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  2. Forbidden termination of contract in 3 months

    Thank you for your help. I dont know why they are talking to me That this is impossible to terminate... That this statement means sth different. Thank you once again 
  3. OFFER / NEW TENANT SOUGHT 2 room apartment. 59 sqm. Giesing. Large quiet southside terrace/garden. Ground floor, built-in kitchen including oven, dishwasher, fridge. Washing machine connection in bathroom, large cellar. Duplex garage parking spot. Perfect MVV-Connection: Tram 2 Minutes; U-Bahn and S-Bahn 7 Minutes; numerous buses. Everyday shopping within walking distance. Rent: (KM) 1095,-; including heating, water, maintenance (WM) 1310,-. I'm assuming the rent will remain the same or only be raised slightly. The landlord requires proof of income with the standard documentation. I'm looking for someone to take over the apartment on 1st October (15th October of 1st November also possible). The apartment is unfurnished, however, almost all the furniture is available for purchase. Contact:  
  4. Farmhouse renovations..

    Nice. It is looking for real now!
  5. Mummy meet up

    Hi!   My name is Lucy. I have been in Germany for 5 years and we live out of Munich in Aying. I had a little girl last August. I am looking for like minded Mummies to meet up with in Munich. My two close friends have just moved away  and I am feeling a bit lonely! Meet ups can be with or without babies!    I am an osteopath. My little girl is starting Kitta in September and I am back to work part time. I love living here. I have been married to my husband for 4 years and we are settled here in Munich. I am quite sporty, I like to cook and bake, I like wine and cake!    Anybody else looking for a new friend and someone to talk to and blow off steam!    Happy Weekend! ☀️ Lucy 😊
  6. What made you laugh today?

    Grab the nurse's ass who will be inserting your (unneeded) catheter.   Brilliant!
  7. "Untranslatable" German words

    Stripper pants
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Context, please.   Meeting place? Maybe:
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

      It's probably just a glitch in their website.  It's not like they are going to charge your credit card.  Have you tried contacting them about cancelling your account?   I don't actually have my credit card saved on there but I have often paid with it and never had any problems.  There's a box you have to check to allow them to keep your credit card information.  For me those saving card info options don't work half the time anyway because I get this verified by visa pop up and I can't recall the password for it, that is if I ever had one.   This is what my discount looks like:     So booking would in this case take 223,64€ off my card but the hotel still gives me a receipt for 245,76€
  10. Jaw surgery in Düsseldorf

    No recommendations in Düsseldorf I'm afraid but I had jaw surgery about 10 years ago in Freiburg. Be prepared to be in it for the long haul! I started off by consulting my kids' orthodontist. I needed a couple of years in braces, then an operation on the top jaw (Gaumennahterweiterung), then another year in braces before an operation on the lower jaw (Unterkiefervorverlagerung). Then iirc a few months (maybe another year) before the braces could finally be removed. It is a very big deal but in my view definitely worth it. Oh and as you see you do get to learn some lovely new long German words. I did it more for clinical necessity than aesthetics but appearance did improve as a side effect. Big plus point: costs were all covered by the Krankenkasse.
  11. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

      He has proof in writing that it was an accepted agreement.
  12. "Untranslatable" German words

    (Short, sharp) shagging pants. Surely.
  13. Today
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Does anyone in (French speaking) homosexual circles know the significance of "le boeuf" to said adherents? (Yes, still on hubby's trail.)
  15. What made you smile today?

    Arctic or Antarctic inner polar circle?
  16. What's got you flummoxed today?

    You are offered the ex post discount as a lure to open an account and authorise them to keep your card details by the Dutch company. Then the Irish company pays the discount. I do not use booking to book. This was the exception. So I do not want them keeping my card details. Why should they? But it is effing impossible to remove them from said account, or even close said account. So far. Now why would this be?
  17. Drug and Alcohol Counselling Service

      Hello   I am running an addiction Counselling service.   I offer an honest, compassionate and non-judgmental space to help you make meaningful changes to your life.   Free face-to-face or online consultation, to discuss your personal needs and goals. I also offer reduced rate sessions.   For more information, please visit my site
  18. Defendant Covers Face

        Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill, let's be honest those that care to remember will, those that participated in the illegal Neo march and attacks on immigrants most definitely will. The rest of us, really in 9.5 years time unless you're a crime writer/ blogger nobody else is going to give a shit?   Far worse atrocities would of happened that I can guarantee, Brexit for one when it does.
  19.   That's advantageous as the house prices north of Munich are cheaper. 
  20. Forbidden termination of contract in 3 months

    "Kündigung zum" means the end date.  If you gave your notice now, you would write kündigung zum 1.12.
  21. Defendant Covers Face

      And you really think that people won't remember this crime in years to come? This wasn't just some stabbing that happened outside a nightclub that seems to occur every weekend nowadays. This crime sparked neo-nazi marches with nazi salutes and attacks on immigrants and these were broadcast around the world.
  22. QB Munich Wiesn Warm-Up! Come wearing your best Tracht! O'zapft is!   Friday, 20 Sept 2019 starting from 20:00. You can drop in when you wish as it normally goes until at least 22:30 if not later. Back @ Zunfthaus  Thalkirchner Str. 76, 80337 München (near Goetheplatz UBahn (U3 & U6) or Bus (68 & 62  both with very close stops)   Wiesn Warm-Up Party this month! O'zapft is!   Feel free to stop by at any time throughout the evening. The Meet-Up will go at least until at least 22:30 or 23:00. We will be the largest crowd speaking English. We should have tables in the Nebenzimmer (side room) as usual.   The event is a monthly evening of chat, good company and networking that takes place monthly for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, straight friends / allies and transgendered people from Munich’s international (expat) AND local communities.   All are welcome! We look forward to seeing many new faces along with the regular ones this month! Feel free to bring a friend or two with. 
  23. Climate change discussion

      Really? When we moved back to Germany from the UK we chose not to buy a car and use public transport / bicycle. Not a difficult choice in Berlin, granted.     
  24. 2 room unfurnished apartment in Giesing

    @LukeSkywalker How would it be calculated if it was a "Loggia"..  thats where part of the Balcony is withing the perimeter walls... ?   Just asking for a friend of LeonGs... 
  25. I read this online but still cannot figure it out. Say I sell stuff that at the instant of sale have a certain Depotwert, DW, and a certain Kaufwert KW.. what actual price I sell it for, DW or KW? If I sell them for KW, then what's the significance/usefulness of DW? ... and other way round of course...? Thanks,
  26. Good morning I am renting a room and in the contract there is an information about 3 months of termination but below is the statement “ eine kundigung zum 1.07 oder 1.08 oder 1.09 is ausgeschlossen. “ What does it exactly mean ? The owners told me That I cannot terminate the contract from 1.07 till the end of september. It means That I must wait till 1.10 and then pay till the end of december. Is That true ? Is this statement legal ?  What is more I see there only 1.07, 1.08 and 1.09. According to this statement can I terminate for exemple 2.09 ?    Thank you and kind regards,  Sonja 
  27. As for great villages around Munich?  There are many.. without knowing what part of Munich someone will be working.. its hard to advise.
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