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  2. health insurance - urgent

    Hello to everybody who replied to my recent mail concerning health insurance. And a very big shout  out to the one and only John G. Without his help and advice and guidance, I would still be panicking and looking over my shoulder. So once again, thank you John for all the time and effort you put in helping me.
  3. Coin counting machine locations?

    Truly Toytown at its best.   Member #1: Where can I find coin-counting machines in Germany? Member #2: Pay by card. Money is so last century. Member #3: What is money? (Yes, this actually happened.)
  4. Coin counting machine locations?

      Do you live in Germany? Certainly not in Berlin
  5. I hope it works out! 😀 you gotta try and see what happens  and no no wealthy here! 😬 keep us updated  
  6. Police Brutality in the USA

      The police are denying it, but check this out: Even if it is him, it doesn't mean he was acting on orders. He might just be an asshole on his personal time.
  7. Police Brutality in the USA

    Anyone catch the video of Umbrella Man?    Loads of speculation that it might be a cop
  8. Police Brutality in the USA

    Former DNC Chair and current Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.     Karma something something.      
  9. Working conditions

      I think the we are past the point where we can say "It's not allowed".  It obviously happens here all the fucking time and EVEN IN the extraordinary unlikely event that Joe Blow from Nigeria takes his case to court against whatever multi-million dollar corporation and their crack team of lawyers from Field Fischer, I promise you that whatever happens then is not a deterrent.
  10. Activities for toddlers

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to find out if my area has any class/play group type options for my toddler. I am reluctant to send him to daycare at this age for as many hours and days they insist on but think socializing is important, just on more like a 1-2 days a week bases. I originally asked the person in charge of signing kids up for daycare but she didn't seem to understand what I was asking. Is there something specific I can google or someone at the government office I speak to?   Thank you
  11. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Live stream link to NASA/Spacex launch:      
  12. Today
  13. Police Brutality in the USA

    it gets even better 😭        
  14. Portable air conditioning units

    Not worth the money IMO. We got one last summer because a friend works there and we got a good discount. I’ve yet to be impressed 😒
  15.   It's always the mayors of the most violent and broken cities in the US who are the most arrogant and proud.
  16. HASPA cleared my Treasury Check within a few days without any hassle and charged me a 40 Euro fee
  17. Police Brutality in the USA

    So an innocent black man has died brutally at the hands of a racist white cop and a woman of colour ( I don’t particularly like the term, but anyway ) with her megaphone keeps trying to ask a bunch of white guys to stop the smashing up of the store...and they ignore her. You couldn’t make it up - those white guys are in that video for the anarchy- nothing to do with anti-racism.
  18. Police Brutality in the USA

        As I was saying
  19. Police Brutality in the USA

    I make a distinction between legitimate protests and anger over this brutal killing of the black guy by that vicious, inhumane white cop and violent hangers-on just deliberately damaging small businesses, often owned by Afro-Americans etc and who just want to have their anarchistic orgasm, the thrill of destruction. 
  20. President Donald J. Trump

    Since we're taking a stroll down memory lane, let's revisit this old favorite:  
  21. Police Brutality in the USA

      Maybe so but most of the rioters/looters are out of town whites, aka Antifa types. Portland and cities have been turning a blind to this for years and now they are paying the price. 
  22. Coronavirus

      Sweden could not afford the lockdown like other countries. That's what I think anyhow. Look how much tax you pay there when you work....
  23. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Seriously, who gives a fuck about gender? We are all human. This shit has to stop, and it has to stop NOW!
  24. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Not understanding.  I call everyone "guys". The rest of what you just said does not seem to make sense.  I can understand a female bodied person to be a transman.  And I can understand a male bodied person to be a transwomen. 
  25. Police Brutality in the USA

    Please keep on topic so this thread does not get closed like the others... seriously...
  26. What are you listening to right now?

    All I know are sad songs...            
  27. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    The day a man who identifies as a man can go outside and wear a dress or a skirt and still be respected and not ridiculed is the day that we have equality. It is ok for women to wear trousers/pants, but not for a man to wear a dress. Why?   Things that are considered to be female such as "compassion, empathy and kindness" are seen as being "weak and inferior"   Times really have not changed that much at all.
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