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  2. Police Brutality in the USA

    Was a bit skeptical a out the Antifa connection. Well turns out there is a lot more below the surface than meets the eye. Very eye opening.
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    Good evening, Leon! Our dog Roza is old now. Her owner died around the time we arrived here. And Roza was going up and down the path to the local tavernas at the plateia. Looking for her owner and sometimes people would chuck pieces of cheese at her..“ Roza, agapi.”.so tierlieb. And then smile as she gave birth to six or more puppies. “ Roza, agapi.” What happened sometimes? Hm, you needed to check the rubbish bins..🙁 Chucked in alive. Roza is the village mascot! What does that mean? Half the dogs in the village are her offspring. 🙈 What does that really mean? Some of the offspring are those still wandering up and down to the plateia. On a good day, none will get run over. On a bad day, none will get cheese chucked at them. Corona- tavernas closed. Ok, opening up now, finally.    
  4. And if you don't already have it, get both third party liability and legal insurance. And as others said, the landlord is trying to twke advantage of you. It¡s the drivers fault not yours. Tell him to burger off.
  5. Why your landlord insist on you filing the police report ? Tell them that you did not witness the accident and it will be false to file one when you are not the witness. I belive you are already helping them by giving the contact information of the moving company. So the the house management can file the police report based on the witness against the moving company and can recover their damage. You can inform the building management that you are availaible for any help. In my opinion filing a police report without being a witness, due to pressure of other is still wrong.   
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

      Too true.  A woman I know was fostering a female dog for someone else.  The owner had the dog on a visit and didn't pay attention for a few minutes and voila.  She then ended up adopting the dog and she ended up keeping two of the resulting puppies as well.  Now it's about 1-2  yrs. later and she didn't pay attention for a few minutes and the two now adult puppies ended up committing incest and now have a bunch of puppies of their own.  I don't know why she hadn't gotten them fixed but she just got the male fixed now.
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  8. Parcel Forwarding Scam

    You are not innocent. Start by assuming that (to your lawyer). Now it´s time to do damage control.   Some good tips on what to do here:
  9. Police Brutality in the USA

    And a disturbing amount of journalists getting hassled. Is this the USA or Latin America?
  10. Police Brutality in the USA

    I really like that cop, Space. Don’t know him from Adam, but he is a brave man with a good heart as far as I can tell from that snippet. Kudos to him!
  11. What made you smile today?

    Insane. Even in Bulgaria this is better organized.
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    Puppy Mandy got sterilised at the vet’s today. This shit has to be done here. Otherwise, just loads and loads of unwanted other puppies later in the year.  You just need to be not paying attention for a few minutes... she was on heat just a week or so ago and dogs were coming up to the house to “ sort her out.” Disaster zone here. I am unhappy because the poor mite has to wear one of those damned plastic hat thingies for 12 days and she doesn’t understand what has happened.🙁 And she is, of course, disorientated...   PS: there is a fund available now for FREE     ops for dogs and cats- enough to “ treat “ maybe 4,000-6,000 animals in OUR area of , say , 20 square kilometres- and STILL the locals are abandoning young animals to their fates. They don’t care. Cats and dogs in and around rubbish containers - every rubbish container - getting diseased ( which is also not wonderful for the local humans and their kids, either ).   PS: the fund, raised by Takis, a local animal protection activist, through T-shirt sales online worldwide, is available but , as this video shows.. ah well.  This is our area ( bar the coast.. scrubby dry wasteland) 😟  
  13.   No but he is living in the same building with me. I don't know if he would accept to tell the same thing to the police to be honest.   What would be the best move? Maybe I can just go to police and ask all about this? Would they reply my to questions? I doubt any legal action taken so far but house management might report my landlord to the police in the next steps. Therefore I'll be involved after him.
  14. I never got around to doing the paperwork so I didn’t apply for it! I will wait for the next Schweinegrippe or whatever...
  15. What made you smile today?

      My neighbor had this exact problem! He got a slot by logging in at 3 o'clock in the morning and grabbing a slot that just had been canceled!
  16. health insurance - urgent

    And to add more clarification, @john g. is an honest insurance broker who obviously helped the OP for free - assisting them with public health insurance means he did not earn cent off them. Just saying.
  17. hey, thanks for your answer.  I think it's probably that with all the fraud there's been, they're tripple checking the 'sample pool' ones. nohing new on our side either  good evening to all
  18. President Donald J. Trump

  19. The artist Christo died at age 84. He wrapped, among others, the Reichstag and the Pont Neuf:
  20.   Did you get her/his name?
  21.   Has he said anything? I hope you haven't told him about it. 
  22.   Thanks a lot for your message. Should I do nothing and wait? In my opinion, I did enough by sharing contact details of the moving company with house management + landlord, calling this company 3 times and arguing with an angry man to call the house management. Going to the police for "anzeige" kind of too much for me I think?   There were no deposits paid so that's not my problem. Actually I was an untermieter, so landlord is someone else and the person rented out the apartment is the real renter. He is no longer living there and rented the place to me for a short time. The problem is, the person I pay rent (my landlord) is in the same company with me and he is my superior. Not sure if this would affect my office life...  
  23. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Simple: as with previous cargo contracts, they HAVE to select at least 2 companies. And I agree with the principle, you get redundancy and you have pressure to succeed.
  24. You weren't driving. It's the driver's fault. Your landlord is probably looking for a way to keep your deposit or did you already get it back? Have they mentioned taking the money out of your deposit? That would be illegal.   You didn't do anything. Don't worry.   If the police get involved - do tell them that he threatened you.
  25. Lufthansa Strike

    You must have been leader of some debating society at university. Right? I think NOT.
  26. Lufthansa Strike

      fixed it..
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