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  2. Residency for Brits after Brexit

      I am talking about passports that expire in 2023 and 2024.
  3. What are you cooking today?

      Forgot to mention that I also made braised red cabbage with juniper and apple, to which I added the last of the "Winterbier" - a perfect match
  4. I'm surprised that the last two are in red and not the middle two. It's a nice graph for those that like pretty colours and not having to bother with numbers, data and other complicated stuff.  
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    I'd also think he has more important things to del with. That however doesn't sell as much drama and papers.   
  6. I'm not sure where to out this, so it'll go here since drumpf is the last prez in the graph.  
  7. Taxes on capital gains from stocks

    Now I´m confused. Why would a taxpayer appeal a ruling which is in their favour?
  8. Residency for Brits after Brexit

      There's a lot of things you've never seen and yes you can be denied if your passport has less than 6 months on it.      
  9. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      There's more detail here; it seems to be an issue of honouring contracts which the EU has already prepaid and lack of transparency from the company.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Brexit and the UK is probably way down Biden's list of priorities at the moment.
  11. Today
  12. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    Glasses fog up because hot, moist, exhaled air escapes via the TOP of the mask and onto your glasses. The way to keep this from happening is to have a strong wire in the mask that can be formed perfectly to the shape of your nose and face so that this air is forced to exit the mask area from the bottom, sides or preferably, just the mask material.
  13. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Not sure if this is trump's greatest failure as he will spilt the republican vote or bad and they go for a more brown shade of red for their shirts.. 
  14. Is it an advantage to use a lawyer in the same city

      I joined Haus & Grund, and met with a lawyer in the Nürnberg office. I can't remember the problem. Anyway he sad he would send me an Email follow up after he thought about my problem. Never hard from him again, and 2 follow up Emails ignored.   I've had better service from the Mietverein. I have the impression that lawyers who work for Mietverein, or Haus & Grund are not energetic, high power lawyers. And they have to process a certain number of clients per day, so if your case is complicated and needs 1 hour instead of 5 minutes they don't like you.   The concensus sems to be choose a lawyer in Nürnberg because even though there is no chance of it going to court, a local lawyer will have a relationship with court officials?   On that basis it would seem to suggest going with a larger firm rather than a 1/2 man/woman Kanzlei as they will have better lubricated contacts.   Finally there's the issue of police contacts. As the police may be used against this character. It's an ongoing story on an ongoing saga
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    telegraph had a piece on how Biden should accept brexit. Seems we can only be sovereign when the US president lets us play in his garden.   As a sovereign country, the US can have it's own views and if push came to shove, we'd do our best to keep them happy.    
  16. Coronavirus

    I don´t need a study as I find the data from worldometer already quite convincing. Are you refusing to acknowledge that the recent lockdowns in Germany as well as Cyprus have lowered the incidence? Are you saying it´s just a coincidence that within the last 2 weeks the numbers of new infections in Cyprus dropped from more than 600 to less than 150/day even though they are testing more than ever (there are antigen test stations all over the country and everyone is welcome to get a free test as often as they want).
  17. What are you cooking today?

    I love the taste of coconut but the experience of eating it is one of the worst things.  
  18. US Presidential Election Fallout

    MAGA Patriot Party is now official.    
  19. Coronavirus

    Oh it does get it,it just doesn`t care basically.It is only worried about deaths,not illness and everything else you mentioned.
  20. Coronavirus

    From your PoV yes. Funny enough for anyone daring to mention long term effects of Covid you demand empirical data.Yet your opinion is good enough when wanting no lockdown.   I happen to believe both are damaging and we need to find a middling ground.The lockdown cannot go on forever but we cannot just go back to normal while the disease is able to run through the population like it does.
  21. "Scheinselbständigkeit" and German pension system

    Thank you all for the great thread here!   A question from my side; sorry if this was answered somewhere in the 9 tabs of the conversation but I couldn't find it   Would one be at risk of "Scheinselbständigkeit" if 100% of the clients during the time of freelancing are located outside Germany/EU?   I've been a Freelance since 2017 (3y+ now) and all my "clients" are outside Germany/EU. It wasn't always the same, I invoiced for at least 4  so far, although not simoultaneously, i.e. I spent circa 12 months with one, a couple of months with another, etc.   I've once been with a DRV representative where I live but he was mostly providing support for a local union and wasn't able to help me much. He just called to the closest branch (in Mannheim) explaining the situation and they said I had to pay something, but without thinking much. I think it was just to see if they could get something out of me anyway.   I invoice, pay my taxes, no VAT since my "clients" are not in the country, and my bookkeeping is up to date, only the DRV was always bugging me and unfortunately my level of German would just put me in a very vulnerable situation if I get in front of a DRV folk.   What do you think?  
  22. better?
  23. I've only heard about the rights of trans people to serve in the military being given back since Trump took it away.   (Can't access your link)
  24. I am sure the American women 100m record will be broken in the next future:   Biden’s trans rights agenda is bad news for women and girls "Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.' Let’s be clear about what this means in reality: boys who identify as girls could soon be able to use girls' locker rooms, even if girls using those facilities feel uncomfortable about that. And in school sports, boys who identify as girls could soon be competing alongside girls, despite often having physical advantages, such as being stronger or taller than their peers." ... "This is not about me, however; it is about girls in America. If they want to avoid being labelled as transphobic – or worse – they will be expected to make room for boys who identify as girls. And not just in the locker room. Scholarships, bursaries, protected places in politics and public life: everything is up for grabs."   You get what you voted for. - The alternative was the "grab them by the pussy" guy. Plague or cholera.      
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