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  2. E-car tips

    Yes it is. 250CDI BlueEfficiency. I´ve had it for almost 6 years. Great fun on the highway, comfortable. I like the car very much, so I am keeping it. For city driving it is a diesel, so not much fun, but the turning radius is great, so very easy to park.   Bear in mind to have more thorough services after 170.000km. Especially exchange the turbo hoses before they "explode", like mine did, leaving me stranded on the highway.   Do not buy anything below 220CDI, as it will be underpowered.
  3. Edit: never mind, saw your first post. I took it once on a Sunday for some WG viewings, was quite pleasant. But again it was a weekend, perhaps it's worse during weekdays?
  4. Thanks for the detailed answer! In regards to the commute itself it might actually be a decent time to study for an exam within my profession (architecture licensing), so hopefully it won't drain me/be a complete waste of time.
  5. Reporting Internet Scams & Phishing in Germany/Munich

    I just got this email from not Netflix-         The sender address is  support <>   I don't have a Netflix account. Beware. Not that I think anyone here would be stupid enough to fall for it.
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I ticked the "nein" box and wrote: "Ich beziehe mich auf Paragraph 87 Absatz 2 Ausländergesetz, wonach von EU-Bürgern die Aufgabe der bisherigen Staatsbürgerschaft nicht verlangt wird, deren Staaten dies von  deutschen Bewerbern auch nicht verlangen, also das Prinzip der Gegenseitigkeit. Landtag von Baden  Württemberg, Drucksache 13 / 3132 vom 22.04.2004."   I was granted dual citizenship, no further questions asked - but that was back in 2005. When I picked  up my certificate of citizenship, they gave me a one page "Merkblatt für Mehrstaater".
  7. Samsung UE55MU6199U Smart TV

    I am selling it since I am moving out of Germany. and yes I have sold iphone in the past here. 
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I think I left it blank and asked what I should write in. If I recall correctly the guy put something like "EU-Staatsbürger. Doppeltestaatsbürgerschaft erlaubt."  
  9. Samsung UE55MU6199U Smart TV

    Fair enough, I found the same advert on ebay:   Might be kosher, just seems suspect that the only other post was more or les identical a year back for an iphone.
  10. E-car tips

      Is it an Avantgarde package? This is the car i am planning to buy in a few months. How long have you driven it? How has been your experiences with it?
  11. I'm in my last 3 weeks of waiting for my B1 and Einbürgerungs results and I'm completing my application form. I'm probably gonna phone to schedule an appointment any day now (aiming for mid May but concerned I'll time it wrong and have the appointment before both results have arrived).    Anyway ... I'm looking to hear what people wrote exactly in this section of the form:     My Gerwoman suggests I write something along the lines of "Aktuell nicht erforderlich wegen Doppeltestaatsbürgerschaft".   What did someone who successfully got the Doppelte write there?  
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  13. Samsung UE55MU6199U Smart TV

    Perhaps it fell off a truck?
  14. E-car tips

    Self driving Tesla video    
  15. Samsung UE55MU6199U Smart TV

    Why are you sellnig a brand new tv? Why is this advert in german?   Sorry if I dont sound trusting, but your only other post seems to be a similar advert for an iphone you decided to sell new.
  16. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    Hey, alderhill  and engelchen ! Thank you both for the replies. I've asked already for the German one and mentioned the part about my non-existing employees. I agree that this artifact doesn't make much sense in English.    My responsibilities were described before, I decided to skip them. I think I will wait for the German version and then will show it here. As far as I understood - the part with "performance" description is always like this with no specifics at all. All specific information is listed only in responsibilities list, doesn't it?
  17. Which past members do you miss the most?

      Been quite a while since we visited but AFAICR ( and going by the last stage of his  thread ) he had finished his Workshop, Had finished his Man Cave / office   in the roof and had put stainless steel pipes in the Chimney. They gave us a tour round the house   Must say I was impressed by his  cave, he had put meters and meters of Indian silk from wall to wall above head height and when he opened the windows a touch, it moved horizontally  like waves on the sea, very pleasing and peaceful. He had an enourmous home made desk at one end ( maybe 4-6 m long) with more Monitors and gadgets than I have ( and I have a lot ) lots of hand made bookshelves etc etc as well as an ancient Old lamp hanging from the roof from DDR days, very nice. They had also built a big sauna and had one of these wood fired hot tubs next to it out in the open air   I stole the big desk idea         
  18. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    An English Arbeitszeugnis is pretty useless in Germany, isn't it? They might be 'multicultural' (read: incapable of writing in German and too cheap/lazy to get it translated), but that won't help you for the next German employer who sniffs at it and promptly throws it in the trash bin. Get it in German if you want it to have any use. If they want to give you a second English copy, that's nice, but German is what counts.   I guess they meant colleagues rather than employees, but that's robo-translator for you. Apart from the awkward robo-English, it still doesn't really say anything concrete. It's all trite pablum, although such letters usually are, but I still have no clue what you actually do and how YOU do it. A example or project name or something might be useful.
  19. The Vent - No Chat!

    Do name and shame.
  20. What are you cooking today?

      But they sell it in every store. Somebody likes it.
  21. Yeah, if you can't trust a site called, who can you trust, amirite?
  22. What are you cooking today?

      I used to eat a lot of tofu because it is so delicious. Tofu in Trader Joe tasted so good, and the price is very reasonable.   I bought tofu couple of times in Germany, and found that tofu here does not have any taste. It does not have the kind of soy aroma that tofu is supposed to have. The price is relatively high as well.   It is health food, but I think Germans do not like it.
  23. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

      I find the reference letter itself very poorly written; it sounds as if someone used Google translate.    
  24. What are you cooking today?

    Chicken thighs, shallot onions, sautéed , then splash sherry over, chicken herbs of choice, some  chicken stock. Simmer for about 45 minutes. Serve with  buttered potatoes and fresh/frozen peas. ( Thanks Delia Smith!)
  25. It is fair to say the journey is not uneventful.   Thankfully I have never needed to sit down ...
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