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  2. is a secondary income double taxed?

      Google "Treaty for the avoidance of double taxation between the Federal Republic of Germany and [Mystery EU country]".   How do you even know that the income of the company you intend to open will be taxable in the other country? Most probably you'll find that the DTA says that the company profits are taxed where the directors are resident and the work takes place, not where the company is incorporated.
  3. is a secondary income double taxed?

    I did a lot of googling and couldn't find anything specific yet, hence my post here.
  4. is a secondary income double taxed?

    My understanding (as a non-expert) is that as a resident you must declare your worldwide income. Whether you are taxed on it directly depends on if the country in question has a double taxation agreement with Germany. If it is not taxable here directly, it may still put you into a higher tax bracket here.  I expect a bit of googling will quickly find more specific info. for the country.
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  6. Banks have utterly lost their mind...or have they?

      I get a notification from my banking app (VR-Banking) within seconds of my credit card being used, every time. It's a great feature!
  7. Problem with buyer of house

    You should be talking to the notary about this, not us. She's there to help you and it won't cost you extra to seek her advice.
  8. Twat of the day

      I thought your Mum was more of a sweeper.
  9.   Hope someone can advise our next steps now.  We are the sellers of a house in Berlin as we have relocated to Sydney.  We signed the purchase/sell contract the first week of July and the buyer was supposed to put the money in our account on the 2nd September.  At this point we were still living in Berlin.  The money did not arrive and after speaking to the buyer, he assured us that we would get it by the end of the week.  We believed him as he is a brother of a neighbour.  He is a wealthy man ( multi, multi millionaire) who owns many practices in Berlin and who wanted the house for a family member.  We were extremely unhappy though as we had planned to transfer the money to Australia that week having set up with a foreign exchange company.  We flew to Australia that week as planned once we had signed the house contract. Since then the exchange rate has fallen considerably since the day we had planned to send the money so will get significantly less for our money when the buyer eventually pays. We found out the delay was caused by the buyer bundling this house in with another project of his at the last moment and financing with a different bank at the last moment although his initial finance offer was just for our house and was with a different bank.  So he caused the delay himself by looking to maximise his profits at our expense. We will get a daily late payment fee but this is negligible  due to low interest rates and does not come close to covering what we will have lost due to the now lower exchange rate.  In the contract there is a clause saying the buyer must also pay additional expenses caused by the delay but it is a general statement. We have written to the buyer asking him to cover the difference between the amount the exchange rate was when we planned to send the money and what it will be when we finally get the money claiming this under additional expenses.   After many emails sent by us that went unanswered by him, he finally replied yesterday saying he has transferred the money (15 days late) and will pay the late payment fee. ( not yet shown up in our account). He never answers our emails about the additional expenses.  So my question is : as additional expenses can we claim the difference between the exchange rate we would have got when we wanted to send the money and the exchange rate we will get when we finally get the money and send it? For us it is an awful lot of money.  Are there any other steps we should be taking at this stage? Hope someone can advise.  We really believed we could trust this man and the stress all of this has caused is terrible.  
  10. Twat of the day

    Yeah, amazing. You probably meant that your ex-mother-in-law stood in the goal of Malta 👻.   Another fishy match was Dinamo Zagreb against Olympic Lyon: 1-7. It was de last match in the group phase of the Champions League 2011/12 and Lyon needed 5 goals difference to keep Ajax from their back. Ajax was out. 
  11. Twat of the day

    I didn´t know that, Luke! Amazing!!! II will have to check my old diaries but I have a feeling one of my ex-mother-in-laws was in goal for Spain that day.
  12. Planning for retirement

    Heed Starshollow´s words, Paulo, and also consider what else is equally important. You can invest all you want and plan for retirement- but ( in case you haven´t ) also think about what can happen if you can´t afford to pay into  a pension plan because you have a terrible accident or are diagnosed with a horrible illness which may prevent you from actually working and being able to afford a pension plan. What then? Whoever you contact - and Starshollow is a great address - a serious broker will talk through this scenario  with you before you or along with addressing this issue. And I also hope you have private Haftpflichtversicherung/personal liability insurance. You may have it. If you don´t know what it is, you need to . It is cheap and essential. Really essential.
  13. Twat of the day

    In 1983, Spain needed to win against Malta by 11 goals difference to proceed to the European Championships in 1984. Holland was leading the group. Spain won 12-1 and Holland was out. Very fishy.–1_Malta
  14. Freelance + fulltime job questions

    Hi everybody! First I'll describe my current situation then address the questions.   I'm brazilian and I live in Weimar - Thuringia for 2 years now. I just finished my Master's studies here (the whole course over those 2 years). 20 days ago I got a full-time contract and also just applied for the working visa (they say I might get at least another 2 years). Last week I was approached by a marketing company from Berlin asking for a freelance job. It's just a one time thing that should take less than a month of my free time for the price of ~2200 euro. My current company already allowed me to do side jobs.   Questions: 1-Even without a freelance visa and being foreigner, can I still take that job without problems? 2-How does taxes work in this case? I only pay income tax on top of those 2200 euro? 3-Should I just declare this value by the end of the year? 4-Although it's not something recurring, companies might ask me for other quick jobs in the future (let's say once every 2 or 3 months). Can this become an issue with only a normal working visa?   Thank you!
  15. What made you smile today?

    Did you notice that on the pitch where he warmed up, there were no white lines.
  16. Twat of the day

    There must be a fraud reason my mob Southend United in English football Division 1 haven´t won a game this season, hoops! You have nailed it--corruption!  
  17. Twat of the day

      Due to a massive betting fraud, England have been letting Wales beat them at rugby for years. Everyone knows that.
  18. What made you smile today?

    I watched the documentary Diego Maradona. Really well done with all ups and downs. In Napels he wanted a Ferrari and house. He got a Fiat and an apartment :).   Strangely enough, they missed the world's most famous warming up:
  19. The bullshit continues. If the US military was short on bullets, he should have asked the NRA for some.        
  20. Twat of the day

    I am not a rugby person, Clive, but I am totally against any hints of corruption within any sport.
  21. Jokes

  22. Twat of the day   Few on this forum know much about Rugby Union so please excuse my rant.   If true, this man is an embarrassment and a disgrace to his sport, his country and his family.   Rob Howley: Wales backs coach sent home from World Cup over alleged betting breach    
  23. Hello TT,   I'm currently living and working in Berlin but I was thinking about opening a company in another EU country for a second income.   My question to this is as follows: do I need to declare this as a second income (and be subsequently taxed) even though the company would be subjected to tax in the other EU country (ie. will I be double taxed)?
  24. Peanut butter shortage - help!  
  25. Pick-up basketball games

    Hey guys. Just looking for some basketball action. It's been 20 years since I last played, but I always loved it and it's the only exercise I can think off to come back to shape. Any teams or courts where people team up? Thanks.
  26. Complete FAIL

      Given your profile picture that must be a personal disappointment for you.    However, given the blond  currently is running the UK, I would quite happily settle for shoes on the wrong feet rather than his Brexit based mishaps.    
  27. Complete FAIL

    No, I’ve never done that, but once, after giving a half day seminar, when the participants had left, I sat down and stretched my legs out, only to see that I had 2 completely different shoes on. It’s silly, but it can happen.
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