower. As always, please bring a light and a dark shirt.   Map to location 1:   See you on the field!  
  11. Signing up for a dentist's billing company shouldn't effect your credit score unless you intend on not paying your bills just like any other bills you might owe.   I don't know how many dentists your insurance will pay for you to go see  in "rapid succession" just to check them out. An appointment is an appointment and someone will get charged.   I do know that my dentist will work on a billing plan if I just tell her and she notifies her billing company. I haven't done it but it is available by asking.   Do you not have any friends or colleagues in Ddorf who can recommend a good dentist?
  12. Obtaining punitive damages

      It will be hard to sue when you are mildly autistic. 
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Doubt it Murph. He gets enough airtime without pulling a stunt like that. He looked genuinely pissed off as it stopped himspouting shite. Funny though.
  14. Why are you happy today?

    I just got back from the Joe Bonamassa concert.   My life is complete.   I can die now.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    I'd say the Farage thing today was staged. 
  16. What are you cooking today?

      My fav peeler is the OXO Good Grip. They even sell them in Germany now. I gift them to people when I stay with them so I can use it. Also good for skinning carrots, asparagus, etc.
  17. What are you listening to right now?

    Not sure how many of you have ever heard of one of the most difficult instruments to play, the Uillean pipes. My mate in Uni Marine Sciences who gave me my first research job could play them well.    
  18.   How on earth do you know that?  
  19. I wonder if zerohedge will be copying that Times story.
  20. Tip of the day

    If you stand outside a dry cleaners in just your underwear, angrily checking your watch, they'll pay you to go away.
  21. What are you cooking today?

      Because they had a few bad spots I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Usually, I would only have washed and scrubbed them thoroughly.   Oh - and the gratin was delicious.
  22. Price reduced to 55 EUR
  23. What are you listening to right now?   A bit of Marvin!... 
  24. What are you listening to right now?

    One of Robbie's finest...    
  25. Scum of the Day

    9 months pregnant 17 year killed and baby cut from her womb,  This is so disturbing, this young lady was lured to these vicious animals house from posting in a group on Facebook for Young Mothers with the promise of free baby clothes. The baby is in ICU with little brain activity. The lady after they killed her they put in a trash bag and sat it outside their house.   After they committed the heinous crime they posted on GoFundMe a campaign to raise money for her baby they stole hospitalization.    
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